Beauty Fast, a slow drag
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Still here on day 6, day 2 of k-fast (ketosis fast).   17 y  
Despair, but determination. I want the ugliness to be "eaten up" by autolysis.
Just to tell you I’ve kept going. Monumental despair. This fast is emotionally intense, and I’m wondering if some toxins are being stirred up and so I’m getting an internal irritated feeling. Otherwise there are no signs of detox. I rest a lot - 10 or 11 hours overnight, although that stage of being wide-awake in the middle of the night for a couple of hours has kicked in. No real hunger. I’m not checking weight today - it’s smething of a side issue and besides, please don’t do it every day, if you are interested in weight loss on a fast. It rarely proceeds in perfect, orderly, incremen ...   read more

Checking in on Day 5.   17 y  
A bad incident of craving. Despair and weight loss (but not in the face!).
I am still here...I really do believe my face is fatter and puffier than ever. Could it be toxins? What could it be? Since I started, I lost 2% fat and 8 pounds accordng to my fat/weight scale. I’m beginning to get sme subtle coloring in my cheeks and lips but with the puffy grossness of my face and its texture, that just looks really grotesque, like a painted mutant. More feelings of restlessness inside overnight, and during the night a feeling of ”flu-y” achiness and irritation that went away, but made me really feel like sleeping - I said I’d sleep all day to heal from it, but it ...   read more

Pyrolysis!   17 y  
Destruction by fire. I need to be burned down to a crisp and start again fresh. Will spirit hover over my ashes?
Just to share with you that after ”studying the situation” (i.e., the mirror), I am switching today to an autolysis fast. When I look at the fat all over my face, I thought ”pyrolysis is what is needed” - pyrolysis means destruction by fire and hence is a word for ”cooking”, but in the case of fat we naturally feels it has to be ”burned up” in a furnace of intensity, intense dedication and application and intent. And we feel that with anything less, the fat will always be us, always have taken us over, snatched us and our hearts and souls and innocent nice looks beneath. You just feel anyt ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
3 Days down and feeling hopeless but proud of my effort.
Greets, everybody, and particularly you beauty fasters and anybody rooting for me - feeling a little bone-weary and drained, but the depression is probably circumstantial today. Felt very restless for a litle while last night - probaly grain withdrawal or just fasting detox. No hunger. Finaly managed to have 64 oz of green drink - grass, water, and some raw agave nectar. I’d been having less the first two days. Had a full cup of urine this morning - it was very dark. My face looks simply awful - in fact, puffier and coarser and fatter than usual, or so it seems. Is that imaginary, or ...   read more

Day 3 - not bad - weight loss is easy.   17 y  
Encouragement about weight loss.
Greets, beauty fasters - remember that we cannot be beautiful without beinng good, so stay vegan for compassion and just maybe compassion will be shown you! If not, quit yer dreaming! It’s only been two days, and I am a VERY, VERY slow metabolizer, but I already lost 6 of those 35 pounds I mentioned. Very possible there was some oedema going on from all that ”raw foodist” SALT, eh what? I really envy people who are only fat - weight loss is easy. Some people only need to go vegan to lose weight, some only need to go raw or alkalarian - but none of that is sufficient to turn a truly u ...   read more

Change of rules and plans and things.   17 y  
Shifts and reneges!
This fast is really going to take a long tme - did you know that you can detox from water-soluble toxins in 3 weeks-3 months, but fat-soluble ones can take up to 6 months to detox from? It’s as though one were about 200 pounds overweight and just had to be in for the long haul. As I’m thinking about this, I’d like to change my plans a bit. Sorry - I won’t do it again. First of all, I was originally planning to ”check obsessively” how it was going, with the mirror. You know, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. It’s sooooo upsetting, so lacerating. I think I should be kind and nice to mys ...   read more

Forgot to mention...   17 y  
I can't believe it!
How vain of me to omit mentioning - I’m sproutng white hairs! Like most raw-foodists I believe thisto be reversible, but no amount of copper, B vit.-rich bee stuff, and chlorophyll so far in my life has done so... I just turned 34 this month.   visit the page

Welcome to Day One of my beauty fast.   17 y  
It's success or suicide.
I’ll be going on an extended fast starting today - a ”ketosis” fast in which, supposedly, the body goes into autolysis - primarily to deal with cosmetic health-oriented issues, or health cosmetic-oriented issues. Some problems I face are excess liver spots, particularly on my nose and cheeks, malocclusia, asymmetry of face and body possibly caused by overacidity and toxins from cooked food, poor complexion, mottled skin on chin and facial scars, bleary eyes and disfigurement (swollen redness and distorted shape) of the eye (I have an infection at the moment), red spots on nose, puffy, h ...   read more


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I am fasting to try to look less monstrously ugly. I do not have dysmorphia! more...

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