Raw Juice Fast / Extreme Goddess Makeover
by RawGirl

Watermelon is such an easy way to Juice Feast   15 y  
It's so easy. It tastes so good. So refreshing, so hydrating. My body is happy. My mouth is happy. My kidneys are happy. It's watermelon juice day!!!!
I love summer. Watermelon is cheap. Just made 6 quarts of ice cold watermelon juice. Peeled off the green rind with a sharp knife. Cubed it up. Put it in Vitamix (or blender) with a bit of distilled water. Liquified. Strained thru mesh cloth (paint strainer). One medium watermelon makes 6 quarts or more. Body says, ”Dayum that’s good!” Heaven .... I’m in heaven.   read more

Extreme Goddess MakeOver - Season 2   15 y  
Back to Juice Feasting ... the continuing story of healing the broken-hearted goddess who realizes that this is not only possible, but DO-ABLE as I employ the ancient secrets of Universal Principles
Well, dear readers, it has been quite a while since I last posted here. School has taken up my time ... 27 units in one year with a 4.0! If it were not for JUICE FEASTING (1-2 gallons per day) I daresay my brain would have exploded. I completed a 28-day Juice Feast in March, feasted on-and-off for the month of April, and pigged out on pizza and ice cream during finals in May. June came and I looked down at that big belly and said, ”i know, i know ... I owe ya one, buddy. You got it coming. A nice long juicy summer.” So I started feasting again in early June ... now it has b ...   read more

Day 71 - Extreme Update - Letting it All Go   17 y  
Amazing healings and transformations are underway
Happy to report --- I have lost 22.5 pounds since starting this blog on 5/6 ... Day 71 ... about 1/3 pound per day. I am exactly 25% into my goal of permanently releasing 88 pounds. Did I fast every day? No way. Did I cheat a LOT? Yup, big time. Did I just keep getting back on the horse? Yes, indeed. Did I use every single motivating device possible, and extreme nutritional support to keep a-going and away from temptations? Yessiree. Have I exercised? Not one teeny, tiny bit. I was just getting started when I had the motorcycle accident which left my right leg crushed. Wh ...   read more

Extreme Challenge   17 y  
Releasing me from the chaos of personal obsession, I have been delivered into higher realms of shamanic service of PachaMama via trance dancing for World Peace.
I have been invited by a shaman to participate in an extreme event: 8 days of fasting in mid-September, with a sweat lodge every morning and every evening, with the last 4 days dedicated to Spirit dancing. 40 days of fasting in preparation prior to this event are also required....so that is 48 days of dedicated fasting. “The Purpose of the One World Spirit Dance is to invoke the forces of the heavens and the Earth to create a synergy of World Peace and to bring upon ourselves the revelation of God’s Light.” Most come to support the dancers. I have been invited to actually be one of t ...   read more

The Path of Purification   17 y  
My inner parent can finally relax a little because my inner child finally WANTS the good stuff ... thank goddess!
Well, it is self-evident that this is a life-long path of purification and eternal learning. Baby steps, and yet the ability to look back over the landscape and see much progress in the continuous baby steps. To be as crystalline pure as the angels, and able to converse with all living things, the rivers, the trees, and all creatures ...... this is our ”original state”. This is my magnificent obsession. I am owning up that this is the real passion and driving force of my life, and that is why it is an extreme GODDESS makeover, for it was never about the ego and looking good. Well, ...   read more

Extremely Fast Fast   17 y  
Ambushed by anger, my inner saboteur short-circuits my juice fast. Unmoved, I pretend nothing happened, and keep juicing away. Meanwhile, I need a system to harmlessly redirect anger when it appears, so it will DIS-appear from my thighs. Lots of anger has been riding my thighs for years, and THAT is OVER! AHO!
Lots of green juicing and massive organization going on here. Are these things related? I am really REALLY cranky today because I am cleaning my office, which is my least favorite and most procrastinated thing to do. It will take weeks to do it right ... filing and sorting papers. Also, I made my green juice today VERY green which means lots of kale, parsley and dandelion greens, and it is INTENSE! So it must be an intense day! Yikes! The good news is that life is beautiful and I have been very successfully fasting on green juice, using this basic recipe (all organic): - cucumber ...   read more

Extreme Humor / God & Satan / Breast Implants & Viagra   17 y  
There is more money being spent on breast implants and v1agra today than on Alzheimer's research. This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them!
In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth and populated the Earth with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, green and yellow and red vegetables of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives. Then using God’s great gifts, Satan created Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Krispy Creme Donuts. And Satan said, ”You want chocolate with that?” And Man said, ”Yes!” and Woman said, ”and as long as you’re at it, add some sprinkles.” And they gained 10 pounds. And Satan smiled. And God created the live organic natural food that Woman might keep the ...   read more

All the Pretty Clothes / Food Fantasies   17 y  
My X-rated food fantasies allow me to virtually eat and still squeeze into the next smaller size
I’m so happy to be wearing jeans that have been just a distant memory for such a long time. True, they are skin tight. Yes, I also confess I had to lie down ---- and hold my breath --- to zip them up. And yes, they aren’t the latest style and cut. And yes, they are too tight around the gut to feel fabulous, but I will joyfully accept the little victories! I’m well on my way to my Extreme Goddess Makeover. The biggest change was in my thinking about myself. To exchange the old negative self-talk to ”Hey, I’m gorgeous!” That drives the whole system of transformation. More goddessy-s ...   read more

