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Cats react   17 y  
What language do they best react to?
I realized that the cata that I feed react better to my singing in English than to Hebrew or Franch songs. I decided to see if it is the melody combination or language. They react more profoundly while I spok with them in English ... :-)   visit the page

Love for granted   17 y  
Is it?
When we love another person ’with all our heart’ we tend to think in advance the loved one’s needs and requests and we supply it happily, being satisfied for the thanks of our sweetheart. While after sometime we realize that there is no feedback of giving to us we can assume that very soon, our sweetheart may take our love and giving for granted. At that point, if we still feel in-love and keep on within such relationship without harmoniously clearing with our sweetheart how come that he or she don’t feel the inner urge to keep us happy by realizing and creating happy environm ...   read more

Yellow Color & Your Life   18 y  
Raising sun it is, the inner and external raising hopes and talents, and a lot more…
Yellow color is one of the basis pigments Yellow color symbolizes the mental world and mental layers. Yellow color symbolizes the wolds of forms, logic, and mathematics, physics and experiences that can be redone over and over again with strong foundation of formulas. Yellow color symbolizes people that function and live their life solely through their mentality, physicists, and mathematicians and like methodological and numeral fields. Yellow color symbolizes the inner sun within every human being and its special unique qualities, that may or may not rise into the external ...   read more

Spring Green & Your Life   18 y  
Who are the Spring Green people and why are they so important both to our lives and in our lives?
Spring Green is a wavelength that could be considered as a green color to look into its benefits and extremes as mention in the Green color article from the end of November 05. Spring Green is a wavelength that we can create ourselves ‘playing with color pigments’ by adding 50% green color to 50% Yellow color. Green color is created by 50% Yellow + 50% Blue pigments. In Aura Soma Color Therapeutics’ Diagnosis Set created by the late founder, Mrs. Vicky Wall, bottle number 53 symbolized the Spring Green people and its essential oils’ combination known as &ls ...   read more

Green Color & Your Life   18 y  
The Green color represents the life upon Planet Earth more than any other color. What is it in our lives?
Green is a wavelength manifested between the Blue wavelength and the yellow wavelength. It is considered to be one of the basis wavelength/pigments of the photo’s industry. It is the wavelength that represents a point of equilibrium between cold and hot, between short/quick wavelength and long/slaw wavelength. Green color influences the blood vessels, the heart, the heart energy center (Chakra) and the lungs. The Green color influences the center of our physical manager – the heart and the blood vessels that if it function well we are able to get supply of food and oxyge ...   read more

Turquoise Color & Your Life   18 y  
The Turquoise color represents the New Age – The Aquarian Age and its people. How does it influence our lives?
Turquoise is created between the Blue wavelength and the Green wavelength. As a color for paints it has a lot of Blue pigment and a little bit of Yellow pigment.  It is the wavelength that activates the Thymus gland; therefore, it is not a mystery to us the understanding why as we come near to the New Age transformation the thymus been activated to older people than it is used to be in the past. The Turquoise color influences the area between the chest and the throat and it influence breathing. Turquoise represents honesty, open-hearts type of people, human caring attitude, care ...   read more

Blue color & your life   18 y  
Blue is one of the basis pigments of both the Earthly realm and the absorbed light used in photo business. What is it in our life?
  Blue represents written and spoken communication and media. It represents men, compassion, people within institutions’ managements, writers, poetry, singers, educators, teachers…  It influences the throat area including glands and ability to speak.  Harmonious use of the Blue color support speech and writing abilities, sharpen attunement and evaluation of communication means and communicators, raises the ability to use manipulation in ’gentle way’.  Extreme use of the Blue color create pessimistic mood, tendency to gain fat, problems to com ...   read more

Royal Blue & your life   18 y  
Royal Blue is the Azurite Gemstone color, color Purple + Blue, free of Black color of the Indigo we use this days. What is it in our life?
Royal Blue represents royalty, it represents people in positions of power – in religion, sects, governments, army, politics, people that use to delve or to use the underworlds and the unknown: Parapsychology, Psychiatry, secret-services, fortune-teller and so on.  It influence the lower brain, therefore it influence the nerves system within the spine.  The lower brain, which opposed to the mouth, symbolizes that the Royal Blue represents the need to watch your words…  Harmonious use of the color Royal Blue support talents of vision, seeing the uns ...   read more

