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Plan and Rationale

My plan and method to restore my health, with plans for other links to explore specific issues.

Date:   11/6/2008 12:14:22 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1511 times

Purpose and Plan
Note added Nov 10, 2008: 
This blog is for the purposes of recording different things I do to recover and optimize my health.  It will contain descriptions of things like the Master Cleanse each time I do them, and an ongoing account of my liver flushes.  It will also contain links to other websites and sources of information that I want to refer to for my own convenience.  Others are more than welcome to look and comments are appreciated.
This part of my blog was originally recorded in my first blog, when I attempted a 14-day MC which I was able to extend to 22 days.  My purpose is the same.  Since then, I've completed 37 liver flushes (Moritz) in total, and seen about a 95% reduction in allergies, arthritis and migraines.  A surprising amount of that reduction followed the 22-day MC.  It seems that the MC speeds up the detoxing which happens at a more moderate pace with the liver flushes, although the MC does result in the development of stones. 
As part of my journey back to health, I've undertaken an exercise competition run by Turbulence Training (TT).  It is a 12-week competition (for me, Sept 5 - Nov 28, 2008) which involves the elimination of body fat and the creation of muscle, using good nutrition, interval training, bodyweight exercises, and some weight lifting using dumbells.  I've read that interval training is more efficient than aerobic training at removing fat and both result in the heart/pulmonary system being exercised.  I've also read that, to maximize personal health, some weight training is recommended, to stress the bones, resulting in increased bone density, which removes calcium and other mineral deposits from their storage places in the joints and enables them to join the new bone as it is being created.  There are many other benefits.  I might create a link in this blog which explores this later. 
One good thing about the TT competition is that all competitors are recommended to start an account with a nutritional/exercise tracking website, such as Fitday.  Since I've been eating mostly organic food, and of that, mostly raw vegetables, ever since the 22-day MC, I expected that my nutrition would be really good.  What a shock!  I was high in carbs and fats and low in protein, and didn't meet MOST of the RDAs!  So, I've experimented over the past 2 months and found a way to meet most of the RDAs (based on a 2,000 calorie diet) in under 1,400 calories, without using dairy products and eliminating most grains.  I suspect that a person who is genetically susceptible to diabetes II has difficulty metabolizing grains, and certainly gluten, found in the most-consumed grains in the typical western diet.  As a consequence of maximizing my nutrition over the past 2 months, I'm finding that a lot of the toxin symptoms of the MC are not nearly as bad as prior MCs.  I will definitely explore this in later links.
In the course of upgrading my nutrition, I also discovered that I create more liver stones with a diet with more animal protein than I used to consume.  My source of animal protein has been mostly fish, particularly mackerel (for the high vitamin D) and sardines (for the high calcium).  Since fish are good sources of healthy fats, I'm mystified, and intend to look into this in the future.  I will continue to create liver stones until I find a balance suitable for my particular metabolism and genetics.  I would like to eat more nuts and seeds, but right now am trying to avoid the high fat content that they have (even though it is healthy fat), as my fat rates are still high.  I would also like to eat other forms of vegetable protein, and reduce the animal protein.  Unfortunately, protein seems to be linked with fat.  I will explore this in later links.
I am also considering getting more credited education regarding herbs, nutrition, exercise, supplements, holistic medicine, integrative medicine, energy medicine (things like massage, accupressure and accupuncture), and mind-body medicine.  People with whom I'm particularly interested are Dr. Bruce Lipton (Mind-body medicine) and Dr. Mark Hyman (Functional Medicine).  I recommend Lipton's video, "The New Biology:  Where Mind Meets Matter," and Hyman's "UltraWellness blog."  Both can be found, free, online.  The trouble is, there's so much to learn!  If anyone could point me towards an online source of education from an accredited school, I'd appreciate it.  I live in Japan now, but in the future, I will probably return to Canada, and having some certification in one or a few of these fields would help me get involved in the medical field (but not allopathic medicine).  Any ideas?

Original entry:
Date: 10/4/2007 10:33:15 PM ( 13 mon ) ... viewed 230 times

Through genetics, diet, and other misadventures, my body has been on the fast track to Type II Diabetes for years. Both parents have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type II, I have a tendency to gain weight, and I have been eating the SAD and smoking or using nicotine replacement therapies for years. I suffered from Hepatitis A a few years ago, and have had Liver Stones for years. My digestion seems strong but has been compromised for years, increasing the strain on the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes. I am taking steps to reverse the trend as much as possible, by recovering my health.

An irreversible step has already been taken: After years of gallbladder disease and attacks, I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. CureZone did not exist at the time, and I didn't know I had options. It was surgery or death. I was 23. I'd had 23 gall bladder attacks, 10 of them resulting in a trip to emergency for Demerol. They found 23 stones in the gallbladder. I was released from hospital, after a slightly prolonged stay due to infection, on December 23. I am a little sensitive to the number 23!

My first attempt at a MC ended in dismal failure. I lasted 4 days, and due to extreme brain fog, I ended the fast. I also had dizziness, wild swings in blood pressure, bad breath and body odor, smelly sweat, thickly coated white tongue, and unrelenting crankiness. I ended the fast badly, with tofu and red wine.

Since my first attempt at a 10-Day MC, I have done colon cleansing (P&B Shakes), parasite cleansing (Clarkia), and kidney cleansing (Banaba tea, Clark's Kidney Cleanse and Moritz' Kidney Cleanse) and done 25 Liver Flushes (Moritz). I hope that enough toxins have already been eliminated and the elimination pathways are clear enough to allow for an uneventful MC!

Some personal notes: I am 5'0" and starting out at an uncomfortable 125 pounds. I need to drink 125/2 = 62.5 ounces / 8 ounces per cup = 8 cups of water a day. Since I believe a lot of toxins are stored in fat, I hope to eliminate fat and toxins by drinking only 6 - 7 cups of lemon drink per day. I also intend to try a variety of detox methods which do not involve digestion: Detox foot pads, dry skin brushing, detox baths, and walking. I do not have access to a laxative tea at this time, so will substitute 2 days on / 1 day off magnesium oxide 1,500 mg in the evening.

The only signs of measurable progress are weight, body fat percent, and possibly pant size. I will note changes.

Immediate Goals: Detox. I see weight loss as a kind of yardstick: The more fat I eliminate, the more toxins (which have been stored in the fat cells) will also be eliminated.

Intermediate Goals: Removal of maximum toxins and increase in healthy reserves of such things as enzymes and other nutrients.

Long Term Goals: Prevention of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer. Increase of health and lifespan.

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