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Current Bio Note Leslie Goldman and Links   12 mon  
Current Bio Note Leslie Goldman and Links
BIO NOTE: LESLIE GOLDMAN This montage of photos was generated automatically on Facebook. The woman in the upper right is Dr. Judith Larkin Reno, whose memorial was held the day I left San Diego on my journey to the National Heirloom Expo. I expressed that her soul was my companion on the journey northward. Jaccie Phillips is shown to the right of me. “I’ve been waiting half my life to tell someone about Leslie Goldman. Always figured I’d wait for some desperate moment. Now it’s here.” Bob Baker, writing in the Los Angeles Times Magazine SHOUTING IT L ...   read more

Joining the Enchanted Garden Club in 2017   12 mon  
Joining the Enchanted Garden Club in 2017
PLANT YOUR DREAM 2017 Sarah Miller #PlantYourDream! I ended the year Planting meaningful dreams at the @WorldBeat Cultural Center, San Diego. One of the most meaningful was with Sarah Miller. She took time. She deliberated. She went deep. To experience of her planting was life affirming for me. The next step in 2017, will be to invite those who find meaning in the #PlantYourDreamRitual, to Join tEnchanted Garden Club. ENDING THE DROUGHT IN OUR LIVES... Ending the Driught in our Lives was my ceremonial focus berween Seotember 2016-January 201 ...   read more

Events for 2017 with "Plant Your Dream Seeds"   12 mon  
Events for 2017 with "Plant Your Dream Seeds."
EVENTS FOR 2017 WITH ”PLANT YOUR DREAM SEEDS” WINTER 2017 I will be planting dreams at the Scripps Natural Supplement Conference. #ScrippsNatSup Friday, Feb 10, 2017- Sunday, Feb 12,, 2017. Pre-conference Wed, Feb 8- Thursday, Feb 9. First conference of year for @yourEG @plantyourdreamblog SPRING 2017 THE ”CAMPAIGN TO GROW A HEALTHIER PIZZA” WILL HARVEST ANCIENT WHEAT GROWN IN THE FIELD AT TERRA MADRE GARDENS, AS PART OF A SPECIAL EVENT IN 2017 I ...   read more

Acknowledging Pioneers Bob Quinn And Jere Gettle   12 mon  
Acknowledging Pioneers Bob Quinn And Jere Gettle who helped produce the "Winning Back Sacred Seed Starter Kit" with "Plant Your Dream Seeds."
ACKNOWLEDGING PIONEERS BOB QUINN AND JERE GETTLE I have been uplifted throughout my life by pioneers. I want to take time now to thank two of them, who gifted me with the honor of gifting you with a packet of Ceremonial Ancient Wheat. The wheat is a metaphoric and literal ”Gardening Tool” for Self Growth intended to teach you how to fulfill your purpose. My wish is that in growing these seeds, you will be inspired to grow other seeds - and learn to grow some of your own food. On that note, I am sending thanks to two friends, Bob Quinn, at KAMUT International @Kamu ...   read more

The Beginning of Enchanted Garden Installations   12 mon  
This #PlantYourDreamBlog is a Chapter in a longer story that traces the originals of the "Winning Back Sacred Seed Starter Kit" that contains "PlantYourDream Seeds.
THE BEGINNING OF ENCHANTED GARDEN INSTALLATIONS EARLY DAYS THAT GAVE BIRTH TO ”PLANT YOUR DREAM” Dr Robert Muller visits the Enchanted Garden Installation at the Mandala Conference 1982. He just came in on an airplane. He was tired. I invited him to rest on a cushioned slantboard. He feel asleep. He was surrounded with aromatic plants and in the distance a woman playing a harp. He awoke. ”Where am I?” he asked. ”You are in the Enchanted Garden,” I said. ”From a deep place in his lungs, Robert Muller said to me, ”Let Us make our entire, miraculous pl ...   read more

