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What's Wrong with the Morenga Tree?   8 y  
What's Wrong with the Morenga Tree?
8:26 am August 10, 2010 Take it into Bill Tall, at City Farmers’ Nursery. Call Marengp. Talked to Martha, Bill is out of town... Overwatering? Ti?   visit the page

QIK viideo   8 y  
QIK viideo
QIK viideo   visit the page

San Mateo Eco Village Garden --Rooms/Apartments for Rent   8 y  
San Mateo Eco Village Garden --Rooms/Apartments for Rent
10:03 pm August 9, 2010 Want to live in the San Mateo Eco-Village? Sanda Everette gives a tour of the garden. Rooms for rent.   read more

Mind-Full FES Flower Essence Working This Morning   8 y  
Mind-Full FES Flower Essence Working This Morning
12:27 pm August 9, 2010 Been taking MIND FULL, the FES flower essence formula in the Flourish line. I woke up needing to focus for mental activity. I have had two detailed and focused blogs and emails to two of my sponsors. I feel good about this. NEXT I want to focus on a completion with the work I own Mark Victor Hansen. I would like to get up a special gallery on these photos as well as mail him what he wants. FLOURISH FORMULAS had been working for me Imparting a vibrant state of mental coherence an ...   read more

Germ Theory Humbug   8 y  
Germ Theory Humbug TERRAIN VS GERM THEORY of ORIGINAL QUINTON MARINE PLASMA Outstanding work thoughout!!! Take a look at these testimonials. A new nutritional dosage will soon be released at a lower cost. The Professional version in glass vials will still be available.
B GOOD LATE BREAKING NEWS!!! I just got off the phone with Robert Slovak. There is going to be a nutritional version of Original Quinton Marine Plasma released soon. This will not require glass breaking bottles. It will be lower in price. This is good news. I am very concerned with the high level of depletion in most of us. We are not going to resolved childhood obesity until we give our kids a chance to restore their foundational principles that allow life to evolve as it always has and is intended to grow. 11:21 am August 9, 2010 I am being blow ...   read more

Restore Balance   8 y  
Quinton Marine Plasma Teaches Deep Life Lessons This source of pure ocean water points out to me the healing nature of the ocean. I use this product daily or often. I take few supplements. I feel very inspired constantly that I know of this product. It connects me to the source of life in the ocean. It helps reestablish my Bio Terrain in a life that is ofter very extreme and imbalanced. Powerful new presentation about Original Quinon Marine Plasma inspires me.
Quinton Marine Plasma Teaches Deep Life Lessons This is a photo of Robert Solvak (L) water expert, champion of the Rene Quinton healing contribution to humanity. Robert makes available Original Quinton Marine Plasma, a product I use often if not daily. With him in this picture are old friend Ralph Ray, and Michelle. This was taken at the Pacific Symposium 08, the very important yearly Fall conference of sponsored by the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. I want to affirm that Original Quinton Marine Plasma belongs in the healing hands of professional pra ...   read more

My Arthritis Natural Pain Reliever is StayActiv   8 y  
My Arthritis Natural Pain Reliever is StayActiv. At the Hillcrest Farmers' Market yesterday, I was having fun with two 16 year olds and their mom. After three hours of going from stall to stall promoting the farmers, and going faster and faster toward the end, the mom said, "We can hardly keep up with you!" I confess. My secret was that I had taken StayActiv, my natural pain releaser and arthritis remedy. It releases a ton of energy inside me when I need it. There are times when I could not get through the day without this supplement that has had an profound effect on my life.
I’m a FAN OF STAYACTIV on FACEBOOK 9:09 am August 9, 2010 I just talked to Dan Onishuk who really knows this StaActiv. I was asking him about the tremendous surges of energy I can have when I take this natural product. StayActiv is accelerates protein synthesis. It allows the cells to access the nutrients it needs. I am going to get more content up about this amazing product that is definitely a breakthrough. It was invented by Mark Faulkner, who worked with Olympic At ...   read more

Needing Self Therapy Right Now   8 y  
What do I want to do with the week? Lots of experiences to write about. My mind is tired for putting out a lot yesterday. What do you do when as much as you can do, it is not enough to do all you have taken on, and need to do? 10;22 am
7:02 am August 9, 2010 I need Self Therapy right now. I mean now. It is Monday morning, the time when the rubber hits the road. Five days, a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Then, comes Saturday, then Sunday. I did not use my time wisely from 4 pm to late night yesterday. I ended up processing the sudden and unexpected decision of a guest, and dear old friend to leave. I anticipated her helping me with some cleanup today, but she is in no state of health to do that. She visited with me at the Hillcrest FM, but needed to ”tend the rear” as s ...   read more

Ocean Aid Event   8 y  
Ocean Aid Event and Oceanopolis on Facebook
THE GREAT EARTH CLEAN UP PlAYBOOK RELATED ANTHONY ZOLEZZI SUSTAINABILITY EXPERT Date: 2/28/2009 9:35:18 PM ( 18 mon ) ... viewed 1023 times OCEANOPOLIS ON FACEBOOK 10:04 pm August 8, 2010 KEEP THE BEET MEDIA STAR THE WORLD”S FIRST TALKING BEET PLANT brought this to my attention. Ocean Aid 2010 will be a concert event held at the restored San Diego Sports Arena in the fall of 2010, that draws the community together in a call to action for th ...   read more

