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with Riki Newell   7 y  
with Riki Newell, Find Serenity in the midst of the storm. give gratitude for all we are receiving... every day that i awake-- in spite of pain i give thanks-- as a pebble in a pond-- every day that i awake-- in spite of pain i give thanks-- as a pebble in a pond--
REVIEW oF TIME SPENT WITH RKI NEWELL Riki Newell called me today. He is one of the greatest creator artists I know. What he said, basically underscores some of the Keep The Beet Teachings I need to put out this Fall, the beginning of this new year. He was talking about the Jones’ no longer attempting to keep up with the Smith’s. This is the equivalent of the queen who lost her crown, and had to come to her senses. being aware of their surroundings how presenred to others-- those caught up in materialist lifestyle improving from that life s ...   read more

Raw Milk Raids?   7 y  
Raw Milk Raids?
RELATED THIS RAW MLK VIDEO NEEDS TO BE WATCHED GOT MILK? ISSUES WITH THE FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT S-510 MILK FACTS a CHART THAT compares conventional and qualities of raw milk products. ”The meek shall inherit the earth and the FDA plans to protect our lips from the last glass of pasture fed raw milk” --Keep The Beet Media Star The World’s first Talking Beet Plant, The U.S. Czarina of Foods Those w ...   read more

Milk Facts   7 y  
Milk Production Practices Comparison Chart The difference between milk production practices can be significant. A link to a quick reference guide clarifying many of the major distinctions between Conventional, USDA Organic, and RAW USA dairy practices.
DOING RESEARCH inspired by RAW MILK: THE WHOLE STORY. FOUND THIS. Milk Production Practices Comparison Chart The difference between milk production practices can be significant. Below is a quick reference guide clarifying many of the major distinctions between Conventional, USDA Organic, and RAW USA dairy practices. 2:11 pm August 24, 2010   visit the page

How the World regained its Beat with Nature   7 y  
Beginning in 2008, following in the footsteps of many immenent gardeners of the American Dream, a simple beet began to talk. her message was simple and the media began to report it. in 2010, she moved on to expand her campaign to influence not only the fate of local, organic farmers, but to The Great Earth Clean Up, her inspired program to restore the chain of being on land and sea. Among those she inspired was Leslie Goldman who calls himself Your Enchanted Gardener. In a fool hardy attempt to score a few points for cooperative living in the world, leslie in the late 1980's took on the job of manager of an 1/3 acre property in San Diego that he had named the Enchanted Garden. From an early on, Goldman realized he was not build by nature to be a property manager, but somehow, someway the land continued grow trees and help plant the trees of numbers of residents. In the Summer Shift of 2010, as other Don Quxote like figures before him, he reached a point of no return where he knew that truly for the welfare of all humanity he had to find a way to turn over the management of the property, that many of his inspired writings might reach the...
SOME OF THE IDEAS IN THE PLANT YOUR DREAM BLOG are intended to be part of My next column in SPACE OF LOVE Magazine. KEEP THE BEET. Leslie is in an semi altered state right now... as he and I are writing this. This Blog may make no sense. It is a work in progress. May Leslie keep taking his FES remedies and be restored to what he is best at.... Today is August 25, 2010 the day following the full moon. We are in Mercury Retrograde, a time when many of us, asleslie, need to focus. INTRODUCTION TO KEEP THE BEET MEDIA STAR THE WORLD’s FIRST TALK ...   read more

Got Milk? Food Safety Modernization Act S-510 issues   7 y  
Got Milk? Food Safety Modernization Act s-510 has me looking at some of the issues around Milk today. This was inspired by RAW MILK: THE WHOLE TRUTH by Chef Jem, my housemate, and blogger on Curezone.
GOT MILK? I am putting some time nto the questions around Milk. There are many points of view on this subject. This was inspired by wanting to see Chef Jem, my housemate here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds, get the word out about his DVD RAW MILK: THE WHOLE TRUTH. RGHT NOW, There is a pressure to increase the power of The FDA down to the farm level. Passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act S-510 will ensure this. The relationship of the FDA and where it stands regarding milk needs to be more strongly in the publi ...   read more

