Cleaning House With The Master Cleanse
by snugglebug

Day 5 Summary   14 y  
It went by so fast I missed it!
Well, Day 5 has come and gone but Iím still standing strong. Iíll try to post what I do remember: - I felt great - I got busy and started catching up on stuff around the house that I have put off over the last few days - I helped my daughter cook my favorite pasta and sauce... and was fine! No cravings! No panic... just cooking. I actually sat at table and chatted with the family while they ate. It smelled wonderful but I knew that there would be other Ēpasta dinnersĒ so I didnít cave... I didnít even want to!   visit the page

Day 4 Summary   14 y  
Out of step but still walking.
Things got a little screwed up today. I was unable to do my SWF because I didnít get up extra early (2 hours) to ensure that it was finished ĒflushingĒ before an appointment. I had to skip it. Then I ran out of lemons! (Donít ask... Iíve already given myself a demerit.) Needless to say, I didnít even begin to drink my lemonades until after 3 p.m. Tonight was aSpicy Meataball! I also have a confession. I cheated... just a wee-bit. While I was out and about (starving and feeling like I might pass out because I hadnít had any lemonade) I bought a ginger-green tea with honey at St ...   read more

Day 3 Summary   14 y  
My will strengthens. I have overcome! (At least for today. :)
Today was a good day. I expected pain and cravings, but had none, really. It was a good day, indeed. HOW AM I FEELING? - Not foggy, but not totally clear yet, either. - A few little Ēaches and painsĒ in my ankles... which I find odd because I never have aches and pain in my ankles. - A little more energy today. - I only craved food when I had to make dinner for my husband and son. They had two of my favorite things. I just kept telling myself, ĒYouíve come this far. Three days down and seven to go - donít blow it now. There will be food again...Ē and then I just focuse ...   read more

Day 2 Mid-day   14 y  
There's nothin' like a good day of detox to make you want to never eat another Christmas cookie as long as you live...
Well, the salt water flush is everything I remember it to be... warm and salty to the point of gagging - and it seems like it never ends (from the other end... :) Looks like Iíll need to break out the Butt Paste - itísí only a matter of time... Last Nightís Sleep: - vivid dreams - freezing cold - kept waking up with a migrane headache off and on all night long HOW DO I FEEL TODAY? - sluggish - foggy - craving food... mostly pastries and sweets - irritable - nagging headache - tongue is pasty and white - skin is a little pale WEIGHT: Iím not sure because Iím not w ...   read more

Day 1 Summary   14 y  
Oh yeah, I remember now, detoxing sucks!
The day started like any other day... and went downhill from there. All was well and then detox kicked in around 3 p.m. Symptoms: - migrane headache - Freezing chills (a heating pad on high and 3 blankets canít get me warm.) - craving cookies, pasta, and pizza (my husband made pizza for dinner - sometimes heís cruel and doesnít even realize it. ;) - Canít focus on any one subject at all. Nothing but fog and air up there today. - tired - vivid, weird dreams (true story - I took a nap and dreamt that I had broken the fast by eating a balogna sandwich while low crawl ...   read more

2009 - New Year, New Cleanse - New State of Mind   14 y  
The holidays are over - no more excuses! I'm really looking forward to feeling and looking great. Let the work begin! :)
WHY? Here are a few reasons: - I need to for my family and I need to for me! - I want to love life again, not just go through it like a zombie to its grave. - I want to think clearly again. Itís time to lift the fog. - I want to feel good about myself... feel good in my clothes... feel good looking in the mirror... (I know itís my choice - it would just be easier if I felt better.) - I want to be able to keep up with my 5 year-old son. - I want to love life again, not just go through it like a zombie... (added twice for emphasis... Iím really feeliní the zombie thing...) STAT ...   read more

