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The spiritual side of healing diabetes

I have gained back 1-2 kilos (*2,2 for lbs) in the past two weeks while having to go slowly back to my old basal insulin rate. It's clear that the D3 together with a good diet and exercise results in good blood sugars. However, did you consider the supernatural side of things-?

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I have gained back 1-2 kilos (*2,2 for lbs) in the past two weeks while having to go slowly back to my old basal insulin rate. It's clear that the D3 together with a good diet and exercise results in good blood sugars. I've been struggling with the personality changes that can come with being on a drug meant for psychiatric patients in regulating moods, also, which has been removed from the united states market because of the symptoms of mania it can give.

For right now, I'm just maintaining my diabetes with exercise, the insulin pump training I have from my doctors and nurses at diabetes clinic at the local hospital, and exercise. In other words, a normal routine.

However one thing that you folk might not be aware of, is the importance of a relaxed body and a mind full of hope and peace can be towards healing. See Organization of the Nervous System for information - look at the spinal chord illustration to see the way a person can be overusing the parasympathetic nerve system when allowing themselves to be under stress without taking the time to pray.

Namely by design God has given us the ability to strengthen the muscle that relaxes us - our very brains. Yes, the human brain in a muscle full of neurons, with support structures to hold them in place. The more you use those neurons, the better they fire, and the more regular and practiced the connections and strengths. Children are renown for their ability to learn, and that's because the elasticity and growth rate of the neurons is phenomenal throughout childhood and into adulthood!

Teach a child to pray, and they might see angels and relax in speaking with Jesus. Have a child sensitive to spirits and give them no spiritual guidance at all, and they might be plagued by fears at night. Haven't you seen those TV programs about actual haunted houses and families? They are folk with an extra-sensitive set of genetics, and when they are in areas of extra magnetic activity and faint, sub-sonic vibrations from roads and tunnels, their brains will tell them that something is wrong or another person present in the house. There ARE fallen angels, and in cases of minds stressed by fear, disturbed sleep, and extra susceptibility (level 2-3 sleep, meditation states reached in the night and while driving, times alone in calm), they DO touch and create confusing and supernatural experiences in people.

Miracles DO happen. They happen both in Africa, Asia, in isolated believing communities in Europe and the States, and in the russian areas. At least one person has been brought back to life WITHOUT zombifying herbs in africa, believing churches have prayed for changes in the weather and received it, folk have spoken across language barriers without even realizing it, and in some Pentecostal churches, there has been both the gift of tongues and a person there with the gift of interpreting tongues. The most coveted gift though is prophecy, where God has intimate communication through a well-trained prayer muscle (ze brains!) and the person in question is willing to act on a whim in the interest of serving God's purposes without thinking twice.


Have you ever had someone in church or on the streets say something to you completely unexpected? Where you have no idea where they got this or that information from, and it pulls you entirely out of your train of thought, into a state of wonder? I have.

In 2004-2005, we had a pretty hard winter up where I live. It was just a bit before christmas when my pastor's wife (in a church of thirty members, in a town of 3,000, where my pastor is almost literally my neighbor) offered to drive me up to a woman's bible study meeting because they were having an out-of-town speaker. While the speaker had been praying and preparing her subject for the evening, she had gotten a tap on the shoulder by the Spirit, and written down on post-it notes messages for about 4-5 people. One was basically for me.
It was addressed to: the woman with a ponytail. I was the only one with my hair up in a ponytail that night (we were about twenty women), and on the little post-it note was a little letter to the tune of... "My dear daughter, I love you and never leave you. I am always by your side. I give you a warm winter coat to bundle up in, and wrap a scarf around your neck. I am here."
Which I admit was quite sweet when I read it, and a bit confusing that I got a little note out of nowhere. But yes, yes, I pocketed it in my bible and after the evening went home, and more or less forgot about it.

Family History and Faith

Now let me put some things into perspective. I am a type 1 diabetic with a history of an insecure family, heavy arguments between my parents when I was a toddler, mental illness and continual depression in my mother (especially while they tried to stabilize her with heavy drugs), a believing and actively studying and praying father, and a divorced family when I had just entered puberty. Afterwards I would have prophetic dreams every now and then, with insight into, for example, my father's state of being at the beginning of the divorce, my younger sister's state of being ten years later.. and underlying all this, trouble falling asleep at night, and varying levels of depression and stress in both school and at home. The spectre of my mother's suffering always echoed back towards the need to communicate with her family, and under psychiatric drugs and without a loving, active connection with God, she would have continual, stormy moodswings, with unpredictable anger.

