Changes for Life (formerly: My 30 Day Juice Fast Challenge)
by Willa Need Power

Good morning Monday!   17 y  
Monday morning certainly isn't as dreaded as Sundays. A strange phenomenon in my life.
Argh! Sunday was tough food wise. I took a look at the day. As long as I can remember Sundays have always caused me anxiety. The next day being a workday. Is it because I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to? Or that the whole week faces me as a challenge? Do I feel that inadequate that I don’t have the outlook of being positive about the wonderful challenges the week can hold. Whatever it is, I just get in a twizzle about it. So maybe I should just watch ”The Secret” every Sunday until I get over it. I had another blogger make a comment that I should pre-fast longer than my five ...   read more

Day 9, Here I am   17 y  
Day 9, A blog name change to fit the reality of my life. Doing what I can to change my life, improve my life for good...
I made a change to my Blog’s name. I feel pretty disappointed in myself that I over estimated my ability to do a juice fast at this time in my life. I so wanted to do it. But realistically, I physically needed food and protien with the type of work I do. Another fine day....yesterday I struggled, really struggled with my cravings. I ate. But didn’t go wild. I refuse to yoyo. I am on a path and in my opinion a path to save my life. I truly mean that. Without my health, what do I have? I will loose my business that I just started...almost lost it due to the drugs my doc put me on and the ...   read more

Saturday, day 8-Staying the Course.   17 y  
Day 8-Staying the Course
My work week over and now my work weekend started. I have plenty of housework. It always waits, doesn’t it? I have a few days to work on my juicing without worrying about being weak or not doing a sufficient job at work. Staying the course it my focus. Food has been tempting me and it isn’t the good food.....but this will pass, I am certain of it. As a professional yoyo dieter, I know getting through this weekend is crutial. Falling off and cycling into an eating frenzy will not happen this time. I will stay the course. Be well, Willa   visit the page

Day six and morning of day seven....   17 y  
Day 6 and morning of day 7
Yeah!! It’s Friday. Day five did end with a light meal. I just felt too weak with the work I did and the schedule coming up. Day six...yikes almost like being on a diet for two weeks...that is usually when I fail a diet. Everything looked good to me, the bucket of candy at home from Halloween, when I went to the store to get water I almost bought something else, and last night I was going to go for the left over pizza on the counter. Well, I made it!! I ate a big salad and stayed healthy. I was still hungry, but after a big glass of water, I felt fine and this morning, Friday, day 7, ...   read more

Account for Day 4 and beginning of Day 5   17 y  
Day 4 and beginning of Day is all attitude
Ah, all I have to say is that changing your attitude and your life habits can be wonderful. I have tried over and over to work on my attitude but I fail. Some thoughts (most thoughts)and habits are so deeply ingrained that it is almost impossible to change. But after starting my journey here and watching The Secret and putting into action the Law of Attraction, I am seeing changes and others are too. I could go on forever with that, but about day four. Tuesday I worked out of town. I loaded up my equipment and my juice and headed out. Returning to town I accepted another appointment due ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
Day 3...
It is evening an I am whipped. I made a decision after speaking to another curezone mate that when I have really full days of work I would add some protein. I had seven massages today, so I did have a salad with some protien last night. I don’t feel like I broke my fast because I would have fell flat on my face if I hadn’t. So, there is a modification in my fast. Today I juiced all day and did well. I may have a vegatable soup. Have 6-7 massages tomorrow. I feel so much better keeping myself juiced and will continue to do so all through this fast. It may not be pure but I must make s ...   read more

Link to "The Secret"   17 y  
Lind to "The Secret", a must see for all Curezone members Cut and paste this in your browser for The Secret. It is free and rare to find, I understand. It is 108 minutes, so take your time and enjoy. I swear you will find yourself thinking differently. It is worth the time. Let me know what you think. Again have and awesome day and be well, Will   visit the page

Morning, Day 2   17 y  
Day 2 of my juice fast
Good morning. I started a message and it disappeared!! So here I start again. Woke up exhausted today. Had an over night guest that sounded like a freight train and then my loving son, who is supposed to call me if he will be late, didn’t get home until 6am. I finally got my best sleep from 6 am until 8:30. I did my first oil pull yesterday. It was different. And yes it was white when I spit it out. When I rinsed and then brushed my teeth I had the most horrid taste in my mouth. I wonder about that. Also, I went to the bathroom right after the pull and my ph was 8+ and then an hour l ...   read more

Day one   17 y  
Day 1
I wish it weren’t so cold. My house was freezing when I got up and decided to post right away before my hands freeze and I cannot type. Yikes! I am tired but could not stay asleep. So here I am. Day one. Started with water and a great apple juice. No SWF, I don’t plan on spending half of my day on the pot. I am looking forward to today. Just hanging out here doing house work and getting my home in order. I may start a little meditation to keep my mind on track. I’d like that to be a part of my daily routine. Not much to say today, but I may need you later today!!! If not, I’ll ...   read more

Morning of Day 5 Pre-fast   17 y  
Morning of day 5 pre-fast
I had a good day food wise yesterday. Had a fair night’s sleep. Slept well but kept getting awakened my a friend. Hmmmm.... Weird but I was so sore from my simple least my hips that all I did was hot tub and stretch yesterday. Got up this morning and it didn’t seem to decrease the pain. Hmmm....again. I’ve got a pretty full day today. Appointments from 9 until 6:30pm. I know I will be exhausted but I need the money. That doesn’t look like alot of work but my work is very physical and emotional draining. I love it but now with food decreased considerably, I have some ap ...   read more

Haven't caved   17 y  
Day 4 pre-fast
Day four pre-fast. I feel much better than I normally do in the morning. I kept right on with my program (food). I started some light exercise in doors yesterday. Didn’t think I did that much but my hips are sore. Well, I guess that is a good sore...things are working! I still have some fear of purely juicing and physical strength but I understand my body should adjust. Everyone have a great day! Willa   visit the page

Day 3!!   17 y  
Day changes are many
It is morning and things are ok. Amazed what a change in diet can do to the bowels. Eating fruit, veggies, juice has changed everything, so far. On my old ”diet” I could eat a quart of icecream, pizza, and all sorts of stuff and never go. Hmmm.... Well, I checked into the Dorn Method for my aching back and found some relief for my sacrum. Sceptical that it will last but thankful for not being curled up in a ball. As for my upper back, it may have stirred things up. I have two old healed fractures that were discoved this past year and had alot of scar tissue remove. I have to strengthen ...   read more

Beginning of day 2 pre-fast...   17 y  
Day two of my pre-fast
Well, I’ve learned alot. I already knew how much emotion gets involved when we deal with food but I had a panic attack yesterday and I had to deal with it through breathing deeply, cry a bit and suck it up. I want this so bad. I want to get well in everyway and to loose weight at the same time. I went to a funeral visitation yesterday and I couldn’t fit into any of my good clothes and even the one’s I got into felt horrible. Easy to gain weight when you wear sweat suits to work. They stretch and help you fool yourself about what is really going on. I so badly wish I can do this right so ...   read more

In the beginning....   17 y  
I am starting a 30 day juice fast. To help lower need of medication, weight loss and to feel better.
Today I am committing myself to starting a 30 day juice fast. I have been reading here at Curezone some interesting expeiences of success and trials. Quickly to recap my last year, the diagnosis fibromyalgia was removed from my medical record when they found two thoracic fractures. They were old and healed but not without complications of scar tissue, compensation pain, depression and total demoralation from the medical community. You see it took them over 15 years to listen to my complaints and finally look at my back. When they found the fractures, a doctor put me on a fentanyl pat ...   read more


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