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What is Audio Acrobat?   8 y  
What is Audio Acrobat? Virginia Jensen, my editor at Space of Love Magazine, just called. We had a great talk. She heard me read the Long Edition of Keep The Beets new column that is going in the Summer issue of "Space of Love: Magazine. She told me to go look at Audio Acrobat. I am just looking at what this website and program does.
12:20 pm July 16, 2010 What is Audio Acrobat? CUREZONE BLOGS 12:22 PM July 16, 2010 Plant Your Dream! by YourEnchantedGardener æ 1,963,540 page views Apple Cider Vinegar Cure Research Blog by RisingSun 1,142,006 page views Mother Earth Heals by Liora Leah 752,287 page views In The Raw by Lapis 457,600 page views Uncovering The Starchild Within by Ren 387,815 page views Spirit Speaks by Liora Leah 367,185 page views Make Your Own Shampoo by risingsun 358,460 page views ...   read more

Doing Peace with a Hose In our Hands   8 y  
Doing Peace with a Hose In our Hands
Come, my friends, let us taste peace in holy foods forever; smell Peace in wild baby herbs planted where unloved weeds grow; hear and feel its ode to joy from the mouth of Earth-like Angels as we dare to dance with water hoses. --From Job’s Prayer from Rekindling of Faith by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener 11:02 am July 16, 2010 I am so happy that the Evolutionary Leaders are coming together. Numbers of them live in San Diego, including Ariella Ford and Brian Hilliard, personal friends of Keep Th ...   read more

Sydney Murray's got the Vision at Vision Magazine   8 y  
Syndey Murray's got the Vision at Vision Magazine
10:17 am July 16, 2010 MORE ON THIS LATER VISION MAGAZINE OUTTAKES BLESSED ARE THE BEETKEEPERS First article ever submitted to Vision Magazine KEEP THE BEET: Leslie, please upload all the photos of me giving my blessings to Vision Magazine. I really liked hanging with Sydney and Lisa Monique Peterson at the recent Venice Eco Fest July 10. RELATED VENICE ECO FEST 2010 Wrapup FIRST PHOTOS FROM THE VENICE ECO ...   read more

Welcome to the Work on The Web--Byron Katie   8 y  
Welcome to the Work on The Web--Byron Katie
10:07 am July 16, 2010 WELCOME TO THE WORK ON THE WEB Byron Katie was one of my main Sweethearts at the I Can Do It Conference in San DIego. We saw each other two or three times. She said that I made her cry. She was on the run. She was having an off day when I came up to her and offered here some aromatic fresh herb to smell. She teared up. She wasn’t feeling well at that time in the early morning. Then, later, she was teaching her workshop. I sat in for a few minutes, but started to doze off. I was very tired. I came back at the end of her book si ...   read more

New Youth Living Here Now   8 y  
Catching up on Personal Growth for the week. We are in the middle of the Summer Shift 2010. The weather patterns are incredible with Mother Earth sending down messages for anyone who is listening. To others living here, the weather is just some freaky tropical storm.
”That is the true myth of America. She starts old, old, wrinkled and writhing in an old skin. Ans there is a gradual sloughing off of the old skin, toward a new youth. This is the Myth of America.” --D.H. Lawrence, Studies in Classical American Literature ”Here’s forthe plain old Adam, the simple genuine self-against the whole world.” R.W. Emerson, Journals. These two quotes are in the front of ”The American Adam” Innocence, Tragegy, and Tradition in the Nineteeth Century by R.W. Lewis ”The American Myth saw life and history as just beginning. It describ ...   read more

Sit for change   8 y  
Sit for change
9:55 pm july 16, 2010   visit the page

Citronella to keep away Mosquitos   8 y  
Citronella to keep away mosquitos.
I am having a gathering here Monday night. Heads up, Eva is over. She is getting bitten. We have mosquitos. They like fresh blood. I have been feeling improvement, not beng bitten so much. I need some citronella. It keeps off mosquitos. 9:16 pm July 15, 2010 RELATED CiTRONELLA, this says it does not work Windmill Farms Place page 6386 Del Cerro Boulevard San Diego, CA 92120-4703 (619) 287-1400   visit the page

Water from the Sky   8 y  
Water from the Sky
6:22 pm July 15, 2010 I was cranky about fifteen minutes ago. I finished one article today for Vision Magazine. Then I wanted to help Keep The Beet get her column finished for the Space of Love Magazine. Here is an early draft of that: Tinkle. Tinkle. Tinkle. Drop. Drop. Drop. I better check this out! Yes, Yes, it is raining. It was immensely hot today, one of the second most hot days of summer, and then muggy, and now we are having a sweet drizzle turning to rain. I went out with the Flip to record this. ...   read more

More Prayers for the Ocean, July 25, Venice Beach   8 y  
More Prayers for the Ocean, July 25, Venice Beach
OUR DIVINE MEDICINE 5:11 pm July 15, 2010 Dear All: I plan on attending. Hope to see you there. Love, MEL 517 | June 30, 2010 at 8:02 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: Yemaha, protector of the Ocean WE are calling all of you who care about the Great Mother to take sacred action. Here are the facts, disturbing devastating and real. 200,000 gallons of oil has been gushing out, more than one million gallons per week. The oil reserve under the ocean is one o ...   read more