Raw Milk Video Needs To be Watched!!   7 y  
Healthy Raw Milk is one of the products about to get slammed through the passage of the Food Safety Modenization Act S-510. It is urgent that you support information contained in the DVD RAW MILK: THE WHOLE TRUTH getting out. There are kids now, and adults, drinking damaged milk that damages people, yet in the name of Food Safety Modernization, there are many commercial milk producing interests who want to continue to to strengthen laws to prevent farmers from producing healthy raw milk. Take action through watching these free Youtubes. Join Chef Jem in his campaign to spread the word about his DVD.
&H THIS IS A SERIES #1 BLOG IN THIS SERIES Raw Milk Truth & Healthy Communication FREE VIDEO CLIPS CAN BE WATCHED IN THIS ORDER Video clips can be viewed in this order: 8:19 am August 25, 2010 This Plant Your Dream Blog is the Second in a Series to help get the whole truth out about raw milk, a wholeness product when tend ...   read more

Raw Milk Truth & Healthy Communication   7 y  
Living Together is Labor Intensive: Spending time with Chef Jem, creator of Chef Jem, RAW MILK: THE WHOLE TRUTH. A man who aspires to tell the truth and live in integrity with what he believes, he adds tremendously to The Great Experiment in cooperative Living that is ongoing here on the Growing Grounds for The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community. I want to underscore the importance of telling the truth the whole truth now about raw milk. Milk is a substance that can be a poison when pasteurized for commercial gain. It has been a healing substance, a real food, giving as a gift from the creator to those called to say, "Got Milk?"
4:35 pm August 25, 2010 Sitting with Chef Jem, creator of RAW MILK: THE WHOLE TRUTH. The information contained in this DVD deserves to be a gift from Natural Product Industry Companies to people in Congress who are voting soon on the Food Safety Modernization Act of S-510. Chef Jem (as we name him here) is dedicated to being a skilled communicator. I was saying saying that communication -- for eight people living together is as labor intensive as gardening. There are people on the planet now who would like cutting corners. They cut corners regarding the ...   read more

Essene Renaissance by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely   7 y  
Essene Renaissance
Gosh it would be lovely to be at a hot springs today where there is also a cool plunge. I am remember Indian Hot Springs in Eden Arizona. We called it Healing Waters. Hey Aura, do you think we ought to have a little Heartspace Reunion there? It would even be o.K. if we only play Acustic. ESSENE REACTIVATION I was just editing a paragraph from a little booklet called ESSENE RENAISSANCE by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. # IV. It was written in 1957. Raj Patel, sort of says some of the same things in THE VALUE OF NOTHING. I had occasion to have some q ...   read more

HaSeeds: Dancing in the Face of Collapse   7 y  
HaSeeds: Dancing in the Face of Collapse,
There is a story told about the Essenes who I know as earth loving people that wrote original copies, unabridged versions, of what we know as the Bible. When the Roman’s were coming, rather than leave their work, they stayed behind to dot the ”i’’s and ”T”s. They believed in eternal life thought some of them achieved mastership to where they died daily. Dying, may be a key to surviving, as well as thriving through these times. Knowing how seeds grow, and what seeds have to do with planting dreams, is also a good idea for now. Lesllie HaSeeds: Dan ...   read more

Whole Being Weekend Catch UP   7 y  
Whole Being Weekend Catch UP
Call Camp Buchthorn... - View our Calendar for available dates! Phone: 951.659.2995 Fax 951-659-6316 email Ron Today! Commit to going in my head ahead... Camp Buchthorne Photos from last year POSTER FOR FRIDAY NIGHT MAP from Simi Valley to Camp Buckthorne   visit the page

