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The Emperor Of Trash   7 y  
The Emperor Of Trash The Crown of authorship of our own lives returns to our head as we come into Right Relationship with all natural resources, including right relationship with each other. This is a poem from REKINDLING OF FAITH, an autobiography I issue about every ten years or less with revisions.
10:51 am September 2, 2010 WHAT IS TRASH AND WHAT ISN’T? This is from REKINDLING OF FAITH THE EMPEROR OF TRASH I am the Emperor of Trash. This too, this too is holy in my Kingdom. Torn tree trucks, upturned roots, soil, cement covered now bulldozed cracked through freed. From the dumpster, the throwaway bin these abundant prizes gathered make my dominion on earth grow.. Banana peels, fish scrapes, all these my earthworms reconcile into new soil, raising my spirits. The God I pray to praises my work, says keep mending the broken wholenes that bree ...   read more

email to Anthony   7 y  
email to Anthony
EMAIL TO ANTHONY 10:46 am September 2, 2010 Brief connect with Anthony, BEET KEEPER, RETURN! Sponsor. I need to tell him the things I need. BUILDING A RAFT Keep The Beet Media Star, The World;s First Talking Beet Plant in her Rock Opera sails out to check out the Great Earth Garbage Patch. She has a raft, a small raft... that kids have helped piece together from BioSmart sugar cane Bagasse take Out containers. The foundation of the raft is sugar cane sticks, and later on a piece of recycled plastic from of the sort that David Rothchild uses to creat ...   read more

Disease is Born out of Contradiction   7 y  
Disease is Born out of Contradiction
”Adapt or Non-Exist,” Edmond Bordeaux Szekely Essene Renaissance Prophet (March 5, 1905 - 1979} SOURCE PARAPHRASE There is a contradiction between the rhythm of our nature and the rhythm of our life, a contradiction between civilized life and the rhythm of the natural forces and the heredity of our organism. We are like a cart drawn by two horses one wanting to go to the right and one the left. To Eliminate dis ease--and what we call disease, resolve the contradiction.

How do we solve t ...   read more

Messages of Hope In a Bottle Script   7 y  
7:09 am September 2, 2010 INTRO HUMANS PERCHED IN A SHIFT Human Perched which way would they go? ITS TIME FOR BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! A ROCK YOUR SOUL OPERA guiding us into this millennium as 1000 years of Peace through inspire the planting of New Seed rooting Seed Dream. Begins as a skit... at the upcoming Days of Awe September 8-18, with the B’nai Horin Community in Los Angeles and at the Whole Being Weekend, September 10-11-12, in Idyllwild THE NEED TO RETURN TO NATURE’s ORIGINAL TECHNOLOGY Say YES to I ...   read more

Simple TEch Duo Pro Drive   7 y  
Simple TEch Duo Pro Drive
10:14 pm September 1, 2010 what is this? Bought a new external hardrive. A Super Tech duo pro drive. There is no normal plug that fits in a sociket. What is going on? Is this a plug for Europe or something?   visit the page

How did I make this Text Graphic In Photoshop Elements?///   7 y  
Ran into a glitch with Photoshop Elements. I could not figure out how I got the art I made a few days ago to repeat. Horrors.
HELP! HOW DID I MAKE THIS TEXT GRAPHIC???? Does anyone out their in the Photoshop Community know? 5:40 pm Got real stuck today. I got feedback that the cover I did yesterday was confusing. The one above is a substitute. It is not what I had in mind. THIS WAS MY ORIGINAL COVER This was my original cover. The concept is one I want to develop, but it asks too much for others to understand it. I hope I can move on. This is not a main priority. 3:16 pm September 1, 2010 I am stuck. I got feedback again that this image bel ...   read more

Messages in a Bottle ReBirth of Mother Earth Revision FIX   7 y  
Messages in a Bottle ReBirth of Mother Earth Revision Cover
COVER SIMPLIFIED NEEDS to BE REVISED HERE art after I get finder to open FIX THID....   read more

Whole Being Survival Guide --40th Anniversary Edition   7 y  
Whole Being Survival Guide --40th Anniversary Edition Stuck with Cover right now.
This photo was taken in the late 80’s or early 90’s. A photo in this series was used for numbers of years on the brochure for the Fellowship of Intentional Communities. Tne Whole Being Weekend energy, as expressed in this photo epitomized community for the Fellowship of Intentional Communities. FRIDAY AFTERNOON EVENT 6:30-7:30 pm bring your dinner. Before the opening Ceremony. With BETH BOLWERK, on the Gong, A not to be missed experience of the 2010 Whole Being Weekend. ( waiting for confirmation about her gong.) FRIDAY NIGHT PRE ...   read more

