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Harpo Prayer, Sept. 2001   17 y  
. . .thank God for His Grace. . .
I cannot thank God enough for HIS Grace . . .the Grace to the end of time. The Grace is good for everyone of us; everything good is found in God’s grace. Everyday I have something to say all day long, ”Jesus is coming soon”. How goes it for you? Are you ready? It is better to have spiritual growth than to have physical growth. AMEN A real love for everything the Bible teaces us how to know the true truth. Think of the word of God and reflect on his great power. What can be like the promises of Holy God. Nothing... Tomorrow can be a danger word because we live TODAY. . . just do some ...   read more

Psalm One   17 y  
Blessed are those who walk hand in hand with goodness. . .
Psalm 1 Blessed are those who walk hand in hand with goodness, who stand beside virtue, who sit in the seat of truth; For their delight is in the Spirit of Love, and in Love’s heart they dwell day and night. They are like trees planted by streams of water, they yield fruit in due season, and they flourish; And in all that they do, they give life. Nan Merrill Praying the Psalms   visit the page

I serve LOVE!   17 y  
the deepest healing of ALL. . . .
The color of deep red velvet roses,burning beeswax candles, and smoking sage fill the aroma of my home with true LOVE. . .authentic love pulses into my surroundings, telling me of my Father’s love for me. . . I have been regally blessed by my five earthly fathers in whose loving care I have been carried throughout my lifetime. . .I am carried and sustained by the LOVE of GOD and it is a miracle, a blessing, a passkey to Eternity. . .on my way, I send appreciation to those who have blessed my pathways with the continuation of the Divine. . . I know I’ve been blessed so many times. . .cont ...   read more

Love is only Good If we Give it Away   17 y  
I have the miracle power to SEND LOVE FORTH!!!
Thank you for the confirmation that LOVE is translated through these messages. . . . ”I BELIEVE LOVE is dwelling in ME Flowing throughout my entire BEING and I have the MIRACLE power to SEND LOVE FORTH. Please do not miss it! I AM Sending you TRUE LOVE!” The above was written on the flap of an envelope sent by Harpo. . .it so touched my heart, that I tore off the flap and kept it with me always. . . So now it is for you, because you understand ”authentic” LOVE! That which is tangible, felt, eaten, digested, nourished, and comes to fruition in eternity! Shalom, mrose   visit the page

thatemptyspace. . .   17 y  
God, I love. . .
that empty space. . . God, i love your soul. . .and all the empty space therin. it makes room for me to live there with you for, I too, am empty longing, desiring, for more of that empty space we think needs filling. . oh god, yes, i love your soul keep cleaning out those things we do not need and I will be there with you. mrose   visit the page

The State of the World   17 y  
by Lisa Natoli
REPORT: State of the world 2006 I saw a movie last night that was really stupid - There is only love - but there was one good detail that I liked ... Sean Penn writing a report on the State of the World. I thought that would be a good writing exercise for me. The WorldWatch Institute issues an annual report, but charges $18.95 (per year) to read it. THIS IS THE STATE OF THE WORLD. Nobody gives anything away for free. The cost of gas is $3.06/per gallon. I get 30 miles to the gallon. I make $10/per hour. It costs $40 to fill the tank to full, and on average I use one-and-a half tank ...   read more

I'm glad. . .   17 y  
there is a loving God!
I’m glad there is a loving God. I’m happy that I don’t have to be concerned about anything. I’m grateful that as I dedicate myself to being helpful to others, others are helpful to me. I’m glad that its true that as you give you receive. It really works. There is nothing outside of me - it’s just me, mirroring my own perfection. Thank you, God!   visit the page

the harpo letters   17 y  
Take Time for Jesus
TAKE TIME FOR JESUS How utterly wrong is it to grasp tightly the things of this woe planet earth? There is something uncertain about thigs that are temporary. The way out of suffering, troubles, problems is to put in remembrance that nothing can be forever permanent. Everything will one day come to pass. It is so easy to be wrapped in things to rip us from rejoicing and to be glad from it. Yes indeed, try not to hold on to those things that can not last, but while they last, see a thing of beauty. Life is very exciting. It is not enough to be perfect in our own way. So there are ...   read more

the harpo letters "walk in love"   17 y  
Jesus said "You are the Light of the World"
Fill the heart with the love of God and let your body be full of the Spirit. By shouting at a deaf man does not mean he will hear us any better. Sometimes we are not wise enough to know what is going on. We read the wrong books, listen to false statements and see foolish behavior. As long as we are in the world we ought to use the light of Light. Jesus said ”We are the light of the World.” While walking, make waves that create the presence of God. Waves that God is here now, guiding us, healing us, loving us. Yes, indeed, it is the time to walk that gives excitement that blesses ...   read more

What state do YOU live in?   17 y  
the state of Oneness is good!
HEAVEN #2059 A Dancing Star from Heaven June 25, 2006 God said: There are moments when you are aware that you encompass the whole universe. There are moments when you fill up the universe entire. You feel that the world fits into you and is contained there. There are moments when there is no chair you sit in, room you occupy, but rather, the whole universe is contained within you. There are moments when you recognize Our Oneness. When someone asks you what state you live in, no longer say Connecticut. Say Oneness. That is indeed the state you live in, although you are often unawar ...   read more

