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Ka Sundance on Relationships   10 y  
some good points on maintaining a marriage/partnership
Almost Three Years of Marriage   14 y  
some idle Sunday night PMS chatter
Almost three years... Our marriage is the weathering the storm of economic tumult in America. Weíre beginning to dig ourselves out of the financial hole of nursing school, my motherís cancer situation,etc. Now Iím beginning to pester my husband to have a biological clock is starting to rev up. I think thatís why Iím going back to mostly rawfoods.   visit the page

Ho-hum...a real fight. First one. Ever.   16 y  
first fight of my married life
Had a titanic falling out with my husband over the jalopy car. Feeling angry. Feeling angry over feelings of being held back because of money. Made mistake of looking at my bank account. Am cutting up National Pity card and living off of cash only. Still have to take out payday loan. Maybe. Iím trying to keep a lid on my emotions in order to prevent fibroidal spotting. I was doing so well. Maybe Iím under spiritual attack. Maybe.   visit the page

If You Want My Input...a whiskey tango foxtrot moment   16 y  
considering my husband's opinion...why is this strange!
Sometimes when I tell my coworkers I have to call my husband and see if itís okay to work late, they howl and laugh at me. My supervisor says to me, Make sure you call your husband and see if itís okay first! I did that a lot in the beginning of our marriage because I didnít feel it was right to spend a lot of time away from my new husband. Plus, working 11-7 overnight shifts means away all night and driving home in the morning tired (actually Iím pretty wired at that time!). Itís not that Iím asking permission, Iím just asking for my husbandís input into my life. Thereís only been one tim ...   read more

First Anniversary   16 y  
made it to one year
June 11th was my first anniversary. Hanging in there... Marriage isnít as easy as it looks. It take work and sacrifice.   visit the page

let's talk about money honey!   17 y  
some thoughts on money/finances
Iím going to talk about how Iím doing with finances since Iíve been married. Itís been a little over a month now. Today my husband and I had a near trainwreck with an overdrawn checking account. Plus, I was grocery shopping and I did a very stupid thing. I put back the two pack of papertowels and I still needed one dollar extra to pay for all my groceries that added up to $39. I was ashamed that all I had to spend on groceries was a little money and it seemed at the time people were looking...I used my debit card to put the extra four dollars instead of putting back some of the groceries. ...   read more

Post-Wedding Breakdown   17 y  
the first part of my observations and reviews
I returned from my honeymoon in France Sunday night. Iím experiencing a measure of jetlag. Itís actually íjet wakefulnessí since Iíd be awake in France right now. I began to think about all the little things other bride-to-beís would appreciate knowing. Let me start with wedding dresses first and all the things that brides go through, are put through, are sold a bill of lies,etc. Number one thing to keep in mind when shopping for the ideal wedding dress is whether you will be able to afford the alterations. I did not get a custom made dress. I bought mine at ...   read more

David's Bridal...thumbs down   17 y  
some advice about alterations
Itís good to go to at least three places to look for a beautiful bridal gown. I went to one place in Old Brookville, Iman Bridal Couture. What a snooty ass owner. Oh well, it was Old Brookville I should have known. She looked at me crosseyed when I said my budget was $3000 (that was a budget was nonexistant). The dresses STARTED at $2500 and the more expensive they were, the UGLIER they were. Moving on...Davidís Bridal had some pretty dresses but the material was CHEAP. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Plus it reminded me of going to a sample sale at Century 21 department store. I saw the si ...   read more

Need to Walk (updated info)   17 y  
my ho-hum morning
I woke feeling fat, sloppy and depressed. Feeling very woefully inadequate to the task of getting married. I really need to get it together today. I have a lot of work to do. Iím not happy at this minute. Too many things depressing me. *My fiance called. Hearing the sound of his voice made me very happy. I got a burst of energy also. I know that he loves me no matter what, always telling me ístop it!í whenever I whine about how fat my belly is. Iím just going to do whatever needs to be done in terms of cleaning today. Iím off to clean and pack my honeymoon bags.   visit the page

