On the path to healthy eating and attitudes....
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Searching for an answer.....   17 y  
and getting close to finding it.
My husband is terrific. I am a gym rat. I love the gym. The smell, the music, the sweat, the movement. The push to go further. Iíve really missed that and the past few evenings Iíve been able to go back to it. Feels good. Iíd like to make that my new career, the binding of what you enjoy with helping others reach their goals. That would be great! Iím on the path, and getting close to figuring it out. Feels good. Iím listening to the news, itís all not good. Weapons, murder, people getting hurt. I donít get to hear the news often, and that is a good thing. Food changes are goi ...   read more

No heading tonight.....   17 y  
Abstract ramblings...all over the board.
Seems like this week has been one thing after another. Itís not bad, but also not good. Moving here has not brought out the best in any of us. Having the additional responsibility of the house is really trying, but thatís okay, Iím sure weíll work it through. Iím tired. REally really tired. My eyes hurt from being open too long, my hair is falling out from stress, I donít have enough gym time (which I love), and my teenager would like us to buy him another car because he doesnít like the one weíve offered. Iím sure a week on his Schwinn will take care of that one. I love where my p ...   read more

What a difference ......   17 y  
.....a week makes!!
I was reviewing last Sundayís blog letter, and boy this has been a great week. Nice to know that as stuff gets talked about and recognized God is good and can heal. Itís been a day of freedom, a day of rejoicing, a day of sharing. I shared with my sunday school class today that I once (in recent memory) had a hair color accident and turned my hair hot punk rocker pink.....they giggled, laughed, and it makes the ties that bind. Helps that itís true. Iím watching my oldest get involved in life. Heís forgetting the you can have Jesus and a life. That thereís a mix involved that works, ...   read more

What can I say????   17 y  
Works for me......
Eating--good! Daytime hours fasting (juice/tea/water)--awesome!! Day for family shooting? Hmmmmmmm...... My two year old pooped out after one hour so we retreated to the minivan and watched Nemo (again). This was a great day for my husband, and at the end of the day it was meant for him. He gives alot, asks for little, and this was his dream day! Not much else. The sun is shining, my funk is lifting, and the yoga is good. Feeling good about myself, life, and those sharing it with me. Works for me. Works really well for me. Need to read a new book. Need to work on my personal t ...   read more

Hmmmm........FRIDAY!!!!   17 y  
Pizza, yoga, and the abstracts in life.....
We just bought a whole bunch of íLittle Peopleí sets at our local thrift shop. Kids have the whole thing out and are happily doing their own thing--sharing is good, but not required. Pizza on the way! FRIDAY.....Iím very thankful. Tomorrow is a non-blog day possibly. We are going on a family íshootí day. This is at odds with my upbringing, mental belief on guns and ownership of them. However, it fits in perfectly with my husbands and since he doesnít ask much I am doing it (this once....donít tell:-). My in-laws are stopping by for the night. This almost guarantees that they wil ...   read more

Today I read 'On the Day You Were Born'......   17 y  
...and it reminds me that I am part of something greater!
Today we read this great childrenís book again and again, personalizing it for each child. Each one sat still, until their turn, then got really excited. Small moments of greatness and I am eternally grateful that their parents trust me to take care of their little one. Today was an interesting day. We live in Florida and the pool is turning green. The two are only related as itís a good time of year for this to happen, although we work hard to not have that happen. Itís cooling off, and the kids and I got to play hard outside today. Sand everywhere, dirt everywhere....after we were ...   read more

This is the day that the Lord has made.....   17 y  
I will rejoice and celebrate!!
THis day has gone GREAT!! I really needed that after yesterday. I have an urge for vegetables and have indulged in some carrots, peas, and broccoli. Later IĒll have more. So far itís been a juice type day and the scale was down 3# this morning!! Yay me....!! My husband comes home tonight and he is really the success story for today. He totally understood my upset from yesterday, which was important--that he understood. More later, but wanted to get this started....just in case I get derailed this afternoon:-)   visit the page

