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What is Fasting?

Fasting is to go at least 12 Hours without eating or chewing solid foods.

A HEALING FAST- To go at least 24 hours without eating or chewing solid foods. I highly recommend a healing fast over a 12-hour fast.

There are 3 types of fasting

A. Water Fasting—This is done with distilled water or mineral water

B. Juice Fasting – Vegetable drink, Chlorophyll (Green Drink), Master Cleanse, or Fruit drink

The following fruits are recommended during a fast (drinking fruit juice is optional during a fast)

· Apple Juice- A natural Laxative, Cleanse Gall Bladder, Good for riding the body of radiation from X-Rays, internal inflammation, Lowers Cholesterol

· Cranberry Juice- Bladder Infections, Diabetes (Lowers Blood Sugar), Cancers

· Grape Juice- Edema, Cancer, Fights Toxins, Blood Cleanser fruit.

· Papaya Juice- inflammation, heartburn, ulcers, back pain, and digestive system

· Lemon Water- Excellent Blood Purifier, restores pH in the colon, cleanser the body of mucus, heals the stomach.

· Watermelon- Cleanse the Blood, Natural diuretic, excellent for canker sores and tissue inflammation. WATERMELON JUICE FAST CONSIST BLENDING WATERMELON WITH ITS SEEDS.

C. Dry Fasting – No Drinks of any kind. Nothing enters the mouth. (This fast is more spiritual and only recommend for one day only)

What is the purpose of Fasting?

PHYSICAL- Fasting cleanse the blood of toxins, waste, dead or diseased cells, acid crystals, calcified tumors, and mucus. Fasting keeps the body young regardless of years. It also rid the body of pain and irritation.

MENTAL- Cleanse the thoughts and allows the mental consciousness to bring to surface unresolved emotional issues for releasing. Anger, Guilt, Resentment, Hatred, etc.

SPIRITUAL- Removes negative or low vibration from the spirit. This will allow full awareness of the connection to “the Divine.” The God in you, Holy Spirit

What is the fasting process?

When you fast the body uses energy to eliminate toxins and waste from itself

The waste is dumped in the circulatory system. This is when you feel miserable (HEALING CRISIS) fatigue, headaches, fever, mood swings, gas, aches, (this usually occurs during the 3-4 day on your fast) This is when lack of food is blamed. You can notice the mucus or toxins in your urine. Keeping the bowels clean will make you feel better. As long as the waste is in the circulation you will feel miserable during a fast. When the colon and Kidneys pass the waste out of the body you will better instantly. This can happen several times during a fast. The less you drink the more aggressive the HEALING CRISIS.

Cleansing the Bowels

· Herbal Teas- Cascara Sagrada, Aloe Vera Juice, Senna or Raw Apple Juice,

· Salt Water Cleanse- Prepare a full quart of luck-warm water and add two teaspoons of unionized sea salt. Drink the entire quart of salt and water first thing in the morning. This must be taken on an empty stomach. Best taken first thing in the morning.

· Enemas- Garlic, Catnip, Coffee, or Lemon Enemas. Enemas can be performed daily on the colon while on a fast. Or you can use an enema once every other day or 3-4 a week

Avoid the following activities while fasting

Do not look at or listen to local or worldly news
Do not gossip or speak negative about anyone including yourself
Listen to calming music only. No negative music (instrumental music is best)
Distance yourself from negative situations and people (This includes family members)
Do not tell the world that you are on a fast (let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing)
No sexual activity of any kind. (this includes self-gratification)

How long should one fast?

One 24-hours fast a week or one 3-day fast every month

Four 7-10 day fast once a season SPRING SUMMER FALL WINTER.

Healers- 21- 30 day fast once a year. Long fasting is great to rid the body of cancer, tumors and cyst; however, I do not recommend long fasting without the supervision of a fasting specialist. If you would like a supervised fast please email me at:

Who should not fast!

Chemotherapy patients, Radiation patients, Drug addicts or previous drug addicts should not fast.


Cleansing is the process of eliminating toxins from the body. In particular, the toxic waste that is impacted in the colon (large intestine). It is pure poison. Detoxification is the natural process of filtering wastes from the cells, organs and bloodstream. You will be jump starting your body into these processes in the most effective manner. When you cleanse and detoxify physically you will also be doing so emotionally. You will be getting "un-stuck" in many ways.

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Are you feeling any of these symptoms?

Fatigue ***
Weight gain ***
Low energy ***
Digestive problems ***
Decreased mental alertness
memory loss
Constipation ***
Allergies ***
Poor skin tone ***
Poor complexion ***
Low back pain
Sugar cravings ***
Bloating ***
Bags under eyes ***
Water retention
Aches and pains
Skin rashes ***
Puffy eyes
Chronic fatigue
Brittle nails
Cold hands or feet
Irritable bowel
Peptic Ulcer
Poor posture
Chest pain
Toxic environment exposure
Body odor
Brittle hair
Spastic colon
Mouth sores
Joint Aches
Itchy skin
Nasal drip

That is not even touching on DEGENERATIVE ILLNESSES and PREMATURE AGING!!!


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