The Cleanse of Masters: 10 to 15 days
by gwen17

Here we go again!   16 y  
Round 2 of the master cleanse
Hey guys! As you can see from my other postings, I have already done one master cleanse back in November of 2006. Here we are in July 2007, and Iím coming back for more! Honestly, Iím not sure of the most important reason as to why Iím doing another cleanse. I think itís just for the challenge. Not eating for 14 days is friggen hard. Also, I want to jump start better eating habits by the time Iím done with this bad boy. I just moved into a new place, and I feel like this is a new beginning of sorts for me. Iím actually already on day 3 of the cleanse. Day 1 was hard, but I for ...   read more

day 11   17 y  
uh oh...
So yesterday (day 11), I donít know what happened to Mr. Will Power. I seriously canít believe that this happened!! What happened, you ask? Well, I had this urge to bake, so I made this pumpkin butter cake since, you know, itís around Thanksgiving. Well, I had every intention to bake it, and then immediately pawn it off on my friends. Well, I was taking it out of the pan, and it was definately still too warm. So a piece was all broken and ugly. I sat there staring at it, and then just decided to eat it. So I ate a piece. Then I panicked. One, I thought my body wasnít going to be ...   read more

day TEN!   17 y  
stop? who, me? :)
so here i am. on day 10. pretty freaking stoked. :D Iíve had such a hard week, and Iím sure people are tired of hearing about it by now, but itís kind of exciting to think that even though I wanted to eat soooo bad (emotionally eating, not eating because I was hungry), I stayed strong and stuck with it. I even had a dream last night of my eating some spaghetti sauce (what a random thing to cheat with!), and I felt so much guilt, even in the dream! I feel that now the weekend is here (pretty much, no class tomorrow but Iíve got to work), I can relax and let the positive effects of t ...   read more

nine days baby   17 y  
neuf jours mes amis
I canít believe that Iím seriously on day nine of this bad boy. Who woulda thunk it?? Although lately Iíve wanted to eat soooo bad. Iím not hungry, but as Iíve mentioned, Iíve had some hardcore events happen to me in the past few days, and I think what it is, is my tendency to eat emotionally. When Iím sad, happy, etc, Iíll turn to food. So Iím hoping that me wanting to eat soooo bad because Iím so upset and then telling myself not to (and having the will power to do so), will help me battle this urge in the long run. We shall see. But Iím definately doing this thing until Monday. ...   read more

day 8   17 y  
okay... today was hard
I donít know what it was about today that made it so hard!! Well, it could have been because I felt hungry today. My stomach actually growled a couple of times, which hasnít happened to me since day 3. And I was constantly having to talk myself out of having just a bite of real food. Hopefully this is just a heavy toxin release day, and these feelings will pass by tomorrow. Wow, tomorrow is day 9. If I wanted to do this for 10 days, Iíd be almost done. When I describe what Iím doing to my friends, they are always think Iím crazy. I told one of my friends from back home today, and w ...   read more

day 7   17 y  
over the hump
so this is the halfway mark. exactly one week ago I was enjoying my last meal of a chicken ceasar salad and a bar of dark chocolate. that seems like such a long time ago!! i would probably be in a much better mood if today wasnít one of the crappiest days iíve had in recent memory. so much bad stuff happened (nothing too serious, but Iím not graduating in june like iíd previously hoped, but will have to instead stay on an extra quarter; oh and i may not be an ethical person), but there is a silver lining to each peice of bad news i received today (I get to add an international manageme ...   read more

daaaaaay 6   17 y  
not too eventful
hello my friends. day six came and went pretty uneventfully. woke up feeling pretty serene. thatís the best word to describe it. i didnít have anywhere to be or anything pressing to do, so i just kind of layed in bed for about half an hour before getting up. then that feeling was slashed to pieces by the salt water. ughhhh i hate that stuff... but boy oh boy is it effective. today i was reading up on this buildup of mucus on your colon walls that can be released by doing cleanses, so I am eagerly awaiting to crap out a 7-24Ē long tube of mucus. yayyyy :D my mouth still tastes di ...   read more

day five!   17 y  
gimme five, i made it to day five
Whoooo hooo! Made it through day five. Actually, my day was pretty eventful, so that made it easier. I had a lot of stuff to do, aka less time to think about eating!!! That seems to work the best for me. Really nothing out of the ordinary happened as far as the master cleanse goes... except Iíve been feeling super cold all of the time (could be that itís gotten really cold here). And Iím usually hot rather than cold, so it might be due to the MC... who knows?? Oh and yesterday the salt water really didnít sit well with my stomach. I felt very nauseous for the first part of the da ...   read more

4th and final day...   17 y  
...just kidding
nope this is definately not my last day. actually, after today i feel like i could do this for however long i want. my will power is strong as iron!! although, admittedly, i havenít had very many temptations. but iím sure they will come. and i havenít really felt hungry lately. i had a few pangs today, but they came and went very quickly. i do nostagically think about food though (ha, nostagically... itís been 4 days!). like iíll drive by restaurants, etc and just think about how i have to add it to my list of foods to eat once iím done with this thing. but itís not like i want ...   read more

Day 3, written on day 3 (what a novel idea!)   17 y  
day three, day schmree
Okay Iím all caught up now. This blog is about day 3, written on day three! (thursday) WOW. now all i need to do is to stay on top of this bad boy. which shouldnít be hard because these past three days have been THE LONGEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!! seriously, i canít believe only 3 days have gone by. anyway, today was not bad at all. although itís not over. the hardest part is now, actually. soo... uhhh... about that. haha iím gonna go barricade myself at my friendís house where we will watch the oc, greyís and a bunch of other TV shows to keep my mind off of this! But again I had ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
I woke up having remembered A LOT of dreams from the night before. Iíd slept like a baby, but i remembered three dreams, and two were about eating! Haha, in one my friend and I were at Trader Joeís, and we both grabbed a sample, I took one bite and then remembered that I wasnít allowed to do that! Okay so day two was not as bad as Iíd anticipated. I basically do nothing on wednesdays, because I have no class, I used to work on wed mornings, but not anymore! but it was okay, because I had homework to do in the morning, then I had a meeting with my advisor at 2 (to talk about how they ...   read more

Here we go again!   17 y  
Why I'm a crazy cleanser, and day 1
Allright... here we go again with the blog. Iím actually on day 3, but iím still going to write about my experiences with days 1-2 first, because i found that otherís blogs have helped me OH SO MUCH! Seriously, knowing that other people are going through the exact same stuff is comforting... even though weíre complete strangers. Anyyyway, the reasons Iím doing this crazy cleanse are: -Iíve been feeling very tired lately, but having trouble sleeping at night, and then having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. -I havenít been feeling healthy in general -Trying to kickstart he ...   read more

Hey Kids!   17 y  
Agh technology.....
So I just typed in a huge synopsis of why Iím doing the Cleanse and Day 1, but it seems that I forgot to put in the keywords. So now itís gone. Maybe Iíll have the time to redo it tomorrow, but right now I have to go watch a focus group video where theyíre talking about their favorite recipies for a marketing class Iím taking. Good thing Iím not extremely hungry or anything....   visit the page


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