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Fighting 4 New Life   10 y  
Going through Stuck Energy. There are some things I would like to save for Historic Purposes. What does The Basement represent?
8:11 AM August 14, 07 Strong dreams of retrayal all night long. I was playing different roles, sometimes the pertitrator, sometimes the victim. Extremely uncomfortable and disturbing dreams that seemed to go on again and again. Senstations and images of little support. Twin Soul was in one of the dreams. There were a lot of us in a house in some kind of a slumber party. She was in a protective mode, covered with mosquito netting. She was not available, or willing to share comfort. Went to accupuncture yesterday, a lovely intern. She was from Persia, a land of ...   read more

Relatives Visit   10 y  
Relatives visit unexpectedly. It was healing.
11:10 AM August 13, 06 The History of Peace on Earth I had a pile of stuff to give David and Shalom when they arrived. We did a little tour of the property and settled in a peaceful spot in the backyard near the Healing Area. To top find was a xerox copy of a picture of David’s older brother Morris and sister Marcia when they were kids. I gave these to them. Shalom lives in Brooklyn, New York and is the son of Morris. This was our first meeting. He is 17 now. David is the brother of Eva, my niece. We are close. Davis teaches kids at the Hebrew s ...   read more

Basement-Before   10 y  
Before shot of Basement back. I am building up energies to let go.
11:02 AM August 13, 07 This is a view of the back of the basement facing the North West side BEFORE our Cleanup. I am glad to say that 1/2 of the shelves in the book have been cleared of my books. The mattress now has a new home in another part of the basement. The pile in the foreground, belonging to another housemate is now gone. After shots soon. I will reprint here later what Karen Kingston says about the symbology of the basement. I have one hour 30 minutes to work before heading to accupuncture. I am intensely wanting the space back in my office for ...   read more

Playing Big   10 y  
This is a good time to Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui to get ready for the "Jewish" New Year.
2:15 AM August 13, 07 I got some good energy yesterday. I really needed it. I have been running on empty. The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Graduation was yesterday. I went to the Farmers Market in a depressed state then to the Graduation. I had tears in my eyes when some of my favorite Grads read a Life Giving version of the Hippocratic Oath. I had been reading Karen Kingston yesterday morning. that was like the first time I read the ”Essene Gospel of Peace,” the epic book put togehter by Szekely. ”Essene Gospel” was originally called the ”Essene Gospel ...   read more

Tree of Life Ampitheatre   10 y  
Cooperative Living at the Tree of Life
10:57 AM August 12, 07 Gabriel is really moving the energy!!! Natan is the son of Rina, who I will be with on the High Holidays. I have two people who were at the Tree of Life working with me now.   visit the page

Enchanted Garden Crying   10 y  
The Enchanted Garden wants space.
10:44 AM August 12, 07 Felt the Enchanted Garden crying this morning, or maybe it was me crying for freedom from all the things I have allowed to encrush and strangle my life--yes, I am talking about the clutter of having too many things in a small space, and too many unfinished ideas around me. I will be exploring this more deeply. Let me say, I am making progress with The Great Earth Cleanup that can only begin with us living the Life we were born to live. Our poor landfills are chocking with things that take the place of our dreams that we never planted. The E ...   read more

Life in rut????   10 y  
Clutter gives stuck energy a place to permanently live.
10:39 AM August 12, 07 How Do You Know If Your Home Needs Clearing? The most common symptom is feeling stuck in your life. This may show as feeling stuck in a rut, having relationship difficulties, health issues, blocked finances, or other similar dilemmas. The problem will be exacerbated if your home has poor feng shui or if there is clutter on the premises. Clutter will clog the flow of energy in your home and give the stagnant energy a delightfully permanent anchor to rest on. So this year, don’t just spring clean. Go much, much deeper. Spring clear. Spring is an ex ...   read more

Profound Clutter Message   10 y  
Shocking Revelations about Clutter. Major progress made in the basement. FM today and PCOM graduation--hard to tear energy away from the decluttering.
9:34 AM August 13, 07 Yesterday was another breakthrough day. It was Breakthrough Day 2 in the basement. How much pain can a person stand from seeing how the things around us are holding back our life? We have two guests here now. They just came from the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, so more time yesterday went into food prep that usual. There was a delightful feast of raw foods as well as some cooked food from Anna. Scorpio is a beautiful woman; her companion James is a delight. I stopped to take a picture of a delicate squash dish she had made. There wa ...   read more

Soul Deprived Disorder (SDD)   10 y  
Your Soul: Don't Leave Home without it.
5:25 AM August 11, 07 There was a sheet a paper in the recycling bin that jumped out at me yesterday. It was a quote from Emerson, the 19th century transcendentalist, who speaks so elequently of the Soul. I have written a similar thought to what I remember seeing: Your Soul: Don’t leave Home without it. The other book that jumped out at me at the end, was by Marie Bauer Hall, ”Foundations Unearthed.” This book explores the hidden wisdom of Francis Bacon. that was what I was doing in the basement yesterday for more than eight hours: Unearthing my Foundation. I ...   read more

