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Earth Clinic Newsletter packed full of remedies from Cabbage cures to Tumeric

Earth Clinic newsletters are packed with so much information that I thought I would just post the entire letter. Oh what a treat.

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June 2009
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Dear sara,

Hello and welcome to our latest newsletter! Earth Clinic is proud to be a unique forum for discussing health concerns and remedies with your peers and a few knowledgeable friends of the site, but in our concern for your health and safety we ask you to please keep in mind that this newsletter - like everything on our site - offers only advice.

In the complicated world of health our general educational materials give you a great start on your journey to a healthier life. Still, there is no substitute for a conversation with your own doctor to help you sort through all medical advice - conventional and traditional - in light of your own medical history and situation. Please, never embark on a new treatment or diet without talking to a physician or pharmacist about your unique needs and concerns.

That said we hope you'll appreciate this occasional newsletter, offering contributions from readers and popular contributors like Ted, with all the best of what's new at Earth Clinic. We know that when life presents its challenges, you draw on the strength and wisdom of friends and the communities that love you, and we pledge that Earth Clinic will be one of those communities you can rely on for a hand to hold on your path to greater health and happiness!
International Community Feedback
Notable Posts
Home Remedies

Below are a handful of outstanding and informative posts from the couple of months. However, since Earth Clinic receives several hundred posts a week from our readers, we suggest you read EC's Latest Posts page each day for many more exciting remedies and cures!

05/13/2009: Cal from Calgary, AB writes: "I was having problems falling asleep at one point and I resorted to all kinds of things even drinking alcohol, working out hard in the day so I would be exhausted but still wouldn't fall asleep but somehow (don't know how and why) it stopped and I was able to fall asleep. Then I would fall asleep fine but around 2am I would just awake sometimes for no reason sometimes to pee and I would hardly be able to fall asleep again. This happened for months. My eyes would just open and I would like there for hours trying to fall asleep again and no matter what I did it just won't happen. I even got eyebags due to lack of sleep now I want to get rid of them. I had gone to a health store and bought some sea salt - one without preservatives or additives and just sun and wind dried. Somewhere I had read something about sea salt but didn't quite remember what so I decided to try it. Add some to my drinking water and lo and behold that solved the problem. Another thing is I could only fall asleep on my left side so I started developing pain in my left shoulder and I could only sleep in that position. I couldn't sleep on my back or right side or belly but since drinking the sea salts I sleep on my back or right side like a baby. Sometimes i even sleep all through the night and even if I wake up to pee I will fall asleep again. I am sooooo happy. Hope this helps someone. I still take it daily or almost daily by adding about a little to about 1 liter of water - enough to taste it but not be salty. I think I was missing some minerals which the salts provided"

Additional Insomnia Remedies on Earth Clinic

05/08/2009: Treef from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England writes: "Hi. About forty years ago I badly sprained my left knee when the heel of my shoe broke. Since that time it occasionally becomes extremely painful, with a large swelling on the inside of the knee (I mean the side towards the other leg). A few years ago, however, I read about using cabbage leaves to treat joint pain and so thought I would give it a go. Hey presto! It worked. This is the treatment: Take some large dark green cabbage leaves and cut out the hard stalks. Next, in their raw state, crush them using a rolling pin until the juice starts to run a little. Then wrap them around the knee--right around and overlapping--and then apply a crepe support bandage to hold them firmly in place. This is best done just before bedtime. Go to bed, get a good night's sleep with your cosy knee held firmly in place, and wake up smelling like a compost heap. Unwrap the bandage, discarding the leaves, and test the leg gently. It works for me and also for a student I once had on a dance/drama course. He was about 16 and practically crippled with the pain from a knee that the doctors could do nothing about. He tried this remedy--and yes, it worked for him too! Excellent website--thank you."

