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Adventures in Community Living   8 y  
Adventures in Community Living will continue at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds in San Diego. EARTH AWARENESS The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community seeks individuals who want to join together to live in on a 1/3 acre in the city, within walking distance of SDSU. We are looking for individuals who want to spend time honoring the plants in our garden and practicing Cooperative Living skills.
SEE ADD D# 47590 Keep The Beet is a cartoon character that represents a growing intention here. We can regain our beat with nature through tending plants. This can begin with tending a beet in a pot. We have a lot of plants here. THE SUMMER OF SHIFT SAN DIEGO STATE STUDENT WELCOME We live within walking distance of San Diego State University. Called a flagship sustainability Univesity by Jerome Ringo, the Earth Day Speaker in 2010, our home is a perfect location for a student of at S ...   read more

Monsanto Goes Organic?   8 y  
Monsanto Goes Organic?
SIMPLE(R) SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR MEDICAL NEEDS 8/5/2010 3:22:14 PM ( 145 min ) ... viewed 6 times UNCLE SAM MARRIES AUNTIE GMO? JOIN THE DIALOGUE ON SCIENCE, ETHICS, and FOOD to MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER CHOOSE YOUR OUTCOME! Vote for the Choose you would like 1. The world goes biotech. 2. The world returns to Nature’s Original Technology. I am looking for a Sponsor ...   read more

Catching Up with Walt Robb, WFM C0-CEO   8 y  
Catching Up with Walt Robb, WFM C0-CEO
RELATED MUSIC IN A BOTTLE LAUNCHES AT VENICE WHOLE FOODS MARKET AUGUST 14, 3-5 pm. THE LUMINARIES, KEEP THE BEET’s favorite Spirited Rap Group, and creators of the forthcoming KEEP THE BEET Rap song, will be signing their very own EcoUsable branded memorabilia bottle. Alan Greene, L to R, author, and world reknown Pediatrician, Claire Green, Walt Robb, Co-Ceo Whole Foods Market, George Seimon, founder of Organic Valley Coop, and other frined, to be I.D.ed. This photo was taken by Keep The Beet Media Star, The W ...   read more

How to retweet on facebook   8 y  
How to retweet on facebook
I still don’t get how to use this feature. 8:12 am August 3, 2010 After months of speculation, Facebook has finally introduced a way for its users to share live feed posts from friends and family similar to the retweet feature on Twitter. To use the Facebook retweet feature, Via, locate a post on your Facebook live feed and click the ”Share” link. 133 PM August 2, 2010 We’ve long speculated as to when Facebook might get its own version of ...   read more

Music in A Bottle @ Whole Food Market 8/14   8 y  
Music in A Bottle @ Venice Whole Food Market from 3-5 pm.,Saturday, 8/14/10, The Luminaries, my favorite spirited Rap Group, perform for two hours. This is a time to get your very own branded Luminaries EcoUsable Water bottle that comes with a URL downlink to two of my favorite songs from The Luminaries. Now is the time you get autographs of this up and coming national phenomena who Keep The Beet Media Star fortells says are doing something great musically, and are going to be in the national spotlight before long. Warch The Luminaries in the Youtube here called Rainmakers at Venice Eco Fest. They helped bring the rain down on a day when we healed the waters of the earth. Deepwater began gushing one day before Earth Day 2010, April 21, It was first capped six days after the Venice Eco Fest 2010. Raising our souls to the sky and asking for the healing of the waters does make a difference during this days when many of us truly need a moment to dance. Keep The Beet tells me there is going to be an animated cartoon featuring The Luminaries, Keep herself, and My Higher Self called, Your Enchanted Gardener.
Freewill, on the right, is holding up the limited edition of the New Luminaries Branded bottle, only 100 of the new edition, that will be sold exclusively at Venice Whole Foods Market. August 14, 3-5 PM is a time to get one of the 100 collectable Luluminaries Collectables that ten years from now will be highly valued, as the early works of the Beatles (”The ”BEETles) were valued An autographed bottle from the Luminaries is going to be a keepsage, says Keep The Beet Media Star The World’s First Talking Beet Plant, who is rooting for the group. Keep The Beet and ...   read more

What is being asked of me now?   8 y  
What is being asked of me now?
”With Mars in the (supposedly) peace loving sign of Libra, perhaps we will see more emphasis on Saturn’s power to restructure things in a balanced, nuanced way. Or perhaps Saturn’s fear factor crystallizing fear, control, and rigidity. It all depends on how we act or react to these energies.” --Robert Wilkinson, July 28, report about the energies we are in now. 9:11 am August 2, 2010 What is being asked of me now? I just finished an email to Sydney Murray, a sweet lady who carries the vision for Vision Magazine. It would make me feel good during these times ...   read more

