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The Truth About Vaccines! Get Fully Informed & Be Well Prepared!

Excellent sources of information regarding vaccination including exemption forms and natural remedies as well as full disclosure on the "swine flu" hoax!

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November 22, 2018 - "Damn Those Vaccines and Doctors Who Give Them", By: Dr. Mark Sircus[7] -

Comment: Undoubtedly the title of a scornful article! This one is very well-supported!

August 20, 2019 - "The Swine Flu Vaccination Hoax - Explained"
Five part interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz[1]

November 6, 2018 - Propaganda is the art of overwhelming logic - by Jon Rappoport -

One type of mind control involves defeating logic as a method of thinking.

Modern formulations of basic logic begin with the statement: You can’t have A and not-A. Which is a way of saying contradictions are unacceptable.

So it’s no surprise that mind control attempts to introduce contradictions into rational processes.

You see this in propaganda.

For example: People who are vaccinated are in danger from those who are unvaccinated. (“Keep your unvaccinated child away from my vaccinated child.”)

There is a concealed contradiction here. You can see it by merely defining (according to conventional terms) the meaning of “vaccinated.”

It means “immune,” “protected from contracting the disease targeted by the vaccine.”

But if the vaccinated person is protected and immune, then coming into contact with an unvaccinated person will bring no danger.

Therefore, the notion that vaccinated people are A) protected but not-A) in danger is absurd, a contradiction.

The easiest way to defeat logic is through deficient education. Never teach logic. Ignore it. Instead, teach specific values. Teach anything except logic. Don’t teach children how to spot contradictions.

A deficient education plus tons of ceaseless propaganda equals mind control.

Logic is a significant problem for people who want a closed and unfree society. Teaching logic tends to produce sharp and independent minds.

Logic produces personal power.[6]

Re: The 1918 (Spanish) "Flu Pandemic":

"By doing a bit of research into books and periodicals from the 1918 flu pandemic era, it is clear that allopathic 'cures were deadlier than the disease itself. Many homeopaths, autologists and other 'drugless' doctors understood that the blood was the life force of the body and its purity was a barometer of health as well as an indicator of disease susceptibility. They also witnessed that the poisoning of the blood via yellow fever, typhoid and smallpox vaccinations was the prerequisite condition for contracting the 'Spanish' flu. But even then, the flu itself was not a death sentence. The deaths occurred among those who stifled their body’s attempts to heal itself by taking allopathic potions such as aspirin[5] and other inappropriate treatments."[2]

"All states allow a medical exemption and some states allow philosophical and/or religious exemptions":

See all the exemption forms and related at:

Forced Swine Flu Vaccine
How to Overcome its Poisonous Effects
is now a revised article by Bee Wilder that includes treatments for children and babies[3]

Also simple actions to Save Health Freedom + Resources:

February 19, 2017 -

Commented at Dr. Brownstein's -

Thank you Dr. B and all!

Generally ensuring that one’s “immune system is optimized” is most certainly a better way of thinking than vaccinations. In this instance – that is if there is an actual flu virus. (As far as I know there has never been a flu virus identified.) I don’t wish to make any assumptions about any “virus” and therefore I say if there are real live flu viruses then where do they come from? Is it possible that the “flu virus” is a biological phenomena that is latent within everybody? Might “flu viruses” be considered as heavy duty cleansers? Consider when people have cold symptoms and instead of going with the body’s need for cleansing they attempt to suppress the symptoms with over-the-counter medications. In these common cases then is it any wonder that the incomplete cleansing plus the residual medications will require a more powerful cleaning at a later time? (Aajonus Vonderplanitz[i] addresses this.)

My “optimizing” is to sweat! I take a very warm bath twice a week for the purpose of inducing a sweat. I never have to concern myself with the flu or with colds! The induced mlld “fever” is the best natural cleanser I know of![4]


January 7, 2019 - A Vaccination Bill in Washington State's Legislature -

Washington state legislators will soon be considering a bill to empower people to make safer vaccine choices in our state.

HB 1019 is called the “Holly’s Law” in memory of Holly Maria Stavola who died of encephalopathy – a well-recognized vaccine adverse event – after her second dose of the MMR vaccine. Holly’s Law would require health care providers, before administering any vaccine, to:

Notify the patient or parent of the option to have an antibody titer test (where there is a licensed one) to determine whether the individual already has a naturally acquired immunity or has antibodies in response to previous vaccine(s).
Notify the patient or parent that there is no state requirement for vaccination or serologic proof of immunity for any individual of any age, other than for the attendance of a child at public or private school, or a licensed day care in Washington, and that in those settings exemptions from state immunization are available.[8]

Comment: The bill (mentioned above) does not really go far enough to truly "empower people" - at least by acknowledging that the Individual has an Unalienable Right to "full-disclosure." The bill is a minor compromise that largely maintains business as usual with regards to the vaccine industry and the medical cartel.

However there is some potentially important information in the above mention regarding the "antibody titer test", the fatal "well-recognized vaccine adverse event" that occurred after receiving the MMR vaccine, the recognition of "a naturally acquired immunity", etc.






[5] Millions Take Aspirin Daily ... — At Their Risk? - By Tom Cowan, M.D.:




Also see this article by Dr. Brownstein:


vaccination medical exemption, vaccination exemption forms, health freedom, 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, aspirin, Propaganda, logic, mind control, method of thinking, immune, personal power, vaccine industry. CDC, FDA

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