cleansing heaven here I come! (10 day master cleanse)
by firsttimemastercleanser

Day 4 PC - My downfall   17 y  
At least I had a BM!
The fault of the downfall: oatcake biscuits, houmous and dark chocolate. Tomorrow Iím on the lemonade and a lovely chicken salad for lunch. I really have to pace myself or my face really starts to put on the weight. Oh well. At least I learnt my lesson. I think I was eating a lot due to having an exam and I was using food for a) cutting stress b) avoiding revision. So Iíve identified these two triggers so hopefully next time the outcome will be different :) Take care yíall   visit the page

Day 3 PC - absolutely STUFFED!   17 y  
more weight loss and fooooooooooood!
Hey everyone, Well today I woke up feeling pretty skinny again - it appears that I have lost at least another inch from my waist (that said once I start eating, my tummy tends to bloat!) I started the day well, I made myself another small bowl of veg soup/broth as well as 3 rye wafers. Tonight I had this beast of a salad with peppers, onions, apples, sultanas, celery, spinach, lettuce and tomatoes. I made myself a dressing out of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and garlic (put too much garlic in though - my tastebuds started burning!). Anyway, I still feel uncomfortably full so tomor ...   read more

Day 2 PC (post cleanse)   17 y  
feeling good :)
Alrighty, so yesterday I started on the OJ and managed to keep on track just fine. Infact I was in such a good mood I got dragged out to a night club with my friends and had an amazing time (and without alcohol!). I was dancing like a crazy person (this could be considered my weekly exercise ;) ) and then ouch. Got leg cramp. So I decided to drink some water mixed with salt. I reckon my salts were already low on the cleanse plus I was sweating like crazy. I figured it was ok to do that, and I didnít mind about bloating. I did note however that by the end around 1.30am I was absolutely knac ...   read more

Day 9 - Preparing to finish today   17 y  
Cutting the MC short for special circumstances
Ok, so after sleeping on it and having a deep think about it this morning I have decided to stop the cleanse today this afternoon after work. So on the second half of today Iíll be on orange juice. I know that this is the right thing after do as I woke up feeling really tired but then felt MUCH better after my BMs yet I still thought I have to break the cleanse today. So itís no longer because I am feeling detox symptoms. Knowing that I made this decision whilst Ēthinking clearlyĒ makes me realise itís the right thing to do. I still did the SWF this morning (Iím glad I did to get rid of ...   read more

Day 8 - feeling utterly lost   17 y  
questioning whether i've done the right thing or not
Itís the end of Day 8 and Iím feeling pretty low (perhaps because Iíve just started my period). I had a cry today because I received a heart-rendering message from my mum and it pains me to see her worry about me so much. As I mentioned before Iíve battled with EDs for about half my life now. Before I started this cleanse I went through another bulimic stage, where my hair started falling out. Now on this cleanse more hair has fallen out. It makes me think if it was a bad idea going from bingeing and purging to fasting as itís too much of a shock to my system? Also, I havenít felt ...   read more

Having to up my MS   17 y  
going above my daily ration, hopefully it will not hinder my weight loss
Ok so far I have generally been averaging about 6 tablespoons (100ml) of MS a day. Yesterday I had 3 tablespoons extra (drunk with mint tea), and today I am on my first cup of mint tea with an extra tablespoon. I think a factor is that the weather has turned cold here which is making the detoxing harder. Also, Iíve noticed that at the beginning it was a struggle to get all the fluids down and that I would end the day having to drink cups and cups of lemonade and water one after one. Now I reach about early evening and have to ration myself so that I donít run out before bed time. Iím ...   read more

Day 7!   17 y  
Really can't believe I've made it this far! Summary so far...
So I thought I would do a little summary so far: Hardest days: Day 4 and Day 6 (PMT may have contributed to Day 6 as I am due to start my period today!) Changes: -BODY: As I mentioned before I donít have a weighing scales at hand (that said, I am glad now because I donít think it would have produced results in the first few days as I was retaining A LOT of water... I would have just gotten disheartened and given up). BUT now my clothes are looser (more comfortable!), I have lost I would say about an inch from my waist and an inch from my hips? As well as losses from other random p ...   read more

Feeling ruddy hungry...   17 y  
... and really grumpy
I am so hungry. Why am I doing this? I have spent the last couple of hours debating whether or not to break this cleanse early. I have lost sight of why I am doing this and its positives. I know that I wont break the cleanse today but I donít know how long I will last. Plus I am really scared about breaking the cleanse wrongly and being in pain for days after. I donít need that right now.   visit the page

Day 5 - feeling better but very anti-social   17 y  
feeling like a recluse!
Hi everyone, I am feeling SO much better compared to yesterday, no depressing thoughts, overwhelming hunger pains and general miserableness. I guess the mind IS a powerful thing huh? And I guess it was just a whole overload of toxins all at once. hmm others have said that Day 2 and 3 are the hardest but I reckon I got those two complied into my Day 4 hehe. Once again, I eliminated quite a bit today and the SWF is no longer a problem anymore. I am so lucky to have a toilet about 5 metres from my bedroom! The biggest NEGATIVE by far has been that since being on this cleanse I have s ...   read more

A bit of honesty - my history battling EDs   17 y  
reassessing my priorities...
Well today was HARD. Am so lucky as I didnít have to go to work today. But I was running back and forth from the loo for the first half of the day. My tummy kept grumbling and my headache didnít lift. I honestly thought I might binge on the oat crackers and sultanas and all the other food that has been eyeing me up from my shelf. But I posted on the raw foods board for help(that place really is a godsend, I think I would have failed already if it wasnít there) and something one of the members said really struck me - about the power of the mind. Itís time to be honest and the reason I ...   read more

