70 {50left} day RAWBO WAR .. juice fast 252 (236)lb guy
by sabastian

Rawbo fails on 21 day   17 y  
Rawbo fails on 21 day
......,KNOCK DOWN NOT KNOCKOUT Rawbo fails on 21 day Rawbo fails on 21 day Rawbo fails on 21 day   visit the page

Shall I run the london marathon(err let me think)    17 y  
I will run the london marathon(i think)
20 DAYS AND 17 POUNDS ..SLOW BUT SURE YES STILL DRINKING THE JUICE LOVE IT. Well still trucking 50 days left,that sounds a long time but no kink in the armour I will beat the addiction of food,weight going down slowly like a ballon with a leak. today i went to the gymn did exercise for 90 minutes and I ran for 7 minutes yes 7 minutes,thats the first time I ahave really ran in 7 years tommorow it will be 8 minutes and then 10 and thaen 20 ... yes you have guessed I will run the london marathon(i think)   visit the page

gone down to 237 pounds in 17 days.   17 y  
my worst day yet
tongue white ,slight headaches ,yes i have been neglecting my water ,woke up with pains in back and arms and a buzzing in my ears ,and painful shoulder.But now its morning and back on track. I feel the garlic is doing wonders Garlic contains a powerful mix of natural chemicals, such as allicin and sulphur, which help to boost your immunity. The good news is that garlic is great for fighting harmful bacteria and viruses. The bad news? It’s best eaten raw, as cooking destroys the allicin. Don’t fancy raw garlic? Try taking it in capsule form. well its 15 pounds in 17 days not bad eve ...   read more

15 days 14 Pounds   17 y  
15 days 14 Pounds
15 days 14 Pounds . back on track. life is busy ,back in the gym ervery day .Great to have lost so much and feel instantly better in so many areas   visit the page

14 days static no weight loss   17 y  
14 days static no weight loss
No weight loss Clingons hanging in there expect to lose 5 pounds in next 7 days. Still juicing RAW.   visit the page

13 days and yes 13 pounds.John the Baptists diet?   17 y  
John the Baptists diet?
There is strange detoxic smell emunating from my sweat glands.someting is leaving my house i think the garlic and juice is driving it out of my system. need less hours sleep. knee joint has stopped hurting. 230 pounds,still along way to go in my pilgrimage. I was reading John the Baptist ate locusts and wild honey, i wonder if the locusts were the insect which today some eat ...locust ,I once had some in Thailand THEY WERE FRIED.. I think there is a locust fruit on a tree Does any body else have any info on John the Baptists diet Winifred Walker (All the Plants of the Bibl ...   read more

12 days gone 12 pounds vanished   17 y  
12 days gone 12 pounds vanished
A good day closed down all thought of food even raw food thoughts i used to be obsessed with raw food thinking and eating raw continually. Not this time just keeping to raw juice basic programme closed all doors on exotic fruits.My life is not to be food Orientated,looking for the best juice fuel to run this body.Well just for 58 days. Enclosing my latest pics http://journals.aol.co.uk/bfrankvan/70-day-juice-fast-for-252-lb-guy/   visit the page

still trucking   17 y  
still trucking
still truckind 11 days and 12 pounds gone   visit the page

10 days ...only 60 days left   17 y  
which is best wheatgrass juicer
10 days gone only seems like 7 days. feel good lost 10 pounds weigh myself every morning ,feel vey green ,light green yellow mood never had a colour mood,lost my bustle and semi aggressive nature ,my actions are more thoughtful slower and wiser my thoughts are deeper and more thoruogh I keep with the strand and follow things through. i need to get a small green juicer for green and wheat grass i wonder which one is the best???? What about the manual ones? It took me about17 minutes to clean the juicer, peal and wash the veg and consume my carrots apple and ginger today.   visit the page

9 days...... not my best day   17 y  
juice fast
9 days still in the battle. I went 21 days on water a few years ago that was so hard compared to this one. I put my juicing food on a plate today just to show my evening juice . http://journals.aol.co.uk/bfrankvan/70-day-juice-fast-for-252-lb-guy/ http://journals.aol.co.uk/bfrankvan/70-day-juice-fast-for-252-lb-guy/ only lost half a pound today so i wont add it on so still 9 pounds . skin so smooth and a great calm around me.thinking alot deeper. read the bible today very helpful on fasting. Not my best day ,lethargic physically not spiritually. heavy week ahead.   read more

