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Energy Booster AND some helpful natural tips

A few things to hopefully help those looking for alternatives.

Date:   4/13/2009 2:20:29 PM   ( 10 y ) ... viewed 2319 times

There are other things you can do to get an energy boost without all the crashes, sugar or anything else that are in the usual energy drinks. And so the same can go for food.

Depending on what you put in your mouth will depend on what comes out. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!! Crap in equals crap out and the reverse is also true.

What most people do is say things like "Well I'm gonna die anyway, might as well die doing what I enjoy" The thing is if you dont care for your body the time you are alive will be miserable for you. Maybe not right away, maybe not until your old and in which case most people will say well I'm old I will die very shortly anyway oh well it was worth it.

The way you would think most people would look at it is this way: You take care of yourself now and in the future and you can live a very happy and peaceful life and without pain and suffering in the meantime.

So the $64,000 question becomes was it really worth it?

Like some people I had to work 3rd shift for awhile and it was very hard staying up trying to just 'make it' through the night to go home. I had a hard time adjusting. Then when I got home it was hard to go to sleep because it was light outside an my body wanted to 'be up' during the daylight hours. needless to say I was on allot of over the counter drugs to stay awake and to go to sleep.

I wanted something natural so I wasn't putting chemicals in my body and the thought of what these 'chemicals' would do to my body over an extended period of time.

For those of you looking for energy, laxitives and anything else that could help you with your ailments I can post some things here that I have done that have been proven to me that they work. Some people may not agree with what I have to post and thats fine I am not asking to change anyones thinking however for those of you looking for natural Things with no side affects this may help you. I will also say that anyone wanting to know more about this kind of stuff in the support forum of the forum section the Ask moreless: pH balance will also give you great and wonderful advice.

For instance if you take a teaspoon of honey it can give you a boost of energy. OR if you have a sore throat it can help take it away (why do you see so many cough drops with honey added to them). You can add honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon to hot 8 oz. glass of water and sleep peacefully throughout the night. Wanna get rid of that headache? 7-UP and peppermint extract.

Everything you feel is a direct result of what you eat. If you feel like crap its because you are not eating good food. If you feel good it is because you are eating good food. Now the same is true for good food and great food. If you are eatting good food but still feeling bad then what you need to ask yourself is are you eating top quality food or low quality food. This has a huge impact on your energy! and how you feel.

I do not want to take away from the Moreless section of this website so I will not post to much here. However, everything I have posted I have personally tried myself so that is my proof that it works and is effective. I do not have scientific proof to back these claims up nor do I claim to be an expert. I have tried these things and have on my boyfriend and that is proof enough for me.

Its the same way with diets to most people though if you stop and think about it. When there is a new infomercial claiming to be the next 'GREATEST' thing almost everyone flocks to it thinking it will help them lose weight. The hollywood diet is one and Atkins is another just to name a few. The claims are that you 'WILL' lose weight on the diet. What they are selling you is hype. and there is absolutely NO proof that you WILL lose weight yet everyone will buy into this hype with their life. Almost to the point of selling their souls to the devil to lose the weight.

What is their proof? If you were paid 5 or even 10 thousand dollars to sit in fromt of a camera for about 30 seconds or less to say that this product works you'd say that it works and try to sell it with your life. All the while deceiving the mass population into buying this product. Most drug companies don't care that it don't work for you, they are getting paid while you run to the store and purchase their products.

If you read my post on supplements you will understand that drug companies are the same way. Just like when you go to the doctor's office and have a major cut on yourself whats the first thing you think they are going to do? Prescribe you an antibiotic. What do you think an antibitotic does to your body? It takes away all the bacteria in your body. Do you think it can tell the difference between the good bacteria and the bad? NO. It will deplete you of even the good bacteria and then what? Your immune system won't be able to defend itself against the harmful stuff. And then ---- This is when you catch a cold or the flu or any kind if sickness. But the doctors are paid a kickback by the drug companies to push their drugs. So do you think the doctor has your best intrest at heart?

Did you know that honey is a natural healer? Honey heals cuts and wounds. Dab a little honey on your cuts and you could be healed. Now for myself A few years back I sliced my hand open at work with a box cutter and needed 8 stitches. I refused to take the antibiotics and instead dabbed calcium hydroxide on my cut and then dabbed some honey on the cut and it healed. When I told the doctor this the day I went in to get the stitches taken out he tried everything in his power to discredit the things that I had done. That figures though because if its not scientifically proven most people don't want to hear it. but the proof was staring him in the face yet not willing to believe.

Have constipation? Epsom Salt in a juice drink will help you become more regular. If it is not doing the trick then you need to add a little more to your drink. Be careful as to how much though because use to much and it can give you a mad case of diarrhea. And if you don't take enough it won't help any. Its all about the right dosages you are taking.

Using spices on food like Parsely, Allspice, and other kinds help release the energy from the food so that you get maximum benefit from the food you eat.

If you have an acne problem taking peroxide baths will clear up your condition. or using baking soda because it clears up infection growing on your skin - same with peroxide - it will clear up whatever is going on with your skin. Everything is about balancing your pH.

You can get all of these receipes and more on Ask Moreless.

My boyfriend was in the hospital over a month ago diagnosed with cancer in the lungs. The original diagnoses was it was in the lungs and inoperable. It began to according to the doctors spread to his brain and adrenal. So his only two chioces was either Chemo-therapy or radiation. If he decided neither he would have 2 weeks to 2 months to live. And could go at any time. Pretty scary stuff if you ask me.

Just because we are not married doesnt mean it doesnt hurt as bad. I still love him just the same. We have been together and lived together long enough I feel like we have been married forever. Anyway we chose to not do anything they recommended and to do everything on our own. And according to the doctors he has a week and a half left to live. You would think that he would be getting worse right? Especially with only a week or so left to live. But witheverything we have been doing he has been steadily getting better and better. Its a slow process and does not happen overnight.

Everyone has cancer in them its what you eat to keep the acidity from taking over that keeps the cancer in check.

He had just let the acidity take over in his body long enough to do some major damage. And now its him taking the necessary actions to correct it.

The message is don't allow yourself to get so bad that you have to do extra steps to correct what could have taken you minutes a day to prevent the cause. And thats what its all about. Taking preventative actions from things like this happening. A little work now can go a long way in the future.

For those of you with loved one who are facing the same sitation understand what I am going through. When you experience things first hand it hits you much differently than it was a story you heard from a friend. You tend to look at it from a different approach. I hope that some of you reading this who want to make a change in their life to do whatever helps you take of this what you want and leave what doesnt work. Just know that not everything works for everyone.

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