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Wild, Raw, SuperGirl !   14 y  
article by David Wolfe on green things and super strength
Green Things by David Wolfe First published in Just Eat An Apple ________________________________________________________________ What is at the very center of the rainbow? What color is lacking in cities? What color is the heart chakra? Green. What do most people die of? Heart disease. Green foods are extremely important for our overall well-being. They keep us centered. Their high alkaline-mineral content keeps us calm. If we lived in Nature, eating 100% wild foods as 100% of our ancestors did just a few thousand years ago (before agriculture), we wo ...   read more

Living Raw Healthily : Tips   14 y  
article about pitfalls to avoid , to make eating raw a suceessful lifestyle
10 Sure Ways to Become a Healthier Raw Foodist By Frédéric Patenaude _____________________________________________________ Eat Raw The first step might sound obvious, but for many raw-foodists, their 90%, self-proclaimed raw food eating is, in fact, close to 40%. All those soy lattes at Starbucks , those occasional baked potatoes and chocolate samplings are really adding up at some point. It’s so easy to get caught in a pattern, eating the wrong foods and slowly but surely get off the wagon. If this happens to you, don’t desperate. The easiest way out of this ...   read more

Raw Fats !! Learn Facts   14 y  
knowledge sharing about avoiding too much fat in the raw food diet.
_________________________________________________________ What You Should Know About Raw Fat by Dr. Douglas Graham Published in JEAA, Vol. 2, #3 ______________________________________________________ You’re Likely to be Consuming Too Much Fat If You… * Have candida, diabetes, hypoglycemia, or chronic fatigue. * Suffer from heart disease, cancer, or any digestive disorders. * Break out in acne, whiteheads, or blemishes. * Experience skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, or dandruff. * Eat—or even desire—complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, ...   read more

Fanatics in the Raw   14 y  
an article from Frederic Patenaude about fanatism in raw food movement, and how to find your own balanced nutritional Raw Diet.
Fanaticism in the Raw Food Movement By Frédéric Patenaude ___________________________________________________ II started my experimentations with the raw diet towards the end of summer of 1996, and since then I can be justly qualified a non-conformist in regards to diet and nutrition. I first went on a strict, but confused, natural hygiene diet, then became a strict raw-foodist, then experimented with almost every type of raw diet there is, then experimented with cooked food, then raw foods again, and ever since I have been trying to fine-tuning my diet. ...   read more

Raw Dressings Recipes   14 y  
Raw or vegetarian dressings for any foods.
Dressings Recipes Dressings not only enhance the flavor of a salad, but also are highly nutritious, when prepared correctly. Although the vegan dressings we make in the Sunfood Cuisine differ from regular dressings, they have a much more intense flavor. We usually make these dressings using a Vita-Mix or good-quality blender. ______________________________________________ Tomato-Tahini 2 medium tomatoes 2 lemons, juice of 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 cup tahini 3 Tbs. nama shoyu, or tamari sauce 1/2 tsp. sea salt 1 tsp. cumin, (or basil, dill, and oregano) ...   read more

Raw Food Dips + Sauces Recipes   14 y  
REcipes for Raw food, vegetarian dips and sauces.
Dips & Sauces Recipes Everyone is familiar with guacamole, salsas, and other dips. They are made from fruits and vegetables. They are often served as an entrée with vegetables or as part of a dish. In the sunfood cuisine, things are slightly different. Guacamole can be viewed as a staple. In addition, dips and sauces may form the basis of a meal. Some of these dips are so delicious that you will want to eat them as a meal, with plenty of green vegetables. You can also prepare extra, and use this for other salads and snacks. Dips and sauces are not as rich as nut pâtés, since t ...   read more

Raw Gourmet Meal Recipes   14 y  
Raw food meals, with a nice gourmet flavor
Gourmet Raw Vegan Recipes It is great to eat simple food. Making a meal out of plain, raw fruits and vegetables can be satisfying and refreshing. Once we know that we can live on these foods, there is no more pressure to spend endless hours in the kitchen cooking. We can have more free time to do what we enjoy, and spend less time cleaning pots, and dirty pans. However, many people truly enjoy cooking and making gourmet food. These people often think that they would not be able to enjoy the Sunfood lifestyle. Perhaps this is because they do not realize that it is possible to sp ...   read more

Fantastic Raw Soup Recipes !   14 y  
Raw food soup recipes for a raw or vegetarian diet
Raw Food Recipes: Raw Soups Soups are some of the most delicious raw food recipes you can make in the raw food diet. They can be uncooked! All of the following raw soups are made using a Vita-Mix or good-quality blender. We often add some spices to warm them up! They are vibrant and alive, and will leave you feel great. Click here to learn how to make the best vegan, raw food recipes of soups. __________________________________________________ Thai Coconut Soup 2 cups coconut water 1 1/2 cups water 1 cup tomatoes 2 cups young coconut meat 1/2 avocado 1 medium garlic cl ...   read more

