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Wake Up Call--My Priorities Now   7 y  
Wake Up Call--My Priorities Now I wish i had more time to give to this! 9:10 am July 28, 2010 I got by through grace. What a wake up call. I did not sleep much last night. I have been struggling with a printer not working. I pulled the plug, without realizing it, on an external drive. Device Removal without turning it off first. When I open presumably my main Iphoto library that I have been using for three months, it was blank. I did not sleep all night soundly. This was a major loss of invested time and income. I have sponsor pictures in her ...   read more

It needs to be a Park--Exotica Trees asking for Help   7 y  
It needs to be a Park, Saving the Trees at the Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery.
RELATED TREE FOUNDATION EXOTICA RARE FRUIT TREE PARK it’s a Museum! It needs to be a Museum! Rally on Friday and buy and get plants. We need you to come out and help. I will be there at 12 noon. Some and discuss a plan of action. JOIN THE CAUSE ON FACEBOOK FRIEND OF THE EXOTICA RARE FRUIT NURSERY 7:16 am July 28, 2010 It needs to be a Park. I am talking about the land that is now called the Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery in Vista California. The potenti ...   read more

Seeing inside an Iphoto Library   7 y  
Seeing inside an Iphoto Library says to right click on the library. Right click on what????
10:19 pm July 26, 2010 O.K. I need to recover the photos inside the Iphoto Library I have been using. I will call Tech Support in the morning. This Library is on an external drive. I pulled the USB cord by mistake. It still shows the contents, but The iphoto Library will not open. Also, I cannot print, still.... Queque is not working as it should. Same problem as with Photosmart 7660. Must be something else... I really need to print. In iPhoto 06, in the finder, if you went to the ipho ...   read more

installing New Cartridges on the Deskjet F300   7 y  
installing New Cartridges on the Deskjet F300
8:43 pm July 26, 2010 I made some progress today with my yearly finance completion. I finished the Sales Tax Report. I could not print the information I wanted using the Photosmart 7660. This was very frustrating. I really need to print now to create more order and improve my structures. I also have a Deskjet F300 series scanner set up. This is new for me. I have never changed the ink cartriges. It takes a 21 and 22. I do not do well with transitioning to new equipment. I just bought a new 21 and 22 from Staples. I am going to search for i ...   read more

Raw Milk: The Whole Truth   7 y  
Raw Milk: The Whole Truth. I helped Chef Jem made a new CD cover.
8:26 pm July 26, 2010 I helped Chef Jem make a new cover for his CD on Raw Milk. I have been using raw butter and raw cheese for a number of months. My body did not do well with butter or raw cheese for many years, but seems to loke the pasture fed butter and raw cheese that Chef Jem orders from Grazin Acres. I am putting on some weight. I use the raw butter on gluten free bread. I hsvr had a persistent diarrhea problem for a number of years. It seems to be improving considerably in the last month. I was dianosed with a bacteria called basto Homi ...   read more

Relieving Stress by Allowing Left Brain to Work   7 y  
Relieving Stress by Allowing Left Brain to Work
11:35 am July 26, 2010 I am going to relieve stress through allowing my left brain to structure accounts better and keep me in the flow. I am improving my systems as I work along with my Financial Yearly Record Keeping Review now. It feels good to break things down into structures accounts. I got some good help from Quicken the other day. I want to do the same with the plant in the garden... Using the Plant Parenthood Certificates. WOUND TO FURTHER HEAL 11;39 am The intense stress of working as a child with money numbers. I did not have any qui ...   read more

Completing Sales Tax Report for July 1-09/June 30, 2010   7 y  
Completing Sales Tax Report for July 1-09/June 30, 2010
10:53 am July 26, 2010 Began the morning in the garden. Did some sacred work with pots. That is the foundation of my economy. I am spending time as well in the gift that I have a left brain, that I can complete this Sales Tax Report. UT gets easier each year. We can now E-File. I am in to my e file account!! 10:58 am I have logged in. Yes! This is working. My name comes up.... it is 10:55 am I have been working with the Quicken program on Saturday. I will before and generate the ri ...   read more

Comic-Con--Whar does ir cost?   7 y  
Comic-Con: What are the ticket prices?
Amazing! I spend more than 25 minutes to find out what it cost!!! It has an attendance of over 100000 people & costs $65 for all four days. 2009, I think. Wha’t the big secret???? Why is the price not on the literature? Will it be in San Diego in 2011? 9:23 pm July 25, 2010 Didn’t get in the loop with this show, but a housemate went down. Keep The Beet Told me she wanted to go. Too much going on. Is this show going to be in San Diego again next year? I can register as Press, but how much does it cost? ...   read more

Plant Sell Off at Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery   7 y  
Plant Sale at Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery Gates to rare 3 acre parcel, 3 of 5 acres will be lost by Sunday if $345,00 is not raised. This is the time to save thousands of rare fruits trees.
THOUSANDS OF PLANTS NEED TO BE SOLD OR PLACED ON CONSIGNMENT The gates to 3 of 5 acres, the home of thousands of rare tropical fruit trees and plants, will be locked after August 1, 2010. These plants need to find homes now. $345,000 is needed for a purchase to prevent the lost of this part of the nursery. The deadline is Sunday August 1. Volunteers are need next weekend to help with plants. FROM A FRIEND OF THE NURSERY IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY please tell all your friends, send this to as many as possible plus... nurseries (Home Depot; Lowes; Armstrong; ...   read more

Time Management--Poor   7 y  
Poor Time Management Yesterday. Learning from the errors of my way.
6;56 am July 24, 2010 Yesterday was an important learning day. I fell into really poor time managment. My niece Eva has been in town. She has been staying at the OHI, The Optimum Health Institute. It is in our neighborhood. I have figured out how to spend as much time with Eva as I would have liked. Yesterday figures were getting to me. Figures got to me. I was struggling with money numbers in Quicken 07. The highlight of my day was talking to a man thousands of miles away. He was the Quicken tech support person on the Chat Room. I was having proble ...   read more