Tuesday, what a day:-)   17 y  
Parents, love your children as they are, not for what you would have them be.
Started great. Fast was and is going well. No weight lost, but thatís okay, the colon is cleansed and I feel terrific. Right up until my neighbor came by to ask if my son (the dev. delayed one) had run his bike along her rental car. Darn it! We knew it was him before she even finished, and it really sucks. It took him 5 years almost to learn to ride a bike and heís 13. Heís been riding for 4 years now and itís his love. Thereís so much he cannot do so this was a real blessing. The bike is now in the attic. Our homeowners will have to fix her rental. Iím good for the fix, not up ...   read more

erased Monday message.....   17 y  
One minutes it's there, the next it's gone.....know where your going.
So I had a bunch of stuff written down and it was GONE. Crashed computer, such is life. The cliff notes version is that day one of the fasting is done, went great. Seemingly yesterdays enlightenment paid off. Feeling good, havenít been hungry, and IĒm wondering if this is partly because of the parasite cleanse that Iíve recently finished. Tea for tonight because I finished my juice, and itís working. No soda, no weird cravings. Yay me!!! There was so much before, and I just donít know where it went. But my teenager needs to use the computer, and thatís the priority. Yay me!! Mon ...   read more

Sunday, the day of rest.....   17 y  
The Name above all names is worthy of my praise.....
So far, okay. I used to run--alot. It always felt like the great eating was an extension of that. The run. The miles, the clarity after and during, the time away from everyone else, the pounding beat of the feet on the cement or track. The mindlessness of it so I can focus on other things. The great eating always was a part of that. What happened? Bad knee....four babies....growing older. The question then becomes what to do about not having that focus. My gym time isnít doing it, swimming is great but thereís hardly time for that and it takes too long to go do and get back. Yog ...   read more

Saturday.....day one, need to get moving....   17 y  
ramblings of an overweight almost 40.......
Itís Saturday, day one of some new resolve. Problem is that I lose focus and have already eaten. Sucks. I have 30ish #ís to lose and itís not coming off. My clothing is tight, Iím tired, my husband is losing and not even trying to lose. My kids are doing fine, and daycare kids are awesome. Food, always it comes back to the food. Food. Food for the soul (Bible), food for thought (devotions), and of course food for energy (eating). I would love to get moving on a liquid fast, the downfall is always that food looks, smells, and tastes so good. While not overly overweight (164 on a 5 ...   read more

September is here.....   17 y  
A life worth living.....
and I really need to get on track....I used to be so focused on eating well and taking great care of myself. Iím down and would almost say depressed over not being able to properly manage this. Sad, sad, sad. I look at a famous tabloid picture of a very skinny girl and think íshe has control over her bodyí. Totally screwed up of me. Iím trying to only eat in the evenings, but a trip to the inlaws totally screwed that up. Iím tired, Iím sick and tired, Iím ready for a change. And september is here. Iíll work at it a little more--put more perspective on this. Liquids and then food. ...   read more

busy busy busy   17 y  
itís been a busy season, with more busyiness still at hand. Doing the Humaworm and enjoying that, itís good stuff and next time around Iím sure IĒll feel even better. Nice to find a product that agrees with me, isnít making me bloated.....etc etc etc. On my journey for weight loss IĒm failing. Still taking diet pills, still trying to hold back my eating, still working from home, still sliding backward. Not gaining, but not lossing. Ugh..... But more on this later, out of town guests are here and Iím doing....   visit the page

Funny how time flies by.......   17 y  
new day
Itís a hot August day, the weight loss has gone no where quickly. Back in the gym and eating well (unless you count the chocolate I just consumed.) and starting to slim down---I just really want the scale to talk to me. Kind of bummed out. We had said that IĒd stay home until the baby (heís 2) was ready for K, but it hasnít turned out that way. After some major stuff through daycare came through my family has asked me to shut down. I respect that and am finding new homes for the kids (other ppls, not mine) but Iím mourning the loss of staying home. At the end of the month Iíll be out ...   read more