Acid/Alkaline combining foods   14 y  
Charts for combining acid vs alkaline foods
From: Wrenn | All Wrenn’s Messages | Date: 2/24/2004 5:43:39 PM Acid - Alkaline Chart http://seasilver.threadnet.com/Preventorium/avidalki.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Print this page and peruse it in the context of the next page in this series: Food Combining -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acid and Alkaline Basic Foods - an Introduction: The word ’basic” is derived from the Greek ”basis”, meaning ’foundation’. In a chemical sense, the word relates to ...   read more

Juice It Up (recipes)   14 y  
fresh juicing combos from collected recipes.
The juicing recipes below came with my juicer from JL Hufford. These are ones I have tried and liked, and what benefit they give. Enjoy. ___________________________________________ Also add Onion & Garlic for Immunity Boosts. ________________________________ 1. Alkaline 1/4 Head Cabbage 3 Stalks Celery ___________________________________ 2. Blood (BP, Anemia, Dry Hair) 6 Carrots 6 Spinach Leaves 4 Lettuce Leaves 1/2 Beet 4 Sprigs Parsley (Add) Handful Alfalfa Sprouts (Hair Nutrionic) ______________________________________________ 3. Blood Sugar (Diabe ...   read more

All My Blogs : Library   14 y  
A list of all my blogs, links to them all, and short descriptions of the content of each, for easy referral and consolidation.
Qi (Chi) Pig A collection of new healing herbs I have found out about,that heal vision, hepatitis, restore energy, etc; plus my year of new adventures, in learning to grow my own sprouts, new discoveries and tips along the way, such as full spectrum lighting with fantastic buy/link for the light bulbs cheap, my experiences and links on using the vitamin C crystals, and on using the Insight and Focus Tapes, plus related tips concerning them.Also a whole series of recipes for vegetarians, raw foodists, anyone! on soups , smoothies, juicing, meals etc , understanding the sugar vs candida li ...   read more

Vit. C crystals Energy Dreams   14 y  
my experiences as I begin using Vitamin C Crystals, following plan Owen has shared with me to help guide me based on his years of experience in using the crystals.
using Bronson Laboratories Vitamin C sodium ascorbate soluble fine crystals. 1/4 tsp = 1000 mgs vit C You can purchase the Bronson Crystals HERE Thank you for being patient as I work on this a bit at a time, I will continually add to this, as I can, If you have any questions concerning Vitamin C i would greatly suggest you talk to Owen at VIT C FORUM ______________________________________________________________ my update: vit C plus insight tapes. since Feb 20 2005 well I am still taking about 5000 mgs a day 1/4 tsp =1000 mgs. have been doing this what? a ...   read more

Insight CD series : Insight and Focus   14 y  
My experiences as I begin using these tapes. Links provided to the company, much like the holosync programs , but this is a one time purchase, not a long expensive series .
Thank you for your patience as I begin to work on posting my experiences as I find time. INSIGHT cd: esp useful in sleeping or meditation the insight tape has 3 tracks on it. first track is JOURNEY : takes you from alpha state to deep meditative delta over 24 minutes. next track is EXPLORATION : begins in deep delta and holds you there for 24 minutes. 3rd track is INSIGHT : begins in deep delta holds you there and gradually returns you back to alpha state. you do not have to *clear your mind* or do anything but listen. If you are interested in learning about the ...   read more

Eternity Living : Here and Now   14 y  
no messages in here yet, when i do , it will include personal thougts on where i am at in my spiritual journey and my goals.
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Scrub a Dub Dub   14 y  
no messages in scub a dub yet: have to find time *smile*. it will include makinbg your own soaps when i get to post here. thanks for your patience.
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Spice It Up Pup   14 y  
no messages inside this one yet, but when i do , it will include recipes i find and use, and some spices i like. and benefits of those spices. thanks for your patience
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My Happy Place   14 y  
things that give me good feelings inside and put a smile on my face
well a good friend just turned me on to this wonderful soap. it is auromere soap it is called tulsi neem version, and they sell sandalwood also. it sells for 1 $ a bath size bar !! incredible. i used it today and i am in heaven!! i truly thought it would be a very pricey soap, was so happy to see how afforable this incredible soap is ! they also sell a shampoo bar for $ 1.95 that lasts as long as a bottle of 16 oz shampoo would last. http://www.auromere.com/herbal_soap.html http://www.auromere.com/ayurvedic_shampoo.html i first washed my face, it smelled and felt so ...   read more

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Sharings I have found to cure hepatitis, improve vision, grow my own bean sprouts for my vegetarian needs, including grinding my own flaxseed, using full spectrum lighting and vitamin c crystals, also my experiences in using the insight and focus series as a budgetable alternative to holosync programs. Also a whole series of recipes for vegetarians, raw foodists, anyone! on soups , smoothies, meals etc , understanding the sugar vs candida lie behind eating fresh fruit; breaking the myth.… more...

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