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Close Encounters of the Bobcat Kind   7 y  
Close Encounters of the Bobcat Kind
NEWS FROM SAGE MOUNTAIN FARM SHOWDOWN IN WASHINGTON OVER FOOD SAFETY I have been really concerned over the impending passage of Food Safety laws that would add more regulations to local organic farmers who are already regulated by the USDA HERE IS LINK. We have one more week to push back this legislation. If nothing is done this week. We will have more time to educate and activate our local support to get a better Food Safety Law in that understands that real food safety comes from local real food up. Big Ag is always going ...   read more

Leslie Bio Note Review   7 y  
Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener Bio Notes and Testimonials
Dedication: To a child in Uganda, a little one, whose life will be saved through the writing of these Plant Your Dream Blogs. MY BIO PHOTOS FOR LESLIE GOLDMAN YOUR ENCHANTED GARDENER 6:31 am September 27, 2010 BIO NOTE FOR THE HUFFINGTON POST LESLIE GOLDMAN INTERVIEWS COMPILATION BLOG Date: 6/10/2010 12:19:43 PM ( 3 mon ) ... viewed 180 times l THINGS I WANT TO TELL ADRIANA HUFFINGTON HERE IS MY JPEG ADRIANA I already use this one on the Huffington Post. This is my brand ...   read more

Chew on This Article Original Materials and Links   7 y  
This Plant Your Dream Blog contains my original story on the conversation needed on Food Safety. It has many links. Follow up Plant Your Dream Blogs from the 21 Century Book Marketing
Silhouette of Barry Logan who shut down his seven year experiment La Milpa Organica Farm, September 18, 2010. Logan applied gardening principles to local Micro Farming in San Diego, but broke regulations on the books that are out of the beat with nature. He is on probation for breaking laws. The current laws and proposed regulations will further define local farming in the U.S. A national intensive conversation about food safety is needed. There are many lessons to be learned from Barry Logan. A number of the interviews with him are on this blog. VERSI ...   read more

One Simple request Of Mike complete   7 y  
complete with Mike and Paul...
help with one video up... Photos... get back to my center... Traffic Geyser... Mike Koenigs... Paul Colligan..   visit the page

Huffington Post Blog   7 y  
Huffington Post Blog
Adrianna Huffington was one of the speakers at the 21st Century Book Marketing Event. She spoke through Skype, or a service like that. There was an offer to submit a blog. Ariella Ford made this as a priority for our homework that we respond to this opportunity. The email was given. The assignment is 500-1000 words The Subject Line--relating to ... here being there. I have wanted to have a blog on the Huffington Post for a long time. This seems an oportunity to come closer. Keep The Beet Media Star was quoted on the Huffington Post in Paige Donner;s Bl ...   read more

Paul Colligan is an expert on Youtube. I need his help.   7 y  
Paul Colligan is an expert on Youtube. I need his help.
9:53 am September 26, 2010 I am going to the Hllcrest Farmers’ Market and then back to Ariella Ford’s 21st Century Book Marketing Event. I want to do some sacred work today, helping as I can to connect this extraordinary marketing masters with very important work that needs to be done to help our local farmers and to save our imperiled food supply. I am seeing to find the sacred what I have a tendency to profane through going too fast.   read more

A Remarkable Recovery from Angylosin Spondylitis   7 y  
Remarkable Recovery One Woman's Battle and the Family That Won The City Magazine
7:28 am September 26, 2010 I met a remarkable wife and husband team yeterday. I feel that our meeting was destined. June Stein has made a remarkable recovery from Anglyosin Spondylitis, an form of arthitis that I have had since I was a teen. You can read June Stein’s story here Remarkable Recovery One Woman’s Battle and the Family That Won The City Magazine A Yoga Journey Inward by June Stein   read more

To the Pac Sym TCM Community   7 y  
To the Pac Sym TCM Community
7:13 am September 26, 2010   visit the page

Download The Tube   7 y  
Download The sparks Keep The Beet Media Star in this Plant Your Dream Blog. The World's First Talking Beet Plant wants to get the word out on Food Safety Bills that will not solve the problem. Paul Collagan and Mike Koenigs are the calibre of caring marketers who can turn the tide on our imperiled food supply.
This is a compilation for work I want to show today at Arielle Fords 21st Century Book Marketing Event at the Hilton Bayfront. It is now 9:51 am September 26, 2010 MAJOR PLAYERS IN THE HISTORY OF PEACE ON EARTH L TO R That’s Mike Koenigs Wife...I will get her I.D. Tomorrow. She is involved in major philanthropic work in Uganda. Mike, is a devoted husband and dad. I saw that right off the bat. Ariella Ford is one of my favorite Beet Keepers. If you want more love n your life, check out her Secrets of Soulmates book, one of Keep The Beet’s M ...   read more