Maggie's Soap Nut Washes Clothes   8 y  
Maggie's Soap Nut
, ABOUT SOAP NUTS 9:21 pm August 8, 2010 I learned about this from Dianna Harbin San Diego Tea Meetup and World Tea Appreciation Day Founder, May 8, 2010. Dianna is excited about these Soap nuts that can wash your laundry. It is the only soap that grows on trees. This is the only company that sells these in the United States. It is a fruit that can wash your clothes. You can wash diapers with it. FROM THE WEBSITE THE SOAP THAT GROWS ON TREES!TM FROM THEIR ...   read more

San Diego Tea Meetup Group   8 y  
Dianna Harbin, Certified Tea Specialist just told me about the work she is doing with Tea in California. This is a blog about her activiities and upcoming events in San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Next year, on May 8th 2011, she is organizing a world wide Tea appreciation Day. "After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Recent research is proving the health benefits of tea," She tells me, "Drinking tea with others builds community."
DIANNA HARBIN ON TWITTER TEA APPRECIATION DAY DIANNA HARBIN ON FACEBOOK RELATED THE TEA LIFE WITH DIANNA HARBIN TEA APPRECIATION DAY ON FACEBOOK 8:31 pm August 8, 2010 Took a nap. Dianna Harbin is over. She has been writing away and created this wonderful list describing her activities. BRIEF BIO NOTE: My passion is community-building through tea. I write for the tea blog. I am ...   read more

The Dome sends Blessings for Serenni-Tea Author   8 y  
The Dome sends Blessings for Serenni-Tea Author
Author redefines success from the inside out—while sipping tea! IN THE TIME IT TAKES TO MINDFULLY SIP A CUP OF TEA YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE .... Can you take the time to love yourself every day? SUCCESS IS FIRST AN INSIDE JOB. What we are seeking is really seeking us. 9:57 am August 8, 2010 Sunday Hillcrest Farmers’ Market Day GOOGLE KEYWORK 10:04 am The Dome sends Blessings for Serenni-Tea Author by ... Aug 8, 2010 ... AUTHOR & CERTIFIED TEA Specialist, Dharlene Marie Fahl, will soon introd ...   read more

Urban Homestreading at the Enchanted Garden. Join Us!   8 y  
Urban Homestreading at the Enchanted Garden. Join Us! We have a room available now! If we want to take on stand on living on the earth and living with others, this is an opoortunity for you!
9:30 am August 8, 2010 WOULD YOU LIKE TO RETREAT AT OUR DOME IN AUGUST OR LIVE HER AS A RESIDENT helping to GROUND THE ENCHANTED GARDEN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY $385.00 for our Garret Room. It is small and unique, cozy. I lived in here for eight years and had great writing. Lots of love in this room. SEE ADD D# 47590 THE DOME IT is available for Day use as a personal retreat space. for artists. An amazing space, in the spape of a Geodesic Dome to come and Plant Your Dream. Call to find out rates. ...   read more

Giving EcoUsable Some Love in the Garden   8 y  
Giving EcoUsable Some Love in the Garden
Having a down day. Clearing a little space in my room. Really going through a range of emotions including anxiety, depression, and wanting to throw in the towel. Maybe feeling to the bottom of my feelings is part of the poet’s life. I once met a rabbi who said the purpose of a poet’s life is to have nothing else to write. HERE ARE MY NOTES FROM TODAY Too much to do... Just took a box of EcoUabalbe Stainless steel water bottles into the garden. I started to get feel better taking photos of the bottles and the pla ...   read more

20 Minute Kabbalah-- A Review   8 y  
20 Minute Kabbalah-- A Review I just wrote on about the @) MINUTE KABBALAH Chants by Rabbi Way Dosick, Ellen Kauman Dosick, and Cantor Cathy Robbins,
5:32 pm August 7, 2010 I have been playing the chants from the 20 Minute Kabbalah for many hours. Having a diffiicult day in this Summer Shift 2010 day when I am finding many tumultuous emotional experiences. I find myself at times dying daily. Today, I went out to the garden and had a high time with the plants. When I came in Ruach, one of the tracks was playing. I listened, and then listened to Binah and the line ””Praised is the one who spoke and the world came to be!” I feel inspired to ask the Rabbi to use this in a Youtube for the music. I am feeling better. I hi ...   read more

Kabbalah High from the Kabbalah Center   8 y  
Kabbalah High from the Kabbalah Center
4:52 pm August 7, 2010 I was just looking for any Youtubes with the 20 MiNUTE KABBALAH FROM Rabbi Wayne Dosick and Ellen Dosick. Found this Clip above. 4:54 pm August 7, 2010   read more

Aspartamine article for friend coke drinker   8 y  
Aspartamine article for friend coke drinker
Aspartamine article for friend coke drinker One more substance deemed safe for human consumption by my friends at the FDA. Aspartamine: They also approve BPA Be sure to ask your senators to vote for s-520, The Food Safety Modernization Act, that aims to increase FDA authority over local farm issues. I am being tongue in cheek. s-510 needs to be defeated until a bill comes forth that recognized local decentralized organic farming as one ...   read more

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