Ph.D. Research Please Read   18 y  
Kindly, I am asking you to participate in the dissertation research; your time and effort will benefit you too.
The research request is to fill questions. I am aware that it requires some extra effort of your part so in return you’ll receive from me valuable information (my fee for such info. Usually are 149USD, but it will be free of charge for the people that will participate in my dissertation’s research. The Ph.D. is in Metaphysical Parapsychology, my search deal with ‘The Merkaba of the Soul’, the Life Lessons and Manifestation, on various levels. You’ll not be asking for your ‘real name’. You’ll find it very interest ...   read more

Purple and its hues   18 y  
Some foot notes about the influences of this wavelengths over our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual-universal being.
Colors can be supportive to our well-being and our manifestation . If we do not use colors some of our body’s functioning organs and cells may not get enough vitality to perform to its best and we may not have the emotional wisdom and flexibility given by that missing color to balance emotions and mentality realms.   Sometime there is an addiction to few colors. Such an addiction cause overly influence of very few wavelength. The overly use of wavelength may cause extreme outcome of our parts, will transform the positive outlet of that addictive wavelength into extrem ...   read more

Aids   18 y  
There are handy options to support your immune system and give it space to look for solution.
Sciences and Holistic fields does its best in order to find an healing solution to the disease that planet Earth created to minimizes the numbers of the human race – through Aids. I t is rather clear that this disease attack the immune system. A weak immune-system create a state that the physical body very easily infected of every pollution or disease that come across and it has not got a time to find way to fit the Aids. On 1991, I came across a search done by the founder of the Aura Soma – late Vicky Wall with the use of Aura Soma Quintessence and Pomander with Aids d ...   read more

feel positive   18 y  
It is sometimes recommended to create some visualized form to protect you. I’ve created myself something that I say daily. It makes me feel good and protected, now I share it with you
The Creator, that every thing, including every other creator are within your space, I am asking for your light to fill me, to fill every wavelength, every density, each of my energy fields and every quality that is part of me. Please purify me, clear and prepare me to be your humble servant acting according your divine will and fulfilling the tasks that you gave to my Soul, Breath of Life, Spirit and my Being, that are manifested through my body. I am asking that your light, that fills me and purifies me, will guide me, will protect me, will work through me and enlighten me. And every ...   read more

Atlantian Education – Human race’s Karma   18 y  
It is the weak attitude of the Atlantis’ founders’ knowledge to form proper education that brought its distraction. It continues to be the fall of every civilization ever since.
We, the founders of the first Atlantis were exceptional in our parents’ civilizations. It is not that all of us did not have any education. Many of us came from wealthy families and we had private teachers but none of us manage with formal education schools. When we got to our new land and built it, it was as if we got a game that we could play and enjoy every second of it. We did not think about future born children and what will they be like not did we give any intention to future need of education to the young ones, we lived in heaven and thought that everything will ...   read more

atlantis-establishment   18 y  
It took place more than 150,000 years ago. This is how it began
When the whole world was one continent, it could be described if looked as  weaving map made out of pieces which were coming out of the center, situated within room above as a the big ocean, there were many parts of continents as such. Few were inhabited, but most of human beings were living in the center of the mainland, they lived a simple life of manual work and rural social life, such as it used to be in central Europe during the first millennium BC. Each society had its own traditions and rules. Each society developed its unique language, also there was some similarity i ...   read more

Walk along manifestation - visualization   18 y  
There is very simple to use method to help us all…
Imagine sunny lovely spring day. You are out-door walking along a path in nature. It is a smooth path and you enjoy to walk peacefully and breathing the clear and pure air, all by yourself, no one can walk along this path while you are there! Along this path you’ll see 6 walls of pure water, each of them creates a pool of flowing water, like a small bay by the wall. Wall 1 – Joy   Wall 2 – prosperity   Wall 3 – wisdom   Wall 4 – love   Wall 5 – friendship   Wall 6 purification. Wh ...   read more

Changes   18 y  
How can they be evaluated?
In order to evaluate every change in your life it could be wise to keep one main law that needs not any professional advisory – I am calling it ‘The progressing law of changes’: Every change that you plan to take should notice immediately an improvement. For example changing a workplace. The planed new workplace should better both your salary and your position, any future promises that leaving you in a same position and salary may not lead you to better position – Your grass will be green only if it is green from the very start of the change – sig ...   read more

