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Mental Health:Apple Cider Vinegar

Five years later, I still believe apple cider vinegar should be added to what we do to help us maintain optimal physical and mental health.

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Drugs never make a condition go away but they sometimes treat symptoms that allow the chemically imbalanced mind and body to continue work, go to school and participate in life... but the cost to one's physical health and mental health is often chronic illnesses.

Many mental and physical health conditions are probably caused by genetic predispositions that make those with those pre-dispositions more sensitive to certain stimuli such as drugs, alcohol, foods, heavy metals and other pollutants we absorb, ingest and breathe in. 85 children may all take a course of 25-35 vaccines and only 1 may come down with Autism, 5 may come down with ADD/ADHD. One in a thousand may die of SIDS from vaccines but several may have less typical neurological damage... but there are so many ways that a body can be contaminated.m Drugs, alcohol, chemical sensitivities, pollution, radiation
and other toxins affect a thousand people in a thousand different way. Drugs are used to treat physical and mental dis-ease but they are not a cure. Drugs just treat symptoms but never get to what caused the problem in the first place. All that said, the mind and body can overcome genetics and toxic loads but the earlier in the process of dis-ease we can address our physical and mental imbalances the better. Our bodies and mind can take a lot of abuse but they need our help. How we help our bodies do the job of balancing the particular batch of chemicals that is our own body should be deliberate and sequential, so we will know what it is that helped.

Water Cure

One way to get back mental and physical health is make the Water Cure a lifestyle.
Drink several glasses of distilled water with the tiniest pinch of sea salt in them every day and many mental and physical health issues will just go away or never begin in the first place. The body will use the distilled water to flush toxins out of one's body. The sea salt will re-mineralize the body. Animals know salt and water are necessary for life.

The Water Cure is like adding distilled water to a car-battery. Humans are biochemical batteries that need water and minerals. This first and most important step in the healing process is often ignored. It seems too simple for sometimes chronic and debilitating conditions.

How many doctors or battery salespersons would tell you that water is going to fix your problem? Doctors want to sell you drugs, office visits and operations and battery salespersons want to sell you batteries. It costs next to nothing to do the Water Cure. Batteries without a proper amount of distilled water cause the battery to get fuzzies... on the outside but also on the inside. Batteries like people with an improper chemical balance will start having electrical problems. Without a proper balance of water and minerals, our bodies and brain send improper bio-electrical signals to the brain and other parts of the body. You can replace a car battery but people will chug along operating for a long time. Reviving your own internal battery is as simple as drinking several glasses of water each day.

For most people, about seven daily glasses of distilled water with a tiny pinch of sea salt is optimal. More sea salt than a tiny pinch is not okay. More is not better. Addictive behaviors make some believe that if one pinch of salt then a tablespoon would be better. If you add too much salt to your water then the taste may make you quit drinking your Water Cure solution. Stick with a tiny pinch of sea salt in seven glasses of water a day and see if your mental and physical health improves.

Why try everything all at once? If the Water Cure balances your body, after several weeks of following its simple formula,keep it up. The biggest issue I have with alternative health zealots is that they are not patient enough to wait and see if something is working long enough to let it work. If they don't feel different in a week, they ditch the Water Cure and move on to often more radical alternative treatments while others use extreme and often deadly drugs to fix their problems.


If you have used the Water Cure for several weeks and your physical and or mental health issues continue to prevent you from living the life you desire to lead, changing your diet should be the next step in your journey. The process of attaining optimal physical and mental health would not be complete without finding what a healthy diet is for you. What type of fuel makes your engine run? If you put gasoline fuel in a diesel engine, it may run for a little while but ultimately it will quit running.

Most of us do not go out searching for a mate with a similar blood type, so when we have children, we keep eating what makes our motor run right but it may not be what will make our children as healthy as they could be.

Some of us have ancestors who ate certain types of foods that allowed them to reach maturity and have other children. The success of their diet led to successors who would likely benefit from eating the same types of foods their ancestors ate. Today, we are less likely than ever to have a mate with the same blood type. We are probably not just one species of human beings. We mingled and mixed with other types of human beings so what is good fuel for our mother may be toxic to us. Our parents may unknowingly be 'kitchen assasains.' What is good for one blood type may be toxic to another.

Processed food should be eliminated by everyone so before you even think about eating for your blood type, eliminate all processed foods and see what happens. To find what is not good food for us, we can eliminate one food at a time. Stop dairy of any kind for a month and see if there is any improvement. Quit red meat for a month and see if it helps. If that doesn't help, try something else. Stop eating anything with gluetins(wheat) for a month and see if it helps. It may take time to find out what food it is that is making your body and mind operate improperly, but if you do the work, you may fix your mental and physical health problems without so much as one supplement.

Acid/Alkaline pH Balance.

A fish tank or swimming pool need a proper pH balance to be healthy. Most people with poor physical or mental health have an acidic pH. Go to a pool store and get some test strips to see if your urine is acidic. If you are acidic then consider adding some acidic foods to water to get back to a normal pH balance.

Sometimes we eat foods that do not break down easily and our gut becomes alkaline. The rest of our body may then turn acidic. A toxic gut can clog up our internal fuel system and prevent toxins from being released through our urine and feces. As we build up toxins in our body, our bodies and brain may then start showing signs of stress or dis-ease. Water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, in a shot glass or glass of water before meals, may cure everything that is wrong with your out of balance body and mind. Apple Cider Vinegar over a period of weeks or months will change your gut into an acidic toxin removing pool that will allow your body and brain to do what it needs to become healthy again.

If you just can't get over the taste of apple cider vinegar to save your life, you have tried adding grape juice, apple juice, honey, cayenne, cinnamon and other things to it and you still can not drink apple cider vinegar the try lemons. While lemons do not have as much of the enzymes that apple cider vinegar has, they will help your body regain its pH balance. Add Freshly squeezed lemons in a few glass of water a day.

Getting rid of toxins will allow your body and brain to heal itself. There are those who want to do drugs to fix what is wrong with them because they do not want to change they way the feed their bodies. What we feed our mind is just as important. The last but perhaps the first step toward excellent physical and mental help should be to believe we can. If we can not practice joyful laughter or stop to smell the roses along the way then our mental condition may be a defense mechanism that is demanding that we change our life to doing something else. Depression wants us to slow down and make decisions that will allow us to live a more fulfilling life. When we make those changes that allow us to live our life as if we loved it then those other issues in our life will be much more likely to get better. Finding opportunities to drum, sing, dance, laugh outloud and anything that makes one's heart sing is going help us regain our physical and mental health and if one does everything above and even dies then one's life will be a life well lived so what more can one do but sing one's heart-song and move on...

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