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2010 Autumn Master Cleanse & Building Healthy Habits: Minimum 21 Days

Detoxing and rebuilding health after almost a year of stress, bad habits, illness, and an operation.

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Autumn 2010 Master Cleanse and Healthy Habit Formation. I plan for the MC to be 10 days - 28 days.

Plan:  I am aiming for a minimum 10-day cleanse.  At the same time, I will begin building healthy habits to support detoxing, health improvement and strength rebuilding.  Since most activities take about 21 days to become habits, I might continue the Master Cleanse at the same time, as later stages are accompanied by clear thinking and spiritual growth.  This might sound `way out there, but some of the major sages in history have undergone 40-day fasts (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed) or been famous for frequent fasting (Gandhi).  If it helped them, it can help me, too!  Also, I think it helps to create new habits while confusing your subconscious` tendency to maintain old habits by doing this while the body, emotions, mind and spirit are distracted by the MC.
Problems:  I have recently tried several Master Cleanses in the past 3 weeks and had all crash shortly after beginning.  The first one ended the morning of Day 4 due to extreme brain fog.  I realized then that I might be dealing with more toxins than in the past 2 years or so, due to being overworked and stressed from the beginning of 2010, and not maintaining healthy habits during this time, and also due to anti-biotics to combat blood poisoning due to a boil that required lancing in the hospital, at the end of July of 2010.  Both the infection and the anti-biotics may have caused some damage at a system-wide tissue level.  These problems also serve as motivation to "get my house in order."  Since the initial 3-day Master Cleanse, I have undergone 3 one- or two-day MC cleanses as a short-term way to detox in short doses, and made a special effort to eat well between them.  I am hoping, by making this record public, I will manage to at least make it to 10 days this time.  Ideally, I hope to go longer.
It helps to set some goals.  At intervals, I will re-evaluate and set new goals.  My initial 10-day goals are:
Initial 10-Day Measurable Goals:
  1. 51 kg (loss of about 3 kg, or roughly 7.5 pounds).
  2. 30% body fat (loss of about 4% body fat).
  3. 33 kg muscle mass (maintain muscle mass while removing fat).
  4. Average day and night levels of pH for saliva around 7.2 and urine around 6.8.
 Initial 10-Day Non-Measurable Goals:
  1. Cut out one bad lifestyle habit.  Not a public goal.
  2. Yoga
  3. Meditation
  4. Morning dry-skin brushing
  5. Flossing
  6. 3x per week TT-type training, including interval walking
Healthy Habits for after the MC:
  1. Morning coconut oil massage
  2. Daily oil swishing
  3. Once-a-week 1-day fasting.  May be MC-based, juicing (green juicing), or water
  4. Green-juicing several times a week.  This depends on what is seasonably available from my organic supplier. 
Master Cleanse Method:  Every day I will drink the following:
    • 6 - 10 glasses of lemonade (in each, 2 T lemon juice, 2 T maple syrup, 1/8 t cayenne pepper or more, 250 ml water)
    • 8 - 10 glasses of water
    • 1-2 cups senna tea at night (using only one tea bag).  On days 4 and 5, and 8 and 9, I will rest to avoid constipation later.
    • Mint tea as desired
    • Banaba Tea to aid the kidneys, prevent stone formation, and regulate blood sugar levels, as needed 
Detoxing:  As needed,
    • Detox foot pads (nightly, if I have an 8-hour minimum sleep time)
    • Detox bath (weekly, 1 cup Epsom Salts, 1 cup baking soda, bathe 30 minutes, follow up with a cool shower, go to bed)
    • 8 - 10 hours sleep nightly (I need more sleep, it helps to detox and gives the body a chance to rest and rebuild)
    • Interval walking (time permitting, measured in steps).  I will alternate a moderate pace and a high-speed pace.  I will begin with a 15-minute warm-up of slow to moderate walking, followed by 3 sets of high-speed intervals.  The high-speed pace will be about 100 paces at near-running speed.  After each interval, I will walk at a slow pace until my heart rate slows to a reasonable level before the next speed interval.  Once the third high-speed interval is over, I will cool off with 15 minutes of moderate to slow walking before finishing.  The idea is to maximize the benefits of aerobic walking in the minimum amount of time.  Detoxing is carried out by moderately low-impact aerobic activity, which will help move lymph through the body.
Supplements:  As needed
I understand that some people are adamantly against supplementation during the MC, and so I chose to report this in my own blog.  This is a departure from the traditional, hard-core Master Cleanse, and a result of my prior experiences with at least 10 other MCs.  All supplements contain minimal calories.  The rationale is to aid in dealing with Herxheimer`s Effect, which has derailed my recent efforts.  Note:  I tried gingko biloba to try to help with brain fog; it definitely helped, but it also made me feel nautious.
    • Trace minerals, 2 droppers-full, twice a day
    • Iodine, 4 drops daily
    • Vitamin C (various forms), 1000 mg/caplet, if needed
    • Vitamin E (natural form, in an oil-based capsule), 400 IU, if needed
    • Glucosamine chondroitan with MSM, vitamin D and zinc every day
    • Vitamin B (various Bs) only when dealing with brain fog
    • Lung detox herbal caplet every day
As in my first blog, I will set this up in stages, but all will be reported in this same link. 

Stage One

Day One:  Tuesday, October 19 2010

Weight:  53.4 kg, 33.3% bf
pH, Morning:  U = 5.5, S = 6.0; Evening U = 6.0, S = 6.5
Salt water flush - didn`t have time today.
Lemonade:  5 with blackstrap molasses; 1 with maple syrup
Water:  8
Teas:  1 cup senna at bedtime
Bms:  8
Detoxing:  Detox foot pads, 6881 steps moderate walking (no speed intervals), only 3 hours sleep
Supplements:  Vitamin C 1000 mg, citrus bioflavonoids (to help ward off a cold), glucosamine, iodine and trace minerals
New habits:  Flossing, meditation 10 minutes
Toxin Symptoms:  Legs lost strength for climbing stairs or slopes in the afternoon.  No other toxin symptoms.

Comments:  The recent succession of short-term MCs seems to have prepared me well for at least the first stage.  I experienced less toxin symptoms than any of the previous 4 short-term MCs.  Since I missed my morning salt water flush, I used molasses in most of the lemonade drinks today.  In previous MCs, I`d noticed a laxative effect, plus the greater amount of electrolytes in molasses seems to have helped avoid brain fog so far.  I need to sleep more.

Day 2:  Wednesday, October 20 2010

pH, Morning:  U = , S = ; Evening U = , S =
Salt water flush:
New habits:
Toxin Symptoms: 



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