Ouch How we become Plastic Zombies???!!!!!   7 y  
Ouch How we become Plastic Zombies???!!!!!
Just had an incredible phone talk with Kanna of Dance4Oceans. Will will write up my notes that are in Pages before long lots to do. She gave me concrete ideas for the skit. There is going to be a number of beets... a dead beat and a keep the beet. The Dead beat gets Bio Smart after meeting Keep The Beet Media Star, The World’s First Talking beet plant. The Dead Beat is all dressed up in a plastic...She can be GMO... Then, they meet the Plastic Zombies... Oh My Gosh! The Dead beet gets Bio Smart... Then she takes off her plastic lifestyle and out ...   read more

Famous Garbage Patches of the World   7 y  
Famous Garbage Patches of the World 1- The Pacific Gyre Garbage Patch 2- The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Clutter Museum
THIS IS A CHAPTER IN BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! THE GREAT EARTH CLEAN UP BEGINS IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD invite Whole Beings... to help...come here to work with us... I need to get something out of it.... BLESS THIS MESS ART FOR THE GREAT EARTH CLEAN UP Here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community and elsewhere With compassion, with passion, with grace, with appreciation, we want to take on the Great Earth Clean Up, beginning in our own yardyard here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community. Let us make a plan for how we c ...   read more

Keep The Beets Raft to visit the Great Pacific Trash Gyre   7 y  
Keep The Beets Raft to visit the Great Pacific Trash Gyre
KEEP THE BEET’s RAFT This is a prototype of the Raft the Kids will decorate to help Keep The Beet sail to the Great Garbage Patch where she will be saddened, and then place Messages of Hope in Bottles to be carried by birdlife and Fairies back to the sea shore where they will inspire others to grow food and reconnect with the beat of nature. THE POSTER FOR KEEP THE BEET’s ROCK OPERA THIS IS THE COVER OF THE BOOK That tells the scriipt and where kids and their parents and others write out their new life scripts for the earth. ...   read more

Earth Mass- Jim Scott A Favorite of Jim Nessheim   7 y  
arth Mass- Jim Scott A Favorite of Jim Nessheim

Beet Keepers, Return! Art is here & Script   7 y  
Beet Keepers, Return! Rock Opera Final New Art
scr!pt PARTS OUTLINED AS THEY UNFOLD As THE BEAT OF NATURE GREW ONCE AGAIN, WE ALL GREW.... SO many planted a beet, and moved into being part of the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community. scr!pt MORE FROM DR. BERNARD JENSEN on THE GREAT SHIFT NEEDED SZEKELY ON THE CONTRADICTION The WORD is broken. It has lost its Soul The body of it, the Soul of it do not speak any longer to each other. The word has most its whole being. scr!pt GOES HERE!!! 3:25 pm August 31, 2010 L ...   read more

Whole Being Weekend Participation 2010   7 y  
Whole Being Survival Kit Whole Being Weekend--2010
THIS IS ONE OF THE ORIGINAL WHOLE BEING WEEKEND SONGS that we would sing by Jim Scott, AS WE TOUCH COMMON GROUND. This was a Jim Nessheim Favorite Launch in external player or download. BIO NOTE LESLIE GOLDMAN Leslie Goldman with a favorite cactus flower. This flower bloomed on stage in front of 400 people at the Whole Being Weekend while reading AFTER THE OPENING, a poem in THE WHOLE BEING SURVIVAL GUIDE. Leslie Goldman, AKA, Your Enchanted Gardener, is an elder of the Whole Being Weekend. Numbers of his writings were inspired by th ...   read more

What is your New Life Script?   7 y  
What is your New Life Script?
1046 am August 31, 2010 We are lucky to be alive. Most of the people who have lived on planet earth since the beginning of time. We are here. We have the choice of being alive now. Sadly, it is conjecture of how many people who are in bodies now, can be defined as really being alive! There are lots of forces in the world right now that might prefer than most of us were in bodies, followed orders, paid taxes, procreated, and did not speak up about anything contrary to the status quo. Such is not my experience at the High Holiday services of the Children Of Fr ...   read more

Karl Anthony Remix   7 y  
Karl Anthony Remix
Karl Anthony Remix of sound tract on Whole Being Video from 2009   visit the page

Iphoto Multiple Library Organizer Excellent   7 y  
Iphoto Multiple Library Organizer Excellent. Starting to have some breakthough experiences this this application. Hooray!!!
PROBLEM SHOWING UP OUCH! What is going on here? [NSNull specifier]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xa08a06a0 2:18 pm March 18, 2011 March 18, 2011 2:22 pm 9:18 pm September 2, 2010 Had a good experience transfering one album from one file in Iphoto to another using Brian Websters Iphoto Multiple Library Manager. That was a breakthrough for me. I was able to identify one album of Greating Cards, create a new Iphoto Library and from this internal app transfer it successful ...   read more

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