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EG Mobile Repairs   10 y  
EG Mobile. I am going to list repairs here for the future and links to all EG Mobile Blogs...
12:43 PM June 28, 07 Mike has got the EG Mobile in the shop. He has started yet. 1- Muffler. 2- seems to want to die when starting. Looked him back! Oh, now I remember... I was burning the clutch coming out of Mexico. He will drive it to see. How to avoid that? I was goin up this intense hill coming out of the Border. It was a new clutch. Definitely was burning. He will drive it to see if it is slipping. What to do? Paris was with me and helped me get out of that mess. It was intense! I could not rely on the emergency.... Mike’s says the ...   read more

Computer Problem-back up now!   10 y  
Computer down.... how to get data...
10:06 AM June 27, 07 Computer problem!!!! Often goes hand in hand with Mercury Retrograde. My main Mac is down. Shock! Shock!! It is so amazing how dependent I am that we are on this technology. Practically all my relationships depend on this technology....I connect with my closest intimate relationships via the internet and telephone. If it were not for these, where would I be? My relationship with Place, the people I live with, is not my primary relationship. This is really something to look at. I had signs that I needed to backup to my harddrive. I w ...   read more

Goldman @ 60   10 y  
Felt some excitement about Pacific Symposium. It is near my 60th Birthday.
9 AM June 27, 07 Oh my God! I missed the drop dead deadline for the newspaper issue for the Pacific Symposium. It was June 1. I was deeply into the World Environment Day at that time. Oh Well. Processed/processing the disappointment and moving on! This event falls right during my 60th Birthday time. I made a big deal of my 50th birthday at the Pacific Symposium. What would ”GOldman @ 60!” look like????? Have far to I want to go with this....???? The deadline for the poem and the Ad for the Speaker Handbook is August 1. ”Goldman@ 60!” at the Catamaran? Th ...   read more

Delivering the Goods   10 y  
Seeing this being a summer of not only decluttering, but synthesis....old works Jewels...finding their place separated from the "weeds."
8:49 AM June 27, 07 Spurts of Excitement this morning! Inspired to look at Plant Your Dream Book One. I am suprised to see this come into my mind the idea of putting together all the artwork of recent years that go with this. How did I ever have the dream of this book smashed by a few comments?????? Delivering the Goods???? YES! I am giving this summer to me to come home. I will begin in my Space.... and BALANCE with moving various writing projects along. Very moved with session yesterday with Martha... Inspired some powerful directions of synthesis. I ...   read more

Soil Mates Summer '07   10 y  
Summer Soil Mates Advertisment for Small Group Gatherings and Individual Sessions.
Second draft...morning infusion of energy. Saw synthesis of lots of loose ends coming together. First time I have used ”Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Welcomes you!” before ”Enchanted Garden Welcomes you!” Acknowledging Essene Ministry and Holistic Psychology M.A. I have not acknowledged M.A. and left Essene Ministry. ”8000 years of natural wisdom...” This is the influence of ”Journey Through a Thousand Meditations” A synthesis of Nature and eight thousand years of wisdom.” by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. 8:39 AM June 27, 07 7:14 PM June ...   read more

Community Garden Photos   10 y  
Group Photo from the Community Farm and Gardens Press Conference, June 25.
5:55 PM June 25, 07 Colin Leath got the rest of the photos from the Press Conference up for everyone to see: The Press Conference was inspiring. It gave me some hope about the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community where we have 1/3 acre near SDSU needing a lot of loving Garden attention. Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener Related Blogs: Community Farm and Gardens Press Release and City of San Diego Resolution of Support: ...   read more

Delightful!   10 y  
Martha Falaska joins Enchanted Garden Soilmates!
2:12 PM June 26, 2007 Martha L. Falaska, whose home at 5340 Chollas Parkway, is directly across from the new proposed new Chollas Parkway community farm spent a lovely two hours here at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community, June 26. The proposed site for the 1.5 acre Chollas Community Farm is being developed through public-private partnership between the City of San Diego and the International Rescue Committee. The session of Enchanted Gardening was mutally insightful and came as a result Martha and Leslie meeting at the Press Conference June 25 that announced a n ...   read more

Plant Your Dream in TCM   10 y  
Plant your Dream in the TCM Practice An article by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
3:01 PM June 26, 07 [This Blog will describe ways to enhance your TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Practice through Enchanted Garden Plant Your Dream Practices and materials.] Check with Tiffany Hansen...what is the deadline for this article????] Plant Your Dream materials and practices created by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, can be used with clients to zero in on therapeutic goals. This article explains how to use the Plant Your Dream Materials in your TCM Practice.   visit the page

