Master Cleanse for stomach problem plagued girl
by britgirl

the grossest thing ...   17 y  
came out of me today. Donít worry, I wonít describe it, but it shocked me and made me cringe. Iím sooooo happy for the MC right now. haha! Good luck to all of you fasters on eliminating the strange unwanted mysteries that might reside inside of you!! (if they do ... hopefully not!) Byeeeee   visit the page

Day 9   17 y  
getting there
I felt super depressed AGAIN this morning. I already suffered from this problem occasionally, so I donít know if its to do with the fast or not. ANYWAY, pulled myself together, went to work and slowly started feeling happier. Iím just so glad its almost over. My tongue is still pink, so I dunno if that means im toxin free. Iíll guess Iíll find out for sure tomorrow morning. Im still not hungry, just bored is all. My boyfriend wanted to go out to eat this weekend and erm, well I canít eat! Iím defeinitely gonna be carefull to eat super healthy afterwards. Iíll probably eat mostly raw for ...   read more

Day 8   17 y  
bored and depressed
Not much new or different. I feel like Iím getting more tired now on the MC. The first 6 days I had lots of energy, but now Iím feeling depressed, bored, sleepy and unimpsired to do anything. I think Iím eliminating lots of toxic stuff at the moment. Thats it really. Iím still on it and its day 9 this morning! :) I feel so sad though :( I donít think I will continue after day 10, although part of me really wants too, but Iím really craving the orange juice right now. I canít wait to drink it on Monday. Best wishes everyone.   visit the page

Question ...   17 y  
pink tongue surprise
I woke up this morning and my tongue has turned pink and healthy looking. Iím on day 8 of my fast. I thought it would take much longer than this for my tongue to go pink. Does this mean Iím detoxed?? Iím still eliminating things and having very slight physical symptoms ... so, Iíd assume Iím not detoxed. So why do I have a pink tongue? Thanks!!! :)   visit the page

Day 7   17 y  
an emotional slump
Hello everyone. Day 7 started out relatively easy. No hunger, cravings still. But, in the afternoon I had a chamomile and lavender tea and it made me unusually tired. I was already really bored at work, so that probably didnít help. But all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep which is very unlike me. Then, I started getting really depressed, which came on very randomly. I donít know what triggerd it. So, I cried quite a bit in the car and old super depressive thoughts came back to me. I went to my art studio and slept for a bit, watered the plants and managed to do some work. My boyfr ...   read more

day 6 and a bit of 7   17 y  
colon cleanse and other adventures
So, in the morning I went for my colonic. Still had trouble getting this annoying pocket of gas out or whatever the hell it was. She managed to move it and said that it should come out a bit later. Apart from that all that came out was gas and toxins, so i was pretty clean. (well it seems like it anyway!) She thinks i most likely have parasties now, so Iím gonna start a parasite cleanse after my fast. The day was easy, hunger wise. I feel so good, I feel like I could stay on this fast for ages. Iíve lost a good amount of weight, which wasnít my purpose for the fast but its making me wan ...   read more

day 4 and 5   17 y  
fine and dandy
Hello. So, Day 4 was eeeeasssy. More weird stuff coming out. I had a burning BM in the morning which apparently means bad toxins are leaving me. Didnít really get hungry. Becoming easier to resist yummy looking food. I did have a herbal tea at coffee bean which was good but I felt really tired afterwards. I sweetened it myself with some maple syrup, so i dunno wat that was about. Day 5 was easyish too considering I was dreading it as I went to the english pub today with my friends and brother to watch england play sweeden in the world cup. The reason I was dreading it was because i w ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
easy peasy until my boyfriend ate a burrito
So, day 3 was yesterday (Iím a bit behind!) Everything started out fine. Was alarmed at the runny BM. But, my sister told me this was normal so that was a relief. I canít believe how much stuff you retain in your body. Anyway, so the morning was relatively easy, but in the afternoon, my boyfriend bought a burrito and horchata and sat in front of me eating (I said it was ok, he wasnít being mean!) I figured it was good practice to resist temptaion in front of my face. Well, that seemed to set off a massive craving for everything terrible for the rest of the day. All I could think abou ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
So far so good
So, Iím actually on Day 3 right now, but Iíll write about that later. I woke up yesterday and had my water flush. Then proceeded to be runny for a bit which I had been on Day 1 but failed to mention. I seem to have lost control over my BMís. Which is quite embarassing and annoying as I have to be alert all morning. Not sure what to do about it. If I donít take the water flush at least then I wonít go at all. Iíve layed off the senna/dieters tea for a bit anyway. Other than that, I feel fine. MUCH better than my first attempt on the second day. The only reason I can figure may be beca ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
Period started :( But no hunger or headaches yet!
First thing this morning I had the salt drink and then made my lemonade and drank some dieters tea. Went to work sipped on my lemonade and also drank my kombucha (which I think is fine to drink also, let me know if not anyone, please!) So, today I also started me period. Perfectly bad timing in one way, but I guess you could see it as assisting the cleansing process. I had to leave work early due to quite severe pains and diarrhea. Iím not taking anything for it you see, as I donít want to toxify myself already while just starting the cleanse. Although iím not doing the cleanse to ...   read more

Background to my fast   17 y  
My long story as to why I'm going on a fast.
My past month and a half: FEELING CRAP Iíve been having some strange digestive and erm,(constipation. hehe.) problems. I was and still am slightly suffering from really painfull gas that I canít/couldnít emit and the feeling of being constantly full even when I had hardly eaten anythings ... once to the point of actually vomiting back up a glass of water ... presumably because there was no room for it. COLONIC ONE Anyway, I decided to go for a colonic (my mums suggestion). Wasnít as gross as I thought it would be, in fact quite interesting. You literally begin to see with your eyes ...   read more


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