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Rainmakers at Venice Eco Fest 2010   9 y  
The Plastic Trash Zombies were a scary sight at the Venice Eco Fest, pointing out how how upsetting and unconscious-- Zombielike-- we are in throwing plastic into the ocean. Dance 4 Oceans, a non profit in L.A. and The Luminaries, combining with the energy of 1000's of us created an profound healing moment that left puddles of rain and pulled the plug on our electronics. They helped bring down the rain, as did The Luminaries, and thousands of Locals who came out to celebrate Our chain of being on land and sea is in need of much love. Mother Earth says now, Root Your Dream with Beet Seeds. Plant Your deepest aspirations. This will bring in the Rebirth of Mother Earth. I was told to come to Venice Beach to bring clean rainwaterfor the ocean. The Maron jar I brought containing the water froze tight. Mother Earth had a plan #2, Rainmakers everywhere at the Venice Eco Fest 2010. Thank you for knowing that you have it in you to bring rain and be the sunshine for each other. Your Enchanted Gardener Leslie and Keep The Beet Media Star, The World's First Talking Beet Plant
&view THIS IS A FILM I MADE ABOUT THE VENICE ECO FILM FEST 20!) This is a film I made about the Venice Eco Fest 2010 THANKS TO ECOUSABLE BPA and Chlorine Free water bottle system and BIOSMART: Your #1 Source for Sustainable Disposable Products and sister company Earthsmart 100% Sustainable Packaging made of Bagasse sugar cane by-product for sponsoring this film and Plant Your Dream Blog presence at the Venice Eco Fest 2010. Through supporting heartfelt Green Companies we will end the use of styrofoam, poor plastic use. Together we can help to redistrib ...   read more

Complete with Mark Today + Pay Rent   9 y  
Complete with Mark Today + Pay Rent
10:41 am July 19, 2010 It is Monday morning. I would like to get a few completes, and also have some time to clean up. To complete with Mark. Where is the photo of Regina Jensen and Mark. Oh, she wants my address to send the magazine. rents go the bank... and money put in Set up with George... The Vegetarian guy. Call Sydney.... send link to photo... Complete with Regina... address Call heather.   visit the page

Space To Live Here in Comfort   9 y  
Processing a dream I had this morning. I am grateful it is a bit overcast this summer morning of July 19. I am attempting to let some of the stuck energy and thoughts of the last few days flow out in a stream of consciousness. Part of me could be overwhelmed now with things I need to do and messes to clear. I am writing here as therapy.
9:27 am July 19, 2010 Just had a dream. I woke up feeling I had a great Short Story ro write, but Short Shories take time to write. I am so very tired from having no where and no place to be without what feels like an intrusion of sounds I cannot control, fast walking down the stairs outside the thin wall of my room, friendly conversations in the dining room piercing through my head, too many bodies, out of my control in our house that apparently have no where to go and are dependent on others here to guide them on their route. What have we become, in th ...   read more

Mastermind Principles---Napoleon Hill   9 y  
Mastermind Principles---Napoleon Hill. These were important principles of success recommended by Dr. Bernard Jensen and Mark Victor Hansen. These came to me through Lawrey Jack, lyricist of "Momma's Wisdom" a song I like very much.
LAWREY JACK We are Masterminding together. I need to study this clip of Napoleon Hill, a favorite of Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. Bernard Jensen. TO Lawrey: 11:19 am July 19 on Facebook Thanks for this video on Napoleon Hill, Lawrey. Appreciate you note that members of a mastermind mind must share a delineated goal and project deadline. I am working to get my head on straight this morning and get some completes. I completed two articles last week, one for Vision Magazine, and one for Space of Love Magazine. I had some good experiences amping up the ene ...   read more

Cleanup bed and floor 20 minutes please   9 y  
Cleanup bed and floor 20 minutes please
9:37 am July 18, 2010 Cleanup bed and floor 20 minutes please   visit the page

Html lesson   9 y  
Html lesson
HTML LEARNING This is an H1 opener with an /H closer in . Benefits of Sugarcane say, I;ll bet I could get some color on the page if I got into this.   visit the page

Growing Sugar Cane in Biosmart Pots   9 y  
Growing Sugar Cane in Biosmart Pots! This is a total winner!!!!! Breakthrough
This is Hot! Hot! Hot! Natan did some trimming of the sugar cane stand that we have growing here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds. AT LA MILPA ORGANICA FARM july 17, 2010 I made video of lovely sisters. One felt she did not have a green thumb. We spent a lot of time prepping here some Sugar Cane in a pot. I brought the Sugar Cane my knife and the my favorite clippers to cut the sugar cane. This created a real opportunity to interact with people. I loved it! It got me out of my shell. It totally makes sense for me to grow ...   read more

Health Improvement + Sick Feelings + Improvements Needed   9 y  
Health Improvement + Sick Feelings + Improvements Needed
9:08 am Sunday July 18, 2010 Health Improvement + Sick Feelings + Improvements Needed Yesterday, last evening was one of the best Potluck gatherings I have had at La Milpa Organica Farm. I had difficulty going. I wrote yesterday from early morning until after 3 pm I did not intend to write about the what I did. A number of major shifts came out of this in this the Summer of Shift. NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE After I wrote all those hours, numbers of the hours in an inspired state, I went to see Eva at OHI. I felt lost between worlds. It was a ...   read more

