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Play a Starring Role Materials Act one and Two   7 y  
Plastic Killing Birds on Midway Island. Issue points out the need for a Moment of Awakening regarding restoring the Chain of Whole Being on Land and sea. Queen Lost her Qrown materials Rock Your Soul Opera High Holidays, That is what this idea from Beet Keepers, Return! an educational project that kicks off during the Days of Awe is all about.
Time to write a new life scr!pt in rhythm with the beat of nature? Here is a simple plan GROWING A BIT OF YOUR OWN FOOD MAY BE SIMPLER THAN YOU THINK. It may also inspire a Moment of Awakening.... TURN THE BEAT AROUND THE MUSIC is now SHIFTING ON PLANET EARTH... CAN YOU DO THE SHIFT? ITs a new dance... the Dance of the HaSeeds and their New Life scr!pt that says, Beet Keepers, Return! The message from the Gulf the messages ab ...   read more

Public Enemy #1: Barry Logan Vows to "End Crimes" on Farm   7 y  
Public Enemy #1: Barry Logan Vows to " End Crimes" on Farm: La Milpa Organica Farm will celebratedSeptember 18, 2010 with the Last Harvest Potliuck,
BARRY LOGAN OF LA MILPA ORGANICA FARM, 2009 Barry has not been running his farm as a business. The farm has fed 1000 of people the finest of real food for seven years. Farming is considered a business and the way Barry has run the farm is considered against the law. His food growing practices, growing real food, using with the support of helpers working on the farm and visitors from foreign hands, is considered illegal. The La Milpa Organica Farm shuts down September 18, 2010. September 18 for me is the Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when many Jew ...   read more

Lots to write about....   7 y  
Lots to write about....
Lots to write about.... 6:32 pm September 5, 2010 Lots to do... Rina... Lawrey. video which one? BRIEF STORY ABOUT Keep The Beet heading out to sea....   visit the page

Wyland on Gulf   7 y  
Wyland on Gulf
10:20 pm September 3, 2010   visit the page

Words Men Need to Know--Iphoto Library   7 y  
Words Men Need to Know--Iphoto Library
5:03 pm September 3, 2010 WORDS MEN NEED TO KNOW in Iphoto Library   visit the page

Job's Prayer--Found Original   7 y  
Job's Prayer--Found Original It is not in the Iphoto Library Called Greeting Cards. I am also moving the PSD into the PIctures File on the Imac.
INSIDE FRONT COVER FOR PACIFIC SYMPOSIUM HANDBOOK? I thought this signature poem of mine would be the inside front cover for the Pacific Symposium Handbook 2010, After finding all the Job’s Tear’s info, I can see that this is another archetype. The Current work the last few years is Keep The Beet. There needs to be a new poem a new signature... Maybe it is I Root My Dream... Where is that Original? It says, I Root My Dream! I’m a Beet Keeper! 4:25 pm September 3, 2010 I have been looking for the original of Job’s Prayer. I found it, thanks ...   read more

Turning the Beat Around--First time used   7 y  
Turning the Beat Around--First time used PHOTO of Barry Logan holding up the beet at La Milpa Organica Farm
9:26 pm September 3, 2010 FOOD SAFETY DIRECTION? I was looking for The premise behind Keep the Beet is that growing a beet gives people the confidence to grow a slew of their own organic fruits, herbs and veggie varietals. For those with a gray thumb, this could be a long anticipated solution that years of therapy couldn’t even cultivate. 2:54 pm September 4, 2010 CHECKING UP ON CAROLYN LOCKHEAD. SHE NEEDS TO INTERVIEW BARRY LOC ...   read more

Healing Experience at Beautiful Body Car Wash   7 y  
Healing Experience at Beautiful Body Car Wash
BLUE MOUNTAIN CARDS Blue Mountain Cards were in the Mini Store at this Mobile Gas Station adjoining Beautiful Body Car Wash. I took photos of little cards, similiar to the stickers I had in mind. Blue Mountain once offered $100 each in a contract for two of my poems, but the book never passed their Test Marketing final. I can see that the WORDS MEN NEED TO KNOW and WOMEN WANT TO HEAR This could be a booklet, but Blue Mountain does not pay enough to support this. The Concept works though for a web site that we would do, but how would that work? SMA ...   read more

