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The Seed is where Consciousness and Healing Coalesce   15 mon  
The Seed is where Consciousness and Healing Coalesce. Put Consciousness and Seeds together. We can end the Drought in our Lives. I know that from experience. --Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener #PlantYourDreamBlog
THIS IS A RAW COMPILATION OF #PLANTYOURDREAMBLOG AND FACEBOOK ENTRIES FOR THE PERIOD OF OCT 23-NOVEMBER 4, 2016 WHEN I LAUNCHED THE HEALTH COMES TO SAN DIEGO YEAR LONG CAMPAIGN This Campaign coalesced through a series of events that began with plans being set to attend three Health related San Diego Conferences, #PacificSyposium15 October 25-Oct 30, 2016; #AIHM16, October 30-November 3, and the #AIHM16 Post Conference, CHI Summit Consciousness and Healing Initiative, Cutting Edge Visionaries presented at the inaugural CHI Summit - The Healing (R)evolution from Sc ...   read more

Needs update Pacific Symposium   15 mon  
Needs update
Make new poster!! @SanDiego_Now @ClimateShift Days San DIego! Integrative Med here. Oct 27-Nov 3. Main Conference Oct 29-Nov1, #PaciicSymposium   read more

Win Back Your Sacred Seed Nature at #HeirloomExpo   15 mon  
#HeirloomExpo Highlight! WIN BACK YOUR SACRED SEED NATURE THROUGH GROWING ”PLANT YOUR DREAM SEEDS” AND INTERACTIVE POEMS TO INCREASE UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN Claudia and Leslie at the Petaluma Seed Bank One of the highlights of the National Heirloom Expo each year is accepting the invitation to Plant Your Dream from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company’s very own ceremonialist Leslie Goldman, who calls himself Your Enchanted Gardener. In 2016, Leslie began sharing his interactive poems called the Seven Love Cures that he created to increase underst ...   read more

The woman's tree story told sgain   15 mon  
The woman's tree story told one more time.
Nadine: Wow!!! That pic 😍😍😍 I love Chocolate 😋 Nadine Casanova it wasn’t chocolate, as in cacao, It was a form of highly aromatic peppermint herb called chocolate peppermint that was held to your nose when you were born in 1989. This is the same kind of peppermint herb that has the stand growing at a local San Diego organic farm Venue called TerrTerra Madre Gardensn my enchanted Garden club teachings, I use rubbing our hands together and inhaling this herb to demonstrate how we can shift our entire world in 15 seconds!!!! It’s a wake up her ...   read more

History of the Whole Being Weekend   15 mon  
History of the Whole Being Weekend
  read more

Preparing for the Birthday of the Universe   16 mon  
Preparing for the Birthday of the Universe
I generally travel to Los Angeles each year for the Birthday of the Universe, an essential name for The Rosh Hashanah. I celebrate with the @ Bnai Horin Community. This year feels different. I am hardly home from a month on the road. I have many blessings to count. I haven’t started to settle in. I’d like to handwash some special garments. I am grateful to have successfully completed my journey, that always feels like a journey of initiation. I feel like playing some sacred music this morning and beginning the process of further coming home. My knees are another is ...   read more

Enchantment at #heirloomExpo   16 mon  
Enchantment at #heirloomExpo
Mariah, the divine feminine expressing as Woman was one of my guides into the Dreamtime where the Village that is the #HeirloomExpo exists. We met first the Sunday before the The National Heirloom Exposition at the Sebastopol Farmers Market where I was giving a shout out and invite to the event. Then we met twice at the event itself. The second time is was Mom’s Night Out. She introduced me to Abby Kneipp. The next three hours were pure magic, as souls danced, played, and read Love Cures, Lurrae Lupone. Abby helped prepare the EG Mobile for exit from the Special Dream Plan ...   read more

Notes for special ceremony Wednesday eve   16 mon  
for special ceremony Wednesday eve
Sunday sept 4th was The day to visit the Sebastopol farmers market and prepare to pick up Makeda, Had fun with my new pet squash from Morocco who was feeling a bit out of sorts having just left the field and now being on the road in the enchanted garden mobile. Met some delightful people at the farmers market and had fun! CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT FOR THE NATIONAL HEIRLOOM EXPO? LISTEN TO THIS BROADCAST Leslie Goldman Robin Carpenter Aug 29 about #HeirloomExpo Ending the drought in our lives through embodying our sacredseed nature. ...   read more

I am here. I made it. I will always be grateful.   16 mon  
I am here. I made it. I will always be grateful. What you wrote about seeing things from another point of view got in my dream life. I don’t remember exactly now what I was dreaming but I want to thank you and want to honor you Adrienne Prince for being part of my Dream Life. You have made what I thought impossible come true. I am here. I am now. I did it. I am able to serve the highest and you helped me get here. I will be forever grateful. 8:15 sm Sept 2, 2016 Santa Rosa, CA TO ArielllaShira 8:23 am sEotember 2, 2016 To Georgia I love ...   read more