San Diego Community Farms & Gardens List   10 y  
San Diego Gardens and Farms List, with supplements of Friend of the Farm and Enchanted Garden Club Sponsors
2:30 PM June 26, 07 This is the list of San Diego Farms and Community Gardens as compiled by Julie Osborn as featured on her excellent website. Julie has been having some technical difficulties with web site building last time we talked (June 25). She did an excellent job organizing the Press Conference ”For the Love of Food” Press Conference June 25, that featured City Council, community organizations and residents celebrating the growth of urban food production in San Diego I am reprinting here Julie Osborn’s Lis ...   read more

Feng Shui Conference This Summer   10 y  
Feng Shui Conference this year in Budapest
(Photo of man and woman are by Your Enchanted Gardener. Glad to see Roger using some of my photos...I sure did have a ball at the Feng Shui Conference he did here in San Diego in 2005.) 9:49 AM June 26, 07 From Roger Green: Final Reminder The Feng Shui, Sustainable Designs and Sacred Geometry EVENT OF THE YEAR is now only one month away BUDAPEST HUNGARYJuly 27-30 Greetings from all of our teachers we hope to see you all there to celebrate life, art, beauty, nature and YOU ! Karen Rauch Carter (USA) Christian Kyriacou (UK) Doris Fortwengel (Germany) Dr. J Hu ...   read more

Minding my Own Business   10 y  
Clear my own Space NoW!
7:56 AM June 26, 07 I am sensitive to Mercury Retrograde, the three week Gift from the Universe to Clean Up Our Own Act. You can read more about it on this Blog. The house meeting last night: The best I did was keep my mouth shut, eat a late dinner, eat some chocolate cake, and keep to myself. Otherwise, I would have made it worse. Depression=enforced meditation. Do what I can do... I gave at the office... The work I did to set structure was intimating to most here. I am going to work on myself. Go to work, Mr. Goldman, Clear my own space now.   visit the page

Fair Completes   10 y  
Fair Garden....Intention....
7:49 AM Putting Fair completes in the Fair Notebook for later.... Ask for support with photo project of garden. Wednesday...send photos to Ashley for Fairnotes... or Do some later today, toward the evening.... Ashley Colburn...student at Ft. Collins Del Mar Fairgrounds. email: 858.755.1161 Ext. 2595 How it grows... talk to Rich about being photographer for Fair.... this garden...this would be a great project... They could have a gallery on the site.... and tell about the project.... Seed Dream: I am the photo ...   read more

Florian Ratchet Cut Pruning Tools   10 y  
Got a New Rachet last time at the Fair. This time a long handled pruner.
4:55 PM June 25, 07 I was looking forward to getting a new pair of this rachet. It is one of my favorite gardening tools. I had my original pair more than five years, and went out of my way to make sure I knew where it was at all times. Heard of a security blanket? This tool has been my security blanket. When I misplaced it, I would feel really out of order. When I went to the Fair on opening day, this was my only purchase. I also get a saw. I love these tools. Saturday was my second visit to the Fair. I bought another Flori ...   read more

Alternative sources of $$$ for Community   10 y  
Connect with FIC NOW...!!!
1:27 AM June 25, 07 Collen Leaving.... He came over to upload the photos.... from the Press Conference on Community Gardens... and Farms.... He studies Permaculture... a big man, he walks silently. He meditates. When he is behind me, I cannot hear him walk or feel his presence. He speaks in terms of Yield. Bodie is leaving... I thought he might be here for a week. He works well. He owes seven more hours. He will return to do them. I am tired. Need to nap... I averted a painful bloody wound. Tripped on the stairs...coming up from the backyard. My shoulde ...   read more

Press Conference Uploads   10 y  
Uploading Photos NOW!
11:47 AM June 25, 07 Well that was exciting! Just home from Press Conference! Got to upload the photos NOW! Colin, Car Free, is Biking Over to get copies! Back soon!   visit the page

Depression set in   10 y  
The Depression I am/was feeling and the Way out.
7:19 AM June 25, 07 Depression set in yesterday. Had a headache most of the day. Dull, not intense. Attempted to eat my way out of issues the last week. Ice Cream only goes go far as a Healing Remedy in this body. I kept looking for a place to close my eyes and nap Saturday. Cutty was patient with me. Finally when we went to his house, I was able to take a long nap. Then, after, he was again generous with his time. We talked some things out. IT is good to see The Bigger Picture. He is a community minded person at times. That is how we met, doing the Encirc ...   read more

Personal dating ads on Curezone   10 y  
A good idea: Personal Dating ads on Curezone
1:50 AM June 25, 07 Notes from Webmaster: Check out the new forum:   visit the page

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