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Day 24...Time to End   17 y  
Another Wonderful Journey
Greetings... I have decided that today is the day for me to conclude this journey.  I truly wanted to go to 30 days, perhaps even further, but the fact that I fly back to the states on Sunday is my obstacle.  By ending now, this gives my body four days to get things working again so I am able to endure the 24 hour journey, that’s right, from door to door (Germany to the Puget Sound), is 24 hours.  It’s tough enough for me to make the trip, but really hard on my kids.  Being that we leave on Sunday and arrive on Sunday afternoon, I was really hoping to take my Dad out to dinner Su ...   read more

Day 23...Your Genuine Inner Voice   17 y  
Conflict within myself is often caused by dueling voices.
Greetings... During this cleanse, as well as past cleanses, I have discovered that there are numerous voices that often compete for my attention. It can be difficult to decide which one to listen to, particularly when their messages are all quite different, sometimes conflicting, and even alluring.  For example, one cookie won’t hurt, or go ahead and lick that spoon, and even why do this at all, just go ahead and order a pizza.  One voice, however, is the speaker of truth. Among all my inner voices, my true inner voice is the one which encourages me, gives me hope, and pushes me to tru ...   read more

Days 21-22...Juicing   17 y  
The benefits of juicing.
Greetings... As I prepare to come off this current cleanse, I am getting ready to do a couple of weeks of juicing.  I’ve juiced after all three of my previous cleanses, and this time will be no exception.  I do supplement with other foods while juicing, but the majority of my caloric intake will be from fruit and vegetable juices.  We all know that we should be eating more fruits and vegetables. Beyond the obvious nutritional value of a diet high in fruit and vegetables, researchers are finding that the phytochemicals in plants hold the keys to preventing some of our most deadly d ...   read more

Day 20...Pressing On   17 y  
Feeling Pretty Good
Greetings... Nothing much to report today.  I have a bit of a headache but I suspect it is from the heat.  It is unseasonably warm in Bavaria right now.  We really need some rain to cool things off a bit.  The growth on my right knee is slowly starting to recede and I suspect that within a weeks time it will be totally gone.  The power of cleansing!  I bought some more lemons yesterday, enough for about five more days if I choose to go that long.  I also bought my oranges and veggie soup supplies.  I am making my stock tomorrow so it will be r ...   read more

Day 19...Veggie Soup   17 y  
This is my all time favorite.
Greetings... As I view the master cleanse forum, I notice many first timers are coming up to day 10 and the end of their first ever cleansing journey.  As a result, I thought I would take the time today to post my favorite recipe for vegetable stock and soup.  The first recipe, which is the stock, is truly the key ingredient to making any successful vegetable soup in my opinion.  The addition of portabella mushroom in this stock adds depth, so definitly don’t omit that ingredient. Vegetable Stock Start to finish: 1 1/2 hr serving size: Make ...   read more

Day 18...More Observations   17 y  
There appears to be some deep healing going on.
Greetings... My day to day journey at this point is proceeding quite well.  In the evenings when I make dinner for my kids, I do have some cravings, but nothing that a tablespoon of molasses and a lemonade won’t solve.  The big thing I wanted to mention is this growth I have had on the side of my knee for several years.  I’m not quite sure what it is.  It’s not a wart but it may be a small cyst or something of that nature.  Anyway, the last few days the thing has started transforming itself.  It’s almost like it is developing a scab.  I have been ...   read more

Day 17...Spring/Summer Cleaning   17 y  
The benefits are numerous.
Greetings... The master cleanse is used for a number of reasons, mostly to detoxify the digestive system, but also as a means to clear the mind. Many people, myself included, engage in cleansing on an annual or bi-annual basis, some indiviuals even more often.  The benefits are numerous. Regularly cleansing helps the body release toxins that come from exposure to food additives, household chemicals, and pollution. Cleansing reduces stress on the digestive system, by supporting the elimination systems and other organs.  It is recommended that ...   read more

Day 16...The Numbers Game   17 y  
Throw Away Your Scale!!!
Greetings... Quite often when purusing the master cleanse forum or various blogs, you come across many individuals who seem to be obsessed with the numbers game, that is to say, following their weight on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, h ealth is not a numerical concept and cannot be defined using statistics.  Human beings, however, tend to want to quantify well-being into easily understandable figures.   We feel compelled to ascribe numbers to every aspect of wellness, from the qualities of our food to our fitness levels to the physical space we occupy. As a consequence ...   read more