Physical Heart – Healing   18 y  
10 steps to avoid heart’s weakness and 3 healing methods t be done by healers
As a teacher and healer within color healing (1991), sound therapy healing (2000) and gemstones healing (1979) there are no doubts that they will be part of the following suggestions but only part of the options. I would like to give you some methods that you can apply in your everyday living without a lot of input and with complete independence. It is up to you to decide what options to apply to yourself or not. I’ve made use of them in my private life because hearts’ problems are known to be existing from both parents’ family trees. What do the heart need? Pe ...   read more

To Know yourself   18 y  
You need first of all to let go of other people opinion and observation
You need not look at the self-miror that other people see within you. Forget all about them and with open heart and open mind delve into your consciouse wisdon, both the easy to gain and the un-consciouse knowledge to. Good Luck! Estia   visit the page

The Creator's Servant   18 y  
We may call it a mission, the person may be called a messenger or a great healer nevertheless, what are we if not a Universal Servants?
If you had to look for a servant what qualities will you be looking for? A healthy person with inner strength and power to look for your goods and loyalty? Isn’t it what The Creator is looking when it chooses its servants? Loyalty is converted to Faith Power and Strength are converted to Determination and will to follow The Creator call (like a loyal servant) and Health is converted to self-healing care. We all know that we have a destiny and that some of us have special missions. All of us are loved creatures of The Creators but not all of us are The Creator’s se ...   read more

New Years   18 y  
The Universal New Year and the plants new year will be attached later, the following items ar the Gregorian and Hebrew Ney Years
The Universal New Year and the Plants New Year may take me some time to write but soon it will be added to the blog.   visit the page

New Years   18 y  
The Hebrew people have a New Year that is not ‘a celebration type’ rather it begins a process of Universal judgment.
It begins at the 1 st date of the 7 th month of the Universal Calendar. It begins with celebration because it is said that joy and celebration cancel some of the sins. People need to sing, have sweet food, dance and enjoy life at its hits. In Israel it takes two days – First day was The Jerusalem Shrines celebration and it continue on for a second day that every body in the land of the Israel’s tribes receives the message of the dates. Abroad they do it for three days, the third date to present that they are in sin by living away of Israel. It begins a process that ta ...   read more

New Years   18 y  
There are several new years … Gregorian ...
Among the several New Years one can find The Human’s Karma New Year on the 1 st of each January, This Karma has to do with both the factors behind the symbolism and with the act of chosen global use of the Gregorian dates starting on January 1 st . It is related to the people of Israel too because the 1 st of January is the 8 th day since Jesus’ birth-date. It is the day that every boy belongs to the people of Israel, is going through ‘BERIT MILA’. To let his soul enter to a pure space that presents the acceptance of the ruler-ship of The Creator at all cost. ...   read more

Jewelry, Gemstones and your computer   18 y  
Metal Dental bridges too…
Computers are a slow wavelength’s radiation means. It radiates and may program whatever can be programmed, especially if it is made of metal and if it is a crystallized mean. The radiation is both electricity and means that is programmed by the pages that you surface into them therefore, it is both harming radiation – which you carry with you long time after you shut down your computer – and a brain washing mean too. Myself, I have a dental bridge that I am taking off before I get to a computer. No crystals can be found in the computer room, with one exception, t ...   read more

Computer’s tables   18 y  
It is not furniture only; it may be your health’s biggest enemy…
Until few weeks ago I was used to have the Aura (a) Soma Israel school computer on an ordinary wood made table. I had also a wood made table at my clinic when I brought here a computer few years ago. But, the table was old and I decided to buy a new table to the clinic. I ordered it through an Israel Internet shopping center and did not even think that it could be made of something ells (instead of wood). I got the table and put all pieces together, unfortunately most of it is made of metal. While I build it I already through away the old table that the computer was located on so I ...   read more

Silicon Keyboard   18 y  
and your health
It’s three month already that I’m using regularly an elastic silicon made keyboard. It is very sensitive to my fingers’ smallest pressure and at the end of my day with computer I roll it to small roll and keep it in a small shelf. Also I don’t tend to eat or drink by a computer, this type of keyboard can be washed under running water. Whatever been made wit electronic component and is activated either by electricity or battery influence us with radiation of low wavelength that slower the activity of our cells and weaken the cells’ wall. It is a situati ...   read more

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