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Imagine   17 y  
regular folks/ non-professional short video clip of Lennon's song, *Imagine*
http://youtube.com/watch?v=2xHV9rVaH9s didn’t quite know where to put this if you want to enjoy it. very nice short video /clip of regular folks .. Lennons song *Imagine* not a professional -slick clip hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Love, Ami Joi Benton   visit the page

Free Credit Report   17 y  
US Federal Trade Commission has a link for us to get 3 free credit reports per year. This was made a legal law that these companies must supply , fix, & send back corrected reports within 30 days, as well as notifying ALL other national credit reporting companies of the corrected report.
Hi, Are you aware that you are entitled now legally to get 3 free credit reports per year, from 3 separate companies? Yes, the federal government supplies us with the only LEGAL real link as well, to obtain them by. I did one of the companies and was amazed at about 9 indiscrepancies on my report of negative information ! I will now be supplying the credit reporting company the needed information to prove that in fact those debts were paid off, since I have files proving it. Once the reporting company gets that information, they have 30 days to fix the report, & to send ...   read more

Shelton: New Organs Grown by fasting   17 y  
Could this be the Mystery Canadian MD? Here is an Article by Shelton that discusses growing new organs through fasting. For further research resource names, go to the link at top of this article
This whole question arose from trying to find the Doctor that apparantly had claimed to regrow his heart in 21 days by theraputic fasting. See link here for other names that may have been the *mystery canadian MD) Shelton is not a Canadian, however this article is as close as I have found that seems to align with growing organs and limbs by fasting. http://curezone.com/blogs/m.asp?f=78&i=89 __________________________________________________________________________ Repair of Organs and Tissues During Fasting CHAPTER VIII From what has gone before about the body’s reserv ...   read more

Mystery Canadian MD?   17 y  
Possible names to research, plus a great link for FREE adobe reader books public domain , including Dr. Hay
I went thru hidden posts , and pulled out every passage I saw that had info related to CF’s question as to WHO the mystery Canadian MD might have been, and WHY CF’s question was asked to start with: * Claims of new heart being regrown in 21 day.* hope this helps: I have left out posters names, wishing only to pass along pertinent info that others might not have gotten that sincerely wanted this information answered, or potential names to research. _____________________________________ Was it the Canadian Stanley Burroughs? He originated the Master Cleanser program sometime be ...   read more

More Vegan Pet links   17 y  
Imagine: FACT! labeled pet foods that say animal parts, include animals that have been killed at pet shelters, and well as animal parts like bird beaks and feet ground up, from poultry farms.... animals found too toxic for human consumption (sarcasticly said) since we all know the incredible assortment of toxic animal product that is deemd edible by humans, all make into a tasty meal for our pets. (most sarcastically said)
http://www.vegetarismus.ch/vegepet/tyke.htm Vegan lion/ loves other animals cuddling. ___________________________________________ http://www.vegepet.com/about.html More vegan pet pictures and stories _________________________ http://www.vnv.org.au/Articles/Dogs&Cats.htm GReat articles and links. ___________________________________ hope these link and recipe link in last message, provide good resources for you to consider for your pet. The main missing acids that seem to need to be supplied are Taurine, and L-cysterine. Love, Ami Joi Benton   read more

Vegan dog recipes   17 y  
very easy to do vegan dog food recipes
http://www.yummyfordogs.org/ Check it out! so easy, so much healthier, and far less costly. Remember, soy is highly toxic as is peanut butter and dairy products. also some recipes suggest using baby food mixes. Well I never fed my kids that stuff, so I am sure not going to give it to my dog lol! Just feed him what you eat, or make your dog a crockpot meal. Use common sense combined with toxic knowledge. I notice that they don’t give amts to give a dog, use common sense, if a smaller dog, then smaller amts etc. And ican’t see feeding any pet one lb of beans for a onetim ...   read more

Womens privacy needs   17 y  
Toxin free ways to deal with ladies personal care needs
http://www.gladrags.com/color-cotton-3pack-p-86.html This product is a great way to save $, use non toxic ways to take care of periods, and is very functional. I would suggest the 3 pack above as a good intro to using gladrags, but would also suggest purchasing the *starter kit* see link below. http://www.gladrags.com/intro-regular-cotton-color-p-126.html ____________-------- you use the *holder* as a top pad, plus wraparound in undies, and then can insert pads as to your flow needs.. if want just a *liner affect, then just use the wraparound holder..: if have normal ...   read more

