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by YourEnchantedGardener

Mortified by the Election

I am back in the Basement looking at my Stuff
and the Stuff on the Political Scene

Date:   9/17/2008 10:33:27 AM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 1492 times

8:03 AM
September 17, 08

It is not as if I have nothing else to do.
The Olive Tree, where I am going through boxes now,
is filled with things to look at.

This decluttering is both fascinating and disheartening.

I asked Chef Jem to take out the boxes in one area
where I have my things.

Around 4 PM I finally got out there, and spent a few hours.

I was praying that I could simple dump a bunch of stuff,
but some of these boxes have Essene Transcriiptions
about Jesus and other materials that deserve to be
Archived, unless i can have some radical shift in my head.

Meanwhile, I find myself completed absorbed
and personally involved in this election.

I have been watching THE DAILY SHOW for Comic Relief.

Jon Stewart has been spending time with Sarah Palin.

I confess, I am totally drawn in by this woman.
I find her very attractive.

If the country was not in such deep, deep problems
I would not mind eyeballing this woman and her life for the next four years.

We may easily be going to Hell in a Handbasket
[is that how the expression goes???].

I do not have many favorite TV shows I like,
but the Sarah Palin Story for me is a real life Soap Opera
combined with a story that reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies.

I do not see her as V.P. I see her as President.
I see her in the White House with her kids.
I see the the birth of Bristol's child in the news.
I am hearing stories about her eldest son who was shipped
off to Irag as an alternative to good parenting.
The rags say he was heavy into drugs, and this was a way to get
him to "sober" up, so to speak. I see a little baby with special needs who deeply needs
his mother, but the mother is off being V.P.

{That's my stuff, I had an absent father lost to religion...]

I would rather see Obama on the White House Lawn
with his little kids swinging and dad behind them pushing.
The idea of a family other than white in the White House would be a step up
for regaining friends in the world.

If you thought that the Clinton Era stole the headlines with his
sex scandal, wait till you see what some of the issues behind Palin.
These are sure to steal our headlines once the Media gains further clarity
on what to do about a woman who is basically being told to keep
her mouth shut.

I have been using the words Pandora's Box a lot these past few weeks.

I have been going through my own trash, clutter, and treasures
that represent decades of Stuff in our Basement here
at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community.

This is super charged with emotional issues.

I am seeing immense incompletions,
and patterns of personal narcissism.
I am seeing as well as relentless pursuit of
a scriipt being played out,
a dedication to live my Soul life.

I am no longer convinced that the Message of
the Enchanted Garden will be fully realized in this lifetime.

The Enchanted Garden is a message for 1000 years.

The Enchanted Garden is a name for our renewed earth
that grows one person at a time as we plant our dreams
and connect our dreams with the growth of other plants.
I mean literally plant plants with intentions, and learn from
the plants how to grow our own lives whole, pure, and naturally.

Living with others in this community is not easy.
Living with other people in this age in not easy.

It takes massive skill in communication tools.

I am learning a lot of doing too much and having too much.

I want to make the most of my life. I would like to do the things
that I do best in my remaining years.

Back to the Political World...

As much as I see my own Pandora's Box Opened,
I see as well Pandora's Box Opened on a national scale.

Through the choice of Sarah Palin, we are dregging up
the Underbelly of Issues that need to be addressed.

We are dregging up the darkest issues from the Basement
of our human lives.

Politics is now denegrated. Our elections may no longer
be a fair vote that is above board and legal.

There are countries where riots would be staged
in light of the kind of process we undergo here.

Our elections are staged. They are now Media affairs
and Handled by some of the most manipulated Marketeers.

These marketeers understand the underbelly of humanity
and Palin was chosen to appeal to our lower instincts.

It is not as if we are yet an enlighted people.

It is not as if we vote for the right reasons.

If I were the handler of Sarah Palin, I would likely
put her on DANCING WITH THE STARS, the TV program.

I am sure she is a good dancer. I bet many men would vote
for her simply on her looks. I am sure many people will vote for
her for her religious stances that to my mind are UnAmerican.

[ What is UnAmerican about her....???? I will blog that another time....]

If I had fingernails to bite, I would be biting them.
I keep looking at the Huffington Post and other news sources
for someone to get that this is not a suitable person
to be V.P.

I feel like I have this lantern and I am going into a dark dark basement
wanting to see the light go on in the headlines.

sarah Palin is going to bring up the deepest darkest issues
now facing our country at a time when there is no longer any escape
from looking at every issue
in the dark.

The thought that John McCain actually chose her the way he did
and why the handlers behind McCain chose her is appalling.


"In the campaign, Palin has been presented as a kind of born-again Christian comic book hero -- the ultimate in multi-tasking mothers -- a woman who flies around the country in labor, kills big animals in the woods and dictates the details of other people's lives while juggling babies, Bibles and bullets.

It is beginning to look like she may be something colder, creepier and more complicated.

She has run Alaska like Dick Cheney in drag, a person who thrives on secrecy, loyalty and control.

On foreign policy, she's reminiscent of George W. Bush, without the sparkling curiosity.

And if she worked to deny rape victims emergency contraception, she is women voters' worst nightmare -- she is Phyllis Schlaffly with PMS, power and an automatic weapon.

It is long past time to figure out who Sarah Palin really is.

Getting answers on how and why she allowed her hometown to adopt a policy towards crime victims that was so beyond the pale, so outside the bounds of human decency, so heartless is a good place to begin."

Mary Mipes




Specifically, Palin seemed to have little idea about the Bush Doctrine, in which the U.S must spread democracy around the world to halt terrorist acts. When Gibson put it to her and asked if she agreed with the doctrine, she answered, "In what respect, Charlie?"

Some analysts have suggested that Gibson knew more about the Bush Doctrine than the vice-presidential candidate.

"She sidestepped questions on whether she had the national security credentials needed to be commander-in-chef," the Associated Press noted.

Since we're all clear on the nuances of the Bush Doctrine, we can move on to the Fickle Media Doctrine.

Now that we've built you up, it's about time for us to knock you down.

Can Sarah Palin withstand the body blows that are being inflicted by the national media?

The media aren't the bad guys in the Palin discussion. It's easy to accuse us of acting like sexists or big-city egomaniacs. Let's be real, though. McCain selected Palin for exactly those reasons - because she is a woman from a little-known state, who can take some of the heat off McCain and behave like an attack dog against Barack Obama. So far, the Republicans' plan has worked to perfection, as Palin has dominated the political discourse over the past few weeks. Now we'll see if she has the right stuff to go the distance.

By Jon Friedman
Copyright © 2008 MarketWatch, Inc. All rights reserved



Are we being betrayed by our national leaders?
Are we being sold down the river for a bag of coins????

{Another Blog....]

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