Day 6   17 y  
Breaking the fast
Well, today started off good. I did my SWF, drank my lemonade and had two bottles of water... than I started on my exam paper for school. I had already decided that since I have family coming into town in the next few days that I was going to break the fast today, but I was hoping to break it like a pro. Orange juice, fruit... that sort of thing. Then my husband made pizza for dinner. I donít know why I didnít exercise the will power that Iíve exercized the last six days, but I didnít. I caved and ate two, small peices of pepperoni pizza (thin crust... not that that makes it better. ...   read more

Day 5   17 y  
Clarity regenerated
Today things got a little screwed up because I had a class very early in the morning. I drank water until I got home in the afternoon and then did the SWF. I kept dring water until the SWF did its job and then I drank lemonade like a sailor on shore leave! I pounded those babies!!! :) Anyway, this evening I had a headache and felt tired and irritable. I also started my period today. I guess that explains why I was bloated this morning (my rings were fitting tighter.) It could also explain why I wanted to eat everything in sight for the last two day and had to exercise GREAT will p ...   read more

Day 4:   17 y  
Warming things up
Today was a paradoxical easy/tough, smooth/rough day! The lemonade is going down easy now. Iím feeling better than I have in a long time! BUT, I did have some problems... I had to BEG people to keep me from eating. So far, so good... but Iím not sleeping yet! I tried something new today. Since I simply cannot ĒsipĒ the lemonade, I chug it. I have no problem chugging it. Iíve also had problems drinking all 6 - 10 glasses per day SOOOO I experimented. I DOUBLED the incredients (except the water) per glass and drank 3 of them today. My logic is: 3 glasses x double the ingredients ...   read more

Day 3:   17 y  
Rays of Sun Shine. :)
Well, today I am feeling much better. I expected to still feel pretty icky by day three given the detox from caffeine and nicotine but apparently that is not the case! :) The lemonade is tasting better, too, so it looks like 10 days shouldnít be a problem. Iíve added another teaspoon of syrup to the lemonade (to make 2T, 1t.) and doubled the cayenne... Itís a good thing I love chilis! Yaaahoo!! :) BMs: 4! All I can say is Holy Cow!!! Oh, and some icky, stringy stuff joined the party today... WEIGHT: 204.5 pounds (lost another 3.5 pounds for a total of 7 in three days!) SY ...   read more

Day 2:   17 y  
Feeling better...
Well, Iím feeling MUCH better today. I drank the quart of salt water this morning with no problem - and it worked beautifully. Iím still having problems drinking the lemonade. It just tastes like rotten pumpkins to me and I can hardly stand it! Iíve had 2 BMs today. The first one was a marathon... WEIGHT on Day 2: 208 pounds (lost 3.5 pounds!) SYMPTOMS: - Ringing in my ears: I still have that high pitched ringing thatís driving me nuts. - Cravings: Theyíre pretty bad today - but I know theyíd go away if I drank more lemonade. - Tired: I have low energy - but a ...   read more

Day 1:   17 y  
I survivied!
Well, today is Day 2 - and Iím now able to move, so I can update the blog regarding yesterday... Day 1. NOTE: I quit smoking 3 days ago and drank coffee up until two days ago (the day before I started the fast.) I expected the first day of detox to be harsh... and it was! I felt okay up until about 3 p.m. - then all hell broke loose and detox was on!!! Could only drink 3 - 10oz. glasses of the lemonade (YUCK!) After the third glass I simply could not drink anymore or Iíd puke for sure. I drank my Senna tea at 2 a.m., once I could actually move my head. I did drink LOTS of wat ...   read more

Day (-1): Getting past the psychological road blocks!   17 y  
Getting Started - Just buy the darn lemons!!
This is my first blog, ever! Having said that, letís get started! DAY (-1) Today is Wednesday and Iím preparing myself psychologically for a 30-40 day fast/detox using the Master Cleanse. Iíve never fasted using the master cleanse. I have, however, in the past completed a 3, 6, and 10 day fast using fresh, raw juices. I hit a point on the 10 day fast where I felt AWESOME. My thinking was crystal clear, I slept well, I had lots of energy, and I lost weight. I felt clean inside. I was much more tuned into life on both a physical and a spiritual level. It was incredible... but no ...   read more


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