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Diplomacy is history…World war 3 makes us history too.

Diplomacy is history…World war 3 makes us history too.

Date:   12/4/2008 6:26:32 AM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1958 times

Diplomacy is history…World war 3 makes us history too. The totally outdated practice of talking person to person to solve issues between countries and groups are finally gotten rid of. When this article hits the internet heads will be rolling, maybe even heads of states. It is possibly not known amongst outsider nations that this new technology makes spying in essence just as outdated. There is no longer a need to have agents other than to have two more eyes and ears amongst the millions others. Because today anyone may without ever knowing anything about it be a spy for the Project New world Order Control. It may come as a shock to faithful serving members of a nation that they are serving the enemy more than their own country. What I am talking about is the secret technology that is being used at this moment to get access to any human they want on this earth. This person will act as a receiver of information trough the senses, which is then crunched by the most advanced computer cluster on earth. The result can then be used in numerous ways. They claim it is a new way of sending that can pretty much penetrate anything, making protection difficult. Haarp? They wanted me to figure out a protection invention, by sleep programming me without my knowledge. I instead made the Freedom Sphere concept which may protect victims, but it was not what they intended, that i should work against them, in fact it seems their system is rather full of unintended consequences. Like that they have started to understand that my version of their system is better than their own, but that their Master controller prefer this SLAVE MODEL.


To be able to control anything you need possession of something like resources. You own this resource, it is yours. If that resource is a human and you own it, we call it slavery. And as I told in “Project New World Order Control”, the Slave Masters are the same as during the African slave trade, the old European families including Jewish bankers. My theory today is that it is the Rothschild dynasty that is the top dog, the reason is their history. The founder made his fortune during wars, using pigeons as advanced communication strategy to manipulate other investors, making a kill economical. Money =power. Thus R used modern tech to gain power by manipulating others during frontier wars…does this sound similar to using a modern technology like mind reading, manipulating people and world leaders to continue controlling the global Central bank system ( Money=power )? When world leaders start to understand that this system is not what they have been fooled to believe, and a pure power trip by the former elite people believed they got rid of during the revolutions and the democratic process. Then remember that these people are the motivators behind the bring democracy and free press. They have all the money in the world, and can thus buy any media and thus deciding who wins an election. Democracy as people choose their rulers does not exist any more. Not only that, diplomacy is soon dead to. Because when politicians and military understand that any human may be a LIVE surveillance tool for the enemy, then the gates will close shut! The world is very close to world conflicts. Beware! Force them to make the system open source like Linux, but with a positive kernel. Not this terror kernel they use now! R is Jewish and I have a special interest for them and their Jewish science, psychology. I believe it is their psychological theory that is behind this master piece of destructive terror. So now I will explain more about my “ The Universe model “, by killing the foundation of modern psychology and thus the mind control system. Spread and save this my friends! I am “ two fishes swims in the fjord of prawn and the one who spins makes a knot of his family”. This model not only explains the mind but also the body and their interaction, this is a new science, SENSE DYNAMICS or BRAIN BODY. For example what people consider undeniable facts like that happiness and fear and aggression being main emotions are totally wrong. The whole concept is mis defined. Aggression is not physical at all, and can be just as happy ( correct: feel good ) as happiness, it is MIND EXTERNAL or communication, thus the more violent physical the less aggression. And fear is not something in your mind, but physical…BODY INTERNAL, and can be just as feel good as happiness . Happiness is BODY EXTERNAL or body communication, and can be absolutely horrible. The most interesting is the last corner which is totally unknown, which is MIND INTERNAL, which I originally called achievement or hard core. The best word to use is plain thinking, indicating that this is nothing about emotions at all. The entire psychological understanding the last hundred year is pure CRAP! My mind is for hire by the way :) Pay me!

psychology-jewish-science-ha-ha-knot-any-more-by-drowordThe reason their system will always be a failure are their lack of psychological understanding. They have made a system that seemingly produce the results they wanted. To modify the behavior of certain people or to evolve them. But the results are a not understood unintended consequence. That people exposed to a painful experience they can not escape (torture), in the end will submit to the torturers and accept their rules out of fear…not because they have changed. What instead happens is that the victim locks the area that the Slave System ( SM as in sadomasochistic ) demands is not to be used. Thus locking any linked information and knowledge to this area, maybe reducing the victims capacity with up to 50 %. So why do these researchers think it evolves the human? Because they have discovered random cases of evolvement. This is a tragic case in deed, as the reason is that in between the sky high suicide rate, there are a few individuals who never surrender to the system. These people are exposed to a gradually increase in torture that would kill a normal human in hours. Because of this the victim, nope the Warrior , The WAR RULER, is forced to solve this increase in problems…Thus evolving him or her self. It is the WAR RULER that is the problem solver not the system, the system is the problem. And it is hilarious that the so called brightest brain scientists in the world still think that it is their system that is the evolver, and that they have not been able to analyze this relatively easy to understand basics. I mean, I have only been “treated” for 5 months + unknown before, and already consider the system a failure and the researchers mediocre. But then they are scared of their own creation without being able to see it, since their own brains block this area. The education and work area that occupies about 1/3 of their adult life. No strange they are mediocre. It takes some balls or ballesses having the guts to laugh at the most powerful group in the world, when they threaten to torture you to death, ay? But the result is that you loose fear, and thus opens your brain wide open and evolve your BRAIN BODY beyond belief. So what is the problem with this hugely beneficial development? I mean who wouldn’t want this, some happy months of torture and listening to them talk cheerful about your loved ones? To the ones who suffer this voice and sense torture I have good news. I today discovered that they only start treating the people openly first after long time of hidden sleep programming. First when a case rejects doing as they want, do they start “publicly”. This indicates that you my friend are among the brightest people in the world, or at least that you use your BRAIN BODY to the fullest. Only a sane and resourceful individual has the brains to reject becoming a slave to someone else and sacrificing its powers. Only a brave and most highly skilled person is able to resist unknown sleep programming for months and years…You are a winner, a fighter…A WAR RULER, congratulations!!! Let us start joining forces. I Hope some of you join me on FREEDOM SPHERE SOCIETY. I believe it can combine multiple important needs for us all. Like income while fighting our common enemy. I will be the WAR RULER until the project is mature, but guess you all understand that I will not give potentially enemy spies voting power to early. Spread the word PS I now know that they are busy destroying my links and i say: “Link this shit everywhere on the net!” It is OK using the entire articles, i give you permission for the whole droword. Let us fight these bastards, onwards brave Mind crusaders! More will come..unless they kill me :) droword: ” No one fighting has ever lost ! ” . Fear Knot! :)

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