As the oldest of two girls, I was the one she was able to talk to best, and when her bi-polar states boiled over, I had to be very 'adult', and handle the stresses, especially through puberty. It's approximately four years it went on, and during that time there were positive moments between us, since the flip side of mental abuse from a mother is guilt, and when her emotions weren't raging like a tempest, she would seek to make things right with toys, long walks to the mall, food at restaurants, sugary treats at 7-11, etc. There were points where I would talk to her about this or that I was learning about christiantity at my dad's church, and she was seeking out churches to attend herself, especially when my sister and I were with her on the weekends.

At thirteen I met the internet, and for the first time had a group of people I could speak with without having to overcome the hurdle of first introductions and my own absolute snotty mess/lack of social skills- there were a few people I could tell all about what was going on in my life, and hear back their own stories. I started also at that time to stay at the computer for more and more hours, and my earlier interest in writing and drawing became geared towards chatting, online roleplaying, and eventually, a long-distance boyfriend. So at fourteen I had invested almost all my emotions in a relationship with an older non-christian teenager several states away, and when he discovered that he'd wracked up two to three thousand dollars in long-distance phone calls, his father took him down -hard-, and he tried several loopy ways to break up with me. I started to show diabetic signs that spring, with cavities forming in my teeth at the roots- and with the hope and emotions I'd wrapped up in my boy-friend, he found that I wasn't willing to slip the relationship so easily away. The things that went on were two teenagers trying to work out what to do about ties that were obviously not going to succeed, and towards the end of summer, after a visit to see him and then some time where he wasn't around because of a trip out of the country, my stepmother had some time to speak some sense into me.

I broke off the hobbling relationship with the long-distance boyfriend, who naturally became -very- angry, because of the amount of money he had invested in the relationship. By that time I began to loose weight heavily, and in the confidence growing from standing up against a difficult situation and a body that went from fat to slim within a few months, I stood up further for myself and cut off mandantory visitation with my mother with a letter to her lawyer. The repercussions were even harsher- a visit to my dad's house by herself and the police, a storm of calls on the phone for weeks, and by the time spring came around, I was in diabetic ketoacidosis, and my stepmother (RN) had me in to see the doctor. My developing type 1 diabetes was caught right before it became diabetic coma, and in severe sleeplessness in the first night in the pediatic intensive care unit of a nearby hospital, I saw that my stepmom (a christian woman my dad by that time had married) was someone set in place to catch me as I started to fall into serious trouble. If I had been living alone with my dad, I could have ended up in much more severe diabetic complications from the coma on the horizon, or dead if I wasn't seen for a day or two. With that in mind, I asked Jesus to take over my care, and admitted defeat! That was the beginning of my -choosing-, literally, that God could be right about everything, and that the bible really meant something.

Two years later at eighteen I had a car accident, and they discovered a benign bone tumor in my left wrist, and a few months after that, operated to remove that portion of bone and several wristbones. It was traumatic for me. I'm an artist and a writer, my wrists are my livelyhood.

The cancer came back, and they operated again. I lost a little feeling in the base/back of my thumb.

Two years after that, after graduating college and a month before my wedding and moving from one country to another, they found that the cancer had come back again, eaten most of the bone and soft tissue in my wrist, and spread to my lung walls.

The next year in my new homeland, they had to operate, and quickly. I had open-chest surgery at twenty-one to remove the metastecised tissues from my inner chest wall, and then an amputation below the left elbow to save my life. I recovered four times faster than the normal patient after open-chest surgery, and the surgeon told us that he had taken out a large handful of cancer tissue- but at the time of my recovery, my husband and other church and family members came to visit me several times. They told me they were praying for me, they encouraged me, and I could call them whenever I liked, because I had a mobile phone. Even in a country with a foreign language, I was learning about faith, love and hope, from a source that few other people ever even link up to.

Once my cancerous hand was gone, I bounced back quickly. I tried knitting, and that's the only thing I haven't been able to do like a normal person. Ok.. knitting, and putting my hair up in a ponytail. That's hubby's duty now.

One of the ways the Holy Spirit has touched me

So plenty of struggles with both diabetes, cancer, insomnia, the fear of going mentally ill, the depressions of winter, lacks of sunlight- and on the other side, hope, learning about what the Holy Spirit is, hearing about miracles, learning a new language- it's all come together, over the past eight years.