Working on Finances Today   7 y  
Working on Finances Today. Starting to make progress. This could be healing. Yes!
CHAT DIALOGUE Chat Dialog Deepak Singh Jagmohan: Welcome to Quicken chat support. My name is Deepak Singh Jagmohan. Please give me a moment while I review the info you provided. Lelsie Goldman: I am downloading transactions in Quicken 07 R3. I see the transaction in my register.I I see it in the download window. The transaction in the download winder does not recognize the rransaction in the register even though it is the same date and amount. How to get it to recognize it? Is there any way to mark the transaction in the register with a C and just delete the transacti ...   read more

Rainmaking Video--Links and Comments   7 y  
Comments on the Rainmaker Video
Thank You! COMMENTS on THE RAINMAKER VIDEO THE RAINMAKERS AT VENICE ECO FEST VIDEO Did some fine tuning of this Blog today. Appreciated the feedbacks. It is nice to put something out and get some feedback. Enjoyed talking to Daniel Kriieger about it today. He is part of The Luminaries. I can see doing a cartoon of Keep The Beet with The Luminaries also as Cartoon Characters. There was once a group called the Monk ...   read more

The Vegetarian Guy, George Vutetakis   7 y  
The Vegetarian Guy, George Vutetakis. We spent time at La Milpa Organic Farm, The Hillcrest Farmers Market, and here at the the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community last Sunday, July 18, 2010. George had a restaurant in Detroit for twenty years. He is a gift to San Diego. His familiarity and love for local produce, and connecting with local farmers and the kitchen, make him a special gift to our community of San Diego. His book, "The Vegetarian Tradition" has a great feel it it and lovely photos. It is a book many people will enjoy. I recommend you visit his blog, The Vegetarian Guy.
WONDERFUL VIDEO ON DAILY MOTION Very Yummy photos of George’s food make me hungry!!! THE VEGETARIAN GUY ON FACEBOOK PHOTOS OF GEORGE ON LESLIE’s BLOG ON FACEBOOK GEORGE VUTETAKIS ON TWITTER Exciting!!!! I really get a good feel from George and his work. I am following George now on Twi ...   read more

Yellow Watermelons are in Now   7 y  
Yellow Watermelons are in Now. Ate my first yesterday. One half went into the belly of Michael Bedar and Rev Martina Hill who stopped here in route to the Modern Essene Gathering in Patagonia. For those in San Diego, visit J.R. Organics at the Hillcrest Farmers' Market this coming Sunday July 26 for a delicious taste treat. The other Beet Keeper Beet growers also have some very special seasonal foods to enhance your S 510 Food Safety Requirements. Always eat Food As Medicine to support Your Local Farmer and uplift the foundation of The U.S. and Global health Economy that begins with each person growing and eating local, whole, pure, natural, and fresh foods from Growers you know. Grow some of your own food. Be in the farm bed with the other growers who feed you. This is the core Beet Keeper teaching for Food Safety from Beet The Beet Media Star The World's First Talking Beet Plant,
S. 510 FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT BACKGROUND It’s about trade TODAY’S BLOG SHOT GUN TOM VISITS J.R. ORGANICS at HILLCREST FARMERS’ MARKET JR ORGANICS FARMERS’ MARKETS 11:42 am July 24, 2010 ”SHOT GUN TOM” KELLY OF K EARTH 101 VISITS JR ORGANICS Can you guess the secret to why the foods at grown by Joe Rodriguez Jr. (AKA Joe the Farmer) Taste so good???? Watch this video f ...   read more

in The Beginning was the "Beet"   7 y  
in The Beginning was the "Beet" This is The History of Peace on Earth Keep The Beet MS here, giving you the lowdown about The History of Peace on Earth, the next steps as I see it from my field of vision living here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds.
9:52 am July 24, 2010 In the Beginning was the Beat of Nature. There was only One Beat. This was the main thing, to maintain the Beat of Nature. We did O.K. THE HEALING BETWEEN MAN AND WOMAN Then, we moved on, having Remembered the Beat. Next, we were given another Soul Growth opportunity. To make this possible, we split in two. Some say women came from Venus, Men from Mars. This is an O.K. Idea, but from my Beet point of view, I like the rib story. In the Beginning, Woman came out of Man. Thereafter Man came out of woma ...   read more

Beet Keeper Intake Interview and PYD Format   7 y  
Beet Keeper Intake Interview and PYD Format
YOU ARE INVITED TO BE A BEET KEEPER You are invited to become a Beet Keeper. Begin here. Plant Your Dream! Root your dream with beet seeds and beet roots. Go out for here to expand your Garden. Your garden is more than a physical place. Your Garden is an expression of your Consciousness. GARDEN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL Read more about your Garden Management Journal here. BEET KEEPERS Uploaded 11:06 am June 23, 2010 This is a Garden Management Journal Entry on the Plant Your Dream Blog. Our soul, our connection with w ...   read more

Shae Planted a Sugar Cane   7 y  
Shae Planted a Sugar Cane at La Milpa Organic Farm
9:11 am July 24, 2010 HISTORY KT Beet MS: Put the key forms here. This is part of your intake interview for new housemates as well. Include GMJ forms and key member forms and Beet Keeper forms. Then, put in Plant Your Dream Blog. They put in comment window. Copy This format into each new Beet Keeper. Chart of Accounts needs to reflect inflow and outflow. Calendar and blog energy transactions. Back up with photos.... Photos are part of the energy gift for becoming an official beetkeeper. Have this structured into an email... a signature. ...   read more

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