Blog: My First Master Cleanse
by Nisa Q

My First Master Cleanse experience

My Journal of my First Master Cleanse

Date:   6/26/2008 10:40:10 AM   ( 11 y ) ... viewed 3823 times

This is a blog I made and kept on my computer at home but I decided to share it here because it might help someone else and I will also have it out there where I can find it to remind myself whenever I need to.

I lost about 30 pounds in total over 20 something days. I did not keep a journal for all of it just the first 11 days . . . now I wish I had continued to the end.

Lemonade Diet Blog
Female, 32 y.o.,
I decided to do a blog on what my daily routine and track the changes as I go along.

Day 1 – Thursday, Nov 1, 2007

 I am surprised at myself and the fact that I made it through a whole day. I thought that it would be incredibly hard considering how much I love to eat but it was pretty bearable.

 I did the laxative tea last night. I used the Smooth Move brand which was not too bad at all. It tasted kind of sweet (I did not add sugar) and citrusy and was pretty good for a laxative tea.

 In the morning I did the 32 oz of Salt Water Bath – it was pretty horrible and tasted a bit like hot sweat but I finished it. After the salt water, I went to the bathroom about maybe 3 or 4 times and then that was it for the rest of the day.

 The lemonade itself was pretty fine even though the cayenne pepper had a kick to it but it was bearable and kind of nice - - makes your mouth feel alive and a little bit excited. I did feel some hunger pangs digging into my belly but I kept taking sips of the lemonade as I got hungry and the pangs went away for about half an hour to an hour.

 I drank the tea as the last thing before I actually got into bed. Not a bad day after all.

Day 2 – Friday, Nov 2

 I made it to Day 2. I jumped on the scale and I lost maybe 2 or so pounds – but that is pretty regular for not eating a day.

 I did the salt water this morning and it was tough going but I made it through all of it though I gagged a part of the way and threw up some of it. But I persevered and I got through it all.

 I was on the road for most of the day so I took the lemonade along in a Zephyrhills water bottle (the kind with the spout – 1pt, 7.7 oz). I felt hunger pangs but drank the lemonade and it chased them away.

 I got more maple syrup – the Grade B from the Whole Foods store it was about $15 for a 32 oz bottle It almost works out to the same as buying the Grade A at Walmart which was about $3.99 for a 8.5 oz bottle so either of them will be fine but the Grade B is better because of the nutrients.

Day 3 – Saturday, Nov 3

 I am still on it. I barely made it through the salt water, I did maybe half which is 16 oz. I still went to the bathroom on the 16 ounces but with more effort in the pushing. I was with Helen for the afternoon but I took the lemonade in the sippy bottles and I was ok.

 The challenge of my day came when we got chicken from Popeye’s and I got a but lustful after just a piece. I was almost going out of my mind with it and I was sooo wiling to give up 3 days over just a bite and a biscuit. I got mad at my sister because she would not give me any. I guess maybe I could have taken it for myself but I don’t know why I didn’t - - maybe it would have been easier to cheat if someone had aided and abetted me, but luckily for me she did not cave in even though I got really pissed and stormed off in a fit (yes over the food).

 I stormed off to my room and took several slugs of the lemonade and I was pretty calm after that. For a minute there it got pretty rough. So I did not eat the chicken – I did however drink the tea before bed.


Day 4 – Sunday, Nov 4

 I made it to Day 4. Unbelievable! I am happy that I did not have the chicken last night, It would so not have been worth it. I would have to start over at Day One today and thankfully I am not.

 I could not drink the salt water this morning. I absolutely could not stomach the thought of glugging it down today. I am sure that I would have gagged all over it. I woke up in the early morning with a bellyache that sent me to the bathroom. I went maybe once or twice again in the morning and that was it for the entire day. I feel really good in my body. I feel refreshed, upbeat and rather light and free in my body – so yeah good feelings.

 I was amazed that I could cook dinner and not even taste the pot once even though I was making my favorite - curry. I dished out dinner for everyone and did not share even a tiny plate for myself. I was drinking the lemonade the whole time though and right before I started making the plates I took a long drink first. So I guess that is how you get through it.

 I drank the tea and went to bed.

Day 5 – Monday, Nov 5

 Wow! Day 5 – not even a morsel. Wow!. The scale said that I have lost about 8 or so pounds. I did the salt water, this time I used regular water from the filter – not lukewarm water. It went down much easier.

 I tried to drink more lemonade today because I realise that I was probably not drinking enough because I mostly just sip at it and not drink like a glass at a time. So my total for the day is 64 ounces or less of the lemonade which should be more. I cooked dinner again today and was able to feed everyone and not myself out of the pot. I was rather proud of that accomplishment.

 My clothes are starting to show the changes, I took a picture of myself in a pair of size 16 jeans that cannot close as a before picture so I will at least be able to tell the true difference later when they actually button and zip up comfortably.

 I drank the tea before bed.

Day 6 – Tuesday, Nov 6

 The scale said that I am down 10 pounds this morning

 6 days without food for me who can barely remember going to bed without food or not waking in the middle of the night craving ice cream or some other crap. I do feel empty and hollow at nights right before bed but i drink the tea and sometimes I drink a little bit of mint tea during the day or in the mornings. I think I might need to drink more water.

 I have not tested my sugar since but my blood pressure has been around 138/80 something or less for the past couple of days last night it was a little high 140/101 which I cannot really explain.

 I got my period today and I felt crappy the whole time. I felt cramps and back pain but I was adamant about not taking the Tylenol or any medication for it. I tried to go without it and I did but several times I wondered if I had lost my mind.