MERGING with the Source of All Things Good   17 y  
Lighting the Way through DEEKSHA. . .
”Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights”. . . James 1:17 ********************************************************************************** DEEKSHA means ”Blessing or Benediction”. During Deeksha you are affirmed deeply in your highest Self. All that is not you such as fear, hurt, and anger begins to melt out of your system. All that is left is your Divinity and, therefore, enlightenment. All this is done energetically. The results are immediate. . . *********************************************************************** ...   read more

Photo of Harpo in 1980   17 y  
looking good, Harpo!
True Self overcomes dogma. . .   17 y  
. . .the Christ Spirit of Harpo is free now!
For years, I listened to Harpo. . .not because I believed his everyword, but because I wanted him to see his ’true self’ reflected back to him. . .but he could not see it. I wanted to penetrate the words, the dogma, the harping, the ”ONLY” way stuff. I wanted him to know his own christ self and that he was GOOD and WORTHY of love. . .without the belief system tagging along. I saw the Christ in him. He didn’t. . .he was stuck on words and messages. . . I believed in something beyond what his words spoke. . .but I was never able to get a word in edgewise with Harpo. Now the Christ Spi ...   read more

"Millionaires" a story told by Tina   17 y  
Harpo's affiliation with Jack LaLanne, Liberace
http://curezone.com/blogs/c/c.asp?d=9407   visit the page

Forgiving Our Fathers. . .   17 y  
by Dick Lourie
Forgiving Our Fathers By Dick Lourie - 07/15/2000 Maybe in a dream;He’s in your power You twist his arm But you’re not sure it was He that stole your money you feel calmer And you decide to let him go free Or he’s the one (as in a dream of mine) I must pull from the water but I never Knew it or wouldn’t have done it until I saw the street-theatre play so close up I was moved to action I’ve never before taken Maybe for leaving us too often or Forever when we were little maybe For scaring us with unexpected rage Or making us nervous because there seemed Never to b ...   read more

A Perfect Harpo Meal!    17 y  
bound to make you WHOLE and HAPPY!
A PERFECT HARPO MEAL Brown Rice and a handful of lentils Put a cup of brown rice along with a handful of lentils in a pot. Add 4 cloves of chopped garlic, a bay leaf, tamari and olive oil Cook until done. Pray. Red beans, pinto beans, or black beans cooked slow. . .season to perfection.. . meaning tons of GARLIC! Pray. AVOCADO with rice and beans, is a very good combination! Spinach, celery, radishes, parsley with no stems. . .carrots and whatever else on hand. . .but mostly this. . . pray. . . .oh, yes. . .raw garlic, too! Dressing: 1/2 cup tamari 1/2 water olive ...   read more

GOD is LOVE   17 y  
yes, it IS!
Love ... love is what makes you crazy for love love is what makes you hungry for love love is what makes you happy love is the essence of life - the source of all being - love is the sugar of life love is the cause of life - the purpose of life and the reason to live love is magic love does magic love creates magic - true divine magic beyond expectations, beyond limits ! Love flows Love flows through you love flows through all parts of you love flows inside and outside love flows from inside to outside love flows from outside to inside love flows like electricity ...   read more

A Red Rose for my Father   17 y  
Happy Father's Day!
I love you for being my father and for your simple goodness. . . it is enough.   visit the page

YOU are my ANGEL   17 y  
to all the "ones" I've known

The Witness   17 y  
a poem by Mark Valentine
...within or beyond?... together the beloved and lover... the master and disciple... the teacher and the seeker.... between all such masculine knowing and feminine unknowing rests the witness.... the witness is clear and pure... a mirror made of water.... sometimes cold and still... others warm and limpid... coldness brings stillness... warmth brings movement... sometimes it is opacity as snow... others it is clarity as rain... snow is to rain as predictability is to randomness... love is to water as form is to emptiness... all creatures (forms) arise out of ...   read more

Miracle DRUG!!!   17 y  
Could it be this simple???
”There is good in everybody. Boost. Don’t knock.” ~Warren G. Harding 29th president of the United States Whenever you do something nice for another, or find something good to say and say it, you inoculate the recipient with kindness. Not only does this help build up his or her immunity to life’s difficulties, it strengthens yours, as well. Kindness really is a miracle drug.   visit the page

To Tina--AMEN SISTER!   17 y  
Because of Harpo, we are all under one canopy. . .
We are in this together, YES! And we are part of a larger family than we realize. I came ”here” to this very place, by way of being a ”someone” who knew your father. . .that makes us sisters, doesn’t it? Because of Harpo, we are all under one canopy and he had to make sure he was leading us to a big, big God. . .some of us have found out what that means. . .yes, there are so many paths leading home. I think your father knew of his tremendous responsibility beacuse he was so much a mouthpiece. . . he HAD to humble himself at some point, right? Notice I didn’t say ”loudmouth”! We all knew he ...   read more

Re: Love is the Way by Tina   17 y  
Harpo's grandchildren carry the seed!
http://curezone.com/blogs/c/c.asp?d=9296   visit the page

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