Blog: Life after losing a million.
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A sudden experience of grace/self belief and its strength.

A friend tests the "law of attraction" theory and it works for him. A DVD triggers an "inspirational experience" that turns into a powerful experience of remote energy healing.

Date:   1/24/2009 7:09:35 AM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 2234 times

I was visiting a friend. He had a DVD that we watched - called The Secret. (This is not a plug. I have noting to do with this as a product.)
It was a dramatically done inspirational call to arms, mostly as a series of interview with committed speakers and people who had applied the experience described.
Basically it said - the law of attraction is what moves the world. Like attracts like - so if you become what you want to attract to you, you attract it to you. Becoming it means embodying it and believing you already have it, and maintaining the attitude that it is already yours consistently.
My friend had already seen this. He thought it had some good points, but was put off by the dramatic nature of it - feels like marketing.
So he tested it. He decided to maintain the intention that he would meet a Black Jew. On the basis that he thought Black Jews were rare to non-existent. (Apologies for a lack of knowledge of Jewish culture here.)
Anyway, very shortly after, he met one. And he met one because the gentleman was reading literature from the seminar where the video was shown. He had actually been in the same room. (It was a concert hall with thousands in.)
My friend was blown away. He decided he should try it again. I'm not sure what his next subject is.
(If you are interested I know I found the first 20 minutes of The Secret online for free.)
For me, this was the trigger for an extraordinary state of mind in me. I call it receiving grace in the Christian context, but making a connection to a powerful, feel-good energy would do as well. The signatures of it is a joyful sense of self belief and wonder at my own power and potential as a human being. One of the amazing things about it is that it has a sense of universalism in the feeling. Ie - yes, I am experiencing it now, but so could anyone else, at any time, with no restrictions.
I just sat and enjoyed that feeling for hours. Later, we went to bed, and I found I couldn't sleep. And then...
This happened during the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, an event that filled me with anger, misery and dispair for the future of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims - all people with God in common, and sadness for those who just want to get on with their lives. The thing I find most unbearable about this was the sense of impotence.
I was thinking, as I always do when on the edge of sleep, about the ongoing bombing, and I realised the sense of impotence wasn't there. As I examined this, the feeling of wellbeing in me increased and filled me with a kind of electrostatic. I had too much energy for sleep. I imagined revisiting the last image I saw on the TV of the Gazan hospital, and felt like I stretched part of the energy of myself until I was there, geographically. The place was, of course, a mess and full of fear and panic. Quite methodically, almost humming, I remember observing it from above at an oblique angle and doing almost a medical diagnosis on it. Was the roof stable and supported? Was the power connection steady? How high were the fear and grief emanations from patients? How swamped in exhaustion and depression were the staff? Having "checked vital signs" I lodged part of my awareness in the roof, somehow both telling it and maintaining the certainty that it was strong, it would not fall, and missiles would not hit it. Then I did something similar for the power to life support systems and then other hospital equipment. Then I started to work on kind of straining off the negative feelings of staff and kind of flowing energy into them to bolster both their physical energy and positivity. While I was doing this, I remember pausing, and doubting whether I would have enough energy, and whether this was happening at all, and at that point I became aware of thousands and millions of other energy points all focussing in on the hospital and territory and all busy about little tasks comparable to the ones I worked on. I "saw" this as an an image of the sky over Gaza full of the fuel paths of many aircraft, all criss crossing and homing in on the area. They were all tinged green and in fact faint green was the underlying image of the whole backdrop. I realised that these were the good thoughts/prayers/concerns of many others, and "safe in numbers" returned to my "work" which was to support and reduce the backlash of negative emotions on the medical staff. I felt improvement in levels of both energy and hope towards dawn, and then I recall "taking part" in three separate operations. Each was life threatening to the patient. One I do not remember the details. One involved keeping strength in the vital signs of a 13-14 year old young boy with dark brown skin and an almost-shaved head whose leg was appallingly injured below the knee. There were other injuries on him too. I think it was shrapnel. A combination of shock and bloodloss put his life in danger. I remember staying with him until he was "stable. There were two "others" like me and a medical team of 2-4 depending. I don't know if he lost the limb.
I can't recall the second one. The case I remember most clearly I cannot give a medical understanding of. The person had a rangy, muscular wiry build and was very lean with no fat reserves at all. His lower limbs seemed African in build but his skin was a pale brown. Something was in this man that needed to come up, and the process of getting it out was delicate because both the foreign object and the damaged organs could "disintegrate" which would probably cause death.
The image I had myself was of holding a plastic bag full of watery membrane which filled the person's ribcage. What was in the bag was just a bloody slurry. It had to be slowly and firmly lifted out of the man's ribcage through his mouth, and while the bag was heavy, it was crucial that it be lifted slowly otherwise the contents of the bag would burst and fill up the lungs which would drown/suffocate the man. I stayed somehow hovering in mid air with my "hands" - wasn't aware of having limbs or substance in this process, just of occupying a space from which my awareness and intention flowed- straining to lift this "plastic bag" up through the longs, throat and out of the mout for a very long time. At one point I felt I would not have enough strength, and something else was helping me. Eventually, the bag did come up through the mouth, at which point the weight of it disappeared from me and I knew the patient would be alright, and so I "left".
After I came back into my self after this experience I remember thinking "did that really happen" and a response from both in myself and out of myself coming to me that was humorous and chiding saying ... why do you DO that? You know it did.

That wasn't the end of that amazing but tiring night. But it will do for this entry.

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