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Kids for Peace Gayle Helps Keep The Beet bring in New Year   7 y  
Kids for Peace Gayle Helps Keep The Beet bring in New Year
RELATED KIDS FOR PEACE SITE THE scriipt FOR BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! The ROCK YOUR SOUL OPERA is is being written as we read. Are you willing to be a star in the Enchanted Garden Era through as you Plant Your Dream and return to Nature’s Original Technology? NEWS RELEASE-- From THE HISTORY OF PEACE ON EARTH ENCHANTED GARDEN GLOBAL Headquarters issued 6:19 am August 31, 2010 Gayle Gale, Artist in resident at the B’nai Horin Days of Awe Ce ...   read more

Idyllic Farm Will Shut Down   7 y  
Idyllic Farm Will Shut Down Barry Logan would be a good speaker to go before the Senate to educate our nation about Real Food and Authentic Food Safety. S-510, rather than being non-controversial, sets a tone for food and regulations that has deep undercurrents that need discussing. The Food Safety Modernization Act s-510 rightfully needs to be a topic of national education about The Future of Food--Real Food-- in America. City Officials invited to The Last Harvest September 18, 2010. Come and see what Real Food Safety Is says the Nation and World;s Most Famous Talking Beet Plant. Noted Beet grew here at La Milpa Organica Farm.
BARRY LOGAN SPEAKS OUT about the regulations that govern small farming. These regulations will likely increase with the passage of S-510, The Food Safety Modernization Act NEW ADDED SEPTEMBER 16, 2010 7:12 pm THERE IS A DEEPER CONTEXT TO THIS STORY FOR ME It has to do with the impending passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act S-510. While we want to increase regulation of sick food industrial system, we may not be looking at the other impact of the passage of this bill. Egg Recalls are here in a timely fashion as if planned to get the nati ...   read more

Cover Final.   7 y  
This was the cover that I was excited about yesterday morning for Messages of Hope in a Bottle. I am getting a mixed reaction.
REVISED WITH THIS 8:52 pm August 30, 2010 REBIRTH OF MOTHER EARTH REVISION IS NOW CALLED MESSAGES OF HOPE IN A BOTTLE I will need a lot of time to get some basics on this to bring to the High Holidays... Large--Does this cover work? Smaller size... Messages of Hope in a Bottle Chris Fox thinks it is hilarious. It is a beet that to me looks like a elephant. I am playing with the idea of Keep The Beet being as wise as an elephant. The story of the scriipt is ...   read more

Need an Iphoto app to help me see in multiple libraries   7 y  
Need an Iphoto app to help me see in multiple libraries
4:29 pm August 30, 2010 I need an Iphoto app to see into multiple libraries.   visit the page

Into the Heart of Darkness, Patricia Kaminski   7 y  
Patiricia Kaminski reaches into the heart of darkness to bring light. I just got off the phone with Patricia Kaminski, a cofounder of the Flower Essence Services and Flower Essence Society. The work that the Flower Essence Society is doing around the world to help uplift pain is far reaching. She helped me today. This is very powerful work she does helping Soul and Body stay connected. I have been calling in to Patricia and today. I needed help today and she reached out.
12:53 pm August 30, 2010 I want to continue to live. I want to see the long years of work I have done to help uplift humanity go out. I am in very troubling moments, visiting dark places inside myself. I actually had one of my housemates here look at me ans note that I was surrounded by darkness and ought to be careful. In her school of thought dark is bad. In her school of thought, the dark is related to some kind of spirit world that brings people down. I took in what she was saying, and I felt worse. I am a very sensitive person to the energies arou ...   read more

Messages of Hope, August 30, 2010   7 y  
working hard to get back on track after a profound unexpected burst of core uncomfortable emotions that set me writing for a number of hours in bed.
br. It is 10:20 am on August 30, 2010. I am fighting for life. I was up early this morning writing and organizing my thoughts. I had a very hopeful morning yesterday. Brilliance came through, a revision of a cover for the Rock Opera BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! and Then, then, I discovered a new way to adjust type on Photoshop Elements, that somehow gave me a burst of life. I was up from very early Sunday morning working on a multitude of inspirations. It was profound to feel a new lease on life coming in, an inner shift. I have been feeling like hopeless and help ...   read more

Turning the cathouse into a Spiritual Center?   7 y  
Turning the cathouse into a Spiritual Center?
The challenge and the opportunity. Tell this the morning.... P’s experience.... The 400 nut to crack... 144,000 needed. the mystery of the great pryramid. the power in 144,000 When impossible becomes possible... my story... natural healing... move on with no regret...line from what poem... IOF experience? what was that all about....   visit the page

The forerunners are the Beet keepers...   7 y  
The forerunners are the Beet keepers...
write this up.... 5:12 am Romain Rolland... and the Fore Runners. Fall reflections...   visit the page