Print out Stickers....for Messages of Hope   7 y  
Print out Stickers....for Messages of Hope
1:51 pm September 3, 2010 Print out stickers as Messages of hope... Have them in my book.... my bound book to give out for $1.00 each or 10 cents each. Go though greeting cards and copy onto a disk... Go get disk... Take a nap. A few key poems... That is it. Some of the Beet certificatss... THIS IS A MESSAGE OF HOPE TO BE PLACED IN A BOTTLE WITH JOB’s TEARS, or Beet Seeds. The Script... Write out the new Life scriipt as one... and Job’s Tears as another... Our New Life scriipt is a Mesage of Hope in a bottle for the world.... Take w ...   read more

Anyone Sane Against S-510 Food Safety Modernization?????   7 y  
Anyone Sane Against S-510 Food Safety Modernization?????
6:48 am September 3, 2010 Anyone Sane Against S-510 Food Safety Modernization????? IDYLIC FARM LA MILPA ORGANICA FARM WILL SHUT DOWN Last Harvest is September 18, 2010 with potluck   visit the page

Return to the Mountain   7 y  
Return to the Mountain
6:07 am September 3, 2010 NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE I feel like I am coming out of a near death experience. This summer has been a killer. My coach, Judith Reno Larkin, of the Gateway University is a mystic who has written numbers of books and is now prepping her archives. She works with Kimberly Mulrooney, the creator of ANGEL LOVE and ANGEL BLESSINGS decks. Kimberly will inherit the Gateway University when Judith Shifts I.D. from embodied to spirit. Judith has been on borrowed life expectancy for more than ten years. She is a real fighter. She i ...   read more

Activists Film Festival   7 y  
Activists Film Festival
ACTIVIST FILM FESTIVAL 5:38 am September 3, 2010 HomeFestival ABOUT Artivist Film Festival Artivist Awards Past Artivist Awards Recipients Testimonials PRESS Videos Photos Press Releases Press Clippings TICKETS View Program Buy Tickets SPONSORS Our Sponsors Sponsorship Benefits FILMMAKERS Submit Your Film! PARTICIPATE Volunteer Jobs Mailing List Donate Festival Breaking News: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ”7th Annual Artivist Film Festival Announces Tour Dates” JULY 5, 2010, LOS ANGELES, U ...   read more

Beet Keepers, Return? What is This All About?   7 y  
Beet Keepers, Return? What is This All About?
5:28 am September 3, 2010 Edmond Bordeaux Szekely makes his point. Adaptation to nature is an issue of existence and non-existence. We are now asking nature to adapt to us and our habits. How far do you imagine this is going to go? What are the Shifts needed? We are not being compelled to return as a generation, as a world to a more natural existence. The Shift back, as if a request from Mother Earth Herself is: Beet Keepers, Return! THE ISSUE OF CLIMATE SHIFT Here is a little video that just came across my email. I like the work of FREE R ...   read more

Hub for more USB Connectors?   7 y  
Hub for more USB Connectors?
5:26 am September 3, 2010 I need a hub for more USB Connectors. Which one to get?   visit the page

Whole Being Weekend Video   7 y  
Whole Being Weekend Video
9:17 pm September 2, 2010 I wasn’t able to upload this on Itunes. Let’s see if I can upload it on Facebook.   visit the page

Fascinating Apple Video Of Steve Jobs   7 y  
Fascinating Apple Video Of Steve Jobs
9:14 pm September 2, 2010 Took a little break and watched a good portion of this Apple Video of Steve Jobs describing the success of the Ipad, and some of the new apps for Iphone.   visit the page

To Senator Diane Feinstein on Food Safety   7 y  
Senator Diane Feinstein on Food Safety MY POSITION Do not over regulate small US farmers through S-510, The ones that need regulation are too. There is bugs in the system of Food Safety. They are falling through the cracks. Food Safety Modernization Act S-510.
MY POSITION Do not over regulate small US farmers through S-510, The ones that need regulation are too. There is bugs in the system of Food Safety. They are falling through the cracks. Food Safety Modernization Act S-510. 12:37 pm September 2, 2010 To U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein responding to your message Please make sure that local growers, especially those upholding standards of health because they are in direct contact with their consumers such as the growing farmers markets and return to growing your own food movement are not impacted by the effort ...   read more

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