And the little post-it note from the speaker at the woman's bible study?
A month and a half after I got it, I had heavy insomnia again, heavy winter depression, and a viral flu infection. I had to go to my doctor's in whirling snow and biting cold with a fever that made me dizzy, and walked from our apartment 3/4 of a mile out of town down to the doctor's office, only to discover that they had moved to a location 1/2 a mile away from my home, right back up the steep hill that overlooks the south side of town. It was an absolute -trudge-. I ended up on antibiotics, was already on antidepressants, and to even out the sleep issues, strong sleeping pills that wouldn't let me hold down anything but applejuice.
I found the little post-it note a few days later in my jacket pocket, and it struck me so intensely, that my faith had a little fire and wonder in it again.
Every time I have had a winter depression- and it's been every winter, I have increasingly spent more time bawling out about my health, the hard memories that have plagued me from childhood, and had literal counseling back- from the holy spirit, and from those close to me who believe. From my husband, from this and that member of my little church, and even, whether you believe me or not, my own mother.

My mother has been on D3 at 1,400 iu / 35mcg by coincidence for eight years, in order to prevent osteoperosis. She has heavy effects throughout the body because of treatment with psychiatric drugs, and she's right there up in the list of problems related to (through study) a lack of D3 and a candidate for treatment with it. She's told me that she was baptized in the Holy Spirit about 7-8 years ago, and she's been slowly learning to pray intimately and trust God. She hears the whisper of the Spirit in her ear when she prays, and she still has manic states in the summer, and calm and ease in the winter- at least, on small amounts of D3, and her psychiatric meds. She's heavily focused on her physical health, but I believe that what she actually needs is more time learning relaxation and absolute trust and focus on Jesus as her physician.

Mental State and Faith

For myself, I hypothesize that mental state and relaxation is directly linked to health. That stressing out is linked to slow, creeping-in health issues, as it effects everything right down the wire to exercise, food choices, social interaction, choosing or not choosing meeting up with christian friends, the ability to focus and study... Yes, right down the wire. Even my four-year-old nephew has been through heavy stress in his development, moving from one house to another and a divorce, and when he gets frustrated, he -really- gets frustrated!

We are told in the bible by Jesus himself that 'in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, you must be like a little child'. Children accept things on faith alone, don't develop that habit of second-guessing adults until they are taught to, and accept everyday life as it comes. They're vulnerable on some fronts, and yet amazingly resilient in others. I've found that turning over my worries and concerns right into prayer opens up a fount of encouragement and acceptance from the Holy Spirit, and that the advice and kindness I get back when allowing my mind to relax and my imagination itself to listen bouys up my spirit.

What I need comes when I need it, I have enough money to last for covering food, etc, through the month even though I have completely no income of my own unless I sell my artwork. I use secondhand clothes, and secondhand computer equipment, but my hubby is more than happy to buy software and items for me when he has the chance. I live in a house where the windows aren't tight against the cold outside, and 50% of the radiators don't work, and the electricity bill bites at our heels, but everything's supplied when we need it, and we'll be able to replace the windows as we go. We even have friends with the knowledge of how to replace windows.

And as for my type 1 diabetes? The nerve between my pancreas and liver is damaged, so that the signals to produce insulin are reduced, and I have few insulin-producing cells. Low D3 levels in the blood effect first nerves, and afterwards other cells in the body. It's vital to the immune system and many organs, including the skin. My constant acne has cleared on a healthy diet and after stopping using milk products every day, and my sensitivity to blood sugar fluctuations on 10,000 iu / 250 mcg D3 came immediately. Dry mouth and sleepiness over 6mmol/L blood glucose, and fearfulness/quick heartbeats at 3.5 mmol/L or less. I've had to always have snacks with me in the form of trailmix and dried fruits, but that works really, really well.

After learning about adult stem cells and the fact that they form in the spinal column (at least adult stem cells, including neural stem cells!), I have hope that I might be able to encourage the environment in my body where my pancreatic nerve might recover. I'm trying to make a third or so of my daily calories to come from healthy protiens, to encourage my liver to produce IGF-1, the growth factor for the stimulation of mitosis (development of new cells.)

I'm practicing prayer and relaxation to get out of the habit of downward thought spirals, and taking day one thing at a time to keep that habit of relaxing going. I'm eager to have a positive mindset, and to be socially active and nurture my friendships.

After researching the role of D3 in the function of neurons and their protective cells (glial cells) because of my mom's case, I understand that nerves are capable of recovery, and in the cases of people who have regained slight function in severe cases of paralysis and spinal chord injury, new neural pathways can be grown. I've figured that the most important food for nerve health is fish and leafy green veggies, and especially broccoli for the chromium and it's role in blood glucose regulation. The protective cells on neural pathways are called glial cells, and they form insulating sheathings on the tails of neurons; the sheathings are made of healthy fats and B-vitamins that one gets from fish, meats, olive oil, eggs, and dark vegetables. B-vitamins also contain at least two elements that are part of the blood-sugar regulation group, which includes chromium, found best in broccoli florets.

