Daily Food Log for extensive food sensitivities
by North

Wanted: Fasting results NOT related to weight loss   17 y  
Wanted: Fasting results stories NOT related to weight loss
Wanted: Fasting results stories from ANYBODY who can state lasting positive results from the fast that are NOT related to weight loss. Fasting is not a means to lasting weight loss - and weight loss isn’t something I’m interested in anyway. Books on Fasting discuss OTHER health concerns being alleviated from fasting. Yet very, very few people on curezone who do fasting discuss anything other than weight loss.   visit the page

Food Log for extensive food sensitivites 8/9   17 y  
food log
I will be traveling on and off for the next while, so I won’t be posting. My goal during these days will be to avoid wheat, dairy, and cocoa products, without worrying too much about every little thing in other categories.   visit the page

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 8/8   17 y  
Food log
Traveled today, so I don’t have a detailed list, but I can remember this: Did not have any wheat, cocoa products, or dairy, other than butter instead of ghee I did have coffee I did have a little soy milk in the coffee I did have some corn I had too much fruit late in the day for me.   visit the page

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 8/7   17 y  
Food log
Had a tiny bit of molasses in my morning Ph drink BREAKFAST Watermelon with a half spoon of olive oil and some lemon juice A little later: Cooked vegetables with ”breading” made of quinoa and rice flour A little ketchup (has corn) Black coffee LATE AM SNACK A little beef and chicken Rice cakes with palm oil Raw cashew nuts LUNCH Watermelon and a few green grapes, lemon juice Salad with ok dressing, olives A little ham (no dairy) Corn tortillas Ghee Navy bean dish with green beans and red wine (alcohol cooked out) A few bing cherries Homemade gingersnaps (no wheat o ...   read more

Oil types for future flushes, and Food Log for 8/6   17 y  
Food log
I added a little molasses to my morning Ph drink BREAKFAST Half a green apple and a spoon of olive oil Then awhile later: Buckwheat (only) bread with ghee Then awhile later: Some cherries, a small amount of black coffee Then awhile later: Some raw salmon, cod liver oil, and raw ginger LATE AM SNACK Very diluted cold beverage made with coconut milk and carob Plain gelatin (plus enzymes) for protein LUNCH A pear Romaine lettuce with home dressing Red Beans and rice with green beans and peas and olives, has trace amount of probable msg-like flavoring in it, but rest of it ...   read more

Headache trick and Food Log for 8/4   17 y  
Food log
I know that I’ve been having way too many acidic foods and beverages. And I know that my back-of-the-neck headaches appear when I’m not regular. But I just read that back-of-neck headaches are because the body is too acid (vs other types of headhaches which are for other reasons in people). Then I read this trick: When have a back-of-neck headache, put a teaspoon baking soda into a half glass of water and start sipping it (it will be very strong in taste). This strong mix will alkalize you quickly enough to relieve the back-of-the-neck headache. It worked: I had this type of heada ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 8/3   17 y  
Food log
I added a little molasses to my pre-breakfast lemon and water drink BREAKFAST (Ok, this wins the wierd breakfast of the year award) 4 bites of watermelon and a few cherries Black coffee Peanuts A few raw other nuts Two radishes Small piece of raw salmon A little dandelion juice LATER AM A little raw ginger A heaping spoon ground up flax seeds in half glass of water Sugarfree popsicle (has nutrasweet) MID AM SNACK Mung bean threads with ok seasoning A few small pieces salami (no dairy) Cooked spinach peanut butter (the bad for you kind) rice cake LUNCH Rice cake ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 8/2   17 y  
Food log
The herbal laxative and then later epsoms of last evening did work this morning. BREAKFAST Green apple A few corn puffs (have seasoning but no dairy) Rice cake with olive oil, cinnamin and stevia Rice cake with ghee and unsweetened mayonaisse Black coffee (over did it and got a little jumpy) Watermelon A little carob with coconut milk A little diet ginger ale (nutrasweet) A bite of beef (helps calm me from too much coffee) LUNCH Beef with unsweetened mayo Navy beans with olives and ok spices Homemade vegetable soup Raw cashews AFTERNOON SNACK Green grapes Rye cracke ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 8/1   17 y  
food log
I have gotten rid of wheat and dairy and don’t really miss them at all, other than the convenience factor. Yesterday I left out corn, and didn’t crave it. On the downside for today, I had a splitting headache all afternoon and evening - and of course have not been regular despite the use of epsom salts and enemas. That kind of lack of bm’s always gives me a splitting headache. Yesterday I was able to use a piece of a caffeine tablet instead of coffee (rationale is in another posting). Then in the afternoon, did have a little real coffee - it boosted my dopamine quickly and made me ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/31   17 y  
Food log
BREAKFAST Green grapes Salad, dressing has soy oil but no other bad things Raw nuts and sun dried tomatoes (no peanuts) Buckwheat (only) bread with peanut butter (the bad for you kind) Took a little caffeine tablet in the middle of breakfast to try to avoid coffee LATE AM SNACK carrots lemonade with barely any splenda Peach LUNCH Carrots and sprouts A little fruit (piece pineapple, slice apple) Homemade vegetable soup A raw egg yolk and some gelatin added to soup for protein White rice with tomato Meatless chili (has soy) because it’s all that was available Peppermint ...   read more