Additional Knee Pain Remedies on Earth Clinic

05/07/2009: Matthew from Lincoln, NE writes: "Good morning,
My wife suffers from HS. She has had multiple surgeries to remove large sections of her arm pits and was having constant large boils that required medical lancing to relive the pressure and pain. I read about Tumeric and using a natural based deoderant. She was skeptical at first but after my insisting she started taking the tumeric. I believe it was about 500-600mg twice a day. In addition, she started using the Natural Deoderant, and in about 2 weeks her golf ball sized inflammation was completely gone. She had the start of 3-4 more boils that had the potential to be just as large and all were gone.
Since the surgeries, my wife would have at least 2 to 3 open sores under her arms at any given time, they would just never heal. Since taking tumeric and switching to the natural deoderant they have completely healed. My wife can not remember a time when her arm pits were this clear, she is currently in complete remission of HS and able to live pain free. (And, as anyone with HS will tell you, the smell from open wounds is not that pleasent either)
I normally don't write into websites like this, but I had to spread the word about Tumeric. I don't understand what it does, but it seems to work to counteract HS from what I have read.


03/30/2009: Nic from Athens, Greece writes: "Hi all.
I have tried some of the home remedies I found here and elsewhere, and especially the ACV + honey helped me. But the turmeric is the best remedy, it's simply the answer to my prayers. I too wonder why doctors don't say to people that there are home remedies that cure boils and related infections. And I too had been having boils for the last five or six years and was taking antibiotics using ointments and even had them lanced to no purpose. I managed to stay a year away from antibiotics with the help of garlic and warm compresses, but a new one appeared and found your site and followed your advices. I bought turmeric a few weeks ago. I want to say a big thank you this is a great site and the home remedies WORK, especially the turmeric powder and the ACV+honey.
Last but not least, most of the boils appear when it rains, right now in Athens we have dust from the Sahara desert which is one of the most polluted regions, it started spreading in the atmosphere in Feb and in Feb it rained and got this new boil. So toxic rain, chemical substances in the atmosphere have also something to do with boils.
To all of you who suffer from these problems, believe us, these remedies work and you will feel better and healthier.

03/12/2009: Jeri from Springfield, IL writes: "Turmeric cured my arthritis pain in my neck and back, and it relieved my chronic puffy eyes too. I started taking 450 mg. capsules of Turmeric 3x a day for the pain from bone spurs in my neck, and it really worked. I was in so much pain, and I was so grateful. But as a bonus, it also seemed to cure my chronic puffy eye problem, which I'd tried to control for the past two years by watching the salt in my diet. Well, there's no mistake about it, the Turmeric has also cured my puffy eyes problem too. I still plan on watching my salt intake, but it is SO nice to look normal, and feel normal again."

Additional Turmeric Feedback on Earth Clinic

04/08/2009: Susan from Townsville, Queensland writes: "Vitamin B Complex: Recently went on an overseas air flight. The 1st leg of the journey was 7 hours, my feet and ankles were extremely swollen on landing. But during the 2nd leg, 12 hours, I was lucky to find spare seats and lay down to sleep, so I had minimal problems on landing. 4 weeks later, on the return 12 hour flight, I had to sit the whole time, but I made sure to get up and walk every half hour or so. On landing, I had swelling again, but this time with an ugly red rash up the inside of both shins. 3 days of extensive walking and sight seeing only made the rash darker, although the swelling did subside. But of course it returned after the 7 hour flight home. I read at home that night that Vitamin B might help with Edema - fluid retention. I took 2 "Mega B" capsules, and the next morning, the swelling was gone, and the rash had completely disappeared, there not a trace of it, yet it had been an extremely dark, solid, red mass with slight itchy bumps, running 2/3rd's up the length of each shin. I only wish that I had known this before the trip, I would have taken a bottle of Vitamin B with me. I now take Vitamin B each day, and have noticed that my feet are no longer puffy in the mornings .. a problem that has occurred every now and then since my last pregnancy 11 years ago. Thanks for a truly informative site."

