journal of my master cleanse....
by pisces
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about a week later   17 y  
still feel great
so just wanted to give ya’ll an update..... i still feel great!! i have always eaten really healthy but i have REALLY stepped it up a knotch since the cleanse. i eat SO MANY vegetables its crazy. since the cleanse has ended, i also have a much better time figuring out how foods affect me right after i eat them. i have discovered that i CANNOT have dairy. i always knew i couldnt have milk products but cheese never bothered me (or so i thought) i am trying a test run on no beans. my colon hydrotherapist suggested this to reduce gas and bloating so i am bean free for now. no soy ...   read more

post cleanse day two   17 y  
feeling great
so i didnt drink oj for the 3 days indicated. i was SO hungry yesterday afternoon and ended up eating a lot.... started out with some broth and veggie soup and that went down okay... so i ate a piece of sprouted wheat toast and roasted brussel sprouts. and then i made my hubby some whole wheat pasta with marinara and of course ended up eating some. i felt like i was on a deserted island for 10 days and then let free into a land of unlimited food. well i guess i kind of was. lets just say i felt like i swallowed a carburetor. :) lovely. i thought i was going to die my stom ...   read more

post cleanse day one   17 y  
oj time
hi. so its over. amazing. cant belive it. so today i was the first day of a new job and i didnt want to come off my cleanse there so i drank some grapefruit/orange juice last night to break the fast. i juiced it myself and then added some of the pulp back in. after like 4 sips, it felt like i had swallowed a handful of almonds whole. crazy how oj can make you feel so full. it gave me a huge stomach ache and instant diarrhea. so i drank some more lemonade last night after the oj and felt better. so this morning i have had about 12 oz of oj in the last 4 hours. i feel like i am h ...   read more

i made it!!! day 10, yo!!!   17 y  
oh yeah. i did it. day 10. cant believe it!!! and i feel great. i really miss food, though. i was just at the grocery store buying food for my husband’s dinner and i was fillin up a bag of green beans and i popped one in my mouth. just like it was nothing... chewed it for a minute and then i was like ’oh my god, i can eat this! what am i going to do?’ so i spit it in my mouth and then threw it away. sanitary, i know. but i made it this far, dont want to screw it up with a green bean. but did it taste good. so i guess if i had to give some advice to people.... 1. make sur ...   read more

day NINE!   17 y  
almost there...
oooooooooooooooh mannnnnnnnnn. day nine. cant belive it. (ha! i think i write that every day!) well i definately have will power. this cleanse has shown that. through all my craziness, crabbiness, cravings, tiredness, awakeness, and sips of lemondade, i KNEW i would stay with the cleanse. there is not a CHANCE in hell that i would have stopped this early. maybe its because i gotta prove myself? i dont know but whatever reason, im staying the course (oh man, im brainwashed by fox tv!) hopefully this will transfer to the rest of my life... post cleanse, i mean. i have lost 70 lbs ...   read more

day eight   17 y  
ooooooooooooh yeah.
alright, the excitement is over. i can fast for ten days. now GIMME SOME FOOD. :) i really miss food. just want a big ol salad. or some steamed kale. now we’re talking. feel good today, just getting sick of the lemonade. but part of this fast for me is my relationship with food. but i dont think that if i fast for 100 days i will ever not miss food. its just not in my constitution. i was reading another person’s blog and he was saying that he was re-reading his old blogs and how he wrote how ’easy’ this was a bunch of times. just like i did. but then he made a FABULOUS poin ...   read more

day seven evening   17 y  
things are going good...
so i think i have gotten over the hump. felt GREAT today, almost like i wasnt on a cleanse... but the constant sips of lemonade so gently reminded me.... hopefully the rest of the cleanse will be like this... smooooooooth sailin. hope you all are doing well on your quest’s for better health.   visit the page

day seven...   17 y  
and i'm back!!!!!
I FEEL SO GOOD TODAY!! FINALLY!!! back to my normal self. well, IMPROVED, normal self! i could tell the moment i woke up. i was SO HAPPY. i slept good (although i did have a very lucid dream that i was having an affair with an old friend, hee hee- it was just a dream people....) lost another pound. yippee! so down 8 pounds so far. not bad. i wasnt expecting nearly this much. my intestines are awfully rumbly though. its like the philharmonic in there. been like that all night and morning. wait’ll the swf hits em! its a comin, boys! (i dont know why i gave my intestines ...   read more

not feeling so inspired to continue...   17 y  
but i will of course.
arg! please send me some words of encouragement!!! i am feeling ’over it’. sick of the lemonade, its making my stomach feel wierd. just want some solid food. i am also bored. dont have energy to do anything so ive watched like 10 movies, read some books, knitted 2 scarves and one shawl. been going to the gym but that feels like pulling teeth. i even cooked an elaborate meal for my husband for something to do! talk about torture. but i do love to cook. :) i just can imaging 4 more (plus the post fast) of this!!! okay, had to vent. of course i will stick with it. i think a ...   read more

day six! hey hey! day six! hey hey! day six!   17 y  
what an accomplishment!
so i think i passed some mucoloid plaque (or whatever its called!) this morning!!! it wasnt 24 inches like it is in some of the pictures in the bowel cleanse area but it was NASTY. about 7 inches i’d say. but i did take some psyllium yesterday in powder form so it could have just been that coming out. what an accomplishment..... hee hee. so i feel alright today. having a hard time getting my day started though. its hard for me to start with the swf beacuse then i have to wait around for hours for it to work. today is an unusually slow day i think becuase of the psyllium. but th ...   read more

evening of day five   17 y  
not so crabby :)
why do i always feel so much better at night? im usually a day/morning person but i have been having so much energy at night. let see.... tongue still coated and i feel like my spit is really mucousy. have a really bad taste in my mouth. like i can taste my own bad breath. yuck! i feel nervous every time i talk to someone worried that my breath reeks. plus i HATE the smell of other people’s bad breath. ha! one wierd thing is i cant stop sneezing!! i have sneezed like 100 times today! i think its all the snot coming out of my sinuses. yay!! drank some psyllium today. my bow ...   read more

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this is the story of my 10 days as a master cleanser. it is my first cleanse and i want to chronicle the happenings during this challenging time. more...

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