UT Fasting
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Two days after the fast   17 y  
Feeling fine but liver still stuffy
Feeling better spiritually and glad I did the fast. I have more desire to be active (more energy) and I am in a better mood. I feel I have left a layer of dead skin behind me, but not a dry layer like snakes etc., but mostly a ’fat’ layer that was making me sluggish and was holding me back physically and mentally. I know I would have more layers to peel off before I get to the core of my true self. I am not ready to start another fast soon. I can’t say I will not do another one in the future though, but I will really have to work on the taboos left before I start another one with UT. Mea ...   read more

Starting to eat again   17 y  
Started to eat again
I think I stopped the cleansing right in the middle and my liver is not suited with it. I thought I would be in great shape sooner than that. I am not hungry but I have to eat if I want to gain some strenght. Its comming slowly. I felt like eating brown rice tonight and I think that is what my body needed. I feel a little bit better. I ate little and very healthy to facilitate the transition.  Wild rasberries and bleuberries that my husband picked in the mountain and 3 teaspoon yogurt this morning, some fresh pressed orange juice homemade soup with organic broth for dinner and tonight or ...   read more

6th day - 100% fasting   17 y  
Last day - 100% fasting
Feel a little less energetic today but I think it is because I am cutting too much on the therapy (I had enough). Took it twice yersterday and only once this morning. I wanted to take the morning urine because it contains more nutrients etc... I should get a massage before supper because I know it would give me energy. I  still went for a little walk outside barefoot, on the lawn around the house, did some reading and lots of clouds gazing. This is very relaxing. I always do breathing exercises too because the body needs lots of oxygen. We are lucky we live among trees which gives u ...   read more

5th day - 100% fasting   17 y  
Feeling good but really anxious to finish the fast
Had a good night sleep. Felt some pain in the kidneys, but nothing too bad. I put a magnetic pad to sleep and didn’t feel it all night. I dreamed that I had started eating before reaching my goal and I was very disapointed in myself. I will have to hold on till wednesday. Tomorrow will be my last day full fasting. Wednesday I will start eating very slowly. My first full meal will be on thursday. I was already conscious about the food I put into my body, but this will keep me on the right path. I can’t be doing all that work to be in the same situration in 2 months. I think I w ...   read more

4th day - 100% fasting   17 y  
Doing well but still that little discusted feeling around the stomach and the liver
Went to take a walk in the park yesterday afternoon after I wrote the blog. Today I went to the supermarket. I feel OK. Not euphoric but my energy is quite good and I always feel like there is a pressure around the liver. Evacuating some bile yesterday helped a lot though. I know I am not fully desintoxicated yet. They say (authors) when you are desintoxicated you feel very hungry and the tongue becomes pink. I don’t think I will wait for those symptoms this time to stop the fast but I know the fast will help anyway. I thought on starting eating on wednesday. I will start with ...   read more

3rd day - 100% fasting   17 y  
Morning was 'rock and roll' but feeling better now
I decided to change the time I will write in the blog. This morning when I finished writing the blog it was time for me to close the computer. I began to feel dizzy all of a sudden. I will write when I feel good like today it is 1h30 pm. After I closed the computer this morning, I had to rest for a while. I was anxious to do the enema which would clear my intestines. I rested for approx. 30 minutes and after that I was OK to do the enema. I felt a bit better afterwards but there was still that funny feeling in the stomach and then I vomited bile twice. That was a relief. But I ...   read more

Day 2 - 100% fasting   17 y  
2nd day feeling great
I had a really good day finally yesterday. I was expecting one of my worst day yesterday. When you read about fasting, they say the first two days are the worst. Well I was really surprised. I felt a little bit weird when I woke up and I thought it was going to get worst. But after the enema I felt better. Then a little bit later on I did the massage and after that I felt great! Authors suggest an enema per day plus a massage and I can understand now. The enema gets rid of the toxins that are still in the intestines (they can make you feel bad, I learned that with the Master Cleanse) and ...   read more

Actual 100% fasting.   17 y  
Felt a little bit weak at night but everything else is running smoothly.
Did not eat anything yesterday, only UT and water. I felt a little week last night. I should have stayed home instead of going to the movie. I stoped taking UT around 6h30 to be sure to have a good night sleep and not be at the toilet all the time. I reserved last night’s urine for enemas and massages. I did not get a massage yesterday. It is supposed to help with the dizziness etc... I will try to get one today. I managed to cook yesterday and I found pleasure in doing so. As for the first enema, it is quite an adventure... It’s easy, the worst part is containing the liquid as lon ...   read more

3rd preparation day - UT fasting   17 y  
Getting into the fast smootly, had my tooth repaired.
Went to get more toxins at the dentist. They boasted about their new technology for x-rays; approximately 80% less harmful rays they say. They still put you that heavy metal apron to protect you which means there are still enough harmful rays left. I imagine the bad rays we got a few years ago at the dentist must have been terrible and there were no aprons to protect us.... At least I’ve got my tooth fix ’temporarily’. The third day was preparation and semi fast. Drank almost everything I passed, water, ate oatmeal and fruits in the morning, an organic apple for dinner, a few nuts and s ...   read more

2nd preparation day - UT fasting   17 y  
Preparing myself mentally, physically. Drinking more urine.
Continued to watch closely what I eat and getting in the frame of mind. Ate sprouts which I think are the healthiest as each little sprouted grain contains what the mature plant would hold as far as nutrients goes  (for more info: http://www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/sprouts.htm ) . They say (authors) the grain or bean is multiplied by 5000 times its worth in nutirents when it has sprouted (lot better than the supplements we buy). I also ate some fresh fruits and a few nuts. Those raw foods gives you the enzymes that are destroyed in cooked food. F ...   read more

1st preparation day - UT fasting   17 y  
Eating less and more nutritious foods. Putting urine aside for enemas and massages during the fast.
I did the Master Cleanse for 7 days, 2 years ago and never felt so good ’spiritually speaking’ than after that fast. Heaven could not be much better. I was on cloud nine for two weeks with no special events (except the fast) to trigger that mood. I also had lots of energy during and after the fast. I tried the MC a second time, but this time my body wouldn’t hold the salt & water required to expell the toxins and the optionnal laxative tea was not enough for me. So this year I decided to do the unimaginable: UT fasting and water. I am now relatively in good health for my age (you can read ...   read more


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