Thoughts for next changes, and Food log for 7/30   17 y  
Food log
I’m not going to do the extremely low fruit plan that I was thinking about yesterday. Still must keep fruit to a reasonable level though, but not so low as yesterday. Still thinking about what do change next in this diet. Here are things I might incorporate as the next stage: Eliminating true coffee: Coffee in any great quantity makes my neck glands feel puffy, and I’ve heard that it increases intestinal mucoid placque. But past attempts at substituting either for the caffeine (using caffinated tea) or for the taste (using water process decaf coffee) have failed me. Tea usually does ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/29   17 y  
Food log
BREAKFAST Black coffee Lemon juice Salad: lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, raw nuts (no peanuts), olives, a few strawberries, and dressing that is ok except has corn syrup. AM SNACK Sugarfree popsicle (artifical sweetener and junk) LUNCH A little Buckwheat (only) bread Rice cake Mix of palm oil, butter and a little stevia (homemade spread) A little salmon Egg Cucumber and olives with cider vinegar A little chicken A little turkey sausage (has a bit of sugar in it) Soy/oat fiber ”bread” Tamale (has corn) A corn tortilla with butter Ginger root Hot decaffeinated black tea ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/28   17 y  
Food log
My period arrived about the time I got up out of bed today. Had a little craving for chocolate, but not nearly what I had yesterday, and I was able to resist today. (By the way, yes I am taking lots of magesium; it is NOT the magnesium in chocolate that causes my cravings, although that may be true for other people. It is the change in the neurotransmitters that chocolate products cause, that make me crave it on certain days). BREAKFAST Green apple A little black coffee Trail mix that includes peanuts Carrots A little salami (no dairy) A little salmon MID AM SNACK Rice cake ...   read more