Time for a Restart? Plant Your Dream Ritual May Help NYE   12 mon  
Time for a Restart? This Plant Your Dream Ritual, and its "Winning Back Sacred Seed Starter Kit" helps NYE and through the year! "Plant Your Dream Seeds" can help us all plant a bright future.
ASCEND TO MULTICULTURAL ”DIVERSE CITY” TOGETHER NYE @ WORLDBEAT CENTER SAN DIEGO Portions will be live streamed on Facebook beginning at 7 PM December 31, 2016. It’s important more than even that we enjoy our Multicultural ”Diverse City.” Blessings on my dear friend - the Wife - Makeda Makossa for her tremendous courage and service to Our Ascension. Please join me and a gifted tribe of healers – including You--as we Unearth Our #SacredSeed Nature. Just show up no matter how you feel. The energy will Carry us into our best year yet. WRITING ABOUT WORLD BEAT CENTER N ...   read more

New Year's Eve invite to Plant Your Dream Near and Afar!   12 mon  
New Year's Eve invite to Plant Your Dream Near and Afar!
I’ll be doing the opening ceremony that will feature my #PetCelebritySquash NYE at the @WorldBeatCenter, San Diego. A member of the Gete Okosomin Variety, One legend says this variety grew from ancient seeds that had been buried in an urn for 800 years. So what would the message be if we accepted that we each had a #SacredSeed Nature, that had been buried for 800 years, and that now it was time to fully awaken? What is the formula for bringing Ascension to the world? Some say, 1000 years of peace will come because there are that many of us expressing fully in the world and insp ...   read more

Finding the Courage to Live Our Dreams   12 mon  
Finding the Courage to Live Our Dreams. Day after Christmas Note: More writing, and clearing things in my room today. Sending support your way to end the year strong and find the faith to live your dreams. The #PlantYourDream Ritual can help.
Day after Christmas Note: It’s taking a lot of faith to get through these days. I have been working on taking the #PlantYourDream Ritual to the next level. I worked on this writing for about two weeks now. The weather has been very cold for me and I retreated from attending a number of events because I was putting my life energy into the writing. At the same time, my 68 VW star of The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey To Win Back Our... has needed some attention. Christmas and the Holidays are a time when many of us face our issues about lack of family, or disharmon ...   read more

Highlights 2016 Plant Your Dream!   12 mon  
Highlights 2016, Plant Your Dream!
LINK ON LINE #PLANT YOUR DREAM HIGHLIGHTS: 2016 IN PHOTOS GMO EDUCATION CONTINUES ON THE PLANT YOUR DREAM BLOG Stephanie Seneff is a senior research scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She has discovered cutting edge links between autism and GMOs. Go here. I met her and planted dreams at the Environmental Health Symposium March, 6, 2016. Dr. Gilles-Eric Seralini and I also met for the first time. He poi ...   read more

Nice Love song   12 mon  
Nice love song
Dec 19 to do   12 mon  
Dec 19 to do
Positive energy with wake up Photos to add Mimi Low Dog WHAT IS THE WINNING BACK SACRED SEED STARTER KIT ALL ABOUT? The Plant Your Dream Seeds in this #WinBackSacredSeedSarterKit seed packet are a Starter Kit for remembering how to keep the beat with nature. These Ceremonial Seeds of Ancient heirloom original kernels of wheat are intended to. help you Win Back --regenerate--Your Very own Ancient, Original, Heirloom, identity as a Sacred Seed. Any questions? This Leslie Goldman #YourEnchantedGardener #PlantYourDreamBlog Is intended to answer them! How to use #pla ...   read more

Thanks to Kamut International & Baker Creek for Seed Packet   12 mon  
Thanks to KAMUT International & Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, for helping produce "The Winning Back Sacred Seeds Starter Kit" with Plant Your Dream Seeds. The Kit is a seed packet containing Ancient Wheat. This #PlantYourDreamBlog shares how I use the seeds in this packet to help you Plant Your Dream. It reviews some of the ceremonies and conferences where the seed packet was used in 2016. 4000 packets were given away in 2015-2016. The seed packet has helped spread the word about the National Heirloom Expo, an important event that gathers gardeners and farmers from around the USA, and educates about our original seeds, called heirloom seeds. The next National Heirloom Expo is September 5-7, 2017. The seed packets will also be used throughout the year of 2017, both in one-on-one rituals and in group ceremonies.

