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Rainmakers Active at Venice Eco-Fest   8 y  
in process....!!!! Rainmakers gather at Venice Eco Fest
THIS IS THE MAIN LINK FOR THE MOST RECENT STORY GO HERE!!!!! NOW RAINMAKERS AT VENICE ECO FEST 2010 Rainmakers at Venice Eco Fest 2010 RAINMAKERS AT VENICE ECO FEST Uploaded, 6:52 pm July 20, 2010 SENDING HEALING TO OUR OCEANS We can do this!-- Keep The Beet Media Star, The World’s First Talking Beet Plant Allison and Susan of the Sukyo Marikari organization joined Keep The Beet Media Star The World’s First Talking Beet Plant in sending healing energy to our oceans at the end of ...   read more

Moving to the other side of an emotional storm   8 y  
Moving to the other side of an emotional storm
9:49 am july 12 2010 I left in a rush Saturday morning. I wanted to take my blanket with me. In one minute or less, I threw everything left on my bed on the floor to get to the blanket. Today is Monday morning. I just picked it all up from the floor. I am lighting a candle. 9:54 am I want to call the bank and respond to some kind of overdraft notice that came in as I was processing or leaving. I did not take time to deal with this. I am dealing with it now. What is this all about? I will be right back... to getting a complete on Thursday, Fr ...   read more

Wealthy Writers Wisdom Progress Report   8 y  
Wealthy Writers Wisdom Progress Report
9:20 am July 12, 2010 Setting up a notebook, a place where I can keep my Seed Dreams for the Wealth Writers Wisdom course I am going to do. Setting up notebook now. Thank you. Complete: Send Mark the photos and the books that he requested. RELATED WEALTHY WRITERS WISDOM IS A GREAT PROGRAM June 26, 2010 ABOUT WEALTHY WRITERS WISDOM WEALTHY WRITERS WISDOM ON FACE ...   read more

Building trust before talking about having a Trust   8 y  
Building trust before talking about having a Trust
9:09 am July 12, 2010 NERVES IMPROVING... STILL BEING SHOCKED Loss of rain water at the same time when I was making such a big deal of rain water. Reminds me of time I came home and my dog had been given away. Where did this idea come from?? Storage area underground. Understanding each other’s needs. Do we want to do that? What we can take on this summer. Being realistic. Each idea--1000 details. Each detail takes time. Priorities of things we can do here. COMING FORTH FROM TWO MONTHS OF TRAUMA transition of old and new energies. awakening ...   read more

Nourishing Your Soul and Soil Connection   8 y  
Nourishing the Soul through tending the Soil A Message from Keep The Beet Media Star, The World's First Talking Beet Plant.
LESLIE HERE: O.K., I got it! What a haul!!! We have had extra people around the house for ten days. One new housemate with a lot of friesh youthful energy, and another guest. There is a lot of adjustment in this the Summer Shift 2010. I will write more about that. Having some clarity this morning. We got another unexpected rain yesterday. I needed it. I finished one article for Vision Magazine yesterday morning in the quiet of the house, but was struggling in the afternoon, with our guest frolicing through the kitchen and dancing through m ...   read more

Keeping Our Beet with Nature--Space of Love Column?   8 y  
Space of Love column... The Beat of Nature...
8:50 am July 12, 2010 I need to write my Space of Love Column if it is going to get in. Where is that at? Check last column. Check last email to Regina for ideas I sent her that I thought could be a draft. BLOG ON VISION MAGAZINE YES... Do it. Thanks! Leslie GROWING A BEET IN A POT REVIEW START HERE: GROWING YOUR OWN PRODUCE EASIER THAN YOU THINK   read more

State of Our Union- State of the World   8 y  
State of Our Union- State of the World.
8:06 am July 12, 2010 We are a bunch of people living on the same planet without shared understandings and structures for how to live together. That is my assessment of the condition of the world. This is also my assessment of the state of the union of my home. I judge from my immediate environment the global state of affairs that is reflected in my own life. A mess here to clean up this morning the result of early morning activity and decision to leave town on a mission to the Venice Eco Fest. TO DO TODAY I want to get a complete today on that. Th ...   read more

Luminaries   8 y  
more tomorrow....   visit the page

Venice Eco Fest 2010 wrap up   8 y  
Venice Eco Fest 2010 wrap up
RELATED RAINMAKERS ACTIVE AT RECENT VENICE ECO FEST 2010 july 10 report on the Plant Your Dream Blog JOEY with Peppermint Scented Geraniums from the Enchanted Garden Growing Grounds!/photo.php?pid=4477530&id=504567234&fbid=416495577234 View my first photos here FIRST FACEBOOK PHOTOS FROM THE VENICE ECO FEST 2010--Ecousable stainless Streel filtration bottles was on site. WATER FROM THE SKY to cleanse the OCEAN Leslie at Venice Beach Unex ...   read more

