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by kycougar

Pelvic exam results   17 y  
Why wasn't the cyst detected during the pelvic exam?
The pelvic exam previously mentioned resulted in the diagnosis of a ”bacterial infecion”. I was prescribed MetroGel to use 5 nights in a row to treat it. They said it is not sexually transmitted - or not necessarily - and really can be easily contracted. No real explanation. My guess is that it’s from the cyst that was detected in the CT scan. Question: Why wasn’t the cyst detected during the pelvic exam?   visit the page

My 4th Visit to the Clinic   17 y  
Turned in my little gift to the lab. Nothing in my upper right quadrant???
Turned in my lovely little gift of stool samples last night. Saw Dr. H. Results of CT scan: two small cysts in liver (huh?) and a cyst on my left ovary, but nothing that concerned the doctor. What?! No tumor or hernia or shifted organs in the upper right quadrant??? What about this mass I feel and have felt for the past two years??? What the hell is it?! Why isn’t it showing up on any tests? I do not understand. I’m not freaking imagining it! My last bloodwork showed improvements in both my anemic condition and my TSH levels, but like I told the doctor, I really haven’t noticed i ...   read more

Our Tests Between Visits   17 y  
More about my husband's first visit. This past Wednesday, we went for our tests.
My husband’s first visit to the clinic resulted in him being sent for a cardiac stress test and a chest x-ray. (He had complained of some chest pain.) He was also given prescriptions for two medications, one being for depression and I’m not sure about the other one. Guess I’ll have to look into it before my next post. Also put on the patch to stop smoking, but it was a low-dosing patch and really hasn’t helped him. He says about the only thing it’s done is keep him from waking up in the middle of the night wanting a smoke. This past Wednesday, we had all our tests done. I met him at ...   read more

Visit 3 to the clinic   17 y  
EWWWWWWW...stool cultures? Gonna have a cat scan done, too.
Had my third visit to the clinic last night and saw Dr. B. (The second visit was a woman doctor...H or K?) Dr. B. is a general surgeon, and, as it turns out, performed a minor outpatient surgery on my husband a few years ago. Anyway, regarding the mysterious mass I feel inside my abdomen, in the upper right quadrant, he is sending me for a CT scan. There is still some concern about my anemic condition, which seems to indicate there is some blood loss going on somewhere, so he ordered some stool cultures...EWWWWWWWWW! ICK! Fun for me, huh? He upped my iron intake to 3X daily now inst ...   read more

Is the past coming back to bite me in the cervix?   17 y  
Dr. A referred me to Dr. D for a pelvic exam. He wants to make sure the cervical cancer I had two years ago hasn't returned.
Another thing Dr. A had ordered during that first visit was a referral for me to go see Dr. D and have the follow-up pelvic exam I should have had a year ago, after having had a ”cold knife cone biopsy” outpatient surgery two years ago. I had an abnormal pap smear in 2004, I think it was. They described it as a ”cancerous lesion” and referred me to an OB/GYN (Dr. K) for further treatment. Dr. K did an examination and ”clipped” a couple pieces of cervical tissue to send off for biopsy and scheduled the aforementioned surgery. Dr. K sent off the removed portion of cervix to a lab to e ...   read more

Initial Prescriptions   17 y  
Here are the two prescriptions I'm now on. Also, I am now under a shaman's care for my spiritual and emotional health.
Okay, my prescriptions are: ferrous sulfate 325 mg levothyroxine 100 mcg Also, have noticed (how could I not?) that my stool has turned black. Is that normal when you start taking iron? I’m guessing it is, but will find out. Other news: On the more spiritual side of my health...I have a shaman now! More will be posted in my other journal.   visit the page

First two visits   17 y  
Results of first two visits.
Okay, first visit was two weeks ago this past Tuesday. We discussed my thyroid and blood was drawn. Also, one of my main concerns because it’s such a mystery to me and because it’s getting more and more uncomfortable and creating more and more pressure is this mass or bulge in my upper right quadrant. The doctor ordered a gallbladder ultrasound to be done at the hospital. This past Tuesday at my second visit, the results from my blood tests showed dangerously high TSH levels: 70 (+?). So, I’m now on a prescription for that. (I’ll have to check and see exactly what it is.) The gallbladde ...   read more

And so it begins...   17 y  
I just started going to a free clinic. These are all the problems I'm having...
This entry begins the journey. I expect to learn many things on this journey, all of which I will share with the world, via this journal. If any of it helps anyone else, I will feel blessed by that, but essentially it is a record for me. I’ve been facing an ever-growing number of problems for the past few years. I am financially poor, and without any medical insurance. Most of that time, I didn’t even have two nickels to rub together to even think about saving toward something beneficial from the health food store. But now there is a clinic open one night a week for those without o ...   read more


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