Is it really Friday???   17 y  
reminders on priorities and how to accomplish some....not very deep,but with possibilities!
I suppose so. All my daycare parents cancelled today with one exception....so I suppose it really isnít all:-) My toddler and I are having a blast....note to self, enjoy him more--stress less. When he offers a bite of something sweet take it and donít worry about how it will land on my bottom!! Yesterday was a huge bummer food wise, as was Wednesday. Huge amounts of stress, causing the chain reaction of overeating, or rather eating what I should not be. Itís been busy and the husband is absentee right now. However, today is a new day, a blessing to be had. So I suppose the new ?? i ...   read more

Tuesday, beautiful Tuesday!!   17 y  
Rainy day Tuesday, and a great day at that!
So far so good. Whole grains all the way with lots of fruit and vegetables. Even my kids are doing great!! The rain is hitting us hard, making it so we cannot go outside, but the sun is peeking through. I think I may have a hold on the food issues. Time will tell---Each day I pray for strength and it is given. Awesome!! Iíve also taken a break from juicing. WHen you stop enjoying something and it becomes a chore, itís time for a break. Tonight I try a bellydancing DVD!! Maybe. Those who would laugh and giggle will be out of the house or sleeping, so the timing is good. Just ...   read more

Going well, and other reminders...   17 y  
Conquering addictions is hard, appreciating those you love is not.
Today was wonderful!! Except for the allergy problem. Reminder that the nasal spray gave me nosebleeds. Bad timing on that one. Last night I prayed and prayed for deliverance from the food addictions that have had me hostage. Today was good. Started strong, ending strong, and in the middle was quite wonderful. We had lunch at a buffet restaurant, and while the idea of buffet is quite gross, my family likes it. And that works. Last day of vacation. Tomorrow daycare starts again in my home and the true test of whether I can do this or not. Itís another USDA day here. Lots of carb ...   read more

Saturday, oh Saturday!!   17 y  
ongoing journey to physical and mental wellness
Itís HOT here, really really hot. Iím trying to squeeze in some afternoon pool time but right now itís just crackiní hot!! So far so good on eating, but weíll see what later brings. Iíd like to narrow it down to just a protein shake for dinner and call it good. Then do the elliptical!! Sounds good to me. The baby will sleep early because he refuses to nap---power to the sweet 2 year old!! So the new dilemma is this, and I have yet to find a solution. My wonderous scale says that Iím holding 122# of muscle. Even if this is close thatís alot of muscle for me to carry, and already de ...   read more

June 9th....! Beach Day!!   17 y  
overindulged today and yesterday--darn it!
What a great day! Weíre in Florida so we all spent a day at the beach. Awesome watching everyone doing something that they enjoyed and still a part of the bigger picture. Eating wise not so great. I always start out strong, without over indulging. Lunch IĒm still good, fruit and maybe a grain or a rice/bean combo (veg. protein). BUT then it hits, the pigging out begins. By 7pm IĒm bummed out about the eating. Itís not that itís excessive, but rather poor choices. Tonight was pizza, chips, vegetables, and then diet soda. I did exercise on my elliptical for 30 min. I was really ac ...   read more

Starting fresh......   17 y  
Reminding myself of goals and starting places!
Today must be a new day. I started to write last night, got side tracked and never got back. This is my journaling experience as I try to figure out how to lose weight, maintain a vegetarian lifestyle in a meat eating home, and control my addiction to diet pills and extreme food swings. Alot for me, but with one thing at a time, and a journal that cannot be thrown away---thereís always hope! Iím heading rapidly to 40!!! With 4 kids between 2-16, and a terrific husband. I do childcare out of my home, and love it. Today I started well: new diet supplement, a couple waffles with the ki ...   read more


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