Coconut safety storage + use   17 y  
Great post concerning shelf life and storage of the many forms of coconut.
Whole coconuts can be stored for 1 month at room temperature. Fresh coconut meat can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, and frozen for up to 6 months, in an airtight container. However, fresh coconut juice must be refrigerated and used within 2 days. After opening, keep canned, packaged, or dried coconut in an airtight container. Canned or packaged coconut keeps 5 to 7 days, and dried coconut keeps 3 to 4 weeks in the refrigerator. Unopened coconut keeps 6 months. biotrex Link: http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=299&i=2104 This post was most informative about shelf ...   read more

Incredible Edibles (The BEST website I have found!)   17 y  
One of THE BEST idea recipe websites I have found, Great BREAD recipes using literally no milk , often no oil either. Enjoy
http://www.all-creatures.org/recipes.html this is the link to the great bread recipes , etc. a far superior recipe link than the one I just posted. Check it out !! I always leave out soy additives myself btw I also tend to use barley and or rice or oatmeal flours, since spelt is still a wheat flour, and I do not use wheat products. and of course never use peanuts or nonstick/ teflon cookware I also use oatmeal/ coconut/almond/banana/fruit /rice/ milks instead of soy milk. I NEVER use canned goods.. it is far too easy and better to quick make your own. Good *egg substitute* i ...   read more

Vegan Recipes   17 y  
This link will take you to a wonderful site I found online.
http://www.choosevegetarian.com/recipes_overview.asp I do not use soy product or canned product, since both are very toxic. Also do not use soy oil , canola oil,vegetable oil, etc.. I use coconut oil as a butter subtitute and most generally use oleic sunflower oil or olive oil under other circumstances, or sesame oil. for *milks* I quick blend coconut,banana, oatmeal, *milks* or even fruit milks. be sure to look at TIPS, it give a great tip for egg substitution if you want to make a cake using bananas or applesauce. please NEVER use nonstick spray starches or margarines of any ...   read more

Former 3HO speaks   17 y  
According to Baba Nihal Singh in India when talking to the teenagers there, "Yogi Bhajan is a very sick man in spirit".
http://www.freedomofmind.com/resourcecenter/groups/h/3ho/statement.htm Statement from Former Member of 3HO Posted Nov. 2, 2000 Dear Humans, It is with a heavy heart that I write these words. This is not how I wanted it to end. This was not my dream. This is a sad time for me. These are my opinions, my thoughts as I tell you my story. For every person on earth there is a valid reality of experiences, emotions and beliefs that are forever changing. They are real and true to that person at that time and I honor that. I have known many people who joined 3HO for all the right reaso ...   read more

Scoop on Poop 3HO   17 y  
There have been many cases alleging criminal activities and reportedly several criminal convictions of 3HO individuals within 3HO, complaints of severe sexual violence against Yogi Bhajan, and reportedly many 3HOers leaving the cult have been threatened with violence while trying to escape. There are unsolved murders of 3HOer still being investigated.
http://www.freedomofmind.com/resourcecenter/groups/h/3ho/ 3HO ( Happy Healthy Holy Organization) Leader: Yogi Bhajan (also known as Sikh Dharma) Alternate Names of the Group: Sikh Dharma Brotherhood The Siri Singh Sahib Foundation Kundalini Yoga Other Names: Harbhajan Singh Puri The Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi ji Description: Members of 3HO (Happy, Healthy, Holy Organization) certainly stand out with their white turbans and white clothing. They believe themselves to be Sikhs, though by following the teachings of Yogi Bhajan they ar ...   read more

Wacko 3HO Bhajan   17 y  
Bhajan may not be a real master of any type of Yoga, but he is a master at picking students that he can manipulate and control and who will typically not expose him to the media. And his legal team seems to have found some very effective ways of keeping embarrassing stories out of the media spotlight.
Giving (Your) Head to the Guru February 1999 By ”Breath of Fire Kaur”--a former member of 3HO When I first got into 3HO, I thought that I was going to experience the classic Guru/Disciple relationship. In the Sikh tradition, there is a saying that you ”give your head (the ego) to the Guru”. The implication is that through humility and commitment and faith, the spiritual treasures will then be your blessing or reward. It seems to me that Yogi Bhajan turned this entire concept into a way to manipulate and control students. But actually, many religions at times appear to use guilt-trips ...   read more

Nature Master   17 y  
To See a picture of Swami Lakshamanjoo, click on link
http://www.amazingabilities.com/amaze4a.html Swami Lakshmanjoo - Master Over Laws of Nature Vincent J. Daczynski Chapter 4 Swami Lakshmanjoo - Master Over the Laws of Nature (mouseover to enlarge) Swami Lakshmanjoo - Master of Nature - With Devotees in Kashmir, 1969 It was late spring, 1991. Los Angeles was experiencing its fifth year of drought. The drought was so severe that water was tightly rationed. Authorities were planning to reduce water allocations to farmers in favor of industrial and residential use. Tensions between communities with competing interests were incre ...   read more