Day 15...Another Day, Another Lemon   17 y  
Had to restock today for another week.
Greetings... Well there’s nothing much to report today.  I do have a few pimples that have surfaced since yesterday, a small one on my nose and three on my back.  Nothing major however.  Just another indication of toxins being pushed out of my body.  I did restock on lemons this morning.  I was able to get very nice sized lemons at $1.00 a pound.  It seemed like a pretty good deal.  I can get 4-5 tablespoons of juice from each one of these lemons.  I also had to break out my gallon container of syrup and fill up my half gallon container las ...   read more

Day 14...Some Observations   17 y  
The cleansing process continues.
Greetings... Today I just want to provide a few updates about what has been happening with my body the last few days. Two days ago, I had a significant event that really freaked me out. It was perhaps 7 pm and dusk was settling in and I went to the bathroom to pee. I didn’t bother to turn on the bathroom light as there was still enough sunlight to see what I was doing. While peeing, I felt the need to spit so I did, and I noticed that my saliva was quite dark. I figured that it was some residual molasses that I had taken an hour earlier. About 45 minutes later, I went to pe ...   read more

Day 13...Cleansing The Body   17 y  
Recovery Comes In Stages
Greetings... I remember reading somewhere that the human body is designed with the capacity to fast.  The theory is that nature tells us to fast. When we have no appetite during an acute illness, fasting is nature’s way to accelerate recovery. Feeding the sick individual when his digestive powers are diminished only serves to further complicate the illness. During an acute viral illness, fasting activates white blood cells and causes more interferon to be produced. Now you need to understand that there is a vast difference between fasting and malnutrition.  When ...   read more

Day 12...Taming the Tongue   17 y  
Combating that dreaded bad breath.
Greetings... During my cleanses, one of the things that has perhaps bothered me the most is dealing with the bad breath that is associated with fasting.  As much as I hate bad breath, in fasting it is generally a good thing.  It is caused by the coating which appears on the upper surface of the tongue soon after the commencement of the cleanse or fast.  Initially, the body begins to digest such waste material and deposits of fat as are available to it. This coating on the tongue is an outward proof that inner elimination is in progress. As ...   read more

Day 11...Salt Water Flushing   17 y  
A Rush To Flush
Greetings... Over the last year and a half, I have read many posts on the MC forum about individuals not doing the daily salt water flush when on the Master Cleanse.  Some people will just do it on weekends, others every other day, and still others not at all, preferring to substitute the lax tea in the morning.   We all start the master cleanse with good intentions, drinking our smooth move the evening before we start and waking the next morning to consume our first quart of salt water.  Little do many first time cleansers realize, getting that quart of salt water ...   read more

Day 10...Exercise during fasting   17 y  
Maintaing Your Metabolism
Greetings...   It’s a known fact that during extended cleanses or fasts, the body’s metabolism dramatically slows down.  On my last cleanse, I clocked my heartbeat as low as 60 bmp.  One thing I have consistently done during all of my cleanses is to exercise.  During previous cleanses, I have always used an elliptical machine in the mornings and afternoon, as well as plenty of crunches.  Last summer I also did quite a bit of yard work.  During this cleanse, I have been using a treadmill as I gave up on ellipticals because they kept breaking down on me.&nbs ...   read more

Day 9...Clearing Roadblocks   17 y  
Something's Percolating Inside of Me
Greetings... Well it’s day nine and things are moving along quite nicely.  I did however have an event last night.  I had my last lemonade at around 8 pm and my smooth move at 8:30.  Just prior to going to bed at 9 pm, I drank about 10 more ounces of water.  Right when I was getting ready to go upstairs for the night, I started to experience some extreme cramping and pain in my lower abdominal region.  I got to the upstairs bathroom and had a small bowel movement and then went in to lie down.  At that point, I felt as if I was going to throw up, the pain was so intense.  I had to ...   read more

Day 8...Am I A Freak   17 y  
Food Smells So Good
Greetings... Okay, this is going to be kind of a weird post, but I need to get this out there. I remember last summer when several people on the MC forum and in blogs were talking about this one individual who would actively smell food during his cleanse. It seems that some others got on board and were doing the same thing. On this particular cleanse, and especially in the last few days, I find myself hovering over food that I am cooking for my children and taking in deep breaths through the nose. One of the things I really like about doing the master cleanse is how it c ...   read more

Day 7...Ready For A Change   17 y  
We often can't help but feel impatient.
Greetings... It can be said that life is a series of events waiting to happen.  When we do the Master Cleanse, there are generally a number of steps we must take in order to prepare ourselves for the journey.  Some individuals will go through various pre-cleanses such as parasite, colon, liver, etc.  Other will adhere to a strict diet leading up to their cleanse, while still others may rely solely on the mental aspect of preparation.  I tend to believe that many of us use a combination of things to prepare ourselves.  What this means is that this big event i ...   read more

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