Progress notes and 7/27 log   17 y  
Food log
Today I broke down and had chocolate and peanut due to period problems. Summary thus far: This is the 10th day of no dairy. This is more than the 10th day of no wheat, and essentially no gluten (slight bits of gluten can be in the flavorings of the processed foods I’ve eaten). For both dairy and wheat, I do not crave them constantly now, but there are moments where I do, then it passes quickly. Chocolate is another topic entirely. When the craving hits, it hits for hours - see notes on moods, below. I’m happy to report however, that I can now go without dairy and wheat without g ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/26   17 y  
food log
BREAKFAST Blueberries Raw carrots, celery, radish, and onion in a sort of ”salad” Black coffee Raw nuts and raisins (no peanuts) MID AM SNACK popcorn Green apple LUNCH Rice cakes Steak Butter pinto beans with unsweetened mayo and mustard MID AFTERNOON SNACK Raspberries with a little coconut milk Lemonade sweetened with splenda (ick, but all I have on hand) Iced diluted black coffee with a little coconut milk A rice cake with honey ”Pudding” (coconut milk, olive oil, water, sugar, rice protein, corn starch, artificial flavor) DINNER A little raw potato Raw hazel ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/25   17 y  
Food log
BREAKFAST Black coffee Rice cake with olive oil and cinnamon Green grapes Corn (only) bread, butter A few raisins Hot carob Raw cashews Carrots MID AM SNACK A piece of salami (no dairy) Small amount beef Raw ginger root Raw sunflower seeds A little diet Sprite LUNCH Carrots Salad with ok dressing Buckwheat (only) bread with butter Pinto beans Hummus Cooked chard Home chicken broth with a little chicken meat Raw nuts Small amount of Pudding (coconut milk, olive oil, water, sugar, rice protein, corn starch, artificial flavor) Black coffee AFTERNOON SNACK Lemo ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/24   17 y  
Food log
EARLY BREAKFAST: (WOKE UP VERY EARLY) Black coffee Raw nuts Raisins A few grapes REGULAR BREAKFAST A FEW HOURS LATER: Green apple A little salami (no dairy) Peanuts (BROKE DOWN AND HAD PEANUTS TODAY) Buckwheat (only) bread Butter Diet Sprite, to avoid wheat/dairy (Still having withdrawal problems from those) A piece of sugarless gum LATE AM SNACK: popcorn Buckwheat (only) bread with olive oil LUNCH Vegetable soup (has corn but no other bad ingredients) Buckwheat (only) bread with olive oil and butter MID AFT SNACK Corn (only) bread, peanut butter Corn chips Sa ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/23   17 y  
Food log
BREAKFAST: Raw sunflower seeds Carrot and celery Bit of raw onion Bing cherries Plain gelatin Corn puffs (have soy, but no other bad ingredients) MID AM SNACK: Butter and carob mixed, dipped carrots into this LUNCH #1: Corn tortillas (no wheat) A little salami (no dairy) Pinto beans Hummus Salsa Butter Rice cakes with olive oil and honey LUNCH #2: Raw potatoes Soup: homemade chicken broth, tomato paste, greens, ok spices Buckwheat (only) bread Plain chicken Pinto beans Mayo without sweeteners Salsa Hummus Lemonade made with stevia Dessert: carob with coconu ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/22   17 y  
Food log
PRE BREAKFAST: Lemon juice in water BREAKFAST: Bing cherries Raw walnuts Raw sunflower seeds Black coffee Cooked chard, spinach, and onions Butter Salsa Coconut milk MID AM SNACK: Buckwheat (only) bread A little cod liver oil Olive oil Raw celery LUNCH: Salad: lettuc, raw veggies, olives, jalapenos, Annie’s dressing Pinto Beans Turkey lunchmeat (no dairy)and beef in tomato paste and red wine sauce Hummus Store salmon salad Dessert: coconut milk, carob, blueberries, sunflower seeds MID AFTERNOON SNACK: Peach Rice cakes with butter and a little honey Soy/Oat ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/21   17 y  
Food log
PRE BREAKFAST: Lemon juice in water BREAKFAST: Half a green apple Tomato vegetable soup with rice protein added A few mung bean noodles (mung bean is the only ingred) Rice cake with olive oil and butter(rice is the only ingred in rice cake) Carob LATE AM SNACK: Black coffee Bing cherries Carrots and celery A little diet Sprite (Still using as a crutch during withdrawal from wheat/dairy) Corn chips Peppermint tea LUNCH Soy/Oat fiber ”soft crackers” from yesterday Raw egg Ginger root ”BBQ beef and beans”: beef, pinto beans, tomato paste, herbs, cider vinegar, inosito ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/20   17 y  
food log
PRE-BREAKFAST: Lemon juice in water BREAKFAST: Corn bread (cornmeal is the only ingredient), butter strawberries and blueberries MID AM SNACK: Dairy-free salami raw potatoes (just a quirky food I like) LATE AM SNACK: Raw sunflower seeds, carob powder A little black coffee LUNCH: Slice of green apple Beef patty Tomato Lettuce Onion Ketchup (corn syrup is the only no no in it) Dressing (corn syrup is the only no no in it) Fried potatoes A little black coffee MID AFTERNOON SNACK: A little diet Sprite And Some unsweetened Kool-Aid, with the barest minimum o ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/19   17 y  
Food log
PRE-BREAKFAST: A peach BREAKFAST: Homemade nut spread made with palm oil, raw nuts (no peanuts) Blueberries A little black coffee Cornbread (cornmeal and water are the only ingredients) Butter A slice of green apple AM SNACK: A few kelp capsules Hot carob (just carob powder and water) Salted rice crackers (no problem ingredients) LUNCH: Tomato slices with canned chipotle peppers and mustard, Carrots, Lettuce, mayo without sweeteners added A peach slice A little black coffee Salmon salad (canned salmon, unsweetenced mayo, coconut milk, onion) Cucumber Green vegeta ...   read more

List of my problem foods to avoid   17 y  
This blog will make sense to those people who have food sensitivities
Here are the foods that I’m striving to eventually get out of my diet. This is all of them; so in other words even if some other food causes other people problems, other foods are not a problem for me - I’ve tested it out with elimination diets in the past. When I was able to get all of the following out of my diet, I had terrific health, without having to eliminate anything else: wheat oats excessive quantities of other gluten grains slow down my elimination, so although I’m not allergic to small quantities, I do try to eliminate gluten cocoa products of all types dairy, except f ...   read more

Food Log for extensive food sensitivities 7/18   17 y  
Food log
This blog will list what I’ve eaten each meal, daily, with occasional short explanations of food sensitivities. Comments are welcome. I do not address liver flushes or bowel cleanses, as many attempts at these have not helped me. I will not have a perfect diet for my specific problem foods until some time has gone by, but will gradually eliminate my worst offending foods over time. LOG FOR TUESDAY JULY 18 I’ve been off of gluten containing foods for several days already, and today will attempt to begin the elimination of cocoa products. BREAKFAST: A little lemon juice in water Raw ...   read more


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Daily log of what I've eaten each meal, short explanation of food sensitivities, comments welcome. I do not address liver flushes or bowel cleanses, as many attempts at these have not helped me. This blog will make senst to other people who have food sensitivities.… more...

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