Things to do before Farmers' Market in One Hour   9 y  
Things to do before Farmers' Market in One Hour
5:07 pm Sitting with Ken Erkind and his lovely wife Lynnea. We are having a meeting to help Ken and Lynnea get their valuable information on the web. We are talking about an auto-responder now. Ken is a resource of information. He loves to share the newest things that he has been exposed to. Vital Health... People, places, and products 8:46 am Sunday July 18 2010 The clock is ticking. I have the Hillcrest Farmers’ Market in a hour or two. Part of me would like to get out of the house by 10 am, so I have a full market. I have a lot to d ...   read more

Dr. Bernard Jensen, Essene Teacher   9 y  
Dr. Bernard Jensen, Essene Teacher, Books in and out of print by Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener. "Keeping the Dream Alive!" completion? Hidden valley retreat and spa was Dr. Bernard Jensen home.
Dr.Bernard Jensen speaks at Hippocrates Circle, one of his favorite spots at his old home Hidden Valley Health Ranch. The land is now the Hidden Valley Retreat and Spa, located about 40 minutes or more from San Diego. 3:22 pm This was inspired by the upcoming Modern Essene Gathering the Rabbi Gabriel Cousens in hosting next weekend at the Tree of Life Rejuventation Center. A NOTE TO GABRIEL COUSENS Keep The Beet, Essene Teacher, with Leslie The Essenes of old were not a religion ...   read more

Keeping the "Beet" with Nature   9 y  
Keeping the "Beet" with Nature. This is Keep The Beet Media Star The World's First Talking Beet Plants response, as I heard it, to the Gulf Call for Sacred Action.
This is the latest edition of Keep The Beet’s Column for the Summer Issue of ”Space of Love” Magazine 11;31 am July 17, 2010 KEEPING IN ”BEET” WITH NATURE for Space of Love Magazine uploaded here 8:21 am Friday, July 16, 2010 Keeping the ”Beet” With Nature Keep the Beet here, The World’s First Talking Beet Plant, Your Czarina of Foods, a voice for you from the plant world, here to give you a way to see these amazing and mystical days in plant and planet existence. One of many Evolutionary Leaders awake now, has named this Summ ...   read more

Note To Gabriel Cousens First Modern Essene Gathering   9 y  
Note To Gabriel Cousens First Modern Essene Gathering
RELATED Dr. BERNARD JENSEN ESSENE TEACHER KEEP THE BEET IS HEADED FOR THE WHITE HOUSE where an undercurrent of Essene activity can be rooted. photo July 2010 at the New Roots Garden San Diego, California ”SHOW ME THE MOVEMENT” President Obama asks VICTORAS KULVINSKAS AT THE DOME Enchanted Garden here in the 80’s A Seed was planted for him to be at the First International Essene Gathering 11:05 am July 17, 2010 Lesli ...   read more

Sending Healing Soul to Soul   9 y  
Sending Healing Soul to Soul m sending Blessing to Professor HH Grandmaster Lin Yun
8:54 am July 17, 2010 I just received a word that a very dear man, a generous soul, who has been very kind to me is recuperating at home. I am sending him healing thoughts now that his ministry that has blessed so many, and the kindness he has shown to so many return to him now. I am sending Blessing to Professor HH Grandmaster Lin Yun FROM AN EMAIL FROM MY DEAR ALLY MARINA LIGHTHOUSE ”Instant Good Deeds are Done by Greeting Cards” For decades HH Grandmaster Lin Yun has given us all hope, wisdom and inspiration. He has been hospitalized with compl ...   read more

How to survive the Economic Crisis?   9 y  
How to survive the Economic Crisis? Newsletter from Marina Lighthouse
This is our response to the question “How do we survive this economic crisis?” The answer, from His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche, was to perform one good deed every day for an entire month.” So, they took his words to heart and decided to encourage acts of kindness around the world. Visit them at Marina Lighthouse shares charms. I wear one on my pants loop. Love to Marina Lighthouse. She is a gift to our world. Leslie ABOUT MARINA LIGHTHOUSE ...   read more

Modern Essene Gathering July 23-25, 2010   9 y  
First International Modern Essene Gathering July 23-25, 2010
I Prefer N.O.T. Say Yes to rooting in Nature’s Original Technology. Keep The Beet says plant 1000 years of peace. 9:17 am Sending Blessings to Rabbi Gabriel. May the forthcoming gathering plant seeds that go forth to bring us all together in love. May all fragments of feelings inside us be seen whole in the Tree of Life. Leslie Your Enchanted Garden Essene minister ordained by Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely 1977 Leslie’s Essene Biography RELATED RAIN FALLS at Venice Eco Fest July 10, 2010 Recent Essene activities. http: ...   read more

Books on my shelf that want to go out into the world   9 y  
Books on my shelf that want to go out into the world. A listing of my books on the shelf, some that want to go out into the world now.
I think of my books as my babies. I have not been a very good pappa. Momma? Yes, I gave birth to them pretty well. Some are in good shape. They could use some updating and editing. Some of these books are needed out in the world right now. Others could make it easier for the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds to ground here at our site in community where we have had rumblings and lived on the outshirts of healthy community living for close to twenty years or more. At times, we have some cordially and fine moments of comradeship, but we c ...   read more

Sex is the Subject Tonight   9 y  
Integrative Medicine Discussion Group Sex is the subject tonight. I may be reading a poem.
RELATED Monday, July 19, 2010 10:50 am I processed a bit of the program Friday night here NOTE FROM SUNNY Sunny was touched by the poem I read Friday night. I read ”Your Creation.” Then, a few women and I were drawn into looking at some of the other poems that I brought and had on the table. I made some Video. I would like to further ground This series of poems coming out. I have been having a number of video experiences recording the reading of poems in the last week. I also recording Lynnea Elki ...   read more

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