Two Week Push   17 y  
two weeks till the wedding
Iím up late because I consumed a caffeinated beverage from a certain coffee establishment that shall remain nameless. I will say that I managed to finish my wedding music playlist. Iím a bit irritated that I canít play all the music I want to hear and dance to because I have to accomodate everyone else :( Maybe Iím just tired or something. I am getting a little depressed. I hope that all goes well as resonably as can be expected from a well planned wedding. I hope that my fiance and I will have a good life. Iíd be happy if my dress fits and my chicken wing arms donít show at this point. ...   read more

Loving the Skin We are In   17 y  
looking forward to a life of love with this man
Shower Pics   17 y  
shower pics
  read more

I did something a wife should never do   17 y  
fighting with my fiance
I uttered a cussword to my fiance when I was angry at him last night. I didnít use directly AT him, as in you effing m*o*o*n but I used the f word in an angry fashion. Of course he didnít like it and reminded me that heís never talked to me that way. Thatís true. I wanted to instantly defend myself but I knew what I did was very wrong. I was not raised with parents who curse. Anyway, I was already stressed with my motherís non-stop nagging this past weekend or actually on Friday up till the very time I had to drop my sister to the airport. I still have the pain in my shoulders and neck and ...   read more

bikram bride at home   17 y  
DIY bikram yoga
Hereís how YOU yes YOU the reader can do bikram yoga at home. Youíll need: 1 closet door mirror 1 heater (two if you are not going to use the sauna suit) -got mine for $32 from National Wholesale Liquidators in West Hempstead. Check out discount places in your area because the big box stores have NO heaters. I know. I went to at least four of the major ones around my nabe. 1 sauna suit (got mine from Walmart for less than ten dollars) 1 room thermometer (Bionaire from Bed Bath and Beyond for $20... I used shower money to get it!) 1 copy of the Bikram beginning yoga class book OR yo ...   read more

Latest Issue of American Bride e-zine is out!   17 y  
link to May issue of American Bride   visit the page

Bridal Shower Wrap Up   17 y  
made it through!
I promise Iíll get pics up here somehow. I didnít take any but there is a video so maybe I can get some stills or something up here eventually...keyword eventually ;o) Anyway, the shower was great. Great because I got a lot of gifts AND CASH. Yes I know it sounds petty BUT having my fiance there and then getting gifts made it all better. My mother introduced us and we said opening prayers. After that, my mom made a very brief speech. I started crying and buried my face in my fianceís arm. He thinks itís so cute! HEH. I am able to buy a heater for my room to do my bikram yoga. I got real ...   read more

Bridal Shower games???   17 y  
on the scene note about shower games!
So technically my shower is happening now! Iím waiting for my fiance to get home with his sister and nephew. He sounded a bit irritated over the phone. Oh well. No one could be more irritated right now than me. I sincerely hope this is over fast and Iím not forced to play any insipid shower games. The only one that seems interesting is the one where they make a wedding dress out of toilet paper or gift wrap. I wish I didnít have my period otherwise Iíd not be so aggravated. Why canít one make a wedding dress out of duct tape? Just wondering.   visit the page

Wedding Do's and Don'ts   17 y  
some pointers for brides
What you are about to read are things to do and not to do at your wedding. Some of the information comes from professional etiquette guides and other information comes from what weíve learned through the years. So if you want to pull this day off the PROPER way keep reading. If you donít fancy etiquette rules, FB has given you a few suggestions. INVITATION PROBLEMS If you donít want children at your wedding, you have 2 options: * When addressing your invitations, leave the childrenís names off it and also donít mention them in the invitation. * Have friends and family pass the word ...   read more

Bridal registries....ugh!   17 y  
a thought and some links
Hereís my one piece of advice. Do not forget to put your bridal registry cards into your shower invitations!!!! My mind was so far from getting gifts that I did not put any into my invites. My shower isnít a surprise since my mom is working a lot and needed me to do them. Anyway, actually getting gifts has turned around my attitude about getting registered for things. Itís FUN to get things.   read more


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