The body though is one whole system, with nutrition, habits, prayer life and faith, social interaction and exercise effecting the lot of it. Even if I don't recover beta-cell function in my pancreas, better blood-sugar control and a healthy brain are the least of the effects that will surface if I hold this course.

As for my cancer and depressions? Sunlight exposure is directly related to energy levels and mental state. Almost everyone is aware that in northerly latitudes folk get more energetic and social in the summer, and slower and more easily tired in the winter. It's even more pronounced in canada and northern europe. D3 in the blood is also directly linked to the healthy division of cells in the body (mitosis and differentiation), as each cell when it divides uses a chemically-changed form of D3 directly on it's DNA to aid in the DNA 'unzipping' and re-formation process. D3 levels in the blood are in linked to at least 17 forms of cancer, if one excludes those caused by toxins like asbestos, pesticides and lead, and D3 triggers the end of the cell-cycle on the DNA string. I had 'giant cell sarcoma' in the marrow, right where red blood cells and immune cells are generated.

Genesis and Earth History

If the bigger picture is taken into account with the history told to us in the book of Genesis, humankind was created to walk naked and garden. They were created to live off fruits and absorb sunlight daily at an equatorial latitude and to interact with not wild animals, but calm herbivores in an environment where the water sources were not the rain-cycle we know today, but in close networks in underground caverns and a high water table. The plants were reportedly watered in the morning when sunlight began to heat the surface of the earth to cause a mist to rise to both roots and leaves alike, and to condense again to the ground in the evening with the night-cooling of the earth being farther away from the sun. These are rainforest conditions, under which any gardener can tell you, plants thrive.

It is possible that in a state right after creation, the mineral levels of the soil were equal throughout the crust, and that the earth's orbit about the sun was much more circular than it is now, which is slightly elliptical. Our seasons are also heavily effected by the tilt of our planet. It is possible that in pre-flood conditions plants grew enough proteins and contained enough minerals to sustain health without any health issue at all, to allow humans to live on a vegetarian diet. The same would be theoretically true for all animals and dinosaurs alike. If one considers dinosaurs, the oxygen and protein levels needed to maintain their bone structure, cellular health and circulatory systems would have been -enormous- - especially the large herbivores like the hadrosaur and the different dinosaurs in the brontosaur family. In today's terms of gravity, biochemistry, available food sources and the protein levels available in animal and plant matter, megafauna of both mammoth, large feline, mammal and reptillian types cannot exist, for simple biological reasons.

However, the first thing that Adam and Eve did after eating the apple of the knowledge of good and evil, was feel shame and to put on a primitive form of clothing. Their DNA changes began nearly immediately after that point, especially if one considers the role DNA plays in the reproduction of each cell in the body, and the amount of cells that are formed each day and night. The generations after them, excepting the family of Enoch and Noah, chose to live in caves, and became increasingly more corrupt and evil. The bible calls it 'darkness of the heart', and given that D3 is so vital against depression and the emotional downward spiral of it, it's logical that God couldn't allow the darkminded generations before the flood to continue. In the old testament God's appearance is described as being so bright that the people viewing Him were struck with incredible fear, and were afraid of being burnt up alive.

Today's world and the human genome project

Our current state of sunlight deprivation is considerably similar, as the glass in our windows filters out between 70-90% of all UVa and UVb that filters through them, and it's UV-b that triggers the formation of D3 in the body. The skin produces 10,000 iu/250 mcg of D3 (measurable in the blood) in tanning booths for time periods equivalent to 20-30 minutes of equatorial sun (in caucasians), and stops producing D3 at 20,000 iu / 500 mcg D3 at the equivalent of one hour's equatorial solar exposure. Toxicity has only shown itself in people taking 40,000 iu / 1,000 mcg of D3 a day for days on end, and the results of D3 research has been very mixed for doctors, as intake of protein, vitamins and minerals is individual from person to person.

Even genetically, humans show proof of ancestry going back only 10,000 years by calculation based upon today's birth rates and lifespans. Mitochondrial RNA (the genetic code of the chemical factory of the basic vertebrate cell) is passed only from mother to offspring, and even with it's variations, RNA points to only one female ancestor. DNA results from the human genome project point to a sharp reduction in the genetic diversity of humans at about 6,000 years ago, also estimated at today's birthrates and lifespans, and our blood-types are limited to a set of basically four groups with their positive and negative expressions- A, AB, B, and O, and O negative is the only one that can be transfused to other people without activating immune cells. There were four men on the Ark at the time of the flood- Noah, his three sons, their wives, and Noah's wife. Among them was surely the blood type O negative, which could be the original blood type of humankind. The geological evidence of the flood (among other evidences of fossilized nature, the process of fossilization itself, and the chemical makeup of the rocks on earth) speaks for itself in biblical support, and the theory of evolution is still just that- a theory, based upon radio-carbon-14 dating, which is wildly inaccurate on all biological matter that has been submerged on water. That's the reason paleontologists keen paving to adjust the 'time periods' in which fossilized animals lived, because the results on their tests keep coming back with confusing data from the various rock strata. Even in fossil beds, one theorized paleontological period can lay in literal waves over another, and if the fossils were disturbed again and again over millions of years, the water and soil movements would have destroyed the bones far more than they are. Also, oceanic creatures lay often in bedrock higher than dinosaurs!