Day 4 (PI) - my tum tum wasn't happy with me this morning   17 y  
tummy troubles, mouth ulcers, and headache??
My alarm went off at 6 am and I awoke with a dull headache and my tummy kept grumbling and digestive system kept making uncomfortable noises (and movements!) - I kinda needed the loo but was too headachey to get up so I napped for an hour instead. Sure enough, before my SWF, I needed to go to the loo (I apologise for any grossness so stop reading now if you donít want to read about it) - my eliminations are a lot darker today... NO IDEA why?! I also noticed my bloating seems to have subsided slightly. I did the SWF - I still get worried that itís not going to do the trick and Iíll be ...   read more

Day 3 (P II) - The Curse of the Furry Tongue   17 y  
furry tongues anyone?
Rest of the day was pretty uneventful - itís now almost 10pm so am going to try and get some sleep. But the thing is Iím not tired. My energy levels seem to peak in the evening. Maybe this is because I drink the lemonade very sparingly during the morning, pop off to work, and then afterwards have to chug a whole load of lemonade and voila, energy burst. Iíll see tomorrow because I have no work so will try to space out the lemonade in a more periodic fashion. Tummy started grumbling today... And my tongue has turned furry and brushing it wont make it go away. Maybe Iíll try and do ...   read more

Day 3 (P I) - my hardest day so far?   17 y  
cravings, hunger, feeling faint! but ok now...
I think tiredness is my major detox symptom today. As I had to be at work by 9, I woke up at 5am to get my SWF over and done with. Job done. Then I really felt I needed a nap otherwise I wouldnít last the day. Napping meant that I had to practically jog to work and only managed to have about a glass of lemonade before I went. At work, everything seemed to be going to slow motion, I couldnít seem to walk faster than turtleís pace. Work dragged on longer than expected so I was pretty tired and hungry by the end of it. Walking back from work I felt my first ílowí - started thinking about it O ...   read more

Day 2 (PII)   17 y  
started to feel hunger and cravings!
Well, today was harder but still not unbearable. I started feeling hungry but I think that was because I was finding it hard to stomach the lemonade so ended up not drinking anything for a period of time. Maybe it is also because I have reduced my MS intake to 100ml a day? But thatís not too little I donít think. Also, this was probably a mistake but I couldnít help myself, I started reading the ĒcravingsĒ thread on the raw food website forums (that place is a GODSEND) and reading through all the wonderful food people have been craving made my cravings shoot up the roof! And then I star ...   read more

Day 2 (PI) - A new morning, a new day...   17 y  
SWF went ok this time, am not a huge fan of this lemonade...
Well I got to bed by 9pm, and was out like a log until... the stupid fire alarm went off at about midnight! So I was awakened from my beautiful slumber (I donít think Iíve slept that well in quite a while) and had to trail out of the building looking like a deer caught in headlights. I managed to get to sleep within the hour but canít help but think I would feel that bit more rejuvenated if I had slept right through! Woke up at 6am for my SWF. Was pretty scared about vomitting again. So I chugged about half of it in a minute, did some stomach exercises and got the rest down me over the ...   read more

Day 1 (P II) - End of my first day! Hurray!   17 y  
sleepy sleepy (but content)
My goodness, do I feel sleeeeepy... Well I made it through the first day with no problems since the horrible SWF episode this morning. I can be thankful that I didnít suffer badly from cravings/hunger. The only comment is that my gosh, I have to intake a lot of fluid on this cleanse! Minus the SWF, I am drinking just over 1.5 litres of lemonade, plus another 1.5 litres of water, plus my teas (2 mint teas and 1 senna tea) - I know that generally itís recommended that you drink half your body weight - does anyone know if itís ok to go over this limit? Anyway, itís only 8.30pm but iím g ...   read more

Day 1 (P I) - SWF - Quel Disastre!   17 y  
My first encounter with the dreaded 'salt water flush'...
I woke up this morning at 6am after a pretty bad nightís sleep - I am hoping this will mean I sleep like a baby tonight though! I got round to making my ísalt water flushí. I managed to íchugí down about half of it in a couple of minutes - not bad! Then I started to feel rather ill and it took me a while to get down the rest as I had to stop myself from gagging. Sure enough, towards the end I vommed a bit but luckily it was just the salt water though it tasted pretty gross. I was rather scared that it wouldnít work and that my body would be retaining all this salt which would make me ...   read more

My Measurements BEFORE   17 y  
let's take a look at my measurements...
Unfortunately as I am in hostel accomodation at the moment, I have no weighing scales, just my trusty tape measure. So here goes (measurements in cms): Chest: 87 Just beneath chest: 78 Waist: 76 Hips: 76 Hips (widest point): 88 Left thigh: 53 Right thigh: 53 Left calf: 35 Right calf: 36 I am also a UK size 10. Hurrah! (well no hurrah yet as I havenít actually achieved anything in that area yet)   visit the page

Day 0 - sipping on my senna tea...   17 y  
The start of a (probably) long 10 days on the master cleanse aka lemonade detox!
So... Iíve decided to embark on this maple syrup detox after hearing about it from a friend (I have to admit when I first heard the words Ēmaple syrupĒ and ĒdetoxĒ together I thought it was very odd). Iíve done my reading, and have stocked up on teas, salt, water, lemon and of course maple syrup! I am rather apprehensive but excited(?) at the same time! I have fasted previously in my life but have only ever managed about 5 days. These fasts were water only and normally done for the wrong reasons. I would also end them in a huge binge which was rather detrimental! I am doing this a ...   read more


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