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Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!! FDA Food Safety Bill Stalled   8 y  
Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!! FDA Food Safety Bill Stalled!!!
I SEE S-510 as part of Act Four of Beet Keepers, Return! The Rock Your Soul Opera This is what is needed now: A great rising up of souls to form the New Ground that Romain Rolland called for. BEET KEEPER TEACHINGS ARE ROOTED IN THE ESSENE SCHOOL OF THOUGHT FOUNDATION ”Let us seek truth everywhere; let us cull it wherever we can find its blossom or its SEED. Having found the seed, let us scatter it to the winds of ...   read more

Barry Logan, Farmer, Speaks Out on Food System   8 y  
Barry Logan, Local San Diego Farmer, Speaks Out on Food System, and the rules he broke at La Milpa Organica Farm, Upcoming Event for all San Diegans: The Last Harvest, La Milpa Organica Farm, Saturday, September 18,
DEATH OF A FARM + UPRISING OF NEW SEEDS WOW! WOW! WOW! LATE BREAKING NEWS THE FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT, s-510 will not come before the Senate as anticipated for September 16!!!!!!! According to Bill Marler, as quoted here, The Bill is dead for this session!!!!! updates 7:30 pm September 16, 2010 two days before World Beet Day!!! TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY EXISTS NOW to educate all about the Food Safety Issues. WATCH THIS ...   read more

Messages of Hope in a Bottle   8 y  
Messages of Hope in a Bottle
FROM KEEP THE BEET. Found this writing just now on my computer. Was written a week or so ago, I imagine. leslie INTRODUCTION My name is Keep The Beet. I am an all knowing talking beet plant. I know it is a stretch to wrap your mind around the concept that a beet can talk, or be all knowing, but for the sake of planting 1000 years of peace on earth, I am asking that you suspend belief. There are a lot of unbelievable things right now that are happening on our earth. I really cannot believe that some of them are happening and happening to both ...   read more

Rock Your Soul Opera Act 4: La Milpa Open University   8 y  
Rock Your Soul Opera Act 4: La Milpa Open University This is Act 4 of Beet Keepers, Return! The Rock Your Soul Opera. Note: I will be with the kids of Children of Freedom praying and planting beets from La Milpa Organica Farm on the Day of Atonement--World Beet Day. Please take lots of photos and post them on Facebook. Send me a link, please to what you post!!! I need your photos of La Milpa Organica Farm, September 18, The Last Harvest Event.
BARRY LOGAN SPEAKS OUT scr!pt HIGHLIGHTS FROM ACT FOUR OF BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! [ Written in the middle of the night by inspiration.... Yikes! This needs work!!!! 12:17 pm....] We are each called forth now to adapt to Nature and no longer ask Nature to adapt to us. We stand up to the powers that be. We speak up. We begin to speak up September 18, proclaimed World Beet Day, the day of At One Ment, as honored by our allies in the Jewish Tradition around the world who are called by their faith to fast. September 18, ...   read more

Welcome Jesse   8 y  
Welcome Jesse. New Housemate Jesse arrives this evening. He rented the Little Room viewing the space through videos. I know he fits here through our conversations and inner guidance. He is a mountain climber. He can climb mountains. There is a mountain for him to climb here that involved bringing down a vision of the garden.
6:38 pm September 15, 2010 Dear Jesse, You are scheduled to arrive some time this evening. I am printing up your photo and putting in on your mailbox. I am scheduled to leave here tomorrow. I have much prep to do to get a complete with the seeds I planted for these Days of Awe that begin September 8 by celebrating The Birthday of the Universe with a community I love about 120 miles from here that will gather on a mountaintop in a place called the Temple of the Book. These are auspicious days for you to set your mark here in our garden. Foods are in ...   read more

Materials for Pacific Symposium 2010   8 y  
Materials for Pacific Symposium 2010. Note to myself: It would be great to have the closing ceremony remarks I will make go in the Pacific Symposium Handbook. I was on a wave on inspiration when I started to write this a few hours ago, but they had to go to the PO to take steps toward getting a passport.
PLANT YOUR DREAM AT THE ENCHANTED GARDEN ALTAR AT THE PACIFIC SYMPOSIUM 2010 FEEDBACK Plsnting my dream was exactly what I needed tonight. Your ritual was calming and grounding. I want this dream so much it is frightening. and planting it someone makes it less scarry. Thank you for sensing what I needed. KT 2009 I love thi idea. I shared two dreams today and believe they will become real. My dog is in her last days and I will watch this beat grow in her memory. Jennifer 11-8-09 Howdy! Keep The Beet Here! The World’s First Tal ...   read more

S-510 FDA on the Farm heads to Senate 9/16; Action needed   8 y  
S-510 FDA on the Farm heads to Senate 9/16; Action needed this is a controversial bill not to be shoved down the throat of the public without massive discussion. Bill needs work. Call for Tester Amendment. La Milpa Organica Farm Shutdown Saturday an example of Regulations gone insane. This bill will bring more regulations to local farmers if not amended says National Sustainability Farm Coalition
S-510 headed for Senate Floor likely 9/16/10 Take action. Call for the Tester Amendment to protect local farms from over regulation. FROM THE NATIONAL SUSTAINABLE FOOD COALITION RELATED Local Small Farm In San Diego Likely Going Down Saturday? The Last Harvest scheduled for September 18 at La Milpa Organica Farm. at 5 pm? I am calling for a community council to meet soon to discuss fulfilling Barry Logan’s dream that the first seven years at La Milpa Organica Farm be seen fo ...   read more