But all that one has to allow to percolate in the brain a while. if you're interested.

Future events and speculations

The bible doesn't STOP at saying that's how the world was. The bible PREDICTS the state of mankind in our current hour, by saying 'as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in those days'. If school shootings, murder every day in the news, rapings and child molestation, mentally ill and homeless people on the streets in every city and corrupt politicians at every level of government aren't enough proofs to shake the foundations of your worldview, then I don't know what is.

Our economical and political climate worldwide is directly related to the solar cycle. Between 1650 to 1700 there was rampant famines and agricultural troubles throughout the United States and Europe. Banks started having more financial clout at that time, and the 1803 eruption of Krakatoa showed us again now important the amount of sunlight reaching the face of the earth is- five years of heavy winters followed it, and famine deaths again occurred.

In prophetic books of the bible, the state of the earth following the years of world government and tribulation is said to be with Jesus ruling as a dictatorial God-king, with resurrected christians serving as priest-governors ruling over individual countries, regions, counties, cities and towns. The pollution and plagues of death are said to be healed by water flowing out of a river originating in Jerusalem, with fruits growing on trees on either sides of the banks, again, for the healing of the nations. Likely healthy new fruits, meant for export to the different countries which still exist on the opposite end of the trials of the next 30-50 years in our current age/time.

The most interesting theme for me is the fact that the very air of the earth is said to be full of light, 24/7 while Jesus is reigning. If the air were itself somehow luminous, there would be hardly a chance for a person's skin to be deprived of UVa and UVb radiation. It's just off the edge of the visible spectrum of light, but in those conditions, the diseases and depressions of modern society would be quite a thing of the past- if you take the research page of diseases and conditions somehow linked to Vitamin D3 deficiency quite seriously!

However, what I'm suggesting is more profound. If you can't take the bible seriously as a scientifically-proveable book with reliable history and advice for life, you shouldn't be taking it at all, as it results in a hypocritical faith. The one thing I can't stand is an uninformed hypocrite trying to do good works without knowing intimately how God works, and trying to imitate Jesus without an intimate, active knowledge of the Word and a thriving prayer life. I know that calls into question every single individual that call themselves christian today, but that is what is needed.

Throw in your all, or ignore it. There's two paths- straight up, and then all the tangles we have when wallowing in our own thoughts and relying on our own perceptions. There's clarity, and then there's confusion, and most people today long for passion, sincerity, scientifically sound knowledge, wise advice, and reassurance that they are going to be just fine.

And that's what you get out of bible study, prayer and fellowship. You get a life walking from strength to strength, that improves faith, hope and love, and that's what we need!

On the other side of the tablecloth, we know what's coming. Someone who will set themselves up to be everything that the World ever wanted, that will make everything right, and then will turn life on earth into a nightmare. If you want an exact portrait of what that looks like, read about the early Roman emporer, Caligula. Our current countries and social tendencies are towards socialistic health care, democratic government with a centralization of power, unification of countries into political, martial (armed forces), and economic treaties and pacts (see the European Union and the tendencies in Asia, etc).

The geological and astronomical settings are aligning right for fulflling the conditions reported in biblical prophecy, including the events of the fifth to sixth trumpet in Revelations 8. The level of solar radiation is at a current high leading up to a gradual drop-off, likely to a fresh maundar minium with subsequent red tides producing neurotoxins which effect coastal life. Already in the south china sea the conditions of life in the water is becoming intolerable for many types of sea life, as rising water temperatures make conditions ideal for only jellyfish at the surface. One of the announcements for the end times is a third of all life in the sea dying off, difficulty for crops, and large portions of the population dying off. Likewise in bible prophecy about the endtimes are mentions of volcanic events. Currently the most interesting and studied supervolcano is in Yellowstone National Park. You can read about and watch a dramaumentary about what it'd be like at the wikipedia page about the movie, Supervolcano

Anyways, enough blogging for me, and plenty of thought for you!

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