BP says Oil Cap has Stopped The Leak   8 y  
BP says Oil Cap has Stopped The Leak
WOW! WoW! Wow!!’ it is 6:19 pm July 15, 2010. I was just helping Keep The Beet work on her Space of Love Column. I already did one article myself for Vision Magazine. I was getting overtired and cranky!!! Then, all of a sudden, Mother Earth got me off the computer with some tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, outside the window!!!! Gosh. It is drizzling. I better go out in this. Wow! Now it is raining. It is raining!!! RAIN AT VENICE ECO FEST 2010 July 10, 2010 Go here: The first news just came ...   read more

Checking in with Regina Jensen, Space of Love Magazine   8 y  
Checking in with Regina Jensen, Space of Love Magazine
7:24 pm July 14, 2010 On Jul 1, 2010, at 11:32 PM, Regina Jensen wrote: That sounds wonderful! Thank God things are easing up for you. No, I haven’t had a chance to be on those networks, because I still have to work full time, besides doing all the magazine (and a huge garden) AND my travel schedule!! BUT - I started Tweeting today, after having had an account for 365 days (didn’t realize it was an entire year already since I set it up. Wow!! I was afraid to commit to ONE more thing!!) But my silkworms hatched (I have 4000) and I was so excited and wanted to let my frie ...   read more

Heard from Lawrey Jack of Momma's Wisdom   8 y  
Heard from Lawrey Jack of Momma's Wisdom
5:23 pm July 14, 2010 I just heard from Lawrey Jack, a great lyricist and Beet Keeper I met when Mark Victor Hansen gave the morning Intro to the Wealthy Writer’s Wisdom Course. Here was my note back to Lawrey: Wow! Lawrey! Good to hear from you. I got away for a day and when to a festival in Venice Beach, about 130 miles from here. How much time are you spending listening to the Wealthy Writers Wisdom Course? I am swamped and have not been listening in. I need to settle things down and take care of record keeping that is long overdue. My goal this week ...   read more

Blessed are the Beet Keepers...Vision Article Out Takes   8 y  
Vision Magazine Article Blessed are the Beet Keepers, for they shall inherit the Earth
WATER FROM THE SKY Leslie at the Venice Eco Fest 2010. It was cloudy most of the day. I was obsessed with the idea of wanting people to go to the sea waves and give blessing for the healing of the oceans. I had brought a flash of rain water with me to cleanse the ocean. In racing out of the house earth Saturday morning, I screwed the top on in a way that made it impossible to open the flask. This was the intent of my mission, the long drive. I wanted to be present for the opening ceremony. I got up to Venice beyond human limits. The EG Mobile sim ...   read more

Our World Has Fallen Before. We Can Fall Again or Rise.   8 y  
Our World Has Fallen Before. He Can Fall Again.
LISTEN HERE TO THE CULF CALL TO SACRED ACTION WHERE TO LISTEN 1:39 pm July 2010 MY INITIAL NOTES listening to the Third GUlf Call THIS IS PART OF WHAT IS BEING ASKED OF US Our world has fallen before. We are all at a point of deep decision. The most recent message of the fall came from listening to the Third Call of in the Gulf Call to Sacred Action series that took place July 13, 2010. I highly recommend that you lis ...   read more

EcoUsable Will Sponsor Venice Eco Fest Photo Galleries!!!!!   8 y  
Joey Mendelsohn and Marc Wollman of EcoUsable are sponsoring ten hours of my writing so I can tell the story of the incredible Rainmaking Activity that happened at the Venice Eco Fest. Thank you so much!!! I really needed to healing boost this morning, dear allies, Joey and Marc. It is not easy being on the frontlines as an Evolutionary Leader learning to live here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community. The world so deeply needs more of us to attempt to live together and send uplifting positive messages to the Gulf. That was essence of the work I was doing at Venice Beach July 10, 2010
THIS IS A FILM I MADE ABOUT THE VENICE ECO FILM FEST 2010. This is a film I made about the Venice Eco Fest 2010 FOR MORE ABOUT THE VENICE ECO FEST 2010 Rainmakers, go here: JOEY MENDELSOHN OF THE ECOUSABLE WATER BOTTLE with KEEP THE BEET MEDIA STAR. Unexpected fain fell around the time Joey and Keep the Beet got together RAIN FROM THE SKY--Joey Mendelsohn, rainmaker, one of my local heros for lending positive energy to the movement to turn our world green, dances at the Venice Eco Fes ...   read more

Being an Evolutionary Leader   8 y  
On the frontlines of Evolutionary Leadership The attempt to live together update in intentional community
added 9:16 am July 14, 2010 FIRST ENTRY THIS MORNING 8;27 am July 14, 2010 On the frontlines of Evolutionary Leadership The attempt to live together update in intentional community My startup disk is almost full. My Imac is asking me to shut down programs. There is too much going on. I laid in bed for an hour attempting to make sense of what happened last night. Angelene described it as the Tower of Babel. We were definitely not on the same page. I am participating in an evolutionary experiment here in San Diego. It has global import. W ...   read more

Call to Sacred Action- 5:30 PM PSD July 13, 2010   8 y  
Call to Sacred Action- 5:30 PM PSD July 13, 2010
MY NOTES FROM THE THIRD CALL JULY 13, 2010 are here. I highly recommend listening to the replay Tomorrow. What kind of pods will we form locally? Time to cooperative, not compete, they say. GO HERE FOR MY NOTES 5:06 pm July 13, 2010 The Gulf Call to Sacred Action sponsored by Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution Thank you for visiting the website for The Gulf Call to Sacred Action. The next scheduled call is Tuesday J ...   read more

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