250 yr old   17 y  
go to Link a bottom for picture of Devraha Baba
Amazing Longevity Devraha Baba - 250+ Years Old Vincent J. Daczynski Chapter 7 Longevity Miracle - Devraha Baba at 250+ Years Old. ”And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years, and he died,” from Genesis 5:5. According to the Bible subsequent progeny lived for hundreds of years, with some in excess of nine hundred years. Are biblical references to a long life span allegorical or statistical facts? Today’s human with an average life span under eighty years may have difficulty comprehending how a human could live so long. But, perhaps a life span into the ...   read more

Tat Wale Story   17 y  
Go to the links at bottom of message, and click on the ones in left column to read more and see pictures. Esp Man of Miracles, etc.
FREE YOGA BOOK YOGA GURU SRI TAT WALE BABA - RISHI OF THE HIMALAYAS Vincent J. Daczynski Preface Yoga Guru Sri Tat Wale Baba - Rishi of the Himalayas. According to Vedic scripture, the mere sight of a yogi saint is sufficient to transform an individual’s life from the pursuit of mundane pleasures to the pursuit of wisdom and god-realization. My personal experience bears truth to this statement. I was profoundly influenced by the sight of Sri Tat Wale Baba, and my brief two hours’ encounter with him. Sri Tat Wale Baba was the living embodiment of the Vedas. He did not have ...   read more

Look 35 at 85? Tat Wale   17 y  
Anti Aging - Tat Wale Baba - Youthful at Age 85 go to the link at bottom of message to see great pics
Anti Aging - Tat Wale Baba - Youthful at Age 85 Vincent J. Daczynski Chapter 6 Sri Tat Wale Baba - Youthful at age 85. (mouseover to enlarge) Sri Tat Wale Baba Youthful at Age 85. It was March 30, 1969. I was at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram, attending a course to become a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. The ashram was located on a hill overlooking the Ganges, just about a kilometer below the retreat of Tat Wale Baba. News quickly spread that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had invited ”the wise man of the mountains,” Tat Wale Baba, to come visit us that afternoon. ...   read more

Poopy Poultry & Udder Goods   17 y  
In the scald tank, fecal contamination on skin and feathers gets inhaled by live birds, and hot water opens bird's pores allowing pathogens to seep in. The pounding action of the de-feathering machines creates an aerosol of feces-contaminated water which is then beaten into the birds. "We used to trim the shit off the meat. Then we washed the shit off the meat. Now the consumer eats the shit off the meat."
http://notmilk.com/deb/081599.html _____________________________________ Copyright: The Dairy Education Board Text Only Sunday, August 15, 1999 WHAT HAPPENS TO THE UDDERS? Blood on their hands Before their holocaust WARNING: Today’s column portrays how animals go from farm to dinner plate, and the squeamish might find this too distressing. Blood on their hands I woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming about cows dangling from ropes tied around their hind legs. The animals moved slowly down the line, twitching as the life ebbed out of their bodies, blood spu ...   read more

lean + buff! efa/protein/fiber organically   18 y  
flaxseed and hempseed ground up are excellent easy adds to every thing you eat. I keep mine in the fridge after I grind the blend together, in a large holed shaker bottle. Flaxseed and Hempseed are super ways to get natural omega3 + 6 (essential fatty acids) plus are great fiber and protein adds to any diet and certainly more healthful choices than toxic soy and meat products. A great weight loss aide as well. Together they supply a well rounded mineral boost.
This message posted by Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web __________________________________________________________ links to charts info: http://www.curezone.com/foods/fatspercent.asp please do not use corn oil , soy oils, canola oil , or peanut oil, Grinding your own Flaxseed To buy the gold flaxseed, go HERE The outlet my grinder is from is HERE I put 5 tablespoons seed in my mini grinder, and g ...   read more

raw lasagna and other recipies   18 y  
A couple recipes that I found to be good.
This message posted by Ami Joi Benton ; Curezone Team Member welcome to visit my website if you like, click page refresh when you get there (internet page refresh) to ensure you are seeing any new updates. Wrenn’s Web _______________________________________________________ RAW VEGGIE LASAGNE 14MO POST Vegetable Lasagne From: joanne | All joanne’s Messages | Date: 12/2/2003 7:28:00 AM ( 14 mon ago ) ... viewed 3 times since Feb 20 2005 This is SO GOOD! I made this up after collecting a few different sauce and cheese recipes. The secret is to ma ...   read more

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