Jon Startz, A New Beet Keeper Sponsor   7 y  
Thank you to all who have helped me in recent weeks come out of the summer and into the Harvest time. Introducing new sponsors Jon Startz and Cira and Gene Wilder. Thanks to Beet Keeper Sponsors and friends for helping me transition out of the Summer Shift 2010 and to be here in this Harvest Moment. I am weary, ready to nap, and grateful.
I have been doing a lot of service the last few weeks. I have really been on call. The Whole Being Weekend September 10-12 was in Idylwild, more than 100 miles from The Days of Awe, Rosh Hashanan where I was introducing the rock Your Soul Opera ideas in Beet Keepers, Return! to the Jewish Renewal Community that has been a place of nurturing to me for more than 15 years. It was here that I spent time with Jon Startz over the Yom Kippur Saturday, September 18. Again, that day was asking a lot of me. La Milpa Organica Farm was having its Final Harvest ...   read more

More Action needed Regarding Food Safety Bills   7 y  
More Action needed Regarding Food Safety Bills
Senate: Please Do Not Rush S.3767 to a Vote Instead, Adopt the Food Freedom Amendment! ANOTHER PETITION I JUST SIGNED 4 pm Septmber 24, 2010 S 510 may be apparently dead, but other Food Safety Bills that would harm small farmers are still before the Judiciary committee and need to be amended. Please go to the link above and sign this lettter. Add your own comments as I did; 12:12 pm Septem ...   read more

More photos for Pac Symposium 2010. To Do!!   7 y  
More photos for Pac Symposium 2010. To Do!!
Keep The Beet, the beet that is a wayshower of reconnecting our roots with our Seed Dreamas, is asking for a whole more stars--players-- so we can turn the beat around. This is what her Rock Your Soul Opera is about. 8:17 am September 24, 20010 MAIN PLANT YOUR DREAM BLOG FOR PAC SYM SO FAR This is my palate. When I have time, I went to get back to this Parking lot idea and send in more photos for the Pac Sym Handbook.   read more

Sense of Urgency --Dream Things to do next week.   7 y  
looking at what I did this week. Projects and Blogs to keep on my radar screen for next week. I will be coming up for air this weekend. I have a few events to attend between tonight and Monday. I need to spend some time clearing some physical space. That will be healing. Some completes this morning are necessary.
GETTING A FEW COMPLETED THIS MORNING Sent in photo inner cover to Tiff. work on complete of SOL article now. I mean now! 8:27 am september 24, 2010[ COMPLETES FOR NEXT WEEK HOLIDAY MOVIE Call Jon tomorrow.... Keep The Beet, the beet that is a wayshower of reconnecting our roots with our Seed Dreamas, is asking for a whole more stars--players-- so we can turn the beat around. This is what her Rock Your Soul Opera is about. 8:17 am September 24, 20010 MAIN PLANT YOUR DREAM BLOG FOR PAC SYM SO FA ...   read more

The Art of Agriculture Photo & Recipe Contest Roots   7 y  
The Art of Agriculture Photo & Recipe Contest Roots
A favorite photo above of mine. These are fresh picked local organic berries from J.R. Organic that are available at the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market each week. I submitted one photo for the Roots Photo Fund raiser contest. It was pf Barry Logan in a classic shot with holding a beet. If they want to look at others for a calendar I would make a gallery for them. I am organizing my photos a bit, and will likely be putting numbers of my Farmers’ Market and Food Photos together. One of the joys of the last six years, before this one, was ha ...   read more

70th Birthday of Rancho La Puerta 9-24/25 2010   7 y  
70th Birthday of Rancho La Puerta 9-24/25 2010 The Sun, the Butterfly and the Dove.
12:25 am September 26, 2010 Profound healing day! More Soon!!!! May Rancho La Puera and its many philanthropic projects continue to transform our world so in need of the inspiration of the Szekely Family. I look forward to the 140 Birthday. Your Enchanted Gardener Swallowtail Butterfly Gardens of Rancho Tres Estrellas Not far from Fundación La Puerta’s binational environmental, educational Center. The center is the recipient of the fundraiser September 24 and 25, 2010. A TWO-DAY CELEBRATION OF RANCHO LA PUERTA’S 70th BIRTHDAY The Sun, the B ...   read more

What SB-510 SB-3767 Food Safety Aims to do   7 y  
What SB-510 Food Safety Aims to do Part 2
PETITION SITE to stop these FOOD SAFETY BILLS one after another, coming through. Senate: Please Do Not Rush S.3767 to a Vote Instead, Adopt the Food Freedom Amendment! added September 24, 2010 This was written on the Autumn Equinox September 23, 2010 ON BILL MARLER BLOG I get a lot of my info on food poisioning and food safety from Bill Marler, the trial lawyer. He gives me a lot to think about. I feel most people are self poisoned from toxins. Toxemia Explaine ...   read more

Senators Phone Numbers   7 y  
Senators Phone Numbers
I am against SB 510, the so called Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010!!! 1-888-493-5443 is free to the Congressional operator Keep The Beet sez make a call and be part of her Rock Your SOul Opera Beet Keepers, Return!   visit the page

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