Additional Edema Remedies

05/04/2009: Toni from Graham, NC writes: "I suffered from allergies for 27 years. One day I heard that Raspberries were good for allergies so I gave them a try. I will eat about four in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. I usually suffer from runny and itching nose, sneezing, watery eyes. It all disappeared, but you do have to eat them daily. Oh by the way I buy the frozen kind."

Additional Allergy Remedies

05/02/2009: Monet from Cincinnati, Ohio writes: "Hello, I use your site all of the time and want to thank you for such useful information!
Recently, my feet started swelling along with blood pressure spiking to very high levels. I do not have high blood pressure so I could not understand what was going on. By day three I figured out I had a tooth infection that was probably starting to seep into my blood causing the swelling, blood pressure spikes, tingling in head, legs, and feet. After speaking with a dentist who felt they were unrelated and would not give me any advice on whether I should go to the ER, I decided to use garlic infused with yogurt (yogurt helps it go down easier). I took about 1 T. of crushed garlic and 1 T. of yogurt. Within 5 minutes the swelling in my feet went away and I felt my blood pressure had gone down. I took my blood pressure and it had dropped over 50 points! Obviously, the blood pressure spikes were brought on by the tooth infection, unbeknownst to the young Dentist!!!
I cook with garlic all of the time, but RAW GARLIC is terrific for blood pressure and infections!!!

Additional Garlic Feedback


05/01/2009: Pam from Ooltewah, Tn writes: "oil pulling and heart: I ran into OP one morning while getting together my sunday school lesson. For some reason my finger hit a site about acv which i take and happen to mention op I thought what is op. I looked it up and bought my sesame seed oil and began. The acv has helped me tremendously but the op makes me feel like I have a new heart!! I could not lay on my left side because i could feel my heart trying to push blood like it was having a hard time and when i would get off the acv for a long period of time my heart would just do weird stuff and almost where i almost faint. I am amazed by op i can lay on my left side and my heart feels like its brand new!! Op at first made me feel so tired for a few days but that left also at first i had a bad taste in my mouth but it left after a few days. Let me know if anyone else have had my symptoms!!!"


04/27/2009: Nic from Athens, Greece writes: "After seeing how successful are most of the home remedies I've found here, I decided to try this one as well out of curiosity. Oil pulling started more than a week ago, first with olive oil, which I thought would be the best, then bought excellent sesame oil for the first time in my life. Sesame oil was an amazing discovery, Greeks love olive oil and I was a big fan of this national product, avoiding all other oils, but in my case oil pulling was disgusting when using olive oil, and it was a big unpleasant surprise for me since I love the taste of olive oil. Although I suspect olive oil is extremely powerful, more than sesame oil and other oils, it was the latter that worked. I read someone's feedback that he managed to feel less depressed or something like that while oil pulling. I have always been against anti-depressants but many a time before I nearly tried to find a decent doctor to prescribe me some mild ones, as I felt very low for a very long period despite the fact nothing that serious or bad was happening in my life. First of all, negativity has vanished entirely from my way of thinking, dark thoughts were eliminated in just two days. I had no problem focusing so far but I never thought my ability to focus could become so good, excellent! Colours became more vivid especially red green and blue. Confident and more pragmatic than ever, I find it no more difficult to decide and evaluate almost everything. Oil pulling is a great tool if you are trying to become serene and positive. And yes, oil pulling with sesame oil doesn't taste horrible, is easier and you can swish more efficiently, cures not only the body, but also the mind, betters your psychological condition. I am so glad I never found a decent doctor for those 'happy' pills. The answer is oil pulling. I just wish I knew about turmeric powder, ACV+honey, good old garlic and onion, warm compresses etc, earlier, as I would have never taken so many antibiotics. Thank you very Earth Clinic Team and all of you who send your feedback!

