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Our Unmanageable World   8 y  
in process
6:17 am June 28, 2010 There is a similarity between what is happening here at home and what is happening in the world. I felt exhausted yesterday after an emergency house meeting Saturday late afternoon and evening. As the house manager here, The situation feels unmanageable. Yesterday, Sunday, was the day of a gathering, the last day of the month gathering. I did not want to invite more than a few of my closest allies right now. The situation is Volatile. I do not know what to expect next. What ever authority I felt here was being challenged on Satu ...   read more

Join the Gulf Call to Sacred Action   8 y  
Join the Gulf Call to Sacred Action. This contains my notes listening to the third call of the Sacred Call to Gulf Action. I am listening now for the first time.
”KEEPING” THE BEET WITH NATURE added July 17, 2010 A message to those honoring the Gulf Call to Sacred Action Keeping the ”Beet” with Nature THE THIRD CALL IS MUST LISTENING The third call of the Evolutionary Leaders The Gulf Call for Sacred Action that took place July 13 is must listening. WHERE TO LISTEN The Call to Sacred Activism Message from Barbara Marx Hubbard, Andrew Harvey, and Greg Braden Barbara gives Leslie a hug at the Uni ...   read more

Eight actions to save the Gulf from Deepok Chopra   8 y  
Eight actions to save the Gulf from Deepok Chopra
DOING PEACE WITH A HOSE IN YOUR HAND Come, my friends, let us taste peace in holy foods forever; smell Peace in wild baby herbs planted where unloved weeds grow; hear and feel its ode to joy from the mouth of Earth-like Angels as we dare to dance with water hoses. --From Job’s Prayer from Rekindling of Faith by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener ...   read more

Brian Hilliard, Please help Kerry Echo. Thank You.   8 y  
Dear Beautiful Brian, please help my friend Kerry Echo. She needs work to get out of her truck.
I love Brian Hilliard, He hangs with soulmate Arielle Ford, I was just listening to Arielle be the M.C. for the first GULF CALL. Brian touches me and he has touched Keep The Beet Media Star. They are good friends. Keep roots from Brian and Arielle. I just saw Brian on the list of Evolutionalry Leaders. He helps the homeless. I am introducing him to my new friend, Kerry Echo who lives in her truck right now. She might like to live here at The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community growing grounds in San Diego if she can put the rent together. EVOLUTION ...   read more

The Ringing Cedars Network: Nice!   8 y  
The Ringing Cedars Network: Nice!
ANSWER THE CALL I was 41278 June 27, 2010 8:07 am San Diego, California Listening to a beautiful song right now! KEEP THE BEET at THE HILLCREST FARMER’s MARKET May 2010 Do you Keep The Beet? Find out more here The beet, the box, or both? KEEP THE BEET IN SPACE OF LOVE MAGAZINE ISSUE #7’ KEEP THE BEET ON ”THE LAND OF THE LAND” inclu ...   read more

The Ringing Cedars Network: Nice!   8 y  
The Ringing Cedars Network: Nice! Listening to a beautiful song right now!   visit the page

Gathering Today 4-7 pm at the Enchanted Garden   8 y  
Gathering Today 4-7 pm at the Enchanted Garden
JUNE 27 GATHERING ON FACEBOOK 7:11 am June 27, 2010 So much crisis this week, I did not have time or energy to put into this powerful event....that I want to have with a few friends here. Call if you are coming or want to come. BETH BELWERK she is scheduled to do sound healing here today. REGISTER ON OUR COME ROOT YOUR DREAM GATHERING FACEBOOK PAGE. RSPV HERE FOR June 27, 20 ...   read more

July 4th Events 2010 Scream + Jehsyn Lavelle   8 y  
Keep The Beet Lives at the World Beat Center!
Scream On 4th Of July Sunday, July 4 4:00p at World Beat Center, San Diego, CA Price: $15.00 - $25.00 Age Suitability: All Ages Tags: There are no tags. Come scream with us on fourth of july, with a view of the san diego big bay boom fireworks show from our outside dance area, we are making our outside area even better with a bigger stage, more lights, a huge led curtain that we will be animating our own fireworks all night along with multiple chill tents, massage tables, live artwork ...   read more

