Nature's Sunshine / Clean Start Cleanse
by andib

Don't know what I should do...   17 y  
What's the best way to come off the cleanse?
I feel like quitting this cleanse. My stomach is upset a lot and I just donít feel good. Chugging this gritty weird drink mix just about makes me sick. I feel like stopping - mostly because my stomach hurts and the idea of putting another 8 oz. of that gritty stuff in me seems like a bad idea right now but itís time for my drink. I want my stomach to feel better but if I quit taking it Iíll be constipated and feel even worse. I havenít seen any kind of mucoid plaque or anything and the transit time of my food, which is the length of time from going in to coming out and which Iíve heard ...   read more

on again/ off again   17 y  
Busy Busy Busy days....
I quit taking the stuff again this weekend - too much going on, I had an out of town wedding and an all-day birthday party Saturday and Sunday. I wish I could do the cleanse straight through without stopping but it seems like Iím so busy on the weekends lately - next weekend I have a 12-hour jewelry show on Saturday, which actually translates to a 15-16 hour day with drive time (out of town) set up, tear down, and drive back, loading and unloading! Whew! Thatís not the kind of day you want to do a cleanse! I have to say I really feel much better on it that off it, though. I need to talk ...   read more

Back to 1 a day   17 y  
I'm in no hurry
Trying to do 2 packets a day just didnít seem to be working out so well. Iím just too busy after work and end up not able to get the drink mix in before Iím eating dinner. Inevitably I end up after my errands, back at home with something from a drive thru. I try to eat healthier - salads and lite meals rather than cheeseburgers and fries, but I know Iím only fooling myself - all fast food is bad for you. I have replaced many of my foods at home with organic choices - in fact I was surprised at what I found out there: lots of cereal choices, milk, goat cheese, beef and chicken, fruits and v ...   read more

Time for an official name-change   17 y  
I am still juicing but not juice fasting...
Today I realized something about this cleanse program, trial and error I guess - You cannot take the drink mix without taking the capsules 30 mins. later and you cannot take the capsules without remembering to take the drink mix first. I made both mistakes yesterday - I forgot to do my drink mix 30 mins. before lunch and thinking Iíd just go ahead and take the capsules with lunch as usual and make up the drink mix with no capsules in the evening - big mistake. The drink mix contains psyllium and bentonite and fiber, the capsules contain the cascara sagrada and other cleansing herbs. ...   read more

Time for an update!   17 y  
Haven't written in so long!
My vacation turned into a really busy two weeks. My car broke down and I had something going on every day. It was great though, I really prefer staying busy over just loafing around. It felt relaxing, too, because I wasnít in a hurry to be anywhere... I got up around 8 when I woke up and just took my time at coffee and breakfast, I got plenty done but didnít feel rushed the way I do during the work week, and even the weekends usually, because I know I have 2 days to fit in my housework, fun time, and me-time before itís back to work on Monday. I realized how much pressure I put on myself t ...   read more

Juice fasting took a fork in the road   17 y  
Nature's Sunshine Clean Start Cleanse
Well, Iím officially on vacation, which is why I havenít written recently! Thereís so much more to do when Iím not at work (ha ha). I got my juicer over the weekend and some fresh fruits and veggies and started experimenting with some juice combinations. I donít have any recipes so many of my concoctions werenít very good. Saturday I had a jewelry show at a farm & art market in a nearby town and the girls who organized it were giving short nutritional classes, based on natural eating, juicing, and the like. there happened to be a lady there who has just opened a small natural foods / herba ...   read more

oops   17 y  
posted this in the wrong blog! silly me. See Quote of the Day!   visit the page

excited and anxious   17 y  
Can't Wait to Start!
Iím really anxious to start the juice fast. Iím so curious to see how many things will really feel better. Like my intermittent joint pain or my throat/ear pain that I think is a really swollen gland. Will my tongue coating clear up? My skin? Iím so tired of feeling run down and dragging around. I donít intend to use any medicines either while on my fast, no aspirin or tylenol, no cold pills if my nose starts to run. I want my body to completely clean itself out unimpeded by artificial chemicals. I am so excited to begin! I donít have my juicer yet, nor do I have money to go to the g ...   read more

Preparing for a Juice Fast   17 y  
my reasoning... aside from the usual "you are what you eat" theory
I recall a line from the movie ĒBeyond BordersĒ... I didnít really like the movie that much but I recall the line ĒDid you ever just have the cold?Ē and it really struck me how different our lives in America must be from most other places in this world. There are so many places in this world where people are still living day to day and their pressing thought is their own survival. It would certainly keep the mind and body active, wouldnít it? Here in America we are raised to be in complete comfort all the time and if we are not we will run to the nearest doctor to prescribe us the lates ...   read more


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