Language of Compassion--Kelly Bryson   8 y  
Language of Compassion--Kelly Bryson
Photo from his Kelly Bryson, from his website Kelly Bryson, Whole Being Weekend, 2009 RELATED NOTES TO WHOLE BEINGS 10:47 am September 15, 2010 Had a healing moment with Kelly Bryson, whose clarity in Non Violent compassionate communication skills I value in these times when more and more of us are compelled to learn to live together in community. I imagine that in my attempt since 1982 to live here fully, and to bring down to earth the vision of the Enchanted Garden Inten ...   read more

Bees Like La Milpa Organica Farm; S-510 Regulators Would Not   8 y  
Bees Like La Milpa Organica Farm; S-510 Regulators Would Not
WATCH AUDIO/VIDEO CLIPS ON THE NEW PLANT YOUR DREAM BLOG ABOUT LA MILPA ORGANICA FARM There was no bee shortage there. added 9:06 pm January 18, 2011 ACTION NEEDED TODAY!!! September 15!!! CALL YOUR SENATOR S-510 FDA on the Farm, Food Safety Modernization Act heads for Senate likely Friday. Read about that here: 6:15 am September 15, 2010 ...   read more

Notes to Whole Beings   8 y  
Beet Keepers, Return! The Rock Your Soul Opera now has five scenes to report. Review of events during recent days.
PARTING SHOT WHOLE BEING WEEKEND, 40th Anniversary. This photo was taking as Chris Fox (L to R) Dwight Stone, and Beth Bolwerk and I was soaking in the glow from the Whole Being Weekend. Most had left. We were waiting to caravan out to dinner and then to Chris’ home in Idlyllwild. I had just come back from giving the kids a ride in the EG Mobile, my 68 VW van over to the Peace Center where the Kids did the last dance to one of Karl Anthony’s tunes on his Kid CD. The dance is so cute!!!! A hummingbird, kind of rare up there, flew overhead. I was alread ...   read more

Last Day of the Year Morning   8 y  
The weather is profoundly helping this morning. It is overcast allowing for excellent photos. I am prepping for the Rosh Hashanan tonight and tomorrow and will ready materials for interacting with Kids.
It is the last day of the year morning according to the map of the Jewish Moon driven Calendar. Tonight a Happy New Year begins and will be enhanced by the work I do in the next few hours. I am gratefully on the internet thanks to a third attempt and assist from Johnny, here at Rina’s. I worked with the various props this morning in the perfect weather for taking photos. Rina waited for me before creating the outline for the children’s program. We made video of some of our conversations and introductions. She is a tremendous teacher and head of the Jewish Enric ...   read more

Heart Space Forever: Can You Hear The Beet?   8 y  
Heart Space Forever: Can You Hear The Beet?
10:25 am September 7, 2010 Aura, my fall project is called BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! A Rock Your Soul Opera about a new kind of dance being asked of us called The Shift. There are no less than 144,000 new Seeds Dreams that needed to be planted now to inspire us all to create 1000 years of peace. We were born to inspire an economy based on Keeping the beat with nature. There is a new voice on the planted now, Keep The Beet Media Star, The World’s First Talking Beet Plant. She wants to use some of the old Heartspace Music yo ...   read more

The Right to Grow Food   8 y  
Barry Logan and his run in with the Law is a story that needs to be told. I will be telling it here on the Plant Your Dream Blog before long....
The Right to Grow Food should not be a right that is regulated. For thousands of years, this was not an issue. People grew food. They had to. Then good growing became a business. They some people became to see that they could control others by controlling food. There are still a few farmers left, even in America, who are more concerned with growing more nutrition per acre than profit per acre. I have met some of them. We are about to have one less of them. Is name is Barry Logan. The farm where he has grown food with others for seven years La Mll ...   read more

can i play mp3 on iphone?   8 y  
can i play mp3 on iphone?   visit the page

Leslie with Ron Nash   8 y  
Leslie with Ron Nash

"Plastic" Nature??????? What Did "Plastic" Mean years ago??   8 y  
"Plastic" Nature??????? What Did "Plastic" Mean years ago?? See plastic Nature working to this end, --Pope Look round our world; behold the chain of love Combining all below and all above. See plastic Nature working to this end, The single atoms each to other tend, Attract, attracted to, the next in place, Form’d and impell’d its neighbour to embrace. See matter next, with various life endued, Press to one centre still, the gen’ral good; See dying vegetables life sustain, See life dissolving vegetate again. All forms that perish other forms supply (By turns we catch the vital breath, and die), Like bubbles on the sea of M ...   read more

Stealing Time for Eternity   8 y  
Stealing Time for Eternity
12:26 pm September 6, 2010 I am stealing time now from today as a Gift to Eternity. I am gathering Sacred Objects to create a prop, the Raft a prototype for this. I feel the cooperation of Angels. I need this. scr!pt draft idea I will do with the kids of the B’nai Horin community during the Days of Awe Septembe 8-18, 2010.   read more

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