Arielle Ford, Keep The Beet's Friend, on The First Call   8 y  
Arielle Ford, Keep The Beet's Friend, on The First Call
ANSWER THE CALL I was 41278 June 27, 2010 8:07 am San Diego, California KEEP THE BEET at THE HILLCREST FARMER’s MARKET May 2010 Do you Keep The Beet? Find out more here The beet, the box, or both? KEEP THE BEET IN SPACE OF LOVE MAGAZINE ISSUE #7’ KEEP THE BEET ON ”THE LAND OF THE LAND” included ARIELLE FORD MEETS KEEP ...   read more

How to delete on a Flip Video 2 hr HD   8 y  
How to delete on a Flip Video 2 hr HD
This article will explain how to delete your videos or snapshots in FlipShare. NOTE: Once a video or snapshot is deleted in FlipShare, it can no longer be retrieved. To delete videos or snapshots in FlipShare: Step 1: In the FlipShare Workspace, click on the videos or snapshots you want to delete. To select multiple items, press and hold the Alt button on your keyboard and click on the videos or snapshots you want to delete. To select all videos, click Select: All found at the bottom of the Workspace. NOTE: You cannot delete items by selecting them from the SHORTC ...   read more

Lunar Eclipse June 26, 2010   8 y  
Lunar Eclipse June 26, 2010
ROOT DREAMS 11:01 am June 26, 2010 PHYSICAL People in parts of the Americas, the Pacific and Asia might notice something unusual in the skies as a partial lunar eclipse begins at 10:17 Universal Time, or UTC, June 26 - the first lunar eclipse of 2010. When the moon appears to disappear during a lunar eclipse, it is simply the act of casting a shadow on a truly grand scale. Mitzi Adams, an astrophy ...   read more

10:35 am--Do Some Clean Up   8 y  
10:35 am--Do Some Clean Up
A lot of things on my agenda. First things first. I got to win my bed back. I would like to contact. Lawrey Jack Smaskhnuk. How long will he be in town? Set up contact for him now and call him. Clear bed. 1. mosquitos. 2. Space Clearing. 3. The Hirelings--check 10:36 am June 25, 2010   visit the page

Ask Your Enchanted Gardener--New Forum Set Up   8 y  
"Ask Your Enchanted Gardener" New Forum Set Up today on one of the highest ranking alternative Health Sites in the World
ASK YOUR ENCHANTED GARDENER ASK YOUR ENCHANTED GARDENER 9:39 am June 25, 2010 I love Curezone. I support the ideas that we are here in the world to Educate and not Medicate. This is my fifth year blogging. I highly recommend that each person explore blogging as a way of keeping your head on straight. We live in a world that can be very crazy making. These are times that can be expecially Crazy Making. I am calling this Summer Shift 2010. Numbers of us are going through shifts of the most earthshaking kind. The Chain of Being has been broken. ...   read more

Doing Too Much is a Way to Succeed at Nothing   8 y  
in process
Incomplete blog... sorry... Dong too much is a way to succeed at nothing. This was a reminder from Mark Victor Hansen. He inspired me yesterday at his Wealthy Writer’s Seminar free breakfast, an intro to this great program he is doing. When I do too much, when I do everything this is a great way to go end up frustrated. NATURE’s ORIGINAL TECHNOLOGY I have been introducing the idea of Nature’s Original Technology here for a number of weeds. Good communication is part of Nature’s Original Technology. Soul inspired communication is part of Nature’s Origina ...   read more

PB Oil Spill- Mark Victor Hansen is on it   8 y  
PB Oil Spill- MarK Victor Hansen is on it
4:38 am June 25, 2010 MARK VICTOR HANSEN’s SOLUTION TO THE GULF SPILL 11:04 am June 25, 2010   visit the page

Wealthy Writers Wisdom is a Great Training Program   8 y  
Mark Victor Hansen's Wealthy Writers Wisdom Mentorship Program is exciting. A look back at "Chicken Soup for the Soul" coming out. Chicken Soup for the Soul on Facebook. First look at my favorite Wealthy Writers Wisdom Mentee, Lawrey Jack, a new Beet Keeper Enchanted Garden Club Member.
RELATED RECENT SUCCESS FOR CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL ADDED MAY 24, 2011 11:12 am WEALTHY WRITERS WISDOM ON FACEBOOK added 6:40 pm June 30, 2010 Keep The Beet Here I just got Leslie’s fingers out of bed to do some updates on this Plant Your Dream Blog. Congrats to Mark for expressing his full self regarding the Gulf. We are all in Deepwater now, but with Leslie and Mark working on this together, I know all will be O.K. ”Lettuce grow together!” as Leslie says when h ...   read more

Mike Koeniz ZI8   8 y  
Mike Koeniz ZI8
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