 My goal is that I want to try to do everything right this time and see if it can really be done (by me). I barely drank one bottle of the lemonade today (one bottle is like 1 pt, 7.7 fl oz) I felt terrible today but it was bearable. I did not drink any of the lemonade at all until about 2 pm, before that I was drinking water and mint tea because they made me feel better.

 I drank the salt water at the regular filter water temperature and I was able to drink almost all of it till I saw some residual salt flakes at the bottom and I threw that out . . . . maybe about 4 ounces or less .

 I went to the bathroom a lot today – I don’t know if it was maybe because of my period or what but as soon as I left the bathroom, I was back in there in about 5 minutes – I am sorry that I did not count how many times but it felt close to 10, the tissue went like crazy. It is now 7 pm and I feel a lot better now. The cramping and the back pains have pretty much cooled down and are now just slightly nagging. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

 I was given a plate of food this evening, it was pork chops and rice and peas, I smelled it and put it down – I only took it in the first place because I did not want to broadcast to the world that I was on a fast trying to lose some weight – It was much easier to just take the tray and put it away – dangerous but I did not eat it – surprising considering how I would have killed for a piece of chicken.

 I plan to drink the tea and then go to bed.


Day 7 – Wednesday, Nov 7

 So tired of the salt water. I could not even talk myself into it today. The laxative started working at maybe 2 am – I went to the bathroom maybe twice or so after and that was it for the day.

My appetite is gone. I barely drank one bottle of the lemonade for the whole day. I felt okay pretty much until later in the evening about 6 pm I started feeling wierd as if the old feeling of confusion was about to take over so I rushed home (I was at the Library) and drank the lemonade.

I drank the laxative tea and then went to bed. I woke up at about 2am again and went to the bathroom twice before daylight.

Day 8 – Thursday, Nov 8

 I woke up this morning feeling ok. I refuse to drink the salt water today. I wont do it, I tried talking myself into it but I just could not make it.

 The scale said 16 lbs lost this morning. I am going to try to drink much more of the lemonade today since I will be out for the whole day. I will make the 64 oz bottle and try to finish it all.

 As the 10 day mark comes closer I wonder whether I will be able to go more than 10 days and maybe up until 40 days. I don’t know. . . sometimes I feel a craving for little things like pizza, chicken or hamburger but it really is just a vague thought now a crazy craving where I must have it or else I will lose my mind . . . so I guess that in itself is a good thing.

 Today was Weight Training class so I was on the treadmill for about half an hour and that was all I did today really. I was able to push harder and go at about 3.7 mile pace for the entire time which is good because I usually go up and down in the paces as I get tired.

 I helped My Sister move in to her new apartment today and while lifting some furniture I thought that I was going to pass out. I mean the all of a sudden just fall whoop!. I sat down and put my head down and after a while I felt somewhat better. The feeling kept coming and going away when I took a break. I was fine until I started the heavy lifting. When I got home I still felt really strange so I took my blood pressure, it was 101/ 84 I cannot remember my blood pressure being that low.

Day 9 – Friday, Nov 9

 I drank the salt water today and it was hard to take. I made the tea but fell asleep before I got to drink it. It is easier to go with both the laxative and the salt water. My blood pressure started coming back up it was 125/82 approx. so that is good.

 My Sister came and got me and we did the move thing again today, I did not lift a lot of heavy stuff and I did not feel dizzy or faint at all. She went by Donna’s and bought Curry Goat and I cannot believe that I did not drool or grovel for just one bite. The smell kind of got to me so I took a drink of the lemonade and took a walk and came back and I was fine after that. I fell so so proud of myself for that. I love curry so much and I was able to resist it.

 I drank maybe one 24 oz bottle of the lemonade (that is 1 pt + 7.7 oz = 16oz plus 7.7 oz = almost 24 oz). I did the tea .

 I saw Maple Syrup – Grade A and B at Publix for about $4 something per bottle so I guess I dont have to trek to the Whole foods store every time since they are not that inexpensive anyway.

Day 10 – Saturday, Nov 10

 Today is Day 10! I should be able to start coming off tomorrow with orange juice if I decide to do that. At this point I am just afraid of all the weight jumping right back on, I am scared of going back to the same cravings and stuffing my face and everything being the same.

 I did not drink the salt water today and I did not go all day – not once. The weight has stood still over the past 2 days so I guess that is because I have been so inconsistent with the tea and salt water.

 I drank maybe 30 oz of the lemonade today and a lot of water – it is a little hard to drink. Maybe I have gotten tired of it or something. This morning I could barely drink it. I had to force myself to take sips. I know that I need to be drinking a lot more but it is rather hard to do.

I am surprised that I have not cheated. Sometimes I feel like eating something. Chicken, Donuts (which I have not had in a long time) but I have not done it because it is not crazy.

Day 11 – Sunday, Nov 11

 I decided to continue on the Fast for as long as I could manage it. I am not sure that I can make it up to the 40 day mark but I will see how much longer I can tolerate it. I have decided that once I get off it and the same eating habits and patterns start again then I would go on the lemonade for two days and then come off and keep doing it like that or just go straight back on it after 30 day intervals.

 I drank the tea and the salt water. The tea got me up at 3 am and I made the salt water around 4am – by 6 I had gone to the bathroom a total of 3 times including the time for the tea.

 I am really trying to drink the lemonade more today. I am taking longer drinks instead of sips to chase away the hunger pangs.

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