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Lets nuke electricity and important about AIDS!

Very important about AIDS and nuclear knowledge, theories that will cahnge history!

Date:   12/4/2008 3:53:44 AM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1574 times

This is a draft and sketch, not a finished piece. Lets nuke electricity and important about AIDS and the “Project New World Order Control”. Yesterday I killed Jewish psychological theory, the root of “The System”. What about nuking electricity today? Or maybe that hundreds of millions of people are linked to each other, fighting their fellow citizen to the death, only the strongest bastard keeps its sanity or life until the next fight. All this without any of them knowing that the voices or visuals are from the person next door, it may even be your own child. Hell on Earth! Or Heaven on Earth when we start to join our resources fighting the new world order system instead. Today i release new techniques in how to beat this crap. Save and spread this shit everywhere my friends, lets link it and our selves! My blog and emails are hacked and thus unreliable by the way. The only reason why they don’t jail or kill me, is because they are sooo stupid, that they need me to explain my theories for them, spoon by spoon…Mmmm…Open the mouth you inbreed old families! :) (That means you: ridiculed aristocracy and bankrupt money printing Jews). Droword.wordpress

Lets nuke electricity! “Its elementary dear DR. Watson” (Sherlock Holmes). Like good detectives the science community have with success understood the basics, the elementary stuff like electricity. Right? No? Right! They haven’t understood s.,c’h’.,i.,,’t.,e,! “???” “Hummmmm…” ”Allah akbar!” :) Electricity does NOT exist!!! It is nuclear chain reactions! Tiny microscopic particle impacts into tiny whiny particles, fragmenting atoms. Just like when an asteroid impacts a planet, creating a powerful detonation. Depending on circumstances, more or less of this asteroid will vanish due to the mass of nuclear radiation. Everywhere the asteroid cracks there are tiny nuclear detonations, not inside the solid piece. Thus the nuclear magnitude depends on speed, size and angle etc. Similar to when you break a piece of something, but that is of course a very small scale. “Oh, just speculation!” Some of you may say. I say: “Lets proof it!” Make a tall mirror polished steel room, vacuum it, drop a accurately measured block of concrete. Measure the size of the explosion. Then collect every particle in the room and measure it again. The difference in mass equals the explosion. Thus nuclear! And because their f***ed up hellish system logically gives births of beautiful, cute devils. I as a prime specimen want to help those extremely intelligent of you who say, “But it is impossible to measure it!” Little me: “Oh, that would make science very difficult, wouldn’t it? Not measurable science, that really f***s up everything, ay?”.

To soften the blow we can pretend be too intelligent and measure the steel room as well, and find that the room miraculously just got fatter, but some stuff is missing…fat radiation. Hurry scientists tha’rays a’ rilly fast! Now a trick question, if a nuclear explosion splits the elementary atom into not elementary sub particles and the steel room got fatter. Is the steel any more iron, carbon etc? Nah, it isn’t possible that a new elementary atom has been made? Ridiculous, that would make it possible to have endless of elementary atoms…Wow! Puh, good that science has all of this theory nailed already, and that i don’t need to bother my cute brain with such mind boggling topics. Lets leave it to the pros!

I the pros (titutes) substitute caretaker, know my responsibility. Have you ever wondered how it is possible for a human body which is a chemistry lab to produce its goods from a few food sources. Some people live on rice and water alone, but have the same chemistry as you eating the world. It couldn’t be because your body is a nuclear elementary factory producing the elements it needs with the help of sun light and cosmic radiation? Oh man, i feel almost ashamed launching such crazy thoughts, what will the Jewish psychologists do. Probably steal and patent my BRAIN BODY model from yesterday and use the media to tell it is new Jewish genius, and silence me by using my model against me in the court of “law”. They are almost as cute as I am. So soon I will kill Darwin with my EGOLUTION theory, in response to this extremely hostile take over :) . I don’t even know if he is Jewish, but due to this nice people enhancing New World Order program, I will kill Darwin anyway, just in case. One less! :)

All the old nobility families sighs of relief that I today forgot them. It is so easy forgetting stuff, like the slave trade …Interruption…I can not finish this article, my brain buggers brags about hacking my blog and emails, rendering my efforts useless. I have given them an ultimatum and they responded with serious death threats… I have had enough with their stupidity. To night I will spread some hundred sets of my articles in this city full of diplomats and NGOs, tomorrow we will see who laughs. If you do not hear from me again you know why. I am a warrior, I love fighting. “No one still fighting has ever been defeated”…do the same my friends!

Update: It has gone two weeks since last. They hacked my website, by removing links and adding some shit with snapshots. They try hard to do things as inconspiqious as possible, making it look like the author did it. Please spread the word that i am close to making really important discoveries about pretty much the entire health science! This is only draft words to get it out sooner, more will come!!!

FREQUENCY WEAPON BEHIND AIDS AND EVERY MODERN DISEASE! It is a vibration, frequency, speed difference disease or weapon. Energy is needed to vibrate/heat or to cool down. The New World Order mind control is killing people or harassing their path around the magic spot thus making their life quality less and making them solve it by adjusting one or more of the Universe model factors, some times neglecting the other factors and thus suffering unintended consequences. either starving their social life (body and mind external), or consuming food as reward (body internal) or thinking too much (mind internal) or little and thus reducing the activity of the brain and the need for energy to eliminate the vibrations/frequency…only draft and the Universe models BRAIN BODY below is about to change! link it, copy itand spread the word before they hack it!

Dec 4: I am busy understanding stuff, and figured out late yesterday that cancer is a nerve disease!!! Meaning it has to do with overstimulation of the nerve system. Again due to the secret frequency weapon charging your brain body, making the extra discharge damaging you. All these diseases are related to my Universe model. Spread any knowledge before they censor this!

PS. I figured out today that non conductive materials becomes conductive when activated by fex pressure that increases the "energy". Making electricity related to active energy as opposed to passive energy. Ex sugar is non cond, alcohol is also non cond. but more dynamic and easily ignited. When ignited my theory is that both sugar and alcohol becomes active/dynamic electrically conductive. This is important due to MY Universe models magic spot. the old combustion model operates with three components fuel + oxidizer + ignition = combustion or fire . This is a wrong model! It is only two real components at every level. 2 passive energies with enough difference will become nuclear ( formerly electric ) when one energy gets active/ dynaqmic due to increase in gravity or speed ( pressure or heat )... Folks i am about to change history tell everyone, copy and spread!!!

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