Whole Being Survival   7 y  
Whole Being Survival
5:31 am Whole Being Survival Interview Jim Nessheim about the original Whole Being Weekend. Interview Peggi... It has been important to be for many years. A great personal assault on my own whole being the incident with the plant happened here. The Dome Experience. Can we make it? Can Whole being survive?   visit the page

Beet Keepers, Script!   7 y  
Beet Keepers, Script!
I started to play with this at the Hillcrest FM today. Sparrow... goes here.... We simply need to turn the beat around now. return to a more natural rhythm... this was the message of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely and Dr. Bernard Jensen. the problems today are due to being out of rhythm with nature. Put all Keep The Beets Columns together. and resource materials. Turn the Beat around is a CHAPTER IN THE ONLINE COURSE...   visit the page

What are the chances of this happening???????????   7 y  
A person who had worked for the FDA showed up at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market today August 29, 2010. This morning, in writing out scriipt ideas for BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! I was writing about the FDA coming to the HIllcrest Farmers' Market. Someone, who actually had worked for the FDA did show up!.
3:56 am We each have the opportunity to Shift humanity in a positive direction through the Seeds we plant. There are seeds planted in the world right now that may not be in the best interests of grounding peace on earth. We each feel some of them. They impact on our ability to live a fulfilled life each day. The power of intention is profound. It connects worlds between the invisible that we plant, and the visible that become our day to day commerce. The world now deeply needs to turn the beat around. We can do this through turning around our relationship ...   read more

Inner Shifts Today   7 y  
Inner Shifts Today
I had some profound inner shifts today. I want to make sure I get them down. I NEED TO GO THROUGH SOME OF THE AUDIO CASSETTES I threw away, some can go to the Pacific College Library. I went from a place of deep despair to being filled with myself. What caused the shift? What were some of the insights..? Hut in my the backyard for work? Other quiet areas to work here. Like at Dr. Jensen;s I would work in the barn... SOME THING OLD AND FAMILAR I also stepped into something old and familiar Oh yes, It was like when I worked for the IOF, The Foreste ...   read more

Farmers' Market Breakthroughs: Arslan   7 y  
Farmers' Market Breakthroughs: Arslan
5:46 pm Sunday August 29, 2010 Bio Smart Work with Aahlan... Prices for Bio Smart he doesf our FM markets Show which one’s are possible ....   visit the page

pasteurization sucks, says Louis Pasteur   7 y  
pasteurization sucks, says Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur on his death bed, admitted his was wrong. pasteurizaition sucks. i need to confirm where I heard this. I think it was from Robert Slovack of Quinton Original Marine Plasma. 11:27 am august 29, 2010   visit the page

TUrn The Beat Around The Movie features Cameo Appearance by.   7 y  
TUrn The Beat Around The Movie features Cameo Appearance by.
hOW to TURN THE BEAT AROUND KEEP THE BEET IS FEATURED IN THIS YOUTUBE AT SAGE MT FARM In my epic imagination, Keep The Beet Media Star The World’s First Talking Beet Plant has a cameo appearance in one of her favorite new films produced by MTV, TURN THE BEAT AROUND Keep The Beet is the star of her own Rock Your SOul Opera Beet Keepers, Return! Go here for more on Beet Keepers, Return! ...   read more

FDA Raids Local Farmers' Market, S-510 News   7 y  
FDA EnforceRs Outlawed Pharmaceutical Drugs The End of the World as we knew iT brings in some interesting turn of events as told in BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! The Rock Your Soul Opera that began to be Youtubed on August 29, 2010 at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market San Diego.
7:12 am August 29, 2010 RELATED THE HISTORY OF PEACE ON EARTH 2012 2012 2012 2012 The End of the WOrld as We knew iT! READ MORE IDEAS FROM THIS ROCK YOUR SOUL OPERA hERE, a DRAFT: In an amazing turn of events, over previous years in the History of Peace On Earth prior to the popularity of the BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! in 2010, The Rock Your Soul Opera, The New FDA, under the leadership of Czarina of Foods, Keep The Beet Media Star, ...   read more

Beet Keepers, Return! Flyer #1 for Fall Rock Opera   7 y  
Beet Keepers, Return! Flyer #1 for Fall Rock Opera
6;55 am August 29, 2010 Thanks to Ruth Platner and Rhonda Mason for help with editing the words, on August 28, 2010 CASTING CALL: We need 144,000, or more, to be in the big scene where everyone admits they are a star implicated in the plot to create the next 1000 years as The Enchanted Garden Era through at least that many of us, getting the messsage of Deepwater: The world deeply needs our dreams, great new dreams, great green dreams. YOUR AUDITION Before your audition, please read over the following documents. Some of these are intended ...   read more

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