The Problem is not Only BP   8 y  
This is the Message I took away from the Third Annual Venice Eco-Fest: Only through nature contact, can we have the Rebirth of Mother Earth. The Problem is not with BP, The problem is with us. The problem is within each of us. Thousands of us were at the Venice Eco-Fest. Few of us there, actually went to the ocean, and said, "I love you. Here I am. I am yours. Here, is something beautiful. I am here for you." Have you no ocean? Have you no sea? Have you no garden? You do! Claim it! Be one with the sun and sea. Those of you who are within distance of ocean waves, go to the ocean. Take your shoes off. Give something beautiful back to the ocean. Be something beautiful for the Ocean and the land. Plant Your Dream. Those of you, who are alive today. Go into your backyard, connect with a plant, and say prayers. Those of you spending gas today and this month to get to the beach. Please, go to the ocean and deliver the goods: Rededicate your life to the Rebirth of Mother Earth. Dedicate the Beauty you have inside you as a gift back to Mother Earth.
11:19 am Sunday, July 11, 2010 Good conversation with Stephen Longfellow Fiske. The event yesterday was did a lot of good. Lots more to say.... WHAT DO I MEAN ”The Problem is not BP. The problem is us?” INTRO Lots to write this morning... Parts of this Plant Your Dream Blog are in good shape. This is the basis for a lot of personal growth work I did in going up to LA for the day yesterday for the Venice Eco Fest. [Freudian slip--I wrote: Venice Ego Fest. How funny! ] We all have a lot to learn to r ...   read more

Bernard Jensen and Peter Caddy- Giant Souls Among Us!   8 y  
Bernard Jensen, the Natural Healing arts pioneer, and Peter Caddy, co-founder of Findhorn were pioneering spirits, Beet Keepers to be remembered on these days of preparation for the Total Solar Eclipse, July 11, 2010. Now is is the time for Patterns of Wholeness to awaken in each of us, and patterns of fragmentation, patterns of separation to deminish.
RELATED ESSENE GARDENING PRACTICES PREP FOR THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE July 11, 2010 FOLLOW THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE ON THE WEB 8:42 pm July 9, 2010 MEDIUM SIZE BR BERNARD JENSEN AND PETER CADDY MESSENGERS OF WHOLENESS--Dr. Bernard Jensen (L), and Peter Caddy, Co-Founder of Findhorn Community in Scotland. This rare photo is from the ...   read more

Cultivating Food Justice gathering July 19 at 7 pm - 9 pm   8 y  
Cultivating Food Justice gathering July 19 at 6 pm
7:50 pm Friday July 9, 2010 Cultivating Food Justice gathering July 19 at 7-9 pm. I better put up a note about the Cultivating Food Justice Conference Follow Up here for Monday July 19. I am not sure of the time. I will check. I am been totally out of myself, deep out of myself. I started to get back in tonight when I decided to stay in and do some scanning. I came upon a photo I needed to find, but I have missed keeping my date with Eva at the OHI. I would still like to go over there. HOW DO I FIND THE NOTE ABOUT THE CULTIVATING FOOD JUSTICE GATHERING ...   read more

Essene Gardening Practices   8 y  
Essene Gardening Pracitices. Preparations for the Total Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010.
Keeping The ”Beet: With Nature” added July 17, 2010 Keep The Beet Responds to the Sacred Call in the Gulf. 6:01 pm July 9, 2010 RELATED JOB’s PRAYER REBIRTH OF MOTHER EARTH New Back Cover THE EMPEROR OF TRASH a poem from ”Rekindling of Faith” Date: 7/6/2010 10:26:33 AM ( 3 d ) ... viewed 56 times Carol and Russ? Essene Gardeners here at the Enchanted Garde ...   read more

How Healthy are Computers?   8 y  
How Healthy are Computers?
SOLAR ECLIPSE JULY 11, 2010 12:47 pm July 9, 2010 I just spent the last 25 minutes rebinding my best original copy of ”The Rebirth of Mother Earth.” It is a couple days before a total solar eclipse. In the middle of the night, I heard a voice that was reminding me something about Nature’s Original Technlogy that comes up from the earth. Seeds and soil are part of Nature’s Original Technology and their ends are the perfection of our species. Nature’s Original Tecnology treats the human being the one of Na ...   read more

How to delete on the Flip Ultra?????   8 y  
How to delete on the Flip Ultra?????
11:46 am July 9, 2010 To delete on the Flip Ultra HD I am finding maddening, This is just what I needed as part of me is preparing to go to L.A for the Venice Eco Fest and the other part wants to jump off the planet, clean up some stuff, or do something manageable with my life right now. The Total Solar Eclipse is Sunday. This is Friday. I do not want to admit this. I have this pain in the back of my head that I would prefer not to give energy to. This is ongoing. Is it relate ...   read more

Prep for Total Solar Eclipse July 11, 2010   8 y  
Preparing for the Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010. Checking, confirming, what I am feeling inside with Robert Wilkinson's Aquarian Papers, and other sources.
SUNDAY MEDITATION ON THE WATERS RAIN FALLS, AT LIVE h20 a look back ESSENE GARDENING PRACTICES Carol and Russ? Essene Gardeners here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community. They arrived a day after we did a World Peace Celebration on around Earth Day 1983. The event was at the Starlight Bowl, Balboa Park. They were a gift for doing the World Peace Celebration. A few days after Russ began to garden, a family of fox s ...   read more

L.A. Times Article--Shouting it Like It is, 1992   8 y  
L.A. Times Article--Shouting it Like It is, 1992
BIO NOTE MATERIALS LESLIE GOLDMAN Scanned July 9, 2010 Originally in Los Angeles Times Magazine page 8 May 31, 1992 by Bob Baker, Staff Writer. ”I’ve been waiting half my life to tell someone about Leslie Goldman. Always figured I’d wait for some desperate moment. Now it’s here.: --Bob Baber, Los Angeles Times Magazine May 31, 1992 9:29 am July 9, 2010 I am suppose to be prepping to go to the Venice- Eco Fest 2010. I am still shaky inside. What am I best suited to do with my time today? Go out or go in? I just scanned in this article. ...   read more

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