Email Going Out--Complete later!   10 y  
Email to send about SDD Blog and Art available.
6:24 AM August 12, 07 Send to the Friends of the Enchanted Garden List: edit and send, thank you. Hi Judith, I had a breakthrough in the basement, I cleared about five shelves of old books and then got down on my knees and started cleaning with water, microfibre and energy raising essential oils. I felt that the open space was more important that the old books, although I definitely was pulling in energy from the books themselves, especially the other half I saved. Books are my friends. When I touch some, I connect with the authors who are my allies. I connec ...   read more

Hoarding Help   10 y  
Declutter problem? Do you Hoard? Here are some symptoms.
8:30 PM August 10, 07 I was wondering if there was support for declutters in San Diego. I came upon this site: ____ Reasons for Hoarding: * Information-processing deficits: including deficits in decision making, deficits in organizational skills, and difficulties with memory functions; * Problems in forming emotional attachments: compulsive hoarders believe that their belongings are a part of them, so discarding an item is like discarding a part of themselves; ...   read more

Major Congrats!   10 y  
Cleared some major shelf space today in the basement.
8:08 PM August 10, 07 Well if I could reach over and pat myself on the back, I would do it! This was my best day of summer clean up yet!!!! I felt like I was really getting back my personal power. This is one of the most positive experiences of decluttering so far!!!! I went through five shelves in the basement where I had books that I had not looked at for a number of years. The dust was intense. I threw out half the the collection. I was surprised. I have apologies to make to Anis Nin, and some classics. There was one bunch of papers called ”The Ameri ...   read more

Sweating like Bikram Yoga????   10 y  
Sweating up a storm...the coveralls I was wearing today made me sopping wet.
7:51 PM August 10, 07 Number of my housemates, Paris and N are excited about Bikram Yoga. Paris, in D.C. now, would loose about three pounds in one session. I put on white overalls today from Northern (I’ll get the company name) and was in the basement all day or out when I was dumping. I did not feel comfortable passing these books along to a Thrift store. They just were too infested with Dust mites or???? Toward the end, I started to save some of the books in boxes outside. I will see if they get improve in health condition. I never sweated so much in my who ...   read more

Dust Mite Removal from papers-Books?   10 y  
How to Remove Dust Mites from Books???? That's the question I have.
4:21 PM August 10, 07 I had a major breakthrough today in the basement. I really feel I took back a lot of personal power. I emptied and tossed Five shelfs of old books. I will write more about that later. The Empty Space will allow me to remove notebooks from my Office, once I secure the floor, walls, and shelvs from dust mites and other crawly things. My immediate need is to have ways to remove dust mites from books and papers. Have you any ideas? I am going to do an internet search more thoroughly when I get back from depositing the rent check. I h ...   read more

Time and Money   10 y  
"Time and Money" a book by Al Dr. Ace and author I met.
2:25 PM August 9, 07 Moving books from my bedroom, remembering a sweet connection with this author who I met at a MVH MEGA event a number of years ago. ”Time and Money.” ”In this book, you’ll find a specific game plan to help you reach both economic freedom and savor every precious moment of your life to the fullest. Time and Money offers a philosophy of life as well as stories and specific guidelines to aid your quest for economic abundance and a healthy relationship to time, as well as insights to help you simplify your li ...   read more

Plant A Seed. Grow a Whole New World! Art   10 y  
Setting in motion the sale of this photo with Suzee Miller, who works in the field of Real Estate Feng Shui, among her many gifts. I met Suzee at the International Feng Shui Conference 04. She was moved by The Seven Love Cures.
12:42 PM August 9, 07 My friend Suzee Miller, a Feng Shui Master, encouraged me to with her offer of sharing my Art through her emails/web site. I prepared this one that I believe would be Valued by many. I love this photo. The for sale copy would Just have the line ”Plant a seed. Grow a Whole New World!” and Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener I am going to upload this to my Super Ripe Photos site and send it on to Suzee. I want to see some sales out of this. I am having difficulty seeing my future right now in the midst of clutter. This is fr ...   read more

Inner Strength   10 y  
Inner Strength Find and experiencing it today.
9:38 AM August 9, 2007 The second I brought up th word ”Abandonment” last night with Twin Soul her daughter showed up and wanted to walk along side Momma. The was no more time to be together. We weren’t really together before she came by. I was wanting to say some deep things but didn’t get a sense yet that there was the Opening. She was out taking a late night walk. I was already in bed. She was exercising her body and head was moving too. I have been missing the heart connection for about five weeks. ____ Momma Left. Let’s face it. No matter how mu ...   read more

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