Tone of these Days, Astrology from Aquarian Papers   8 y  
Tone of these Days, Astrology from Aquarian Papers
8:46 am August 2, 2010 I was checking in on the energies of this moment last night. I COPIED THIS LATE LAST NIGHT, August 1, 2010 from AQUARIAN PAPERS, Robert Wilkinson’s site for astrological information I find insightful These are paragraphs that I copied. There is more to see, so go to the original. The tone of the day Mars Conjunct Saturn at 1 Libra - Launching New Archetypes in 2010-2011-2012 by Robert Wilkinson It’s here and now! Mars is said to be the ”trigger” for all that happens in our world and lives. It is now in the hot zone of ...   read more

fm today   8 y  
fm today
A Wrinkle in Time--A Moment The Impossible Happened   8 y  
A Wrinkle in Time--A Moment The Impossible Happened
THIS IS THE DRAFT OF A STORY THAT I WOULD LIKE TO WRITE, and may write up a different way. IT is 9:32 pm now. I am being distracted again by impactful experiences at the house. __ Driving directions to Windward Ave & Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291, site of the 2010 Venice Eco Fest, July 10, 2010 133 mi – about 2 hours 18 mins (up to 2 hours 50 mins in traffic) RELATED BLOG RAINMAKERS AT VENICE ECO FEST 2010 7:59 pm August 1, 2010 We are in Summer Shift 2010. Others have identified this ...   read more

Near Death Experience   8 y  
Near Death Experience, and rebirth experience at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market.
Incredible moments with Sunny brought me back to life. 10:45 pm aug 1, 10 MY NEAR DEATH I have been having a near death experience the last week going through finances. It is shocking to see my failings, my so rushing through life, my unwillingness to slow down to the speed of life, and using the bumpstops of 3D living to help me succeed at my deepest soul inspired dreams. I want to improve my accounting practices for what I do in my Garden Management Journal. I want to learn from the horrific experiences of the last week that have ...   read more

Global outreach..Thank you...   8 y  
Global outreach..Thank you... Going from 1 million to 2 million page views on this Plant Your Dream Blog.
We know not the hour of His coming. Gardening helps. Be the One. Many Pulses. One Beet. Through planting a simple beet in a pot, we can regain our beat with nature. JOIN THE ENCHANTED GARDEN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK Plant 1000 years of peace with a new seed planted. A new seed will be planted for you today in our backyard. HOUSEMATE WANTED NOW. CARING, PERSON, WOMAN PREFERRED to keep the balance. Domestic skills, willingness to keep house clean. Love of garden. Desire ...   read more

What Agreements do we need in place here?   8 y  
What Agreements do we need in place here?
Br. 9:20 am August 1, 2010 WHAT AGREEMENTS DO WE NEED TO IMPROVE OUR EXPERIENCE LIVING TOGETHER? Sharing and learning from events here in the last month and months. Council together, share your thoughts and experience. A series of meetings will begin this week. You are invited to participate. Practical Concerns. ( more blogging on this on this later..) What are the true and hidden costs of living here? What is being asked of each of us here? What can we grow together here? What do we have to improve? Share you Ideas? Begins with d ...   read more

Finance Apps for Iphone   8 y  
Finance Apps for Iphone
THERE has got to be a better way to work with my finances. I was discouraged and frustrated yesterday. Pretty complete with 2009’s now. Lots more details to do. I am going to turn this over to Youth and others to deal with it. Enjoying Life at my expense... that is how I feel about some of what is going on here. I am putting in outrageous time, and so are others to keep this going as it is. Improvements mandatory.   read more

Cultivating Food Justice Note to send   8 y  
Cultivating Food Justice Note to send
Sunday, 7:28 am August 1, 2010 Thank you for your excellent response here, Em, and for your appreciate of the property. It is the most intense and difficult learning of my life to learn ho to live in community with others. Our world desperately needs a continuation of The Great Experiment, as Edmond Bordeaux Szekely called it, of learning to live together. I have two full time jobs, it seems, at times, more than two. I have redefined the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community as all those people who want to learn to plant 1000 years of peace one seed and seed ...   read more

How to use Quicken to handle our Cox Bill.   8 y  
Major snag generating the information I need for our Cox Bill using Quicken help and support I am intensely discouraged after multiple attempts over the years to use Quicken to give me the information I need with working with our Cox Bill. I do not have this structure in place. I see multiple attempts to solve this problem. My Quicken program is full of attempted solutions. I am just now slowing down to work with the material in Quicken since the beginning of 2009. I feel very stupid. I have the idea, but taking an idea and translating it into Qucken and then generating reports of the information I need i ...   read more

Please complete phone bills   8 y  
Please complete phone bills
10:21 am TELEPHONE $29.92 $2.87 .50 Is usage included? No. usage not included... add to total... 619.262.1122 DIANNA TENTATIVE HERE sunday--1 pm monday-- tuesday-- wednesday--leavr by noon-- thursday--work watsonville-- friday-- saturay event San Diego 7th tea ceremony-- friday night arrive sunday---august 8 till Sunday-- till the 13th-- AD TO TO DO’s $150.00 per month transfer... to property tax. How much transfer to homeonwers per month?   visit the page

New Housemate and Community Members Needed   8 y  
New Housemate Needed...start process now?
SEE ADD D# 47590 Revsed 11:24 am YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE ENCHANTED GARDEN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK and SHARE IN THE EXPERIENCE OF CONNECTING OUR DREAMS WITH GROWING PLANTS. SOME BASIC AGREEMENTS FOR LIVING HERE Revisions to our current website will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. Luther Burbank in his book ”THe Training of the Human Plant” (1906) sugges ...   read more

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