8th day.....I can see my Toes   17 y  
No hunger pangs
When I Stood upright today i was able to see my toes its been along time since i saw that sight( Tummy too big} Another day another pound not having my deep dreams perhaps should take more greens’ last night not so good sleep felt my nose was blocked and restricted my breathing. 244 pounds that’s not bad for 8 days aloss of 8 pounds since the fast began ,no exercise yet next week. (promise] Well plumbed in washing machine yesterday. I realised that I have a shower every day and use a cotton fluffy towel every day, also a new pair of underpants every day .That works out around 365 t ...   read more

7 days 7 pounds goods progress   17 y  
winning the raw war
Well its my 7th day and 7 pounds gone and I feel good. Dont think about juice or food keep myself occupied in my work. I am thinking gymn today,just thinking. Its amazing how I an wake up each day and find another pound gone and i had 4 pints of juice yesterday and must have had over 2,000 calories from the juices . I have done water fasts in the past and still had the same weight loss as with juice.Must be the enzymes. today i must concrete a floor put a washing machine in and visit someone in a mental instition and a whole pile of admin phone calls etc and relax also .   visit the page

my personal RAW war on obesity   17 y  
my personal war on obesity
Yes working hard today . Breakfast juiced one whole cantaulope melon. I must say I enjoyed it alot more than most breakfastst I usually have had in the past. lunch carrot, apple. ginger, garlic, cucumber, pinapple lots of greens all juiced up . lovely jubbly. my alternative big mac with fries ...think not taste bubs . well its working for me another day another pound lost and its fairly easy these last few days thats 6 days 7 pounds oooh its only water ....you,ll put it all back on, you will damage yourself. people are saying .....I really felt the obesity would kill ...   read more

about 8 pictures on my progress on this site   17 y  
about 8 pictures on my progress on this site
about 8 pictures on my progress on this site http://journals.aol.co.uk/bfrankvan/70-day-juice-fast-for-252-lb-guy/   visit the page

5th day..... on a roll   17 y  
6lbs melted away
Working hard today no time to think about food .feel good ,very good . Great to have a couple of comments of encouragement . lost another pound thats six pounds in 5 days .keeping everything basic and uncomplicated. fruit juice and basic greens all raw .try not to imagine about raw foods. keep it all under subjection just look as it fuel for my body. fel so healthy that i will start to exercise this week. preparing heathy eating plan after my 70 days and it will be raw foods. 65 days left   visit the page

http://journals.aol.co.uk/bfrankvan/70-day-juice-fast-for-252-lb-guy/   17 y  
http://journals.aol.co.uk/bfrankvan/70-day-juice-fast-for-252-lb-guy/ this is a site with photo’s that will help you see more clearly   visit the page

4th day ...feel alone no comments   17 y  
lost 5 pounds
joined this site for some encouragement ...to go public to commit myself to a group of people for advice and a push ... no comments so far ,but the Angels are with me. Well things are getting easier bloating gone down on feet and tummy had a good nights sleep and lost 5LBS IN 4 DAYS dont feel hungry set my mind to go through with this no half measures like i’ll try 20 days and see how it goes no all or nothing I will fight the pizza i will fight the chocolate .....no surrender . I guess why no comments is because so many people start a blogg on fasting and they fail and we never here ...   read more

67 days to   17 y  
flying in my dreams on green juice
Feel good, decided not to be hungry and look at the long term vision.Slowly coming around ,some good dreams when I juice greens always end up flying over London .I am drinking pure juice around 4 pints a day.Main reason to fast is my health which is basically caused by wrong eating,thus the ill health.   visit the page

Third day ,Still ill but fighting and resisting food   17 y  
Third day ,Still ill but fighting and resisting food
Third day ,Still ill but fighting and resisting food ,nearly broke fast last night,temted by a bannana,did alot of sleeping and resting . Seem to have lots of peace but irratable at the same time,weight gone down to 248 pounds in 3 days not bad aloss of 4 pounds,bloating going down still feel weak though.i must remember i started this fast in ill health with a raging headache 70 lbs overweight pains in the back of my eyes ,brain half shut down , if i fail on this fast i am back to square one and ill health will finish me off I will proceed, I MUST CARRY ON MY FAST.   visit the page

first   17 y  
first day
Brain not working still fell lethargic, had a 2 hour interview with a colleague today thinking below standard although flashes of logic. Still have headache from yesterday MENU DRINK FOR BREAKFAST A PINT OF CARROT APPLE & PEAR...NICE MIDDAYSAME 1 pint of cantaloupe..feel bettermelon ... delicious 8 oclock orange apple and carrot one pint...nice. had a good sleep in afternoon restored only 69 days of marathon left and i will enjoy had a headache all day probaly coffee addiction must remember to drink water on this fast   visit the page


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