Leslie Goldman Ten Year Plan 2017-2027   12 mon  
Leslie Goldman Ten Year Plan 2017-2027
So what is my Ten Year Plan for staying healthy? My birthday was November 19 and I was born in 1947. I decided some months ago, that I was not happy being the age I was, and so, I went back to imagining my life when I was around 27. This #PlantYourDreamBlog is about what happened, and it is about my plan to stay healthy for the next ten years. This is going to take a lot of work, and fun. Be back before long to write up my story...dedicated to Thomas Franklin Daly the 4th.   visit the page

Dr Bronners Toothpaste Makes a Good Stocking Stuffer   12 mon  
Dr Bronners Toothpaste Makes a Good Stocking Stuffer.
David Bronner, Leslie Goldman, that’s me, and Luis Jimenez at the national Heirloom Expo 2016 at the Sonoma fairgrounds Santa Rosa, CA.See you at the 2016 #HeirloomExpo? The dates are September 5-7, 2017. Just woke up in the middle of an uplifting dream. I was self massaging my knees and arms with the Flora Fusion Massage Oils from the Flower Essence Services. I always see Richard Katz and my dear friend Teresa at their booth once a year at #ExpoWest, the Natural Product Expo West. My dates for the show are March 8-13, 2017. I arrive the night before the #ExpoW ...   read more

2016-2017 Engrained with Ancient Wheat   12 mon  
2016-2017 Engrained with Ancient Wheat
2016-2017 Engrained with Ancient Wheat Review how to download Videos.. Updated this now... started December 8, 2016 5:32 pm More than 4000 distributed of the #RareSeeds grow @RareSeeds #WinningBackOurSacredSeeds On The the Enchanted Garden Mobiles Journey to Win Back Our Sacred Seeds Get the Baker Creek Enchanted Garden Winning Back Sacred Seed Starter Kit & join the Enchanted Garden Club here   visit the page

Ouch! Feeling Old December 8, 2016   12 mon  
Ouch! Feeling Old December 8, 2016
Ouch! it is 11:32 AM December 8, 2016 I am running into a glitch here with the AminoActiv Ad: I can’t seem to get it to show one copy.... I have been spending valuable time on this for more than one hour. should a call Greengeeks? Who should I call? RANGE OF EMOTIONS PT doesn’t set be giving me the result I wanted. I am feeling hernia pain. stressed out my body with some exercises. 11:36 am one more attempt at AminoActiv. Can’t figure it out! MEDICAL.... OK...Health Net under Bugbee and CalMediConnect. 4;53 pm paid Jason...floor gar ...   read more

Gratitude for help with My Arthritis + Knees--AminoActiv   12 mon  
Gratitude for help with My Arthritis + Knees--AminoActiv. Today is Feb 1, 2017. I am updating this #PlantYourDreamBlog with notes of a conversation I had with Mark Faulkner, prime mover behind AminoActiv, my anti-inflammatory of choice. I have benefited immensely from this non toxic supplement. I believe it can help many more people.
Among the benefits I have experienced from AminoActiv has been the capacity to avoid narcotic pain relievers. I had a lithotripsy--a kidney stone procedure-- a few years ago. After the procedure, I was able to avoid taking the narcotics. I used AminoActiv instead. it helped me manage the pain.and to avoid the narcotic side effects. December 8, 2016 8:42 am More people need to know about this substitute for Ibuprofen. I discovered AnimoActiv and its earlier versions near a decade ago at the National Product Expo West, #ExpoWest. I was standing with a f ...   read more

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