Making Green Living Easy: Hope For Our World   7 y  
Fall process....Fall intent...
THE ARRIVAL OF THE BEET KEEPERS JESSE ALM Beet Keeper. New Resident, Enchanted Garden Intentional Community September 2010 WHAT IS A BEET KEEPER? Through their relationship to gardening and their instinct to plant their dreams with living seeds they inspire others. They show us how to keep our inherent beat with nature. They are the Beet Keepers. Are you one of them? JOIN THE ENCHANTED GARDEN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK. LEARN LIFEBOAT SKILLS YOU WILL NEED NOW ...   read more

Dance 4 Oceans Life Story   7 y  
Dance 4 Oceans: Dancing to clean up the oceans.
3:43 pm August 23, 2010 THIS IS HOW WE STARTED TO DANCE TO SAVE THE OCEANS....... DANCE 4 OCEANS It is overwhelming to realize that so much plastic trash ended up in the ocean instead of recycle centers or landfills. The last several years, I have had oppotunities to help rescue marine animals along the coasts of Los Angeles. When we are capturing a sea lion in LA Harbor, with gillnet cutting into his neck, I just couldn’t stop thinking there must be a way to raise awareness by demonstrating this issue. What if I walk like a zombie that was killed by marine de ...   read more

Phone appointment with Judith Larkin Reno at 7 PM   7 y  
Phone appointment with Judith Larkin Reno at 7 PM Notes.
9:06 pm I came away feeling better. Judith sees me. She says this is the moment we were born to see. Tomorrow is the Full moon. Be aware of what I get into. full moon it has gotten unbearable-- All my issues are up now. O.K. to tell how i am feeling. Remember the wheel will turn. Be wise enough to know the wheel will turn into a bright shiny future. undress... it pains me--- knowing that pain will pass throught out your anchor to the future new energu zone tries to destroy. Many disasters in the world right now. I am an n-path and feeling ...   read more

Mark Meyer's Raising Harvest....   7 y  
This is my Seed Dream for Mark Myers and his film RAISING HARVEST that screenings of his film Raising Harvest continue to draw sell out audiences. That Mark continue to see the fulfillment of creative destiny as a filmmaker and writer.
SCREENINGS OF RAISING HARVEST RAISING HARVEST ON FACEBOOK I just got a call from Lurrae, my dear friend, a Feng Shui Consultant who is available to help you sort out your life. She has been a friend for many, many years. Her son is Mark Myers. HIs new film RAISING HARVEST is a simple story, she tells me of a man dying of cancer. Robert Loggia plays the part of the man dying of cancer. Mark Meyers, writer and director, http://www.Rai ...   read more

Beautiful Baskets To Replace Plastic Bag Use   7 y  
Beautiful Baskets To Replace Plastic Bag Use at La Milpa Organica Farms Stand at The Hillcrest Farmers' Market.
Http:// Kruger’s Baskets 503-621-3484 Contact us at: 11:05 am August 23, 2010 Emily (Center) with friends at the La Milpa Organica Farms Potluck August 22, 2010. Emily and I both met   read more

Keeping Tabs on Jerome Ringo, Beet Keeper   7 y  
Keeping Tabs on Jerome Ringo, Beet Keeper
10:43 am August 23, 2010 JEROME RINGO ON BP INTERVIEW WITH JEROME RINGO   read more

Props to Long Beach Port   7 y  
Props to Long Beach Port from Keep The Beet Media Star The World's First Talking Beet Plant Long Beach Harbor Department Green Port Policy - “White Paper”
Keep the Beet Media Star predicts Long Beach Port will be an inspiration leader in the Greening of our Ports. 10:09 am August 23, 2010 LONG BEACH HARBOR DEPARTMENT GREEN PORT POLICY ”WHITE PAPER” Long Beach Harbor Department Green Port Policy - “White Paper” THE GREAT EARTH CLEAN UP PLAYBOOK   read more

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