Extreme Fun - Day 21   17 y  
The prescription from the Goddess is: ADD MORE FUN!
Kicking off the holiday weekend, the theme for the summer is FUN, inspired by the Chinese Goddess Fun Wey. I’m very happy to report that I’m down 18 pounds! This is highly encouraging! I have 16 more lbs. to go to achieve my 1st level goal, and another 50 after that to achieve my envisioned outer goddess form. I am on the ultimate fast, which is my version of the master cleanse (my recipe is customized for me), plus bowel cleansing to remove plaque (herbs, psyllium and bentonite), plus parasite cleansing. Although I have had a couple of healing crisis---fever and food poisoning-li ...   read more

Extreme Miracles / "What Were You Thinking?"   17 y  
BibliOracles: Two books opened at these passages: Book #1: "When a book falls off a shelf, read it." Book #2 fell into my world, and shares the Powerful Secret of Miraculous Self-Healing.
The Universe brought some powerful messages my way today that are rawking my world: From the book ”Cleanse and Purify Thyself - Book 2” BY RICHARD ANDERSON p. 193 ”Too bad we were never taught that our outer lives are nothing but a reflecion of our inner selves. Too bad we were not taught how to think and feel in ways that would bring us joy, success, and Love. Oh yes, we were told to Love God, but we didn’t realize that God was everywhere, even in our friends and enemies. Yes, were told to Love our enemies, but we didn’t realize that we were our own worst enemy. Yes, we were ev ...   read more

Day 11 - Extreme Woo Woo   17 y  
Can a psychic energy clearance repattern my self-sabotaging behaviors? Can I give myself the gift of a permanent breakthrough into the Land of the Free (raw foodists) and the Home of the Brave (the courage to change)?
So, being convinced that the way to restore my full and complete goddess nature is with nutritional fasting, (largely green smoothies), and 100% raw (alive) vegan foods, today I dug deeper to get to the root of self-sabotage. Into the world of woo woo. Today I experienced a telephonic pyschic clearance, for the purpose of removing implants, astral cords, dark attachments .... and to achieve a chakra cleansing and rebalancing, and a reprogramming of the mind from ”I’m fat” to ”I’m thin”, on very deep subconscious and soul levels. Did something shift? Can I claim that? Early sympt ...   read more

Day 5 - Extreme Goddess Makeover   17 y  
Channeling my Inner Monkey, I adopt the diet of wild chimpanzees .... green smoothies
The good news is: I’ve stayed 100% raw ....... this is my overarching goal .... permanent freedom from the addictive pull of cooked foods, and focusing upon a clean body. This is a long term thing ..... a permanent commitment. I know now that the pull to succeed is stronger than the pull to eat foods that cause disease, premature aging, obesity and generally suck the joy from life. Plus, I other than want to be fat and ugly. I choose slim and beautiful, please. ”That is my order, please, Mother Nature. Please make be pretty and thin, and be in charge of my Extreme Goddess Makeover.” ...   read more

Magical Gratitude / Down the Rabbit Hole   17 y  
The price of admission back to the Garden is only a couple of days of fasting and asking.
Oh good, now the fun stuff. This is why I love fasting: Bliss in just a day or two of fasting. In my hot bath epsom salt meditation, I am inspired with the message ”the secret of the Universe is to give and receive, give and receive, continously, give and receive. Do not break the chain by only taking, even if it is only Wisdom you take...” And then, the thought to meditate upon the people who irk me (there are two, at present) and send them deep and profound gratitude for playing these roles for me (the heavy) so I could see into pockets of darkness of my own creation, where I stil ...   read more

Day 2 - Extreme Goddess Makeover - Fasting from Negativity   17 y  
The Promised Land ...(where seldom is heard a discouraging word), and promise to refrain from criticizing, judging or speaking negatively about ANYONE for the next 21 days.
As always, the first days are rough ... the process of my body shifting from war zone to peace zone left me limp and wanting to lie down most of Day One. Sleeping fitfully, feeling a bit nauseous and certainly repentent, I made it across the rough waters into The Promised Land of Fasting. That peaceful place is where I shift from acid to alkaline, and from playing the game of assualt and battery to my body (via wrong food choices) to loving and nurturing it back to health. I am choosing to fast for a long time, and therefore will be changing it up from time to time as directed by int ...   read more

Day 1 of Extreme Goddess Makeover   17 y  
I confront my food addiction. Day 1 of Extreme Goddess Makeover.
For me, food is a drug. Cooked food is a bad, short high. I pursue it like a junkie. And like a junkie, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror after a ”fix”. I am an addict. Today marks my permanent confrontation of this addiction, and my total surrender to my Higher Self to let go and let Mother Nature and the Goddess heal my wounded heart, mind and body. It is time. I am ready. As a result of this addiction to cooked foods, I am sure that I am host to considerable and long-established candida, yeast and parasite colonies. Although I know better, I have been their servant, ...   read more


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