Full Enchanted Garden Club Dig #heirloomExpo   17 mon  
Full Enchanted Garden Club signature #heirloomExpo
In you I see the flowers I love so much in the garden. Nature has smiled on you to make this world beautiful, Patti Berryhill Leslie Goldman Robin Carpenter Aug 29 about #HeirloomExpo TELL YOUR FRIENDS, PLEASE THE NATIONAL HEIRLOOM EXPO IS TUES-WED-THURS SEPT 6-7-8 AT SONOMA FAIRGROUNDS Please explore the website of the national heirloom expo tues-wed-thurs Sept 6,7,8 in Santa Rosa at the Sonoma Fairgrounds Many volunteers are needed. Email Call Leah (417) 924-8917 Y ...   read more

Saturday prep August 20 for #heirloomexpo   17 mon  
Saturday prep August 20 for #heirloomexpo
In 1980, I organized the biggest rock your soul spring equinox celebration in modern San Diego history. William Aura was our musical director and Luis Fantuzzi made his San Diego debut then. I was a half hour late to the set up of my own event. I had to stop at the Prophet restaurant for some of Makeda Makossa food. Dick Gregory and one of the Beatles came there to dine. When the word soul food was invented they had her in mind. I’m sure Alice Waters would enjoy the #Worldbeatcafé. Fyi Berenice Rodriguez Love to Carole Petty Colette Fields Gerlando Compila ...   read more

A Queen regains her crown post DNC   17 mon  
A queen regains her crown post DNC Inspired by Jessica Crowe's Story, Dedicated to Jessica Crowe, a truth telling Woman, who went to #SeeYouinPhilly, and came home batters and beleaguered as Millions of Millenials enlisted in #OurRevolution. Here is here story that inspired A Retelling of an Old Story, about a Simple Grain of Ancient Wheat that not only Saved the Day, but held the potential to bring our World to Sanity.
Retelling of an ancient story. Dedicated to Jessica Crowe: Dedicated to Jessica Crowe, a truth telling Woman, who went to #SeeYouinPhilly, and came home batters and beleaguered as Millions of Millenials enlisted in #OurRevolution. Here is here story that inspired A Retelling of an Old Story, about a Simple Grain of Ancient Wheat that not only Saved the Day, but held the potential to bring our World to Sanity. ...   read more

Rain fell during #heirloomexpo   17 mon  
Rain fell during #heirloomexpo
This video was made during the set up of the 2015 #heirloomexpo. I was proclaiming that there would be rain even while the temperature was very hot and not a cloud in sight. The phenomenon of rain coming was recorded on video and in photos. The dates this year: Please explore the website of the national heirloom expo tues-wed-thurs Sept 6,7,8 in Santa Rosa at the Sonoma Fairgrounds There is a group energy that comes together around The National Heirloom Exposition and upcoming The 6th Annual National Heirloom Exposition that inspires me to ...   read more

Apple Care Help Questions---August 15, 2016   17 mon  
Apple Care Help Questions---August 15, 2016
How do I get a Url for an Album on iPhone? Open the Facebook App in the Safari and go to albums. I can find it that way. 2. Managing a calendar.... If I do not want to see somethings.... a black calendar print the days... print the days I want. How do I get a embed... try it...on once it is uploaded in Facebook, how to get in curezone. OTHER THINGS TO DO... Call hall 6:45 who before and after... 7th.... Jeffrey Sith.... panel..... Food Hall.... Garret Hall Special Ceremony-- HOW TO SE ...   read more

Enchanted Garden Club welcomed    17 mon  
Enchanted Garden Club welcomed
Zia Lara reads the @enchantedgardenclub #EnchantedGardenClub Member Pledge. Core Supporters of Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener #PlantYourDreamBlog are encouraged to join the group. I am on The Enchanted Garden Mobile’s Journey To Win Back Our Sacred Seeds Grow our Grassroots movement with the Baker Creek Enchanted Garden Winning Back Sacred Seed Starter Kit THE ENCHANTED GARDEN WELCOMES YOU Exercising our political will and Right to Know what’s in our food are essential; proclaiming our #SacredSeed nature in the world ...   read more

Evolution of This is my Goddess prayer for you   17 mon  
Evolution of The Seven Love Cures Various Signatures: This is my Goddess prayer for you
WHOLE BEING DAY PRIGRESSION A very special while being day was held Saturday oct 2, 2016. A highlight of the day was reading one of the #SevenLoveCures, #TheWorldFsmoudNoCaloriePoem and interacting with a new younger generation of youth. This was my Facebook entry: Whole Being Weekend Has been historically a place that served as a womb of creation for me and so many others. It was always a place I would bring my latest and knew that it would be received in this profoundly supportive incubation lab. On October 1, 2016 Andy Kean and Whole being Team members set out ...   read more

Zia Lara Affirmations for Empaths is Empowering   17 mon  
Zia Lara, her Affirmations for Empaths empowers your' #SacredSeed nature.
Our connection to nature And strength to face the long journey are enhanced by Woman’s Beauty. Woman is my muse. She has always inspired my passionate words and Deepest insights. She balances the unpleasantness Man has endured. She is here to rectify And Re-establish Out world as an Enchanted Garden. She reminds us we are #SacredSeeds. Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener #PlantYourDreamBlog In preparation for my successful journey to #HeirloomExpo I spent time August 11 with Zia Lara, a woman with 1000 looks through my lens. She has authored a healing ...   read more

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