Additional Oil Pulling Feedback

04/05/2009: Heather from New Orleans, Louisiana writes: "We have been using potatoes in my family to break fever for many years. My mother is 65 and HER mother used to do it when she was a little girl. I tell all of my friends about it b/c it does work and many people do not know about. Get an old pair of socks that fit snugly. Purchase larger sized potatoes. Cute them in half and keep them in the FRIDGE to make them cold! Then, slip them into your socks and keep them on your feet until they cooked! They will turn brown or black from drawing the fever out of your body. I have done this many times throughout my life and only once did my fever not break. I was very, very sick when that happened. But, 95% of the time will work for you. You can even stick the used potatoes in a bag back into the fridge to get cold again...then reapply to the feet within a half hour or so. Please try's been in my family for two generations and there is a reason why."

Additional Fever Remedies

03/22/2009: Susan from Oakland, NJ writes: "Body Odor: Raw Red Cabbage, I eat about 1 cup a day with olive oil and sea salt. I do not have any odor with or without my natural deoderant. I find it pretty amazing that all I need to do is eat cabbage and I do not have to worry. I am a massage therapist, so I need to be odor free. I refuse to use regular deoderant, so I have been searching for an answer. I also drink green drinks, do applecider vinegar, you name it, I take it or have taken it. None has worked. I am so happy for this find that I needed to share it, so others who struggle with it no longer need to. Hope you try it, you won't be dissapointed."

Additional Body Odor Remedies

03/18/2009: Judy from Toormina, N.S.W. Australia writes: "I would like to tell you for 7 years we have been trying to find a cure for our daughter Natalie with chronic ulcerative colitis, she was just about to have her colon removed when a friend told us about black strap molasses. Within a week of taking 1 teaspoon daily she has been in complete remission and said she has never felt better am so grateful. I have been taking it too and have found a big improvement in my well being and nervous system. regards Judy Harrison"

Additional Ulcerative Colitis Remedies

03/13/2009: Gean from Salina, KS writes: "At the very first sign of ear pain, put your hand over your ear for a few minutes, warming your ear. If your hair is long enough, pull some hair over your ear and cover with warm hand. Keep it there until pain goes away. If you have access to a hat or head band, cover ears to keep warm. If very bad you can cup both hands and make a "tunnel" from your mouth to your ear, blowing warm air. The key is not to wait at all, but do it at the first sign of pain. You can do this wherever you happen to be, and can save you lots of trouble. I've told my kids to do this, and no one in the family has had ear pain for many, many years. If time has gone by and you've had the ear pain for hours, then you may need a heated salt bag or some of the other treatments, although it wouldn't hurt to try the above. But, remember for the next time that a stitch in time saves nine."

Additional Ear Pain Remedies

03/13/2009: Sherry from New Orleans, Louisiana writes: "My Grandmother would always cure the family's ringworm with white vinegar and a penny. She would soak the penny in a cup of vinegar over night and then place the penny on the site with a bandage. The results are amazing in that the ring worm would began drying the same day and the itching would almost cease immediately. I reminded my brother of this remedy when my niece had a ring worm. He stated that he soaked the penny over night but only applied the penny periodically ( no bandage) and it worked just like always! Thank you grandma!"

Additional Ringworm Remedies

03/10/2009: Wanda from Sykesville, Md writes: "Migraines & paper bags:
Whenever I get auras, sparkles and blurred vision and feel a migraine headache coming on, I grab a lunchbag (McDonald's bag works fine), and breathe in and out of it for 20 minutes. The carbon dioxide that I breathe back in helps constrict the expanded blood vessels which create the pounding headache in a migraine. I've used this technique for several years, with great success."

Additional Migraine Remedies
Welcome to the conversation! This is as exciting a time for Earth Clinic as it has was when we got started more than 10 years ago, and we want to keep you up-to-date with our newest discoveries in health and healing. You've heard the best of what we have to say this week, what's new with you?
With Warmest Regards,

Deirdre Layne & Earth Clinic

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